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It was Stephanie’s 18th birthday and she wasn’t in a birthday-mood at all. “Cheer up, Steph, will ya,” Danielle patted her friend on the shoulder. “He was such a jerk anyway. You know you’ll meet the right guy soon.” Despite the comforting words, Stephanie snapped at her friend: “I’m sick and tired of this, I really am. You’re so happy with David, while I always get together with the wrong ones – what’s your secret?”

Obviously, Stephanie didn’t know what an interesting question she’d just posed. Danielle pushed her straight dark brown hair behind her ears and whispered: “Ok, I’ll tell you.” Stephanie looked at her with a confused look in her face. “What?” – “The secret, you know… why we’re so happy together.” – “Dani, what are you talking about?” – “I used a secret spell. It’s called the ‘Kiss of Eternal Love’… You remember I told you my Mom was into witchcraft and that kind of stuff. Well, I didn’t really believe in it, but I tried it and, well, we’ve been going steady for years now.” – “How does it work?” – “What, you want to try it, Steph?” – “Course. If it worked for you… it’s my birthday and this is what I want as a present.”


Stephanie’s dark, curly hair hung down in front of her face as she bent forward towards the glass. She gently pushed it back as she listened to Danielle repeating some strange words. Then she pursed her lips and lowered them into the glass of water (mixed with several herbs prepared by Danielle). She then raised her head again and planted a kiss on a paper heart Danielle had cut out before. “…and like the kiss that’s given to the paper heart, the next kiss will provide eternal love for both and they will dwell together forever enamored.” Danielle completed the spell as Stephanie dried off her lips.

The heard the doorbell ring. The first guests were arriving. Danielle placed the book with the spells in a drawer so that none of the party guests would discover it and observed: “We got done just in time.” Stephanie looked at Danielle, raised her eyebrows, pursed her lips and said: “Ready to go…”


Stephanie knew Dwayne would be at the party and she was ready to plant the charmed kiss on him, making him fall deeply in love with her and her falling even deeper in love with him instantly. The guests were quickly arriving, even though Stephanie and Danielle were still busy decorating the house; they had obviously lost some time while preparing the spell.

There he was. Tall and handsome, every girl’s dream: Dwayne. Oh, that smile! Stephanie quietly sighed and turned to Danielle, who was beginning to blow up some balloons. “So sexy!” Danielle took the blue balloon she was inflating out of her mouth and asked: “What, the balloons?” – “No, silly! Look, Dwayne’s arrived. Oh, I can’t wait to kiss him.” – “I wish you two the best luck… not that you need it, though… but I could use some help here, Steph!” Under great difficulty, Stephanie managed to take her eyes off Dwayne. She grabbed a large red balloon from the bag Danielle was holding out for her and took it in her mouth.

Stephanie’s lips firmly held the mouth of the balloon as she took a deep breath and blew life into the red piece of rubber. “That’s funny, this balloon tastes awfully good,” she thought to herself as she continued blowing it up. She reached out to measure its size and couldn’t help but think that the balloon felt wonderful as well. She consciously inhaled to smell the balloon and it was amazing – she had never smelled anything better than that red balloon. As if she was in a trance, she took the balloon from her mouth, tied a knot in it and held it up to look at it: She was in love.

At that moment, Dwayne came over towards her. “Hey, you look real good in that dress there, Steph’. Oh, and of course, happy birthday.” He leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss right near her lips. “How about I go and get us somethin’ to drink,” he said with a sly smile and walked off. Stephanie pressed the balloon against her body and she felt goose bumps everywhere. The kiss had meant nothing to her, though only moments before she would have been likely to faint. She was glad to see Dwayne leave again, for now she could devote herself to her new love completely. She took the inflated balloon in her mouth as if to kiss him. She closed her eyes and pressed him closer to her face, feeling his rubbery skin give way to the contours of her face.

Her desire was building up tremendously. This type of contact was not enough. The difference between them pained Stephanie. She wanted to be more like her love, to feel just like him, so rubbery and inflatable. She quickly ran into the kitchen, where she knew Danielle’s book of spells was hidden. There had to be something useful in there.


Dwayne returned to where Stephanie had been standing with the two drinks in his hand and a puzzled look on his face. Danielle, who had been away briefly, was also just returning to blow up some more balloons. “Hey, what’s up?” – “Have you seen Steph’. She was just here a minute ago playing around with that red balloon and I went to get her some drinks, but now she’s gone.”

When Danielle heard about Stephanie playing with the balloon, she suddenly realized that making her inflate the balloon wasn’t such a good idea. When she took the balloon into her mouth, it was as if she had kissed it… so now, she was in love with that balloon! Danielle started feeling extremely guilty. She had to do something about it immediately – she had to undo the spell.

“Eh… maybe she just went to the bathroom. Well, sorry, but I gotta go get something from the kitchen. I’m sure Steph’ will be right back. Don’t worry, she couldn’t wait for you to come,” Danielle added with a grin before walking off to sneak into the kitchen.

Dwayne couldn’t conceal his satisfaction about Danielle’s last remark. That Steph’ sure was one hell of a girl, he thought to himself. His eyes lit up as he saw Stephanie enter the room again. She had been in the kitchen. Dwayne smirked as he thought to himself: “Pretty funny how Dani just went into the kitchen through the one door in the same moment Steph’ walked out the other one.”

We moved across the room towards Stephanie, who was suddenly climbing up onto the table, still holding the red balloon in her hands, as if she were about to make an announcement. The house was quite full with guests by now and they all looked over at Stephanie, eager to hear what she was about to say.

Stephanie’s eyes sparkled as she surveyed the room. She proudly held her red balloon in her arms, feeling his puffed up body while she stood up there. She held him up for everyone to see: “This is the most beautiful balloon in the whole world and I feel so very fortunate to have him.” She almost had to cry and it was difficult for her to speak. “I… I want to be just like him and so I put a spell on myself… and now…” She looked at her beautiful toy. “Now I am inflatable just like you.” She looked back up at the crowd. “I’m inflatable like a balloon and I want you to blow me up!”

She leapt off the table, cautious not to drop the balloon and walked right up to Michelle, who was standing closest to her. “Blow some of your air into me right now,” she demanded. Michelle was completely confused, but when Stephanie opened her mouth and pressed it against Michelle’s, she did as she was told and blew into Stephanie. “Oh, that felt good,” Stephanie called out and turned towards Andrew, who was standing next to Stephanie. “Come on, Andrew, give me all you’ve got.” Stephanie leaned up towards him and soon felt his air blowing in through her mouth and into her body.

Everyone in the room gasped in amazement as with the second blow, Stephanie’s breasts suddenly started to inflate. With the first surprising sign of success, everyone in the room suddenly wanted to join in the fun. This was the craziest thing they had ever seen: An inflatable girl. They began taking turns, blowing air into Stephanie who was loving every minute of her inflation.


Danielle soon found the heart Stephanie had kissed to create the spell. She took a brief look at it and tore it in half. The spell was broken.


Stephanie had no idea what was happening. She was standing in the middle of the room with a big, red balloon in her mouth and her body was all blown up. Her tits were just as big as the red balloon and the size of her belly made her look pregnant. Everyone was cheering, “Blow her up, blow her up!”, all of her friends, everyone at her birthday party. She was being turned into a balloon!

But what was even worse, she could barely move because she was so inflated already. She spit the balloon from her mouth and called for help, but everyone only seemed to think she was kidding. Suddenly, she realized what was about to happen next. She saw Dwayne and David kneeling behind her… and she didn’t have her pants on anymore. They were sticking something into her butt.

“Now we’ll blow you up some more, Steph’,” Dwayne announced. Boy, was he glad that he didn’t get together with her. Stephanie was a weirdo alright. But it was fun to blow her up, of course. “Start pumping, David!”

David stood up and now Stephanie could see that they had brought a bicycle pump and were going to use it to pump up her ass. “Don’t pump me up, don’t pump me up – I don’t want a balloon-butt! Somebody help me!”

Stephanie looked around the room. Everyone was laughing at her and they had a good reason too. Stephanie looked like a blimp, but her body didn’t even have a real shape to it anymore. Parts of her body, like her tits and her belly were sticking out, whereas her arms and legs – though she couldn’t move them – still looked quite normal.

Suddenly, Catherine and Julia came up to her and stuck a helium-balloon in her mouth. Stephanie was unable to defend herself and the two girls squeezed all the gas out of the balloon and into Stephanie. Instantly, Stephanie felt her boobs start to rise up into the air a bit. “You’re turning my breasts into helium-balloons,” she cried. “I don’t want to be a balloon-girl, I want…”

She was cut off by the sudden expansion of her butt. David was beginning to pump her ass up. “Stop it – nooooo!” Stephanie felt humiliated. Soon she’d be a round ball if her so-called friends kept inflating her.

Finally, she heard a voice joining her in her plea to make the others stop inflating her. It was Danielle. “Stop blowing Steph’ up, stop it, all of you!” She raced up to her and pushed the others away.

“Hey, what are you doing, honey,” asked David, who was still busy pumping up Stephanie. “Steph’ told us to inflate her. Now join in on the fun or step back… she’s gonna get much bigger!”

Stephanie looked at Danielle and cried out: “Stop them… I don’t want to be blown up anymore… I, I used one of your spells.” Danielle looked at Stephanie and then turned and began to walk away. “No… I’m sorry, Dani! Please don’t go… I don’t want to be a balloon!” But all Stephanie could do was watch as Danielle made her way through the crowd again and then others continued blowing her up like a balloon.

Stephanie saw the red balloon in the hands of one of the guests. She managed to grab it from him even though she could hardly move and angrily burst it. Then it was time for Catherine and Julia to stick the next helium-balloon in her mouth to make her breasts float and for David and Dwayne to pump up her butt.

Suddenly, though, something strange began to happen. It happened to Catherine first. The moment she touched Stephanie, her body began to shrink, but at the same time, she was taking up a round, inflated form. Quickly, she had turned into an orange balloon with a long neck – completely inflated and close to bursting. However, no one except for Stephanie seemed to notice. Everyone kept going up to her, wanting to inflate her, but everyone was instantly turned into a balloon.

“What’s going on,” Stephanie asked out loud, as Julia was transformed into a balloon right in front of her eyes. She turned around to see Dwayne and David reach for her huge butt. “Will you take a look at these cheeks,” Dwayne called out. Stephanie looked at him full of rage for doing this to her. And to think she used to have a crush on him! She couldn’t help but laugh the minute the two rubbed their faces against her butt-cheeks. They quickly shrunk and inflated and became two blue balloons.

“Hey, Stacy,” Stephanie called out. “Could you come over here and stick the hose into my butt a little bit better. I think it got loose. Oh, and why don’t you pop those two blue balloons. They’re really in my way.” Stacy came over right away. Stephanie couldn’t stand her in that extremely short skirt of hers that always displayed her extremely long legs and made sure everyone could see her wiggle her ass as she walked. Stacy picked up the two balloons that were Dwayne and David and asked in her annoying voice: “These two?” – “Yeah,” Stephanie grinned as Stacy pressed the balloons against her tiny tits and burst them with her fingernails. “And Stacy… could you see about the hose now too?” Stacy reached for the hose in Stephanie’s butt and naturally touched her huge, inflated butt-cheeks. “Oh…” she said with a blank expression in her face. “Time for you to become the inflated airhead you really are, Stacy,” beamed Stephanie. “Huh?” asked Stacy as she became a tiny pink balloon within seconds.

Soon Stephanie was standing in the room all alone in a sea of colorful balloons, still inflated ridiculously with her huge tits, stomach and butt. She heard the kitchen door open and saw Denise walk over to her. Stephanie felt very guilty and couldn’t look at Danielle at first, but then she remembered she had to tell her about the balloon-transformation. “Don’t touch me, or you’ll be turned…” – “I know, Steph’, I made that spell so that they would all finally leave you alone. I’m sorry, this is all my fault. I gave you the balloon to blow up – you fell in love with it and then wanted to be like a balloon yourself. If I hadn’t given you the balloon, none of this would have happened.” – “It’s ok, Dani, it’s my fault. I did it at my own risk and you couldn’t have known I would want to turn myself into this-“ she pointed at her inflated body in general, her two perfectly round, floating helium-breasts in particular. “-I’m a balloon-girl. I don’t supposed you know how to change me back, do you?” – “Well, actually, all I have to do is push all the air back out of you… of course, you’ll still be inflatable for the rest of your life, but I don’t mind.” Stephanie looked at Danielle. “What do you mean?” She saw the heart Danielle was holding in her hand and she could feel Danielle’s breath on her lips. Danielle was right in front of her face.

“Don’t worry, I won’t become a balloon when I touch you, I’m immune against that.” She stroked Stephanie’s curly, dark hair, then began to massage her inflated helium-tits. “But I think we were made for each other…” Danielle kissed Stephanie with all her might and wrapped her arms as far as she could around Stephanie’s beautiful, inflated body.

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