Sweet Hospitality

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Vaughan stood in front of the ornate mirror and smiled mischievously to herself, stifling a giggle. A cute waistcoat, a blouse, a pencil skirt and she was transformed from platinum blonde hipster to deferential waitress. She had dyed her hair black to match and rounded the outfit off with a bow-tie. This get-up made her look so sweet and subservient, how could she possibly arouse suspicion? She smiled again, a touch of menace in the smile betraying her malevolent intentions, but only to her reflection. Behind her, the decadently tiled bathroom put her new character in an appropriate context. Checking nobody was watching, she took a bicycle pump out of her bag and secreted it out of sight inside her waistcoat. With her foot she pushed her bag into the cabinet beneath the sink, closed the cabinet and heading out of the bathroom.

Emerging into a plush carpeted hallway, Vaughan immediately blended in with the identically dressed waitresses. She followed a group who looked like they were just clocking in for the day and stepped through a pair of large glass doors into a large, brightly lit dining room. She cast her eyes around, on the lookout for a potential victim. The room was large and elegantly decorated, it was lit by floor to ceiling windows to Vaughan’s left, which opened into a large conservatory full of tropical plants, and beyond that a large country park. Vaughan estimated it contained in the region of 100 dining tables. She noticed a few diners were sat alone on single tables. She felt sorry for these lonely people, but she also felt the desire to find a pretty girl sat on her own to be her victim; as though her trap were an act of kindness toward the poor isolated darling. Vaughan always thought like this about her victims, a mixture of mischief, wickedness, pity and affection.

Vaughan followed another waitress-facsimile into the kitchen, it was large, thronging with people in all the different uniforms of the catering trades and the air was thick with steam and the smells of cooking. It was busy enough that so long as she blended in Vaughan could walk around without anyone noticing she was new. Then, emerging from the activity like a figure walking out of the mist, she saw a man coming toward her who she instantly knew could only be the maitre d’. He was a hunched, grey figure, gaunt with a widow’s peak. She felt a pang of fear… would she be found out? Would he issue her an order? She worried that the game was up, but the man walked past her without even a cursory glance, absorbed by his own duties. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief and turned her mind back toward the plan.

Back near the door to the dining room Vaughan saw her opportunity, a dessert trolley crammed with delectable sweetness, the perfect vehicle for her trap, where temptation could be her ally. She wheeled the trolley into a corner and hiding her actions with her back she produced the bicycle pump. A cream puff low down on the trolley caught her eye, both alluring and curiously fitting for inflation, she moved it to take pride of place atop the trolley. Then, twitching from excitement and nerves she pushed the needle of the pump into the puff with surgical deliberateness. As she started to pump air into the puff she saw it bulge and pulsate slightly becoming bigger and more distended. She continued to force the gas into it for as long as she felt safe, stopping when it was about twice its normal size.

‘Excellent’ she said to the puff under her breath ‘now we have to go find you someone to pump up’. She wheeled the trolley into the dining room.

As she moved through the dining room she kept an eye open for any cute , lonely girls. She had to stop once to let an elderly gentleman take a piece of gateaux but it wasn’t long before she spied her quarry. Sat alone, was a pretty Japanese girl looking slightly forlorn and pushing the remains of a spare rib around her plate. She looks ready for dessert Vaughan thought, and whisked the trolley in the girl’s direction.


Kaori had been stood up, it angered her, the guy had seemed so keen… lying bastard. She pushed her plate aside, well at least she’d had a good meal. If her upper-class would-be date hadn’t used the weight of his family name to get this booking she’d never have been able to eat at such an exclusive restaurant. She started to wonder about whether she could afford a dessert when a lithe waitress wheeled up to her with a dessert trolley.

‘Are you OK love?’ said the waitress, in an accent Kaori didn’t recognise.

‘I’ve been stood up’ she replied, sensing an opportunity to garner the friendly waitress’ sympathy.

‘aww, he probably wasn’t worth it’ said the waitress comfortingly, before holding out a plate on which was a large cream puff. ‘on the house’ she said, winking ‘the person who ordered it seems to have left’.

Kaori thanked the waitress, beaming at this random gesture of kindness. The waitress smiled warmly back at Kaori. There was a hint of mischief in her smile but Kaori presumed this was because she was breaking the rules by offering it to her; and with that , she wheeled off to serve more customers.

Kaori felt a warm glow as she bit into her treasured gift. It was really quite enormous, but very light and fluffy like eating a balloon. As she swallowed it felt as though she were just swallowing air, she felt gulps of it pass down her throat and into her stomach. The taste was perfect, the consistency of the Chantilly cream divine. Within a minute, she had finished it. She smiled again and pushed the plate away.

Satisfied with the way things had turned out, Kaori sat back in her chair. She felt slightly full, it had been a good meal, and the cream puff at the end had been a nice treat. She didn’t need whiny guys who didn’t respect her when she could rely on the kindness of strangers. Kaori rubbed her tummy, she was starting to feel a little gassy. She leant back a bit further and unclipped the wide elastic belt she was wearing over her soft polyester dress. Since finishing her dessert she had felt a rather sudden build-up of trapped wind, she rubbed her abdomen again. She moaned slightly as the feeling of pressure in her stomach continued to mount, something wasn’t quite right, she shouldn’t be feeling this gassy, this suddenly. Then, she felt her belt become tighter and shift against her abdomen, she looked down and rubbed it a third time and was shocked to notice it was bigger. From both rubbing it and looking at it, it was clear her abdomen had bloated out significantly; even though her belt was unbuckled, it felt a bit tighter than expected and she was certain her belly seemed a little rounded. She also thought the bloated region of her abdomen was a bit lower than it should be, it didn’t seem to correspond with her stomach, but was more towards her crotch. She could definitely feel a sensation of building pressure though, as though she had drank a whole bottle of Pepsi and jumped onto a trampoline.

She actively tried to burp, opening her mouth, clenching her stomach, even pushing in on the paunch with her hands to try and force the air out, but nothing happened. ‘Maybe I need to pass the gas from the other end’ she thought, and instantly became aware of the people around her. She felt increasingly embarrassed and squirmed uncomfortably in her seat with a mixture of embarrassment and the pressure in her belly. She noticed something else too as she sat with her hands across her crotch; it was still rising along with the feeling of growing pressure. She moaned as quietly as she could but noticed the distinguished woman at the table in front of her give her a look of disapproval, leaning forward slightly to hide her embarrassment she continued to rub her distending paunch. As her hands stroked around her hips, she noticed that they too seemed wider and rounder, she felt a shiver of fear and trepidation at her lack of control over her body and decided she needed to get to the toilets. Sitting more upright she felt her body stretching her clothes tighter, and she assumed, still expanding. She felt like she really needed to just force all the gas out of her in private and now she was sure she could see and feel herself rising off the seat. ‘My ass!’ she thought, lifting her bottom off the seat slightly and sliding her hand beneath. Her bottom felt smoother, rounder and tighter. She was sure now that she had a very unusual problem with gassy build-up, and it hadn’t escaped her attention that a man to her right had noticed the location of her hand and coughed as if to express his discomfort towards her.

Placing her hands on the table in front of her, she rose to her feet. Now she was standing she was very aware that some people had noticed her discomfort, that her belt was unbuckled and that she now had a visibly bloated midsection. She let out a quivery mumble and turned to face the exit, feeling her bloated bottom bump the table as she turned. She walked away from the table and as she did her ass knocked into the chair, it leaned slowly backwards and she watched with horror as it tipped back past it’s centre of gravity and began the descent to the floor. The back of the chair slapped against the carpet with a dull thud that created far too much noise for the rarefied air of the dining room. As she tottered through the mass of people she felt exposed, with all those judging eyes directed against her. She tried to deflect attention from herself as she shuffled towards the exit but she couldn’t make the way she walked any less noticeable, her thighs felt tighter and her hips wide and cumbersome. A couple of times her bum brushed unexpectedly against fellow diners who turned to glare at her angrily, nothing was said but she could feel the air of restrained condemnation as tight as her thick black leggings, containing her ever expanding ass. She tried not to touch her inflated hips and abdomen but as the pressure grew she couldn’t help rubbing her tummy or gently caressing her hips and moaning softly, she blushed bright red and craved the instant relief of leaving the dining room through the large double doors like an actor leaving the stage after a poor performance.

As she passed through the doors the kind waitress who had given her the cream puff met her coming in the opposite direction, the two women exchanged glances and Kaori noticed the waitress cast an almost appreciative peek downwards at her swelling hips. She smiled nervously and made eye contact with the waitress, who smiled in a more self assured manner further heightening Kaori’s discomfort as she felt the waitress’ lithe body stroke past her ballooning midsection. As Kaori burst though into the hall she could have sworn she felt a hand gently stroke against her enlarging bum; but when she looked back the waitress was gone. She rushed as quickly as her pumped up thighs would let her, bustling into the toilets and being massively relieved to see there was no-one else in there.

Once in the toilets Kaori looked over her shoulder into the ornate mirror; this definitely wasn’t right, her ass and thighs shouldn’t be expanding with the trapped gas. Her bottom had expanded so much that it was stretching and lifting the back of her dress which normally stopped just below the tops of her thighs, her dignity spared by the dark leggings she was wearing. Now she could see the nape of her swollen bum peeking out beneath the dress and her rounded butt-cheeks shaping the dress into two balloon shapes with fabric stretched tautly across the crevice between. She grunted with another surge of pressure in her abdomen as rubbed her ass with her right hand. Instead of having the give of soft flesh it felt tight, resisting her attempts to squeeze her buttock; it felt exactly as though it were inflating like a volleyball. She turned to the side to view herself in profile. The way Kaori looked now could only be described as though her crotch, ass and thighs were being inflated, filled with air, pumped up. She moved her hand gently across the straining fabric of her dress, feeling the tightness of her belt as her hand moved over it and on to her abdomen. She whined a little as she stroked her hand up and down between her abdomen and crotch, arching her back slightly. She could feel the pressure mounting as though more and more air were being pumped into her but it couldn’t get out and had nowhere to go other than to distend her poor body outwards like a high-school science experiment she once did where they mixed vinegar and baking soda together in a closed balloon and watched as it spontaneously inflated. Her mind wandered a little bit and she noticed the feeling wasn’t at all displeasurable; when something suddenly crossed her mind. In that experiment, the balloon had inflated until it popped! With her body inflating in much the same way, was there a chance? She daren’t think it, might she too go pop! She looked across at the mirror again, she could actually see herself visibly blowing up, her abdomen surging forward, battling wilfully against her clothing and the tautness of her flesh and pulling her crotch with it. Her ass was also pumping outwards in the opposite direction as she increased in volume and now her thighs we so massively pumped up it was starting to spread to her lower body as a whole and she felt a growing rigidity of her swollen flesh behind her knees.

Suddenly Kaori heard a creak of the outer door to the toilets open, as quickly as possible she waddled over to the nearest cubicle grunting with the effort of budging her bloated legs along and feeling the agitation of her lower body intensify the gassy sensation. By now her body had blimped up so much she had to turn sideways to pass through the door. She just managed to shut the door when she heard the inner door creak open. She applied the latch and breathed a small sigh of temporary relief as she heard footsteps on the tiled floor outside. Fortunately the cubicles were quite spacious, with room for an individual sink and towel rail so she didn’t have to worry about getting stuck… yet.

Outside she heard the sound of the unknown intruder pattering around the room she felt the hair rising on the back of her neck and held her breath. She tried to remain as silent as possible for fear of the embarrassment it would cause if she were discovered. In the silence she could hear her abdomen gurgling and creaking softly, she gently placed her hands on her hips and felt them being pushed apart by her expanding frame. She reached behind her to place her hands at the roundest point of her ass, as it gradually pumped up bigger and bigger it was becoming difficult for her to reach back there. Her breathing became rushed and irregular as a sensation of doom draped itself over her and she felt a shiver along her spine, her heart was palpitating and she was powerless to prevent involuntary sharp intakes of breath. She heard a cubicle door open at the far end of the room, but then the footsteps moved closer to her and another cubicle door opened. Kaori tried to suck her fear up like an animal playing dead as she heard cubicle doors open one after another. ‘What’s wrong with all the other cubicles?’ Kaori asked herself, feeling panicked and frustrated as the person came closer. She was still standing, side-on to the door and tried to turn her back to it and cover her mouth in a vain attempt to be more silent, but she was sure the person would be able to hear her bulging body creaking and groaning now as her lower body continued to pump up. The turgidity of her swollen legs made it difficult for her to adjust her posture, and her leggings rubbed together, making shuffling noises as she moved. As she turned her hips, she felt them brushing the sides of the cubicle.

‘Is there someone in there?’ a female voice asked from outside. Kaori winced and stroked her crotch, saying nothing. The impression that there was some pleasure involved in her body blowing up came over her again. ‘Hello?’ the voice asked. Kaori placed her hands astride her hips again, only just able to slide them between her burgeoning flesh and the cubicle walls. Her dress no longer looked like a dress only able to sit on top of her flared out lower body which was now only contained by her leggings, straining against the building pressure inside her crotch, her bum and her legs as though everything below her hips were being viewed through a distorting magnifying glass. Above her belt, her belly was the size of a pillow and felt slightly inflated, still soft but definitely ballooning and her nipples had become hard, like tiny hypersensitive stones, aroused by the dull pleasure she felt tingle between her legs. She closed her eyes and shook her head resignedly as she felt her body steadily but relentlessly increase in volume. She had to take her hands away from her hips lest they get crushed against the cubicle walls. Her body was now wedged into the cubicle with her ass facing the door, she sighed to herself, she didn’t want anyone to see her like this, to open the door and be confronted by the two huge blimps that were her ass cheeks, but if nobody helped her then she would continue to puff up until she exploded.

‘I can’t believe I’m going to explode!’ Kaori thought to herself ‘It doesn’t happen, I’ve never heard of an instance of anyone having such bad gas that they blew up and burst.’ The gassy sensation and the creaking of the flimsy cubicle walls as her body tried to burst them apart, indicated otherwise.

‘Don’t worry, stay where you are, I’m going to get help’ said the voice outside, before she heard the doors through to the hallway creak.

‘Now I’m alone’ she thought to herself. ‘Stuck here to bloat up until I go kaboom’. Kaori relaxed her breathing and placed her hands at her belt, stroking down underneath her bulging crotch which was now blocking her view. She lifted her feet off the ground, but didn’t fall, her hips wedging her in were keeping her aloft. She glanced over her shoulder and was able to see her ass expanding behind her. Kaori felt as though she was an airbag someone had let off in a box, only instead of blowing up all over suddenly, she was gradually expanding, which just delayed the conclusion. She reassured herself that help was on its way and even if it was embarrassing, it would beat exploding… she wasn’t going to explode. She might even see it as a funny story one day, not everyone can say they’ve been blown up like a balloon. ‘I just hope that if I do explode, I explode before they get here, so I remain anonymous’. Kaori almost giggled at this last thought. She felt the bubbly, gassy feeling shifting gradually upwards and looked down at her belly to see it had swollen further and was now tugging at her dress. Moaning softly to herself, she rubbed it, feeling it becoming tauter and noticed her breasts were plumping up too; rising and becoming more pert. The feeling of dread returned and she bemoaned her situation out loud.

‘Oooh, am I going to inflate all over?’ she asked nobody in particular.

‘Well, yes, the gas will keep coming until your body can pump up no bigger’ a familiar and unexpected voice answered. Kaori jumped slightly causing her body to flex between the walls.

‘Who are you?’ Kaori enquired.

‘You not remember me?’ the voice replied ‘I thought you’d remember someone who gave you such a fantastic gift’.

‘The waitress!’ Kaori exclaimed, ‘Did you do this to me? I’m bloating up like a balloon in here’

‘Do you not like it?’ the voice asked ‘I was always led to believe it was a pleasurable experience.’

‘Well…’ Kaori hesitated as she stroked her expanding belly and considered the feeling between her legs. ‘It is kind of nice… but I don’t want to explode!’ The waitress’ head appeared just above the cubicle wall in front of Kaori.

‘You won’t explode,’ she said ‘you’ll just keep filling with gas for a while yet.’ She explored Kaori’s ballooning form with her eyes ‘It’s a shame you got stuck’ she said, and smiled happily.

Kaori didn’t feel so assured, something unusual was happening to her and she didn’t know who to trust. She wanted to believe that she wouldn’t burst but couldn’t shake off the image that just that would happen.

One of the waitress’ legs came over the cubicle after her head and Kaori watched as she swung herself over the wall. From below Kaori could appreciate she had a nice body, if not as voluptuous as her own had suddenly become. Her mind was drowning in questions, chief among which were ‘how ‘and ‘why’. The waitresses plopped down onto the floor , only just managing to make sure her legs landed astride the toilet bowl in the only space that wasn’t full of Kaori.

‘Hi, my name’s Vaughan’ she said merrily, holding strong eye contact and grinning at Kaori.

‘Er… I’m Kaori’ Kaori replied, looking confusedly over her own body as her belly and breasts thrust forward even more, threatening to block her view. ‘How did you manage to do this to me? And what do you want me to inflate for?’.

‘Those, I’m afraid…’ said Vaughan, leaning into Kaori mischievously and stroking a hand up the front of her swollen right leg and slightly inwards towards her crotch, ‘are trade secrets.’ Kaori shivered as she felt the sensuality in Vaughan’s touch. Vaughan continued, running her hand over Kaori’s belt and around her belly, now the size of a large beach-ball onto her melon-sized breasts. Kaori relaxed more, falling into the sensation of bliss like a thick feather duvet, not caring as she heard her ass creak under the pressure, still building up intensely within. Vaughan’s hand came to a rest on her right nipple and she winked at Kaori before allowing her right hand to cup Kaori’s left nipple. Vaughan’s fingers danced softly as fairies over Kaori’s stone-like nipples before falling flat, smothering them with her palms and sliding her hands over the smooth contours of Kaori’s breasts.

‘You’ve pumped up beautifully!’ Vaughan remarked, giving each of Kaori’s breasts a gentle squeeze, delighting in the lack of give and the slight creaking noise as her hands shifted the pressure inside Kaori. Kaori closed her eyes and was only vaguely aware that now her whole upper body was also inflating, including her arms, which were pushed upwards by their own inflation; she felt Vaughan’s fingertips flowing like honey from her shoulders right down to her own fingertips. Vaughan arched her back to reach up to Kaori’s neck, linking her hands around it and pulling herself up to Kaori’s face. She kissed Kaori fleetingly on the lips which Kaori noticed were also plumper than before, before demonstrating her agility, swinging around Kaori and under her expanding right arm in one motion, sliding over Kaori’s huge ass and landing on the floor behind her like a child sliding off an inflated toy, but landing deftly as a ballerina.

As the gas filled up Kaori’s body more and more her arms were pumped up and straightened, forcing her to brace her hands against the sides of the cubicle. The pressure felt relentless and still there was no sign of escape for the gas trapped inside her. Her body moaned and groaned as it struggled to contain it all. As she pushed the cubicle walls apart she felt a sensation that her own body was being pushed apart by the tremendous pressure within.

‘Er… Vaughan’ she asked, ‘are you absolutely sure I won’t explode?’

‘Absolutely not’, Vaughan replied softly, stroking Kaori’s bottom with her hands ‘I love how your ass is holding in most of the gas, it’s so tight, like a pressure vessel about to blow’ Kaori heard a deep grumbling inside her as though to confirm Vaughan’s observation. She felt as though the pressure was forcing all the air out of her lungs and her breasts were now like two huge weather balloons blocking everything in front of her, she turned to face Vaughan.

‘I just really really feel like I might burst’ she grunted ‘the pressure is sooo sooo immense’. Kaori was struggling to get words out ‘and phrases like that really don’t help’.

‘You’re not going to blow’ Vaughan said reassuringly… pressing her body between Kaori’s ass cheeks, falling against the stretched leggings like a hammock. She made eye contact with Kaori and smiled, stroking her hands along Kaori’s ass until her arms were stretched as widely as possible. She tried to bear hug Kaori’s bottom, but the pressure quickly rebounded, knocking Vaughan back into the cubicle door. Kaori turned back to the front, as her body swelled up around her and pressed more intensely into the walls of her chipboard prison she felt increasingly trapped. The air had been pumping into her body for a good fifteen minutes now and it still felt like there was going to be no release from the ever-building pressure. She could feel the gas inside her pushing out in every direction. She felt Vaughan’s hand stroking her inflated bottom again and with the tremendous pressure within it felt as though there was another massive soft hand inside her pressing against Vaughan’s delicate feminine hand. Kaori tried to look over her shoulder and found she couldn’t. It was as though she was trapped inside an inflated prison, with the important difference that the prison was her own body, creaking regularly like a balloon being stretched, and she could feel the sensation of it expanding right at its limits as air pumped and pumped into her from nowhere.

‘I can’t see you any more Vaughan’ she called back nervously, grunting as she forced the words out as though trying to speak and hold her breath at the same time ‘I really mean it, it feels like I’m going to go pop’ The panic in her voice this time was evident and this combined with pressure caused chaotic changes in the timbre of her voice ‘I just have to explode right now, my body can’t take any more pressure.’ She started breathing more heavily as her body creaked again, adjusting to manage its increasing volume.

‘I keep telling you you’re not going to burst’ Vaughan replied. She was still stroking Kaori’s bum. She seemed to be having so much fun, rubbing her body up and down in the scant space now available to her; this made Kaori suspicious of her motives. Vaughan was definitely not someone to be trusted, a suspicion confirmed when she heard Vaughan laughing behind her ‘Nope, you definitely won’t blow’ she slapped Kaori’s voluminous bum making a deep, empty booming sound ‘Do you really think I would have you pump full of so much gas you go BLAM?’ she asked, and slapped her ass again ‘as much I would like that’ she muttered softly as though confiding her desires to Kaori’s posterior.

By this point Kaori knew that Vaughan was definitely a psychopath, revelling in Kaori’s discomfort and terror. Her cheeks puffed out as the air forced its way up into her mouth. Quickly Kaori blew the air in her mouth outwards only for more to rush up from below reinflating her cheeks. Kaori blew the air out again, and a third time when more air came up. With each puff of air she felt a tiny relief from the pressure inside her.

‘Finally!’ she thought, ‘I’m able to release the gas… I’m not going to explode!’ with great relief she forced a few more puffs of air out of her mouth. It hadn’t done much to deflate her, but she was sure that with this release she at least wasn’t getting any bigger. Then, as she blew another load of air from her body, she could feel it getting more and more difficult, as though she was blowing through a smaller opening. Disaster! Her lips were swelling up and blocking off her safety valve. She desperately tried to blow as much air out as possible, but within seconds she was completely airtight again. Her cheeks puffed out but this time it offered no release, she looked around as much as her head would turn as the pressure started mounting again, now she knew she was going to explode… her body groaned deep, long and ominously as if sharing her displeasure… and soon. She could feel the soft moist sensation of Vaughan’s lips on her bottom; was Vaughan actually kissing her inflated ass? She tried to protest but could only squeeze out muffled ‘mmmph’ sounds. Kaori tensed her body as much as she could, contracting all her muscles in one go in an attempt to force the air out some other way, but it was useless. It was like squeezing a bubble-wrap pod, if anything it made the pressure feel worse, and the only way the air was going to escape was by blowing her apart in one big exodus. Her body groaned again, nearing annihilation.

Kaori felt Vaughan’s hands suddenly move down between her legs, over the tautest part of her leggings, that part covering her crotch. The feeling was definitely very pleasurable, as though being inflated heightened the sense of touch, and Kaori shivered, slightly orgasmically. Then Vaughan pushed her head between Kaori’s legs, pushing her whole body through like a cat squeezing through a narrow gap. She now felt Vaughan’s hands running along the underside of her belly, out of her own view before Vaughan popped up again in front of her, having to stand on the toilet so Kaori could see her over her massive growing breasts. Kaori wanted to say something, she didn’t want Vaughan’s reassurance, she knew she was going to explode, and she knew Vaughan would claim she wasn’t. She knew now that this was what Vaughan wanted to happen and as she looked into Vaughan’s eyes she could clearly see that recognisably glazy look, and dilated pupils of someone who is in love. ‘Vaughan is in love with me?’ Kaori thought, ‘but she wanted me inflated, she wants me to explode? What happens then? Kaori couldn’t deny that a lot of the sensations they had shared were pleasurable, and she could even now admit to herself a feeling of love towards Vaughan. But she certainly wasn’t ready to explode, even if she felt a quiver of excitement ripple across her taut skin at the thought of bursting like a balloon, like too much air was the ultimate excess and paying the price was to be her climax. She wondered what would happen to Vaughan. Would Vaughan be hurt in the explosion? Would Vaughan stay to witness Kaori go bang? Would Vaughan take anything as a trophy of her conquest? Would she have other ‘victims’? Had she had other conquests before Kaori? Kaori longed to know the answers to these questions, but was unable to force anything more than muffled squeaks though her inflated lips and as Vaughan was just silently staring into Kaori’s eyes, she knew she would never have her answers.

Vaughan once again hitched her legs up and around Kaori’s waist and pulled herself so that her own bottom rested just on top of Kaori’s blimp-like belly and she was able to push her head between her breasts to get her face close to Kaori’s. Kaori felt Vaughan’s fingers dancing to a swansong delicately around her nipples again, and Vaughan had kicked off her shoes, which slid over Kaori’s ass, so that she could play footsie with Kaori’s hips and gargantuan bloated bum. Vaughan brought her face gradually closer to Kaori’s when, suddenly, they were disturbed from their moment by the sound of the doors outside being thrown open in some manner of urgency. As Kaori twitched in shock she heard a loud bang come from her right hand side and a sharp twinge in her hips. She turned her head slightly just able to see that her leggings which had stretched with her body for so long had finally started to lose the battle and a few stitches had blown off exposing an area of taut looking flesh, which bulged through the hole as if her body were trying to escape her clothes.

‘This is the ambulance service’ a booming male voice shouted ‘are you in there?’. Kaori’s body was now creaking and groaning almost constantly as it filled up the last bits of the cubicle; she could feel the hand dryer and sink pressing uncomfortable against her left buttock and her ass pushing against the door. A deep grumble started inside her body, like creak, but deeper with her and so low she felt it as vibration more than noise, there was a loud snap as another stitch on her leggings blew off.

‘Oh, I have to go’ Vaughan whispered as the ambulance man starting banging on the cubicle door. ‘Don’t worry you’ll be fine’ she said. Something Kaori knew to be a lie ‘You won’t go pop’. She knew she would never see Vaughan again and felt a deep sense of loss and longing for Vaughan, dread at exploding, but also excitement and climax as the pleasure built inside her, almost replacing the air as the main thing she was filling up with. Vaughan kissed Kaori softly on her plump lips. Kaori could only watch and pine as Vaughan clambered up to the small window at the top of the cubicle, glancing over her shoulder, probably able to see the tops of those gathered outside the cubicle The ambulance man banged on the door again. Kaori felt a twitch between her legs as some stitches down there blew off, creating a pleasurable release of tension for her.

‘Don’t worry, we’re coming in’ he shouted banging the door again. Now that her ass was pressed against the door, Kaori felt the thuds of the men rebound throughout her body like sonic booms. Vaughan clumsily twisted and turned the handle until, with a push, the window burst open. Kaori wiggled her fingers feeling that even they had plumped up and both her distended body and the cubicle walls were creaking together. Vaughan slipped her lithe frame through the small gap feet first until she was hanging on, with only her head and chest inside the cubicle. She cast one last look over Kaori.

‘Oh, and one last thing’ Vaughan whispered so only Kaori could hear’

‘wwwht?’ Kaori managed to eventually forced a reply through her bloated cheeks.

‘I keep telling you you’re not going to go pop’ she said, before adding ‘you’re going to go KABLAM!’ taking particular delight in the percussive quality of the final word.

Kaori widened her eyes as Vaughan winked then dropped out of view… she longed for the pleasure to return, for Vaughan to help her, but the creaking built up to a crescendo and she felt the pressure, the tightness of her clothes built with it. She could see the joints holding the cubicle walls in place beginning to come apart. Behind her, her ballooning ass finally pushed the door off it’s hinges and it fell with a loud bang onto the floor… she closed her eyes.

‘What the f….’ a voice behind her said.

‘ooooh here I go…’ she thought, as the creaking reached a limit and her body firmed up all over.


Vaughan had no sooner dropped softly onto the gravelled service area outdoors with the precise landing of a cat than she heard a deep kaboom come funnelled through the window, shattering the glass, small crystals of which showered onto her. She cowered as the glass rained onto her before rising back to her feet and dusting off the sugar-like shards. She looked up to the window she had just come from. The explosion was still echoing around the mountain valley the country house was situated in and a number of animals had been disturbed by the noise, furiously twittering birds and melancholic cows added their noises to the outdoor symphony, but there was no sound coming from inside the building. Tentatively Vaughan hooked her fingers around the window-frame before hauling herself up again; just enough to peek back into the room.

Cubicle walls had been blown in all directions, toppling like dominoes away from where Kaori had blown. Against the far wall were 3 prone paramedics and the maitre d’ she recognised from earlier, seemingly knocked unconscious by the sheer force of the blast. Plumbing had been knocked from walls, and smashed ceramic bowls piled up beneath bare pipes gushing water onto the floor. The doors into the hallway were blown from their hinges and presumably were now several feet into the hall, she could hear a commotion outside but as yet nobody had braved entering the toilets. The ornate mirror had been smashed but in it’s reflection, Vaughan could see Kaori’s shoes still in the same location. Scraps of black leggings and the green polyester from Kaori’s dress were everywhere and immediately in front of Vaughan’s eyes, on the window ledge was even a scrap of Kaori’s silk white panties. However, of Kaori herself, nothing remained but perhaps a slight humidity which was steaming up the mirror. Vaughan caught sight of herself at the window, lord of the scene of devastation. She smiled ‘not so sweet and subservient now’ she thought, and dropped out of view.

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