Amateur Hour

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It was just another peaceful day in the city. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, children ran and played in the parks. The machinery of civilization ground onwards. But all was not as peaceful as it seemed. Somewhere in midtown, trouble was brewing, and a fateful encounter was about to take place between two rather unique individuals…

Elaina Reid, better known as the super heroine “Cherry Bomb”, leapt from rooftop to rooftop on her patrol. Her super strength allowed her to run for miles and make the dangerously long jumps with ease. She scanned the streets below her, looking for any sign of trouble. She supposed if she wanted to find real trouble, she should wait and patrol at night, but she liked having her nights to herself. And there were plenty of nocturnal heroes patrolling the city once the sun went down.

It had been almost three months since she’d moved to town and taken on her super-persona; but all she really had to show for it was a few foiled muggings. Not to say that that was inconsequential, she had probably saved those women’s lives; but she had always pictured herself as having titanic battles through the streets like The Marvel or Arachno Man. She sighed as she leapt the thirty feet to the next rooftop. When she’d left home she hadn’t expected superhero-ing to be so… boring.

Just as she was considering moving to a different city, she heard someone run into the street yelling: “It’s a robbery! Call the police!” Cherry skidded to a stop, sending a shower of gravel from the rooftop spraying against an air-conditioning unit. She trotted over to the side of the roof and looked down. The person who had apparently been yelling was now clutching his throat, and then fell limply to the pavement. The few startled on-lookers who’d begun to gawk suffered the same fate.

Cherry grinned and rubbed her hands together excitedly; unless Darth Vader was robbing the store she was about to face her first super villain! She had to stop herself from shouting “Wee!” as she leapt off the side of the building, and briefly wondered whether Darth Vader would count as a super villain as she plummeted the fifteen or so stories to the pavement. She landed with a crunch, splintering the concrete beneath her when she hit the ground. She got to her feet and looked down with a grimace. “If anyone asks, the villain did it.” She said to no one in particular as she began to jog over to the jewelry store.

As she reached the other side of the street, she saw that the felled onlookers were still breathing; whoever was inside had apparently only knocked them unconscious. Cherry ran up to the building’s doorway, the floor-to-ceiling windows having been obscured by the metal shutters used when the store closed at night. Furrowing her brow, Cherry leaned against the side of the doorframe and peered inside.

The displays were smashed open, they looked like they’d exploded from the inside; and of course all the jewelry was missing. The bodies of the employees and the few customers unfortunate enough to be shopping at the time were strewn around the floor, they had no marks on them, and Cherry considered it a safe bet that they were merely unconscious like the people on the street. Which meant she couldn’t just break through the shutters for fear of shrapnel hitting an innocent.

With a sigh Cherry straightened up and casually walked through the door, causing the bell used to announce customers to jingle. She clenched her eyes shut and cursed, bidding goodbye to any element of surprise. A figure to her left straightened up. It was a hyper-voluptuous young woman of about Cherry’s age, dressed in a purple unitard that covered her left arm. She wore green gloves and boots, with a matching belt holding a side-pack on her hip. A green balloon graced the center of her outfit, and green lipstick matched the color scheme, as did her strange purple eyes. She had short, wavy brown hair, and a somewhat large nose. Her skin seemed to be a bit dark naturally, although she had let it pale considerably.

She stared at Cherry in shock, looking her over with a glint of both fear and excitement on her face. Next to her sat a pair of some kind of sports bags full of jewels; the complex-looking clasps hung open, and it looked as if the mysterious villain had been having trouble closing them.

“Wow.” The young woman said, apparently forgetting what she was doing. “I’ve never seen you before, what’s your name?” Cherry blinked and shook her head, taken aback by the strange question.

“I’m Cherry Bomb, you thief!” She responded, putting her hands on her hips and trying to sound valiant. “Now surrender peacefully or I’ll be forced to use… force.” Cherry mentally cursed to herself at using the same word twice. The strange woman giggled, and then Cherry began to advance on her. With that the woman’s reverie was broken, and she took a step back, a more serious look appearing on her face.

Without warning, a decorative vase on a small table next to Cherry exploded, showering her with bits of broken porcelain. Although they didn’t do any damage to her super-tough skin, she recoiled and covered her face reflexively. When she recovered, the woman was standing there calmly with a smirk on her face, holding what appeared to be a deflated green balloon that matched her outfit with Barbie-doll limbs glued to it.

“The hell is that?” Cherry asked, confused and a little amused at the strange site. The woman just giggled, and then all of a sudden the balloon began to fill in her hand. Cherry stood watching the bizarre display; unsure of what was going on, when all of a sudden she felt a strange pressure well up in her stomach. She looked down to find it indeed pressing outward!

Cherry gasped in shock, putting her hands to her bloating middle to find that it was indeed her own stomach that was distending outwards. She appeared to go through nine months of pregnancy in as many seconds, and then her entire middle began to puff outwards, giving her a spherical shape from below her breasts to her hips. She pressed in on her swelling body, watching as her hands sank in to her apparently hollow flesh.

Cherry whimpered to herself as her breasts began to push outwards, stretching the hole in the top of her costume. Her buttocks began to swell as well, causing her skirt to creak ominously. In a matter of seconds her billowing middle began to overtake her inflating assets, causing them to become little more than swollen humps on the sphere her body was becoming.

She looked to the left and right as her upper arms distended, forcing them straight out to her sides. She felt her thighs begin to follow suit; and her limbs quickly became cone shaped as her traitorous body began to swallow those as well. The whole process took less than a minute, and before she knew it Cherry had become a giant sphere with only her head, hands and feet sticking out. She looked herself over as best she could, flapping her hands up and down as that had become the extent of her mobility.

She looked at the mystery woman in shock and terror, only to find her holding an inflated balloon in her hand, staring at Cherry with a look of joy on her face.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that!” She said happily.

“What… what did you do to me?” Cherry asked, unable to keep a touch of panic out of her voice. The mystery woman giggled and then cleared her throat as she began to walk towards Cherry’s ballooned body.

“I am: The Puffer-Chick!” She announced grandly. “And I’ve just been waiting to run into some chump super hero like you that I could turn into a balloon!” She walked up and poked Cherry in the middle of her massive bulk. She giggled again. “I can’t believe it worked so well!” She said.

Cherry just stared at her slack-jawed, amazed at what she was hearing. Before she could think of anything to say, she heard her voice responding:

“The Puffer-Chick? What kind of name is that?” Puffer-chick turned bright red, looking momentarily put off by the remark.

“It’s the best thing I could come up with, ok?” She said, obviously flustered. “I’m gonna change it when I come up with something better.” She sniffed and got ahold of herself. “And besides, you’re not exactly one to talk, ‘Cherry Bomb’. What’s your power? You explode? Seems like it would only be useful once.” She poked Cherry in the stomach again, hard.

Cherry almost responded, and then bit her tongue. She’s a super-villain. Cherry reminded herself. Don’t argue with her, you’re better than that.

“What did you do to me?” She asked again, more forcefully this time. Puffer-chick grinned at her.

“You see this?” She asked, holding up the balloon she had in her hand. “It’s a voodoo-doll. I blow it up, and it blows you up.” She explained, walking around Cherry to study her girth. Cherry flapped her hands again; nervous about what Puffer-chick was doing while she was out of Cherry’s line of vision.

“But why?” Cherry asked, genuinely curious. From behind herself, she heard Puffer-chick sigh.

“It’s the power I got.” Puffer-chick said, somewhat resignedly, “might as well use it. I could’ve easily just knocked you out like I did everyone else.” She gestured at the unconscious civilians on the floor. “But this is so much more fun. And you blowed up real good.” She said in a mocking voice. “You definitely live up to your name now. All round and red.” As Puffer-chick was speaking, Cherry felt a pressure in her back, it was bizarre how exactly she could feel the shape of Puffer-chick’s hands pressing into her as the villain rolled her forward onto her stomach.

“Who knows?” Puffer-chick continued, and Cherry blushed as she realized just how much of her skin must be on display from Puffer-chick’s perspective; “You might just live up to the second part of your name too if you happen to hit one of the glass shards laying around here!” Puffer-chick giggled menacingly, and Cherry wondered to herself if her seeming invulnerability would still work with her skin stretched so thin.

Puffer-chick walked back around to Cherry’s front, and Cherry had to crane her neck upwards just to get even a partial view of the woman. Puffer-chick giggled and leaned forward at the waist so she was face-to-face with Cherry.

“I thought super heroes were supposed to be fit and in shape.” She taunted her. “Round is not a shape, honey. You’d better hit the treadmill.” Puffer-chick giggled again and straightened up, setting the balloon down on one of the wrecked display cases. She turned and gave Cherry a view of her own seemingly ballooned posterior as she walked back over to the bags full of jewels. Cherry knew she should restrain herself, she was supposed to be the hero after all; but she couldn’t help it.

“You’re one to talk.” She retorted, “I may be a balloon right now, but your ass is so big it should have its own zip-code!” Puffer-chick straightened up with a sniff, putting her hands on her butt as if it had been struck. Oddly, Cherry could see that Puffer-chick’s hands sank in a little, as if her ass had indeed been filled with air. In fact, when Cherry looked, she noticed that the abrupt motion of standing up had caused Puffer-chick’s breasts to bob lightly as well. Cherry smirked as she realized the villainess must have used her own powers to pad out her figure.

Realizing she might have something here, Cherry pressed the issue, hoping it would lead to Puffer-chick making a mistake rather than bursting her.

“Oh, I see it now.” Cherry said, laughing to herself theatrically and throwing a condescending tone into her voice. “No wonder you call yourself ‘Puffer-chick’. You’re so puffed up you look like a blow-up doll.” Puffer-chick had turned to face Cherry, her fists clenched at her sides and her face turning beet-red.

“What’s the matter? Just didn’t fill out like the other girls in school?” Cherry continued her taunting. “The only way you could get boys to notice you was to dress in spandex and rob jewelry stores?” Puffer-chick was definitely becoming enraged, as Cherry opened her mouth to continue her heckling, Puffer-chick stepped forward and grabbed the balloon.

“You see this?” She said, holding it right in Cherry’s face. “This is you. All fat and round and helpless. This is your big fat stomach.” She poked the balloon in the stomach, and Cherry felt a vague pressure against her own inflated midsection. Puffer-chick turned the balloon/doll around and pressed her finger into it again towards the bottom, causing Cherry to feel a vague pressure in her own posterior region. “This is your big fat ass, which the boys will definitely notice.” She said with a sneer. She turned the balloon/doll around again and pointed at its head.

“This is your little blonde head.” Cherry felt a pressure against her own forehead. “And this is you living up to the second part of your name.” Puffer-chick told her, and the balloon in her hand began to swell again. In response, Cherry felt the pressure inside her increase as she began to round out even more. Puffer-chick appeared to get smaller as Cherry’s head was raised off the ground by her growing body. She felt her side press against metal shutter, felt it knock over the table the vase had been on, felt the pointed edge of the table press into her side.

The balloon in Puffer-chick’s hand kept growing and growing, and Cherry felt her back start to press against the ceiling and finally her perspective stopped changing. Her right side pressed out against one of the wrecked display cases, pushing it along the floor with a slow grinding sound. Cherry kept getting bigger and bigger, and she realized that her powers must still be in effect; because otherwise the edge of the table would surely have popped her it was jabbing into her so hard.

The balloon in Puffer-chick’s hand became transparent and began to creak slightly, and Puffer-chick began to glance between it and Cherry with a nervous gaze. Cherry stared at her, unsure of what was going to happen, while in her head a chorus of shit shit shit shit repeated itself in fear.

Finally with a curse Puffer-chick stopped inflating the balloon, and Cherry felt herself stop swelling. She could feel her back pushing some of the ceiling tiles out of the framework, and her face was slightly higher than Puffer-chick’s, even when the latter was standing.

“Heroes are so mean.” Puffer-chick said, dropping the balloon on the ground as she walked back over to the bags. Cherry let out a huge sigh of relief. It didn’t look like her plan had worked, but at least she was still in one piece. Or at least she was for the moment; from her vantage point she could see the balloon that was magically tied to her bouncing along the ground. It was so big it was on the verge of bursting anyway, and now it was placidly bouncing its way towards the many shards of glass and porcelain that littered the floor.

“Son of a…” Puffer-chick was muttering, trying desperately to get the bags closed. Meanwhile Cherry stared in horror at the balloon that seemed to be hopping ever closer to its demise. “Oh yeah, it’s so fucking simple…” Puffer-chick continued. “The most secure bag they make… except the clasps require more assembly than a fucking model airplane.” Cherry had stopped breathing as she watched the balloon near the sharp glass. She thought about calling to Puffer-chick to help her, but she doubted the villainess who had turned her into a balloon in the first place would be likely to save her.

“I should have brought the Goddamn instruction manuals…” Puffer-chick muttered, continuing to obliviously struggle with the over-complex bags while Cherry watched the balloon drift downwards onto a particularly sharp, jagged, malevolent piece of glass. She took in a deep breath to scream when the balloon popped, sending Barbie parts flying.

Cherry closed her eyes tightly and proceeded to scream her head off, thinking I can’t believe it ended like this… when all of a sudden she rather unceremoniously fell directly onto her face on the floor.

“Ow.” She said, although the actual pain of the contact was almost nonexistent. She opened her eyes and looked down at herself, pushing herself up to all fours and then onto her knees as she looked over her body. She was completely unharmed and back to her original shape. She looked up at Puffer-chick, who was staring back at her with a look of abject horror on her face.

“Aw shit.” Puffer-chick said, and a wolf-like grin appeared across Cherry’s face.

“C’mere.” She said, getting to her feet and advancing on Puffer-chick; who crawled on all fours under one of the display cases. Cherry stalked around the outside of the display case. “We shall have such fun together…” Cherry seethed, coming around the corner of the display case to find Puffer-chick sitting on her inflated ass, staring at her with a big grin on her face. Cherry raised her hands as she neared the villainess, when all of a sudden an unexpected pressure welled up in her stomach again.

“What the-?” Cherry said, her eyes opening wide. Her stomach was filling again, despite the fact that Puffer-chick’s hands were empty and palms-down on the floor. This time the swelling was much more uncomfortable, and she pressed her hands to her stomach again. Whatever she was filling with must have been incredibly dense, because as her stomach grew larger it got heavier and heavier, until it felt like she had a lead weight tied to her waist. “Oh God, what are you doing now?”

“I don’t actually need the dolls, fatty, it’s just faster that way.” Puffer-chick taunted her.

Fatty!?” Cherry roared, staggering forward despite the weight in her stomach. Puffer-chick’s eyes widened, and all of a sudden Cherry’s stomach stopped swelling and her breasts began to fill instead. “What- what?” Cherry stammered, becoming increasingly frustrated with the ludicrous situation. Whatever was filling her breasts was much lighter than whatever was in her stomach, and they began to rise up against her costume, the tops of them beginning to obscure her vision. The sensation of her breasts and belly pulling in different directions as well as being inflated like balloons was unique to say the least, and Cherry couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

Meanwhile, Puffer-chick regained her feet, dusted herself off, and reached into the pack on her belt to pull out another doll.

“Now, let’s try this again.” She said, and Cherry felt her body deflate. She patted her front; relieved to have it back to normal, when her stomach began to fill again, this time seemingly with regular air. She looked up to see Puffer-chick holding the new balloon/doll, which was once again filling.

“Goddamnit.” Cherry said, trying to rush forward and grab the balloon before she lost the ability to move, but it was too late, after only a few steps her limbs spread-eagled and she found herself once again immobilized by her own bloated body. “No!” Cherry whined, unable to keep the frustration and sadness out of her voice. Fortunately for her, the inflation stopped much sooner this time, leaving her looking more like a parade-balloon than a ball.

Puffer-chick sighed and put her free hand on her hip. Having apparently learned her lesson, this time the balloon was filled with a lighter-than air gas, and she held it by a string. “You know, you really need to learn to play nice.” Puffer-chick said. She walked forward and pressed on Cherry’s enormous stomach, causing the heroine to fall backwards, bouncing slightly on her inflated rump.

“Well look at it this way,” Puffer-chick continued, stepping over Cherry, who simply closed her eyes in shame and defeat. “When you have to give up being a hero because you’re so lousy at it, you can always get a job as a parade float.” She tied the balloon around her wrist and knelt down by the bags again, continuing to fuss with them.

“Why, I bet there’s a million job-opportunities for a woman of your body-type.” Puffer-chick kept going happily, finally making progress on her bags. “You could advertise car-dealerships, or bank openings, maybe even weight-loss centers…”

“Just shut up, alright!” Cherry wailed, her eyes closed. “You won, ok? Now can you just take the fucking jewels and get out of here.” As she stopped shouting she tried hard to stifle a sob, sniffing as she got ahold of herself.

“Awww.” Puffer-chick said. She collected the bags, which she had finally fastened and walked over to Cherry, standing over her with a look of genuine sympathy on her face. “Don’t feel so bad.” She said, “It’s just a game.” Cherry looked up at her warily, unsure of what to think. Puffer-chick knelt down and patted Cherry on the shoulder. “If it’s any consolation, I hope you knock the crap out of the next villain you fight.”

Cherry laughed, sniffling a little, and Puffer-chick stood back up, smiling down at her. She opened her mouth to say something else, when she was cut off by the wail of police sirens. Her head snapped towards the exit.

“Shit.” She said.

“HA!” Cherry replied. Puffer-chick looked down at her.

“And after I was being nice to you, too. Heroes are assholes.” She said to herself.

“You turned me into a blimp!” Cherry retorted.

“Well yeah, but- enough!” Puffer-chick said. She looked back at the front of the store and then down at Cherry again. Then she set the bags down and knelt down, grabbing Cherry behind the shoulders and helping her to her feet.

“What are you doing?” Cherry asked.

“Well, I know you’re tougher than average, because the shards from the vase didn’t even bother you.” Puffer-chick said. “And you certainly did a number on that table.” She mentioned, nodding towards the table that had held the vase. When Cherry looked over she saw that it had been crushed beneath her girth earlier. “A normal person would have noticed that.” Puffer-chick continued.

She got Cherry to her feet, and then knelt down and picked up the bags, slinging them over her shoulder. Outside the police had gotten a megaphone and were beginning to bark warnings and ultimatums inside.

“So I just have one question.” Puffer-chick said, beginning to push Cherry’s bloated form towards the door of the building. “Are you bulletproof?”

Realizing what she had in mind, Cherry cursed to herself mentally. She was mostly bulletproof under normal circumstances, but she wasn’t really in a hurry to find out just how far her powers kept up in her current state. She wasn’t sure if denying it would make Puffer-chick change her mind, but after a brief consideration she figured it was worth a shot.

“Nope, not bulletproof.” Cherry said. “I have a high threshold for pain, but can’t take a bullet.” Puffer-chick sighed and paused for a moment, moving her face up into the edge of Cherry’s vision.

“Well then what the hell good are you?” She asked. Cherry gasped in offence. Puffer-chick resumed her awkward shuffling of Cherry’s immobile body, and added: “In that case, you’d better hope the police like you.” Cherry just set her jaw, even though she silently agreed.

After much struggling, Puffer-chick finally forced Cherry through the door and out onto the sidewalk, where the police had cleared out the unconscious bystanders and set up a perimeter. They stood in cover behind their cop-cars, guns pointed at the strange sight coming out of the jewelry store in front of them.

Cherry stared back at them, trying to gesture that there was someone behind her with her head. Meanwhile a murmur had started amongst the police:

“Is that the robber?” “If so she’s not very good.” “At least she’s a nice big target.” “Lookit the outfit, she must be another wannabe super villain.” “Someone her size really shouldn’t be wearing something like that. Show some decency.” “Guys, I don’t think that’s the robber, it looks like there’s somebody behind her.” “Yeah, she doesn’t look like she’s moving much, except for whatever the hell is wrong with her face.” “I think she’s definitely a shield of some kind.” “Well then she must be a wannabe super hero.” “In that case she’s definitely not very good.” “No shit, I wonder what her power is.” “Nothing useful, apparently.”

Cherry had stopped gesturing and was staring in open-mouthed horror at the police. She couldn’t believe what they were saying! Oh God, she thought I’ll have to leave town! I’ll never make it as a super hero here! And what if there are CAMERAS!? I’ll have to change my outfit, my whole persona! Maybe even get plastic surgery! This is a nightmare!

As Cherry was suffering in front of her, Puffer-chick was trying desperately to figure out a way to escape with the jewels. She already knew she could use Cherry as her escape route, but she couldn’t hold on tightly enough and keep the bags. She cursed Cherry for not wearing a utility belt of some kind that she could hook the bags to. She couldn’t hook the bags to her own belt with one hand, and if she let go of Cherry the heroine would fall over, giving the police a clear line of fire. She felt on the verge of tears herself.

With a curse, Puffer-chick dropped the bags to the street and wrapped her arms around Cherry’s neck, first causing the gas in the heroine’s body to change to helium; and then inflating the balloon even more. Cherry’s tearful eyes went wide as her body began to expand again, and the police were no longer murmuring as they responded:

“What’s she doing now!?” “She’s blowing up!” “She’s getting even bigger!” “Take cover, in case she pops!” “No, look, she’s floating!” “She’s going to float away!” “The other one’s holding onto her, they’re both gonna get away!” “Look, those bags, check them!” “Well, up up and away, I guess.” “I suppose that’s a new getaway method.” “Yep, these are the jewels.” “Man, whoever that was must really suck.”

Cherry’s body inflated bigger and bigger, Puffer-chick hanging on for dear life as she was slowly lifted up by Cherry’s expanding mass until she was resting on the huge balloon of her body. Cherry watched the buildings sink around her as the sky got closer, and her own inflated body stretched out in front of her. She could feel Puffer-chick’s body lying on her back; it was the oddest thing she’d ever felt.

She could feel the toes of her boots, her knees, the round warmth of her thighs, the buckle of her belt, her bloated breasts, compressed with the girl’s weight, and the bottoms of her arms. Her whole body was defined in perfect relief along Cherry’s stretched back, it was a wholly unique experience. But it still wasn’t enough to take the sting out of what had just happened.

“Fuck.” Puffer-chick said from behind her, and she could feel the villainess crawl carefully into a sitting position on her back. She could even feel the lines of Puffer-chick’s costume separate her inflated butt into four distinct hemispheres.

“Oh fuck you.” Cherry said, watching the buildings drift by around her. It seemed she’d stopped rising for the most part, and was now being blown by the wind. Puffer-chick snorted behind her and then crawled on all fours around to Cherry’s front. She laid down on her stomach again, resting her chin on her arms and looked into Cherry’s face.

“What are you so mad about?” She asked. Cherry sniffed and pursed her lips, trying to avoid Puffer-chick’s gaze, but her limited range of motion made her literally unable to look away. Finally with a sigh she broke down.

“What do you think I’m mad about?” She shouted. “I’m a huge, fat balloon floating through the clouds! You won! It wasn’t supposed to be this way!” She didn’t mean to keep going, but she found she couldn’t stop. She began to tear up as she continued: “I’m the hero! I’m supposed to win! I’m super-strong and super-tough, and now look at me! You beat me without even a fight! The police think I’m a joke, and really, they’re not wrong! I mean, here I go up against my first super-villain, and she uses me as her getaway blimp! It’s not fair!” She pouted and huffed and puffed like a child, staring into Puffer-chick’s face.

“I was your first super villain?” Puffer-chick asked quietly. Cherry nodded. Puffer-chick laughed and said: “You were my first super hero.” Cherry looked at her and laughed.

“Really?” She asked, sniffling. “Well you did better than me, I guess.” Puffer-chick smiled at her and wiped the tears off her face as best she could.

“Not really. I had to leave the jewels there. I didn’t get away with a single piece of loot. So technically you won.” She admitted.

“Really?” Cherry asked again, laughing even harder. Puffer-chick laughed a little as well and responded:

“Yeah, you foiled my nefarious plot. Curses!” She added with a laugh, and the two found themselves laughing together.

“So what happens now?” Cherry asked her when they finally calmed down.

“Well we have to drift a ways until we’re safely away from the police, and then I’ll let you go.” Puffer-chick told her. “You said you were super-tough, right?”

“Yeah.” Cherry responded. “I actually haven’t found anything that hurts me yet. Even bullets barely do anything.” Puffer-chick listened, impressed.

“So where did you come up with Cherry Bomb for a name, anyway?” She asked. Cherry blushed again and stammered for a moment.

“I, uh, really liked that Joan Jett song.” She admitted, blushing even harder. Puffer-chick, however, sat up straight; her eyes open wide.

“I love that song! I can’t believe you’re a Joan Jett fan too!” Cherry blushed even harder, although now she was grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh yeah, I love punk rock. You too?” Puffer-chick nodded and the two giggled again.

“Wow, you’re really cool for a hero.” Puffer-chick said, smiling.

“And you’re pretty cool for a criminal.” Cherry responded, sticking her tongue out.

“Oh whatever.” Puffer-chick responded. “That doesn’t mean a whole lot coming from a vigilante.” Cherry rolled her eyes. The two giggled again, and then Puffer-chick rolled over onto her back, and the two watched the clouds for a while.

“Do you think I’ll ever live this down?” Cherry said quietly. Puffer-chick turned her head to look at her, and shrugged.

“No. I would move to a different town.” Cherry opened her mouth wide in shock, then Puffer-chick started laughing, and Cherry couldn’t help but join in.

“You bitch!” She responded playfully. The two giggled some more. They sat for a while longer and watched the clouds, then Puffer-chick rolled over again and got up to her knees.

“Well, don’t take this personally but I think it’s about time for me to go.” She said.

“About time!” Cherry told her, and Puffer-chick lightly smacked part of her body beneath her.

“You were really cool.” Puffer-chick told Cherry. “I’m really glad you were my first time. And I really hope you do beat the crap out of the next villain you meet.”

“Aaaw, thanks.” Cherry said. “I’m glad you were my first time too. And I hope your next heist goes better. Just, do it on someone else’s turf!” She said, smiling. Puffer-chick leaned down and hugged her around the head as best she could, then she straightened up.

“Well, here’s the fun part.” She said, raising her eyebrows, then as Cherry watched Puffer-chick’s stomach began to bloat outwards under her costume. It filled and filled until it looked like a beachball, giving her body an odd new shape. Her breasts began to fill as well, stretching out the balloon on the front of her unitard. They filled until they looked like watermelons, then her butt and thighs also began to fill. The bottom of her costume pulled into a thong between her globe-sized ass cheeks, and her thighs rubbed together by the time she was done inflating. She bobbed slightly in the air above Cherry, her knees only just barely touching the heroine’s body.

“What about me?” Cherry asked. Puffer-chick began to untie the balloon from her wrist.

“Don’t worry.” She said. “When this thing reaches the upper atmosphere the pressure will cause it to burst, and then you’ll return to normal. Hopefully I’ll be far away by then.” She released the balloon, and Cherry watched it float upward as best she could.

“Well, good luck.” Cherry said, “and stay out of my town!” They both laughed, then Puffer-chick said:

“Good luck to you too!” And she pushed off of Cherry, floating away into the sky. Cherry watched her as well as she could, slowly floating away and back down towards the city, and then she had to watch the sky as she slowly oscillated in another direction. She reflected on the day, wondering what the hell she was going to do now.

She supposed she would have to move to another town, and start fresh. Although with her luck she’d probably go to the same place as Puffer-chick, and they would end up fighting again. And she had to admit to herself she really didn’t want to do that.

Just then the balloon/doll must have hit the atmosphere because she began to bloat outwards again. She sighed as she watched the horizon of her body get further and further away. In the end it could’ve been worse; she could’ve been beaten by a villain that would’ve killed her. She smiled. Being humiliated and making a new friend was certainly one of the better ways to lose in the grand scheme of things.

And then all of a sudden she snapped back to her normal self.

Thirty stories in the air.

Cherry had half a second of cartoonish blinking before she began plummeting towards the ground.

“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!” She cried on the way down, the wind rushing in her ears as the pavement got closer and closer and closer. With a smash she impacted, and there was some grinding and tearing as she tunneled in and fell through to the subway platform beneath, landing in a shower of debris and smashed pavement.

The subway-goers paused and stared at the human meteor that had landed in their midst. Cherry sat up and rubbed her head, her whole body ached but she didn’t think there was any damage.

“Goddamnit.” She said.

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