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Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was fiction, of course, but for a short time they did market a line of candy products under Willie Wonka's name due to the popularity of the book and the movie. The Scrumpdillicious bar was just a chocolate bar with peanuts, and the Everlasting Gobstoppers were just multi-colored jawbreakers, but it was fun while it lasted.

The product line, of course, ended in a bout of lawsuits that shut down the production of the Wonka line for good when the company came out with the Blueberry Pie gum.

I remember this, because I was living in a city chosen to be a test market. Only a couple of cities were chosen, so it's not surprising if you never saw this one on the market.

I was working in a law firm as a clerk for a summer job. My duties consisted of hauling big boxes of legal documents from the law offices on the 14th floor down to the storage room in the basement, and vice versa. For breaks and lunch, I would hang out with the women who manned the front desk. I was 15, and they were in their 20's. To me they seemed to be a universe away.

Stacy was tall, blonde and slender. Her hair went down past her shoulders, and she liked wearing the platform shoes that were stylish at the time. She had a white plastic purse, that went well with the reds and yellows that she liked to wear. She never had much time for me, of course, but always had me running errands for her anyway.

Tammy was smaller, and had jet black hair with a fair complexion. I think she was Italian. Her chest was comfortably padded, and I spent many a night dreaming of sleeping on those pillows. She didn't have much time for me either, but she used to smile at me kindly.

We were eating lunch in the breakroom one day at the time of the Wonka candies. As usual I was in the corner eating quietly while they went on and on about their boyfriends, what brutes they were, how magnificent and thoughtful they were, what pigs they were, and so forth.

Stacy said, "Look what I got!" She held up a small purple package.

Tammy looked, and said, "What is it? Gum?"

Stacy said, "Wrong! It's blueberry pie gum! At least that's what it says on the package." She furrowed her brow and examined it closely.

"Oh! Yum! Let me try some!"

Stacy pulled open the wrapper, took a stick, and handed a stick to Tammy. They unwrapped the gum and folded the sticks into their mouths.

"Mmmm!" said Tammy.

"Delicious!" said Stacy. "I can feel the pie going down my throat!"

"It's the most wonderful blueberry pie I've ever tasted!"

I was going to ask for a piece for myself, when I noticed something funny. Both of their faces seemed to flush with color. They both had pretty light complexions, and to see them darken was a little strange.

Stacy noticed it, too. "What's happening to your face?" she asked Tammy.

"My face?"

"Your face is turning purple."

"What are you talking about?"

Indeed, their cheeks had flushed to a deep purple color, and now their whole faces were fading into purple. Tammy was wearing a t-shirt under a white jacket; she stood and shrugged the jacket off. She held up her bare arms and gazed at them; they were turning purple, too. First a hint of a blush, deepening into a full, rich purple. "I'm turning violet!" she said.

Stacy stood. She was wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit that they used to wear back then. Her arms were turning purple, and her chest where it showed between the zipper was purple, too.

Tammy looked at Stacy. "What are you doing now?"

Stacy looked down. Her sides were swelling out. Her belly pushed forward, straining against the loose belt of the jumpsuit. Suddenly the jumpsuit was tight on her, and her belly and sides started to strain against the belt and swell over top of it.

Tammy said, "You're swelling up!"

Stacy said, "What's happening to me?"

Suddenly Tammy said, "I'm blowing up like a balloon!" And sure enough, her sides were pushing out, making her midsection ovaloid. The polyester of her slacks was sorely stretched as her sides rolled outward. Her belly flooded into the crotch of the slacks and pushed against the zipper.

Stacy said, "Like a blueberry!"

Tammy reached forward to push against Stacy's belly as if to hold it, but it did no good. A moment later Stacy's belt burst, and her belly surged forward. She was teardrop-shaped inside the jumpsuit, and was filling rapidly. Her arms were soft and rounded, and she held them out to keep her balance. She spread her legs, and her crotch pushed forward into the jumpsuit, filling it rapidly.

Tammy was looking a little top-heavy, her breasts swelling more rapidly than the rest of her, and sitting on the purple globe that was her midsection like basketballs. Her t-shirt pushed up, and her purple bellybutton pushed out over the top of her slacks. Suddenly with a loud RIPPP! the slacks gave way all at once, and her purple thighs and buns pushed out into the air. The ruins of the slacks fell off on the floor a moment later.

"Help! Help!" called Stacy, as she filled to the point that the zipper of her jump suit ran all the way down with a loud zzzzzzip, and her rounded belly rolled out.

"Help! Help!" cried Tammy, as her swelling sides pushed her T-shirt up into her armpits, getting stuck for a moment on her globular breasts, before it popped up over them.

"Help!" cried Stacy. She tried to take a few wobbling steps as she looked around. Her chest was now pushing up to her chin.

"Help!" cried Tammy. Her chin was already resting on her chest, and her face was swelling and becoming round itself. Her arms were cone-shaped, and were disappearing into the globe of her body.

"Stick me with a pin!" Stacy mumbled as her face went round. "Or I'll pop!"

The two women-spheres tried to take some halting waddling steps, but they were as round as blueberries with just their little hands and feet sticking out of the naked globes of their bodies. Their nipples were almost black circles on the spheres, and were as large as dinner plates. Their lips had swollen to a lush, deeper purple as well. Their clothes lay on the ground around them, and Stacy's blonde hair flew a little as she looked about her. She still wore the platform shoes on her little feet sticking out of the bottom of her body.

Tammy looked at me willingly. "Too much pressure..." she said. "We need you."

There was, of course, only one way that I could relieve the pressure and save their lives. So I rolled them up on their backs and did what I had to.


Of course, they were able to de-juice the women affected by the bad batch of Blueberry Pie gum, but they were still purple. Tammy and I went out for awhile until she met a nice older guy and got married. Tammy did well, too, and ended up marrying the lawyer in the law firm who represented them against the candy company. So everything worked out.

And me? Well, hell, stuff like this is always happening to me.

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