Pump and Circumstance

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Kelly Donahue stalked down the hall of the Girl’s Dormitory, with a bundle in her arms. She counted off the room numbers until she found the dorm she was looking for. As she steeled herself for what she might see, but that was the price when you had to deal with Deirdre and Brighid Adair.

Kelly knocked on the door and waited for a moment. When nobody answered the door, Kelly dug out her key to their room and went inside. There was no sign of the cousins anywhere in the room. That left only one place they could be. Kelly went into the back of their room and stood before the bathroom door. She then knocked gently three times on the high right corner of the door; then three more times by the middle hinge. Slowly, a faint green glow appeared on the middle of the door, as a mystic symbol only she could see appeared on the door. “Mages…” Kelly thought to herself as she slowly opened the door.

Rather than a little five by seven bathroom like she had in her dorm, Kelly walked into a magical grotto with a lake three times the size of an Olympic sized pool. Suddenly the bright red head of Deirdre Adair appeared from out of the water. “Hi Kelly,” she said, “Come for a swim?” Kelly shook her head. “I have a problem Deed,” she explained, “And I sort of need your help.”

“Then a good swim is just what you need to help sort it out,” said Brighid, as she appeared from nowhere behind Kelly. She gave Kelly a gentle push sending her into the water. A second before she hit the water, Kelly’s clothes vanished and appeared hanging on a hook by the door. As the water surrounded her, Kelly inhaled sharply, causing the water to fill her lungs. Slowly she exhaled as the shock of landing in the water wore off. Around Kelly’s legs the water began to bubble, preventing her from seeing what was happening. Suddenly the bubbles drifted away, and, from the waist down, she had a fish’s tail that was the color of emerald. The pool had transformed her into a mermaid.

Kelly looked up and then swam towards the two matching fish tails above her. She had a nasty scowl on her face as she appeared above the water. “I didn’t need that Brighid,” Kelly said sternly.

“Of course you did,” said Brighid, “When you have a problem, you need a distraction. Something to take your mind off of it, so you can find a solution.”

“And where else will you find a bigger distraction than us?” asked Deirdre.

“Actually I came here because I thought you might be my solution,” Kelly replied.


Later in the Adair’s living room…

“Neat Kell,” said Brighid, “Where’d you get the parachute.”

“It’s my Cap and Gown for Graduation next week,” Kelly replied.

“What,” said the Adairs simultaneously.

“The company that took my measurements for the gown, got my name mixed up with a girl in Devon College across town,” Kelly explained, “They use the same color gowns, and her last name is Donahue as well.”

“This girl has got to be major league plump,” said Deirdre holding the gown up to her own slender body.

“I tried getting in touch with her so we could switch gowns,” Kelly continued, “But she’s left town to visit her relatives for a week. Devon holds their Graduation the week after we do.”

“Say no more, Kelly,” said Brighid; “I see the problem.”

“But this is a little out of our league,” said Deirdre.

“Why is that?” asked Kelly.

“When members of our family get their magic, we have to specialize one way or another,” Brighid explained, “Transformations and illusions are our specialty, not material alteration.”

“But what about…” Kelly began

“The bathroom you mean,” finished Deirdre, “Any mage can do that, we form a gate into a place called Underlie. When we’re there, we can create our own little pocket of space, make it as limited or unlimited as we want.”

“What am I going to do,” worried Kelly.


Back in the Mermaid Pool:

“Couldn’t we make her an illusory gown, she could wear one couldn’t she,” asked Deirdre. Brighid shook her head. “Kelly would have to believe in it strongly for the illusion to appear solid,” she replied, “With her Sight, she would see right through it, and that would cause problems.”

“This is going to be complicated,” said Deirdre, “I wish we could just transform her so the gown would fit.”

“There’s an idea,” Brighid replied; “Can you imagine how heavy she’d have to be for that parachute to fit. Kelly’s go through the floor of the stage.” She slapped the surface of the water with her tail to emphasize her point. “She wouldn’t have to be heavy,” said Deirdre, “Just big.”

“Just big huh,” Brighid replied, “What do you plan to do, blow her up like a weather ball-”

“Heeeey!” the sisters said in unison


Kelly sat on the park bench across the street as bursts of magic flared from the bathroom window. She was glad she was the only one there who could see it; or else everyone on campus would be trying to burst into the Adairs' dorm room with axes and fire extinguishers. “I wonder what their excuse would be,” Kelly mused, “We’re sorry House Mother, Deirdre was smoking and I had just come in with a big box of fireworks.” She giggled silently.

Kelly thought back to the time she first met the Adairs. The first time she saw the two cousins, they appeared to be two slender girls about the same age. Both had modest curves and fiery red hair that practically blazed in the sunlight. Kelly decided to play welcome wagon and brought the Adairs a box of donuts. But when she knocked on the door, the cousin’s opened the passage wearing only spandex shorts and jogging bras.

“Umm… Hi, I’m from the welcome wagon,” Kelly said to the two lookalikes, “Would you like some donuts?”

“Thank you,” one said, “I’m Deirdre, and this is my cousin Brighid.”

“Cousins,” said Kelly, “You mean your not twins?”

“Our mothers were twins,” Brighid explained, “We just look more alike than most cousins. However Deirdre has blue eyes, and I have the bigger boobs.” Deirdre’s eyes widened. “You do not,” she said, “Mine are bigger.”

“Mine are a 34 D.”

“36 D.”

“Sounds like a regular argument,” said Kelly. Deirdre nodded. “Maybe you can help us settle it,” she said, “Which one of us looks bigger.”

Kelly looked at the two girls closely; while it looked like Deirdre had the deeper cleavage, Brighid’s bust was definitely fuller, but it was simply to close to tell. “You two look to be about equal,” she said, “I honestly can’t see any difference.”

“Are you sure,” asked Deirdre. Kelly looked at her and blinked her eyes. She looked bigger than before; not by much mind you, but just enough to be noticed. “Yeah,” Brighid called, “Isn’t there any difference?” Kelly looked back at the other cousin, only to see that they were indeed the same size; as though they had grown just that much bigger at the same time. What was going on here?

“I still say I am the bigger,” said Brighid. Indeed she looked it, at least to Kelly’s eyes. For the soft swells on her chest now fit snugly into the spandex of the sports bra. “No, I am,” said Deirdre, and indeed it now appeared that she was, but not by much.

Kelly turned her back to the identical duo and began to doubt her own sanity. Was she hallucinating? As she was pondering this, a faint sound reached her ears. It sounded like rubber stretching…or spand-

Kelly spun around to see both cousins steadily filling out their spandex at a noticeable rate. Soon, both girls were sporting a pair of flesh colored pumpkins on their chest. Was this some kind of joke. Finally, Kelly said: “Take your bras off.” The cousins shrugged and slipped the straining spandex over their heads. Each revealing the pert, pink nipples that indeed verified that their breasts were real and that they were indeed growing fuller and fuller. The Adairs were growing into a jaw-dropping sight.

Kelly slowly slumped to her knees. Deirdre and Brighid kneeled on either side of the exasperated girl and group hugged her, letting the swelling breast flesh mold around their guest. “Sorry about that Kelly,” said Brighid, “We didn’t expect our joke to go this far. We thought you would See what we were doing, but it appears your Sight has been subdued somehow.”

“Please tell me what’s going on?” said Kelly as the swelling flesh she was trapped between came up to her chin. The cousin’s explained how their family, the Adairs were a line of magic users that went back to before the middle ages, how they were able to transform their bodies to such grandiose proportions, and why they had done it in her presence.

“You have the Sight,” said Brighid, “The special sense that allows us to see the energies we need to do magic. We thought you were able to use it, so we each grew a bit bigger when you were looking at the other.” Kelly blinked “But how do you know I have this sight?” she asked.

“Let me show you,” said Deirdre. The Mage touched the center of Kelly’s forehead. Suddenly the world lit up for a moment then dimmed to normal. “What just happened?” asked Kelly. The cousins helped her to her feet and guided her towards a mirror. “Deirdre just helped tune in your Sight,” said Brighid, “You never learned to use it, so I guess that means that you could be the first real mage in your family.” As Kelly looked into the mirror, she saw that her eyes were glowing. It was sort of a cross between a candle flame, and the effect from the old “Village of the Damned” movies.

“Or it could be that you just have the Sight,” said Deirdre, “But that alone can open up a whole new world for you.”


“It most assuredly did,” Kelly thought to herself, as she also thought of all the things her new found vision showed her. Seeing the energies that the mages were gathering was like watching a fireworks display every night. It was always amazing.


The next day, Kelly Knocked on the door to the bathroom. As the barely visible symbol appeared on the door, she turned the knob and went inside. Instead of the Mermaid Pool, the room was fashioned in the style of a rustic workshop, complete with wooden benches and floors. In the back, stood the Adairs, wearing boots and cut off over-alls. Brighid looked like her normal self, but Deirdre had an overfilled bodice and over muscled body. “Deed, is that you?” asked Kelly.

“Sorry if I seem a little imposing,” Deirdre replied, “It’s just easier to work with metal if you have a little extra muscle.” Kelly walked over and felt Deirdre’s arm. “One of these days I have got to try this,” she said. “Did you figure out a way to get me a gown?”

“Actually, we found a way for you to wear the one you’ve got,” said Brighid, “We’re going to cast an illusion of your normal self over you as you’re wearing the gown. That way all everyone in the audience will see is just plain Kelly Donahue wearing the gown she had intended to buy.”

“Well that sounds easy,” said Kelly, “But what was with all the hocus pocus last night from the window.”

“Well,” said Deirdre, “There’s a snag. In order for the illusion to look right, everything under the spell has to fit properly, meaning the gown has to fit you properly when we cast the illusion.”

“You call that a snag!” shouted Kelly, “I’d have to be-”

“Huge,” said Brighid, “We know.”

“Try enormous,” said Kelly, “There’s no way I would be able to walk without the ground shaking under me.” Deirdre put a hand on Kelly’s shoulder. “Trust us,” she said, “Have we ever let you down?”

“Well…” Kelly replied, “no, but…”

“We’ve already tried it out,” said Brighid, “There’s no danger to you, it won’t even hurt.” Kelly’s eyes shifted to the floor. “Okay,” she said, “What do I have to do.”

“You’re gonna like this Kelly,” said Deirdre, “But, for the sake of your clothes, you’d better strip down to your panties.” Kelly nodded and then pulled her shirt over her head. As she did this, she felt something get stuck in her exposed navel. “Eep,” she squeeked, “That’s cold.” Kelly put her shirt down and saw, sticking out of her navel, was a long hose that led to the base of an old fashioned tire pump. “Oh you’re kidding,” Kelly groaned.

“Nope,” said Deirdre flexing her muscular arm. She raised the handle of the pump slowly, and then released it. As the handle decended back into it’s seat, Kelly felt a cool rush trickle into her. She giggled as the sensation swirled around inside of her and finally settled down. Kelly took off her shorts and folded them next to her shirt. “Do that again,” she said.

Deirdre raised the handle again and this time pressed it down. Kelly felt the rush once more as it flowed into her belly. She looked down to see that there was indeed a difference. As she felt her tummy, she found that it didn’t sink in like it used to; it was firmer, like something had been added. Deirdre pumped the handle twice more, causing Kelly to inhale sharply. This time there was definately a difference. Her belly was noticeably rounder, the Adairs were blowing her up like a balloon, and it felt wonderful. Deirdre pumped the pump slowly, to allow Kelly to get used to the sensation. Kelly ran her fingers over her new tummy as this new feeling trickled into her.

As Deirdre pumped, Kelly watched as her belly swelled further into a firm dome; it was about the size of a volleyball now and she was getting bigger. More and more she swelled bigger and bigger under Deirdre’s steady effort. Kelly moved over to a bench and sat down to watch as her belly grew to fill her lap. As she grew, the sensations in her belly grew as well. Kelly let out a deep sigh with each luscious gust that surged into her growing girth. Now at first glance, Kelly could have been mistaken for fully pregnant, and still she grew under Deirdre’s ministrations. As her belly billows further out, Kelly’s petite B-cup breasts slip down on either side of her swelling form. Kelly’s eyes flutter closed as the delicious swirling sensations continue on from her belly and into her breasts. Slowly, her hands drift up to massage her now growing bosom. “Keep pumping Deirdre,” Kelly said between pumps.

“Okay,” said Deirdre, increasing her tempo. As more and more of the strange magical gas filled her burgeoning body, Kelly stood up and walked across the room. She took up Brighid’s hands and placed them on her billowing midriff. “Feel,” Kelly said breathlessly, then she placed Brighid hands on her blossoming bust. As Kelly’s beach-ball sized belly brushed against Brighid’s own slender form, Kelly pulls the red-haired mage on top of her as she lay down on the floor. Deirdre stops pumping.

“Kelly are you alright?” asked Deirdre.

“Please Deirdre, keep pumping,” said Kelly, “I haven’t felt this good since ever. If this is what you feel when you transform into something new, then you won’t stop until I tell you to, and Brighid you will not move. This is too much for me to handle alone, and you will tell me how big I grow.”

Brighid sat on Kelly’s inflating stomach, she couldn’t believe what was happening. She thought they were creating a way for their friend’s problem, but it seemed that the Adairs had created a monster. “Please Deirdre,” Kelly beckoned “Pump.”

As Deirdre resumed her actions on the pump, Brighid was startled as she to felt how quickly Kelly was growing. She could feel the silky skin of Kelly’s breasts knead against her fingers, and the skin of Kelly’s midsection rub against the inside Brighid’s bare thighs. This new friction sent tingles of pleasure up Brighid’s spine. As Kelly’s tummy grew fuller and fuller, she began to squirm with greater the pleasure of Brighid presence on her stomach. Kelly reached for her nipples to pleasure them only to find them out of her reach. “Brighid,” she said, “Please…” Brighid reached up and began to rub the widening auriola of Kelly’s breasts, only to slip off of the swelling pink cushion her friend had become, and into her cleavage. Kelly pressed her swelling bosom together, trapping the mage in her deepening cleft. “Deirdre help!”

Deirdre stopped pumping and ran over to pluck her cousin out from between Kelly’s overinflated breasts. As she set her cousin on the floor, Kelly began to breathe heavily. Brighid put her hand on the side of Kelly’s girth and felt that she was still blowing up. Deirdre looked around her enormous friend to see that the pump was pumping in time to Kelly’s breathing. Slowly, Kelly’s tummy grew bigger than Deirdre was tall.

“I think we have a problem,” Deirdre said, “We’re running out of room. That’s pump is just going to keep pumping until something gives.” Brighid nodded and then closed her eyes. Suddenly the workshop faded into mist and the three of them were on a great, misty expanse, Unformed Underlie. An infinite dimension with no boundries or gravity.

“Well that takes care of one problem,” said Brighid, “But Kelly’s still getting bigger.” Indeed she was for now her breasts were six feet across, and her belly twice that. A sudden snap announced the explosive demise of Kelly’s panties. Suddenly, Kelly’s bottom filled out to catch up with the rest of her body, and still the pump filled her bigger and bigger. Had the Adairs not been distracted by the sheer enormity of their friend, they would have seen that the pump was no longer filling Kelly with ordinary air. The device was filling her up with the mystical vapors of Underlie.


Kelly’s eyes fluttered open and her breathing slowed down a bit. She gave a deep sigh of pleasure as she looked down at her ample growth. She had at least an eighteen foot radius. Her arms and legs had swollen into her mass, her head, hands, and feet the only things sticking out from her great expanse. “Wow,” she said with great awe.

“Kelly,” said Deirdre floating over to her friend, “Are you alright.”

“Don’t worry,” said Brighid, “I’ll take out the hose, that should return you to normal.” As she freed the end of the hose from Kelly’s navel, a look of shock passed over Brighid’s face. Kelly should have been deflating, but she wasn’t. As Kelly’s head drifted around, Brighid lowered her eyes. “Kelly, I’m sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be,” Kelly replied, her voice now echoed strangely. “I have never felt better, and it’s important for a new mother to feel good about what’s happened to her.”

“Mother,” said Deirdre, “You’re pregnant?”

“With a whole universe,” Kelly finished, “This is how goddesses are made, by accident. We are filled with the raw vapors of the Underlie, and guide whatever you create within yourself to grow as well. Goddesses only need two things. A place in the Underlie to grow for one.”

“Grow?” said Deirdre. Kelly nodded. “Universes are big places,” she said. The mists of the Underlie swirled around Kelly’s body and then formed a vortex around her navel. The mists then began to fill her once more making her grow bigger. “And it takes much to fill them.”

“And the other?” asked a still downhearted Brighid, “What else do goddesses need?” Suddenly she was pulled towards Kelly. “Friends,” Kelly said as Brighid touched down on her greatly swollen body. “To remind her of what she was, and to share what she has become. I think the two of you will make great goddesses.”

Suddenly the mage’s clothes vanished as the mists spiraled around them. “You mean we’re gonna be as big as you?” said Deirdre, “But what about the graduation ceremony?”

“Don’t you know,” said Kelly, “Goddesses can control time as well.”

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