Jenny's Poem

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Jenny slammed the door and cried,
“Why do they turn such a blind eye?”
“It’s my body, slender and thin?”
A thought came to her, she turned with a grin.
“I’ll show them how big I can be!”

She took a hose that she had got,
Stuck it on the tank she had bought.
With a twist, she turned the tank on,
“After tonight my slimness will be gone!”
“I’ll be the biggest ever seen!”

Gas flowed into her body,
As she filled, she thought naughtily,
“Soon I’ll be the roundest around,
My body will be world renowned!
I’ll be the biggest there ever will be!”

The gas still flowed into her,
Her clothes were getting thinner,
When with a pop and a rip,
Her clothes could not fit.
And her body tore out and free.

“I’m getting too big, I’ll float away!”
She thought, much to her dismay.
Her feet left the ground,
As her body got round,
And began to float up like a bee.

With a pop the hose broke lose,
And calmness began to ensue.
Jenny thought, “I wanted to be rounder,
But I must really ponder.
Is this really the best thing to be?”

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