Air Compressor, The

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"Ok, Ok, just keep 'em closed, you're gonna love this." I say. "Whaaat? What is it?" You ask playfully, obediently keeping your eyes closed. "Just feel." I tell you. I grab your hand and press it to my stomach. "Mmm." you say, giving it a little rub. "Just wait." I tell you. All of a sudden you hear a squeak and then a hiss, and my stomach starts to press against your hand. "No way." you say reverently, your jaw dropping. "Mmphhmm." I mumble, something in my mouth. Your eyes pop open and you take in the sight before you.

We're in my bedroom, I've got an air compressor sitting next to me on the floor, and I'm holding the hose in my mouth with my left hand. My right is holding your hand to my swelling belly. "Oh my God." you say, still shocked. I just smile around the hose and nod. My stomach's getting pretty round now, and I arch my back a little to stick it out. You put both hands on it, feeling it press in like a balloon, feeling the pressure as it bloats out even further. "Mmmph." I moan in ecstasy. The feeling is orgasmic. "You're blowing up like a balloon." You say, still in shock. I nod. "But, how?" I shake my head and take the hose out, turning the nozzle on the compressor off with my other hand. "I don't know." I say. "I was in detention in the science room the other day, bored out of my skull; and they had an air compressor in there." I give you a seductive look and put my arm around the small of your back, pressing your (relatively) flat stomach to my bloated one. "I was all alone in there, so I decided to play around. I stuck the hose in my mouth and turned it on a little. At first it just went into my lungs, and it made me cough. But-" I say, rubbing against you a little; "I got distracted by something else, and left the hose in my mouth; and when I wasn't thinking about it, I noticed my stomach was starting to swell!" "Oh my God." you say, rubbing my ballooned middle a little bit. "I have no idea how," I continue "but whenever I thought about it, it would just go down my lungs. You have to be zen about it, just think about not thinking about it and let the air go wherever it goes." I say. You kiss me and look into my eyes. "Do it again." You tell me.

I laugh and push you onto the bed. "Alright, alright." I say, putting the hose in my mouth again and striking a little pose. I turn the nozzle and try to do a little dance as I swell, but I'm not very good at it and we both end up laughing more than anything. Meanwhile my body continues to swell. My stomach begins to resemble a pregnant woman's, and my chest begins to fill. My hips widen and my ass puffs up. My thighs widen and my crotch presses against my jeans. I take the hose out of my mouth and stop the compressor. Then I put a hand on my stomach. "Ooh," I moan, "I'm so bloated. I look so fat." I say, looking down at myself. "You've never looked sexier." You say, getting up and putting your arms around me. "mm." I moan as you kiss me, hard. You press yourself against me and rub your hands all over my body. You're amazed at how soft I am, how my body feels so firm at first, but has so much give when you push in. I giggle as the air distention from your rubbing tickles me. "How big can you get?" You ask me. "I don't know." I say. "I only had a little time to play with it, and I haven't really tested my limits." You run a hand down my inflated front. "You think you can get a little bigger?" You ask. I give you an unsure look. "OK, but not too much bigger, I just figured this out and I don't want to pop on the first try." "Alright." you say and smile at me.

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