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When Valerie first stepped into the old bookstore, a smell of mildewed paper slapped her in the face. A bell rang on the door, signaling her entrance, which made the man at the desk look up. He eyed the young beauty, noting the skimpy halter-top she was wearing on this warm spring day. It pushed her large breasts together, forming some spectacular cleavage that the elderly gentleman hasn’t witnessed in decades.

“Come in, young lady,” he said gesturing her to enter the store.

“Hi there,” she said in a bubbly voice. “I’m trying to find a book on Celtic mythology to help me complete a report. Do you have anything like that?”

“I just might,” the old man said smiling. “The mythology is on the far left bookshelf, and there is a book entitled ‘Vaevilto Azmartis.’ It’s a mouthful, I know, but it has a lot of information on Celtic myth. I just got it in last Friday.”

“Thanks, I guess,” she said as she walked away. The man casually gazed at her buttocks as she sauntered away.

“Boy, that old coot sure wasn’t much help,” she said to herself. “A good clerk would actually get it for me.” Valerie thumbed through the dilapidated tomes trying to locate something that might be of help. The bell rang again and Valerie looked around the bookshelves to see a smiling young man speaking to the merchant.

“Good afternoon, Mr. King,” the elderly gent said.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Ostrum,” the man said with a wide grin. “How is the shop holding up?”

“Slow as always. In fact, this is the first time two customers have been in here in the same time.”

“Oh, you have someone else in here?” the man said scanning the store with his crisp blue eyes. “You’re right, that is a first. I think I’ll take a look. I’m actually trying to find an old Celtic book called Vaevilto Azmartis. Do you have a copy?”

“Actually,” Mr. Ostrum said as his gaze followed the young beauty up to the front. “I think that young woman there has my only copy.”

Mr. King looked over to the blonde haired girl with a puzzled look. What would this woman want with an old Celtic spellbook?

“I’d like to buy this,” she said looking dead at the younger man.

“Excuse me, miss, but is there any way I could barter with you on that book?”

“No thanks,” she said sternly. “I need this book for an important report I’m doing on the war between Christians and Protestants in Ireland.”

“What?” the man said looking shocked. “What help would a book on Celtic… er… myth be about the war in Ireland?”

“Plenty,” she said unfolding a twenty-dollar bill from her purse.

“Well, young lady, maybe I could direct you to another book,” the old man started to say.

“No, I want this book. Celtic mythology will help me understand why the two religions battle each other. Now, is $20 enough for this piece-of-shit book, or what? Am I going to have to consult the BBB on this establishment? Favoring one customer over another is discrimination, in case you haven’t heard. Not only that but I could have your ass in a sling for staring at my breasts like you are right now. Okay? $20? Good. Have a nice day.” And with that, she left an awestruck shopkeeper and a young blonde-haired man with his jaw hanging as if it was unhinged.

“Son, women like that are nothing but trouble. Shallow trouble.”

“Who on earth does that woman think she is?” Mr. King placed his hand on his cheek and his other hand under his elbow. “I’m going to teach her a lesson.”

“Don’t be too rough on her, it’d be a shame for a behind like that to go to waste.”

“Oh, don’t worry Mr. Ostrum. Her behind won’t be going very far. And neither will her waist.” With a chuckle, they parted.

The young man caught the woman walking down the street towards a parked car.

“You there!” he shouted. Valerie turned around and immediately grimaced.

“Stay away from me, you creep. I’m this far from kicking you in the grapes and screaming ‘rape’ if you don’t leave me alone.”

“Wait a second, I just wanted to see if I could persuade you into relinquishing your book. I’ll pay you double for it.”

“Why do you want it so bad? What’s so important about it?”

“I find the Celts very interesting. Not only that, but there’s a fairly important incantation on the fourteenth page I’ve been dying to try out.”

“Incantation?” Val said flipping into the fourteenth page. “Viizta Corpulassium Gobiderpustro? What on earth does that mean?”

“It means payback for all the people who you’ve treated poorly in your life. See you later, girlie. I’m sure I’ll have my hands on that book soon enough. And, by the way, don’t make a bigger ass of yourself. And I stress the word bigger.” With that, Val felt a strange tug on her halter-top. She gazed down only to notice her cleavage was deeper and more bountiful. She slid her hand down her side only to notice her hips were slightly plumper and less toned. As was her backside. She brought her hand back up her svelte tummy only to notice that it was actually slightly bloated.

“What have you done to me?”

“I just got you into a bigger mess that you can handle.” Her belly pooched out a bit more and her pants grew tighter. A growling hunger also began to fester in her stomach. “Also, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Hey, is your belly getting bigger? Oh, my goodness, you’re getting bigger by the minute.” Val’s body began to swell with each utterance of the word “bigger.” Her belly bulged over her pants, which were getting increasingly tight. Her breasts were overflowing from her top. Her arms and face became fuller than before and her eyes showed a mix of fear and confusion.

“What’s happening to me?” she said kneading her soft belly. “What did you do to make me bigger?” Before she knew it, her belly puffed out more and she could feel the fabric of her pants grow tighter.

“If I were you, I’d stick to the word fatter as opposed to… dare I say, bigger?” There was a slight tearing sound coming from Valerie’s butt as the fabric gave way to the growing flesh. She threw the book at him with a shriek of disgust and struggled to fit into her car. She was so used to her slim figure fitting in her car with the driver seat pushed so close to the steering wheel. She adjusted the seat, started the car and left the mysterious malefactor in her dust.

Val sped home as fast as she could, her mind ablaze with questions. There has to be some way to reverse the affects of that incantation. If only she hadn’t given the book to that jack off. Why was this happening to her? How would she explain this to Eric? She pulled into the Bellyburger drive-in. She was so hungry that her stomach felt like it was on fire. She was fat anyway, so why cut the starving-yourself-to-get-thin crap.

“Welcome to Bellyburger, where are burgers are guaranteed to make your belly bigger (her breast flesh was pushing the halter-top tighter and her belly was beginning to become a big round pot) or you still have to pay for your meal. This is Meagan, may I take your order?”

“Yes, could I have five Double Bellyburgers with extra fat sauce, two orders of Big Thighfries a Double Chocolate Chubbyshake and a Cherry Pudgepie. Binge size those, please.”

“Alright, your order comes to $19.71 at the first window. Thanks and have a Bigger (her belly oozed its way onto her thickening thighs) Belly Day.”

At the first window, she seized her meal and threw a crumpled twenty at the dumbfounded burger-flipper.

By the time she reached her apartment, her belly was uncomfortably full, bulging even further outward. She made her way into her dwelling and quickly unlocked the door. She absolutely did not want anyone to see her in this condition. There was no way she would live it down if the cute guy across the hall saw her in this condition.

Once inside her apartment, she struggled to remove her clothes. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her once slim figure was nearly twice the size it was this morning. Her face was developing a double chin, her arms were fleshier, her breasts were fat and spherical, her belly was a bloated flesh-balloon dotted by a deep navel, her thighs were pushed together and rubbed when she moved and finally, her butt kept its rounded shape, but just on a larger scale.

“Why did this happen to me?” she said rubbing her bloated gut. She moved to the bathroom and stepped on the scale. The red numbers “240” shone with pride. She moaned loudly and stepped down from the scale.

She sorted through her clothing in her closet only to find that no outfit or undergarment fit her but her pajamas but even those were slightly tight. She moved clumsily under her new weight into the living room and collapsed on the couch, which creaked under the stress. Her answering machine flashed with two new messages.

“Message #1: ‘Valerie, this is your mom. I’m just calling to check up on you. I hope everything is okay, and that you’re getting that bigger (she clutched her belly and felt it grow bigger) pay raise. Bigger (she felt her gut and breasts stress the buttons of her pj’s) money means a bigger (she felt a slight rise as her butt swelled larger) apartment.’” Before the message ended, she quickly deleted it before any more swelling would incur.

“Message #2: ‘Val, this is Eric. What’re you up too? Hey, I finally got that bigger…’ Message deleted. End of messages.” Val started to become depressed. How could she live if she could never hear that word again in her life? She would never be able to go into a crowded room, because the word bigger would bound to be said, causing her to gain another ten pounds. She sighed and grabbed the remote. She sat back, her breasts almost covered her view of the television.

“Bigger problems are arising in Sarajevo as…” Her growing belly unsnapped her pajama bottoms. She reached down and struggled to re-snap them, but it was no use. She could feel a draft go through her pants as her bare belly opened the way for a breeze. She continued watching the news, hoping the word wouldn’t be uttered.

“And here’s Bob with the weather. Bob?”

“Thanks, Paul. Boy, those storm clouds keep getting bigger and bigger as time goes on…” with that she clicked the television off and reached for her CD player’s remote. She didn’t like the feeling of her belly rolls bunching together as she sat up, nor did she like the heavy feeling. She felt a gurgle in her belly, demanding more food. She placed a hand on it, as if to stifle it.

“I just fed you 20 minutes ago,” she though aloud. She set it to her favorite song and struggled to get up. Her pants began to slide down, and she bent over to try and re-attach the buttons. As she bent, she could feel her belly push through the buttons of her pajama top, poking through the holes it created. As she sat up, her CD began to skip. Annoyed, she smacked the CD player and went into the kitchen to fix a snack. And that’s when it happened. The word bigger was said in the refrain, and Fate decided to have the CD skip at that particular part. The word bigger was emitted over and over again from the CD player. A look of shock and horror crossed her face as she swelled uncontrollably. Buttons fired from her pajama top as her belly swelled and swelled. More and more fat deposited into her backside, causing her to lose her balance and fall over. Her belly and breasts began to pool on the ground as she struggled to get up. She grabbed onto the couch and pulled herself back onto her feet. Her body was growing by leaps and bounds, growing fatter and fatter.

“This can’t be good!” she muttered as she fell yet again onto her back. She clutched her growing breasts, feeling her areolas stretching tighter over her huge tits. Her belly grew upward and outward, crawling down her bulging thighs and overtaking them. She struggled in vain to get up, but she was pinned down by her own fat.

“This is it,” she said staring blankly at the ceiling. “I’m going to keep getting bigger and bigger until I fill this whole room.” Her belly began to gurgle with hunger. She placed her hands on the expanding flesh and felt it grow like a balloon in her hands. Her legs and arms became enveloped in flesh and her face grew a fifth chin. If only some way she could reach something to hit the CD player with to end this nightmare. The pangs issuing from her middle were to strong, causing her thoughts to think of food. All she wanted to do was eat. This curse was a malicious one, causing her to both grow fatter and hungrier. This King would pay dearly for what he did. If only he could phone Eric to find him and beat him to a bloody pulp. She lifted her corpulent arm and waived it at the phone. Her body began to engulf itself, her arms sinking into her middle. Her belly flowed over her feet and mammoth legs. Her breasts and belly began to rise, as if being inflated by a demonic bicycle pump. Thoughts ran through her head. She began to feel guilty for everything bad she did. Pouring horse piss on the prom queen when she didn’t win it. Shaving her little sister bald when she called her “pudgy,” hocking her mom’s wedding ring to buy Eric a Playstation 2. She deserved this fate. Her arms were soon swallowed up by her expanding flesh. She could feel her body sinking into the ground as her weight snapped the wooden planks and dug into the soil. She didn’t know how much bigger she would get before she couldn’t get any fatter. This has never been recorded in the annals of human history, so how could anybody know how fat somebody could get? Would she keep getting bigger, or would she pop like an overripe fruit? It would appear that the latter would happen sooner than later, as her belly began to swell to 8 feet in height. She could no longer see, her body becoming a huge ball of fat. She could feel the pressure inside her body. Unbeknownst to her, red stretch marks began to appear around her belly button. They continued along her belly and up her arms. She heard gurgling and rumbling issuing from inside of her.

“I’m… getting…too…fat…” she cried. The pain from the pressure, weight and hunger was almost unbearable. She cried out, and with her last remaining breath, she shouted the word “BIGGER!!!” and burst with an earth-shattering kaboom.

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