Barbie's Inflation

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Barbie was on her way to L.A. with three of her friends. She was just a typical rich and spoiled brat who would always get what she wants. She would usually make fun of people who are less fortunate in anything than she is, and so would her friends, Ana, Diana, and Becca. Barbie had long silky blonde hair with blue eyes and a nice tan to go with it. She wore a white sleeveless shirt, a tight black mini skirt, and black high heels. She had an hourglass figure with B cup breasts and a tiny ass to compliment it.

One night, she and her friends went to the mall to just hang out. They walked into an antique store that looked like they sold a ton of antiques and old stuff. Barbie got bored and whined, “Let’s go girls come on! It’s boring here and my heels are killing me!” The girls just sighed and followed her but Becca said amazed, “Hey look at this necklace, I wonder how much it costs?” Barbie then got curious and peeked at what she thought was the cutest necklace ever. Its thread looked like it was made of gold, and the violet crystal looked like a huge diamond cute ever so delicately that there’s no way it could’ve been an antique.

Barbie wanted it so badly that she would pay anything for it. Then she walked over to the clerk and asked, “Excuse me, how much for that necklace?” The clerk shrugged and asked the manager. The manager walked to the counter and responded kindly, “I’m sorry miss, but that necklace is not for sale, it’s only for display.” Barbie got mad and tried to keep her cool and said, “I’ll give you anything for that necklace if you give it to me.” The manager sighed and replied, “Would you really give up everything all for one single object of material?” Barbie didn’t care and kept on urging the manager to give her the necklace, but the manager turned her down and threatened to call security, so she and her friends had to leave. Barbie wasn’t going to give up yet, so before they left, she switched the necklace with one of her own jewelry and walked out with the girls. Ana saw that and said, “Isn’t that called stealing, Barbie?”

“Only when it was for sale, that old hag said it wasn’t, so I’m taking it.”

“Yeah but what if that was a family air loom?”

Barbie ignored her since she got what she wanted, and then she put on the necklace as they were back in their rented home which had a private gym which was huge. The girls got dressed in their PJ’s and walked into the gym to watch a movie through a wide screen TV they have in there. Ana was wearing a white night dress, Diana was wearing a white T-shirt and baby blue shorts, Becca was wearing long bright green sweat pants and a matching spaghetti-strapped shirt, and Barbie was wearing long pink sweat pants, a matching sweater, and a white tank top underneath the sweater.

Barbie was having fun with her friends, and then the clock stroke midnight. Barbie didn’t notice it but the crystal started glowing purple. Then Becca gasped and yelled, “Barbie I think your butt’s growing!” Barbie got scared for a moment and thought, “Very funny Becca!” Then Diana looked and was shocked as well and yelled, “She’s not kidding look at your butt!” Then Barbie took a peek and gasped noticing that her butt is growing and it was growing outwards to 2 feet wide. Barbie was looking at her growing ass in terror and shouted in fear, “Don’t just stand there! DO SOMETHING!!!” Becca quickly ran to the kitchen to call the police while Ana and Diana just backed away and stood there in shock and awe.

Barbie’s butt was reaching outward to 3 or 4 feet now and her sweatpants started to give her a wedge as she tried to push it back to normal. Then she felt the feeling spread inside of her to her boobs. Her boobs started growing as well turning from a regular B cup to a pair of D cups to compliment her 5 feet wide and still growing ass. Barbie had to hold her boobs since they were so heavy and her shirt was holding it like a bra, and then her belly started growing as well making it grow to the size of 5 months pregnant, to 9 months, then to the size off on exercise ball outgrowing her boobs. Her butt then slipped out of her sweatpants making them drop to her feet and her shirt could no longer contain her ever expanding breasts and shattered into pieces as Barbie screamed in embarrassment. It wasn’t over yet though. Barbie’s arms and legs started fattening up as well and she felt her butt touch the cold floor of the gym as her arms and legs got so swollen that they retracted into her massive round body. Barbie was sobbing as she continued to grow getting rounder and rounder. She looked like a huge ball of flesh with hands, feet, boobs, and a head.

Ana then noticed that the necklace was glowing and realized that it was the cause of this. “We need to get that necklace off her or she’ll blow up!” Diana then ran over to Barbie and yelled, “Barbie I need you to lay on your belly for me!” Barbie was still sobbing and shouted, “What good would that do for me!? I’m a freak!!!” Diana sighed and shouted, “Just try!” Barbie was still sobbing and still growing and tried to move, but could only make little rocking motions and she moaned as she felt a weird pressure inside of her. She had never felt so much pleasure in her entire life. Then she shouted, “I can’t move but this feels so good!” Diana looked at her weirdly and rolled Barbie onto her belly and when Barbie landed, she felt waves inside of her belly and it made her scream in pleasure.

“Barbie are you ok?” Ana asked.

“Yeah…you have no idea how this feels Ana, it feels so good! It’s like if you even touch my skin, then…ohh the pressure! Ohhh! Guys the pressure is building up inside me! Do something!”

So Ana tried to get the necklace off of her, but it got stuck in between Barbie’s round body and her plumping cheeks. Barbie was so scared and didn’t want to explode. She cried and cried wishing that she had a second chance swore she would do better if she had that second chance as she kept on growing and growing. Her hands were sinking deeper into Barbie’s mass and starting plumping up as well. Her bellybutton was now an outie and was starting to disappear in the mass, and she developed a double chin as her cheeks puffed up more from it and her boobs shrunk to make more room for her growing mass and she was already 20 feet tall and still growing and she groaned from the pressure and thought she was going to explode and then…BOOM!!!

Barbie woke up shocked and terrified. She looked at herself to see that it was all just a dream. She then realized that all of that would’ve happened all because she was selfish and did a very bad thing, so she decided to change her ways so nothing like that would ever happen! Then she became a changed girl and was more kind and sincere to others, even her friends liked her better this way. So she lived happily ever after.

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