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A cheap motel, sitting where the cornfields meet the suburbs, is nearly vacant on this damp evening. Two cars sit in the dark lot, water beading on them. The rain has stopped now but its remnants fill the trenches and drains, soak the ground and splash under the tires of cars that whir past. One car slows and turns into the parking lot; emptying a pot hole with a splash. It comes to a stop beside one of the other cars; its lights go off and engine silences. After a few moments the door clicks and opens. A man steps out wearing a suit, loosely covered by a long overcoat. He leans back into the car and drags a breifcase out before closing the door. He reaches into his pocket with one hand and the car honks, locking its own doors. He gently leaps over a puddle and onto the covered walkway stretching in front of the rooms. The dim light littered along the numbered doors illuminates his face, he is a young man, mid twenties, his brown hair appearing black in the yellow light. He walks briskly, excited, like a child on his way to the zoo. As he passes by the last car in the lot he turns to it with a smile, without breaking pace. Finally he reaches the door, Room 3. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper, opening it. It reads;

Rt. 53 Motel, 8 pm, Room 3.
Don't be late, I have a surprise for you.

AJ closes his eyes, remembering the note being slipped into his hand under the table in the deposition room; her fingers so soft as they closed his hand around the folded paper.

8:05 pm, his digital watch reads. AJ raises his hand to the door, he is shaking slightly with excitement, and knocks twice. The second knock does not make contact because the first pushed the door open slightly. AJ smiles and peers into the room, slowly pushing the door wide. The light next to the bed is on but it is the only one brightening the room. The large bed in the room takes up much of the floorspace; its covers unfettered. The TV on the stand to his right, black and silent. He steps in quietly and closes the door

"Nicole?" AJ asks. No answer. He tosses the briefcase into the corner and slides his jacket and sport coat off quickly, trying to be silent; tossing them onto the floor beside the bed. AJ is strongly built but not well upkept; a gut strains his shirt. He quickly loosens his green tie. A smile forms on his face as he notices the pink piece of paper on the bed. In two strides he is there, stepping over a duffell bag beside the bed, a woman's suit in a heap beside that; Nicole's panties, her DD bra and all. The note reads:

The gym next door, the back door is open. Don't forget the tape...

"Huh," AJ sighs, curious. In a leap he is back at the door, tossing his overcoat back on and in one fluid motion he pulls a video tape out of his briefcase and is out the door. AJ is nearly skipping as he passes the last rooms at the end of the motel towards the two story brick building next door. He nearly disappears from sight when he passes out of the glare of the last yellow light. The shine on his black shoes is muffled by mud as he crosses from concrete to grass. AJ is undetered, continuing to stride gleefully around the back of the building. He can see in the darkness a double door, one open slightly. AJ breaks into a jog to the door, the smile on his face visible even in the shadows. Unable to slow down he swings the door open and bursts in.

The large room is pitch black only the dim light from the night cascaded across the wood floor.AJ instictivly removes his shoes and coat as his eyes adjust, making sure to pull the tape out of the pocket first. He can see black lines circling across the shiny wood floor; the three point line he guesses. He can just make out a blanket laid out on the hardwood.

"Nic...," he is broken off as a figure jumps onto his back. He falls forward onto the hard floor. He rolls over to face his attacker just as the shadow dives onto him planting a deep kiss onto his lips. AJ's heart slows as that familiar taste of cherries passes onto his lips.

"Hi," The shadow whispers.

"Hi, Nikki," AJ replies. He kisses her deeply, his hands beginning to wander.

Nicole grasps his fingers as they pass onto her breasts, "Not yet, I've got a surprise."
"What is it?" AJ asks playfully, "Why'd you have me bring the video?" Nicole slips off him and into the dark, picking up the tape as she goes. AJ sits up and can barely her in the dim light, she is walking towards what looks like two boxes stacked on each other. She leans forward in front of them doing something.

"What're you doing?" As AJ asks, what he thought was the top box lights up revealing a grainy tv screen. The familiar tape begins to play.

"Close you eyes," Nicole says.

"C'mon, I've seen it a hundered times."

"Close 'em." AJ does as he is told and can hear Nicole rushing towards him. She grabs him by the arm and leads him to the outstretched blanket. He peaks as she passes behind him. He sees a belt buckle and some buttons, not the lingerie he was expecting.

"What's that you're wearing?" He asks.

"Hey! You looked!" Nicole shouts wrapping her arms around his shoulders from behind. They both smile, she plants a kiss on his cheek and rests her head on his shoulder, watching the screen.

The grainy image on the tv has a running clock in the top left corner. The view from the security camera is down from the ceiling onto a grey metal door. A strange machine can be partially seen on the fixed view from the camera. After a few seconds tick off the clock a strangely dressed man in a top hat passes into the view.

"Now over here if you'll follow me I have something rather special to show you," He announces and a group of children and adults follow him.

"Seriously, Why are we watching this, now?" AJ whispers.

"Its a warm up honey," She replies, "I've wanted to do this for a long time." She plants a kiss on his cheek again, this time he turns and they connect lips. They hold the kiss for many moments, AJ begins to turn to her, "Not yet," Nicole scolds, turning him back to the TV.

The group is watching a girl dressed in a blue pantsuit with a red belt. Her face is blue.

"...but your face is turning blue," a man adds.

"What are you talking about?" the girl asks.

Before their favorite part can start, Nicole rushes up to the TV, stops the tape and shuts off the screen. The gym is black again.

"But that's the best part!" AJ objects. Suddenly the lights glare on. AJ slams his eyes shut covering them with a hand.

"This is why," Nicole says. AJ forces his eyes open, the light hurts for a moment as they adjust.

He focuses on Nicole, "Wow," is all he can say. Nicole is dressed in a blue pantsuit and a red belt, nearly identical to the one the girl was wearing in the video. Her brown hair is tied up similarly too. However, Nicole is much better proportioned. Her hips curve out from under the belt, which is cinched on her waist. Her large breasts strain the buttons on the blouse. She is a short girl and appears to be in good shape.

She curls a finger in front of her face, "Come here." Aj stumbles to his feet a strides to her, almost in a trance. He places both hands on her waist and leans in to kiss her but she turns away at the last moment and walks past him.

"You're killin' me," AJ says.

"You ready for your surprise?" Nicole asks as AJ turns to her.

"This isn't it?"

"This is it." Nicole reaches into her pocket and pulls out a single piece of gum.

"Is that...?"


"How'd you get that?" AJ asks almost exploding with excitement, "He never lets anyone in that part of the factory."

"The Bucket boy got it for me," Nicole responds, "I told him that I needed it for the defense."

"You're gonna..."


"Aren't you scared?" AJ asks concerned, "Wonka said that girl would explode if they didn't..."

"He was lying," Nicole interupts, "You can see in the tape that she stopped growing before they rolled her away. Plus she was the only one who didn't join in on the lawsuit, so she must have ended up just fine."

"I'm just a bit worried that..."

"C'mon, you're ruining my fantasy," Nicole adds moving to him, "Don't you remember the feeling you had when Wonka showed us the tape?" She plants a gently kiss on his lips, "And how good it felt when we both confessed to having that same feeling, after the first time we made love?" She plants several kisses in a path from his lips to his neck, "Don't you want to live out that fantasy?"

"Oh yeah," AJ whispers, "But I'm a little... Nicole interupts by placing a hand over his mouth. She stares into his eyes and slides the gum into her mouth.

The flavor hits her pallet immidiately, "Wow, this is fantastic! Its tomato soup! Its so creamy and its even hot in my mouth!" AJ just stands back, waiting for their favorite part. "It tastes like roast beef and baked potato! Its so tender and juicy!" Not yet. "Here it is Blueberry pie." Here it is. "Its the sweetest, most delicious pie I've ever tasted!"

"Its starting," AJ says. Nicole looks down at her hands, they have taken on a blue sheen, like the color of a drowning victim. The blue hue gets stronger and stronger until her skin is entirely blue. She looks back up to AJ and he leans in to kiss her as she does; putting a hand on each of her hips.

"Hold on," She stops him, "don't want you to get it too." She gulps down the gum, "There." They both smile. AJ's face tuns to surprise as he feels his hands begin to be pushed from Nicole's hips. Both their eyes dart downward; they both feel it at the same time.

Nicole's hips are beginning to widen as expected, but it is more wonderful than what they had hoped for. Her tummy is follwing suit, pressing out against her red belt. AJ rubs his hands along her swelling form feeling his fingers forced apart by the growth. He leans in and begins kissing her on the neck. Nicole closes her eyes and leans her head back, periodically moaning as the strange feeling builds and builds. AJ feels her belly begin to outgrow the belt, expanding above and below. He feels her thighs straining the fabric of her pants. He reaches around and feels her ass as it pulls the fabric tight.

"Mmmhhh," Nicole muffles uncomfortably.

"What is it?" AJ stops.

"The belt is tight, it hurts..." Nicole trails off grimasing. Aj reaches down and attempts to remove the belt, tugging at it. Each tug jerks Nicole's tiny frame and nearly pulls her off balance.

"Damn," AJ struggles.

"Get it off!" Her midsection has swollen over the belt six inches in all directions and her hips are nearly double that under it.

AJ lets go, placing a hand on his head, "Its too tight."

"UUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHH." SNAP! The belt shreds in half shooting off her like it had been throw across the room. AJ jumps back, his heart beating fast in surprise.

"Whew," Nicole sighs, "Much better." She is shaped like a teardrop, her belly sticks out nearly a foot on all sides and her thighs beneath have tripled in diameter from what she was before, arms, chest and shoulders are as yet uneffected. "Where were we?" Nicole closes the few feet between them, having to waddle with her new girth. As she reaches him, AJ kneels down and begins kissing her gargantuan belly, rubbing it on both sides; he can hear the sound of swirling liquid being that close, like the sound of a water balloon filling. Nicole begins rubbing her side with one hand and her breast with the other; leaning her head back in ecstacy.

I know this seems like its going to have the crappy "blueberry sex ending, but I promise I won't go there. Keep reading...

AJ works his way up Nicole's rounding form, placing a kiss on the peeks of blue flesh between each button on her blouse as he goes. He kisses her on the neck again, having to lean forward over her belly to reach it. Nicole begins digging her nails through his hair, nibbling his ear. They both can feel that they do not have much time, Nicole's swelling is pushing them apart. They embrace and kiss once more then let go. Nicole closes her eyes again, rubbing all over, enjoying her moment. AJ steps back to get a good look at her.

Nicole has swollen to over 4 feet wide, her crotch has pushed down past her knees and is steadilly engulfing her legs. AJ walks around her enjoying the sight, dragging a finger on her side as he goes. He notices that the swelling has spread to her upper body; Nicole's shoulders have begun to plump and her breasts are larger, peaks of blue cleavage visible between her buttons. AJ reached up to feel the swelling mounds, as he does Nicole takes his hand and places it on her breast; rubbing from on top of it. He feels her breast grow and grow until it starts flattening and becoming part of her core. The swelling has spread down her arms, pulling in her hands. When AJ went to rub Nicole's under-regions he was pleasantly surprised to find that they were pressed against the ground. As he notices that, the swirling fluid sound trails off.

AJ stands and leans his elbows onto the giant blueberry. Nicole smiles back at him. The swelling has stopped just below her throat at the base of her neck. Her clothes have held together and cradle her from the top and the bottom, her blue midsection plumping out in betwen.

"Surprise!" Nicole giggles. AJ laughs in response.

"Now what am I going to do with my very own blueberry girl?" AJ asks playfully.

"I think I know," Nicole replies smiling, "You gonna juice me?"

"Mmm Hmm," AJ nods and steps back.

I swear it doesn't end that way...

"Before you do," Nicole interjects, "The blueberry girl has a request."

"I'm not sure blueberries can make requests."

"Roll me like they did to the girl on the tape," Nicole reponds, "I want to see what its like." AJ just smiles. He places his hands on Nicole's round body, her skin surprisingly tight, and gently rolls her onto her back.

He walks around to her head and leans down, "Say please." He leans in and kisses her, over and over for several moments.

"Mmmmmm," Nicole tries to interupt, "MMMMMMM!!!!" She succeeds the second time and AJ breaks the kiss.

"What?" AJ asks. Nicole doesn't reply, she is staring in shock at her juice filled body. AJ follows her gaze, her body is swelling again, slowly but its picking up speed.

"This didn't happen to the girl," Nicole states, terror aparent in her voice. By now the swelling was at full speed again filling her more and more, "Make it stop!" AJ rolls her back upright, Nicole is now as tall as he is and is getting higher. By now her round body is pressing up against her chin making talking difficult, Nicole just pants praying for it to stop.

"Why is this happening? You said that it would stop!" AJ shouts up to her.

"Its not supposed to do this," Nicole replies. PING! A button flies off her blouse and skips across the floor, "Do something! I could explode!!" The both look at each other in terror.

"I thought you said Wonka lied about that," AJ says.

"I think he did," Nicole digresses, "But I can't keep growing like this! Eventually I won't be able to hold it all, right!?!" PING! The button on Nicole's pants flies off, AJ has to lean sideways to dodge it.

"I don't wanna find out. I think I know what to do," AJ says.

"Well do it!" PING! PING! two more buttons scatter across the floor.

"I hope I remember Wonka's number," AJ says as he rushes to his coat. RRRIIIIPPP. the seams of Nicole's clothing are beginning to split.

"Wonka!?!" Nicole shouts, "No you can't! If he finds out I took the gum he'll fire us both and get a new defense team!" RRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPP. PING!

"I know but I have to," Aj says pulling the cell phone out of his coat pocket.

"Wait, look!" Nicole shouts relieved. Aj turns back to her, cell in hand. Nicole's growth is slowing more and more and after a few seconds it has stopped again, altogether.

"Thank god," AJ sighs. Nicole has swelled to over 12 feet in height, her hands and feet have been pulled into dimples on her round surface. AJ walks back up to her, he reaches up and places a hand on her exposed side. He withdraws it quickly, Nicole is so tight now, too tight.

"OK," Nicole breaks the silence, "I think the mood is offically ruined."

"Yeah," AJ responds, "I'm still calling."


"I'll get the info from him without telling him," AJ interrupts, "I am an attorney." He punches the buttons and holds the phone to his ear.

"Hello, Mr. Lindy?" The voice on the other end questions.

"Yes, Mr. Wonka its me," AJ replies politely, "I'm sorry to bother you so late but I had a few questions about the Beauregarde girl."

"Certainly, go ahead."

"I've been reviewing the tape that I have of that incident and it occurred to me that you never described how you got her back to normal. Could you elaborate on that?"

"WHy do you want to know she is not involved in the civil suit?" Wonka asks.

"I am trying to cover all bases, she will come up in court if we have to go."

"Well the juicing process is a very complex one. We had to construct several failed designs of the juicing machine until we found a technique that worked."

"When you say it failed, what do you mean?"

"Well...the subjects did not survive." Wonka tries not to elaborate.

"They exploded?" AJ presses, Nicole hears this and whimpers, terror grips her again.

"Some of them did yes. But some designs of the machine popped them, others crushed them... the details are gruesome."

"I'll spare you those," AJ continues, "But on the tape the Beauregarde girl stops swelling, and the cameras in the hall where she was rolled do not show it starting again."

"Yes, that's true," Wonka retorts.

"NO!" Nicole shrieks, it echoes in the gym. AJ turns and can see that she is starting to swell again, this time faster.

AJ collects himself, "But you even said to the father that she was in danger of exploding." RRRRIIIIPPPP. AJ watches as Nicole flaps her hands against herself in a futile gesture of resistance. PING! PING!

"They usually are, but we found out later that Violet spat out the gum before she reached the first break." PING! RRRRIIIIPPPP. PING!

"Wait, first break?" AJ snaps back, "What's the first break?"

"Well we found that the juice subsides a few times before periodically, but eventually it wins."

"I'm gonna burst MMMM!!!!" Nicole tries to shout as her cheeks begin to fill with juice. Her clothes let out one final rip then they fall to the floor around her in tatters. She is approaching 20 feet wide.

"Mr. Lindy?"

"How do I juice someone without the machine!?!" AJ shouts into the phone.

"Wait, what?" Wonka suspects, "You juice someone? What's going on?"

"Just tell me!" AJ shouts.

"You can't. You need the machine," Wonka replies, "Who chewed the gum?"


"Where are you? I'm sending a crew." CCCCCRRRRREEEEEAAAAAKKKKK....A new sound begins eminating from Nicole. She tries to shout out again, flapping her hands and kicking her feet. "Mr. Lindy! Where!" Nicole swells higher and higher until AJ can not longer see her head.

AJ, defeated, "Route 47 and highway 53, there's a fitness center. We're in the gym."

"Ok, my men are on the way. One more thing? How many breaks has she gone through?"

"She just finished her third." CCCCCRRRRREEEEEAAAAAKKKKK....

Wonka pauses, "Ok, they're on their way." The phone beeps as the call is ended.

AJ drops the phone and rushes over to Nicole, her skin is starting to take on a purple hue; she is stretching so thin that she is becoming transparent and the purple juice inside her is visible. He presses on her back and slowly rolls her forward until she is horizontal. AJ runs around to hear head; she is absolutely massive now, probably 25 feet wide. As AJ passes her side he noticed that he can barely make out her hands, they are pulled so deeply into her that only her fingertips can be seen. He circles around the mammoth blueberry to the front. Nicole's purple nipples are stretched as round as car tires and are at eye level with AJ as he finally reaches her front. AJ looks up and his face goes white.CCCCCRRRRREEEEEAAAAAKKKKK....

Nicole's face is unrecognizable, her cheeks have swelled to the size of exercise balls and are being absorbed; her lips are pressed tightly between them. Her head is leaned back as her body is slowly absorbing her head from the back, brown hair draped all around the nightmare image. Tears drip to the floor.

"They're coming for you baby," Aj tries to console her, "You're gonna be ok." He lifts his hands and places them onto her, rolling her down to him. Nicole's skin is so tight it feels like pressing on concrete.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!" Nicole tries to scream, AJ cannot see but she is frantically flapping her hands and feet as best she can. She is close enough now that AJ leans in to kiss her, closing his eyes. Nicole closes hers as well, but is grimacing in pain. Their lips are about to touch....


The exterior of the brick building muffles the sound as its foundation shakes. Purple liquid gushes out of the doors.



"Mr. Lindy! Where!" Mr. wonka shouts into the phone, pounding his fist on his desk. He breathes deeply holding the phone to his head paciently. Two extremely short men rush into the room. Wonka holds up his index finger to them, "Ok, my men are on the way. One more thing, how many breaks has she gone through?" When he heard the response he covered his mouth with his hand, "OK, they're on their way." He hangs up the phone.

"We're ready to rather the blueberry sir, Where is it located?" One of the two orange men asks in a high-pitch voice.

"Forget the juicing team, she's already stage 3. You'll never make it in time," Wonka replies lowering his head, "Send a clean-up crew."

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