Busty Babe Blows Herself to Pieces

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We sit together on the couch now. The date is over, has been for a good thirty minutes. She smiles, I laugh. We talk. I can tell that we are going somewhere though... brushing hands, we giggle, then brush some more. She is beautiful, and I am moved as she pulls near, and we embrace for a long passionate kiss. Her lips are full and moist. It is both long and sweet.

She pulls away presently. We both gaze into one another's eyes, and she decides to break the silence. From her purse she pulls a pink, rectangular package, breaking it open with her long and elegeant fingers.

"Oh I love bubble gum..." She moans. "I can't do without it! Want some?" I find this strange, decline. Her eyes sparkle as she tears each package open with crimson nails and pops each pink cube into her mouth, chewing slowly. It is strangely seductive...

I gaze once more at her body as she chews, my eyes traveling the length of her full figure. "How lucky I am..." Echoes in my brain. Round, firm breasts rise and fall with each breath. Sleek, round thighs brush lightly against me, vinyl clad... she has definitely taken to the "Jenny McCarthy" look, I think offhandedly.

She twists her blond head toward me again and laughs. "MMM... I wuv vis stuff" She giggles around the mouthful of gum. "I have a twick to show you!"

I can only murmur as she gathers herself together and works her lips, thrusting her pink coated tongue between them. She begins to blow, and a bubble slowly takes shape. Her cheeks puff out and she begins to take air in through her nose, breathing in as she blows the bubble larger. It soon eclipses her nose. She still blows it larger.

She smiles and I can hear the rushing of air. Into the bubble? Her rhythmic breathing and puffing continues and she closes her eyes. Smiling.

I hear air still rushing and I take notice for the first time. Her shirt, already far from loose upon her curvaceous frame has grown tighter. Her chest rises and falls, but with each breath seems to pulse and expand... The shirt grows tighter, but the bubble still grows.

I glance down upon her lower body and see that her pants hug her ever tighter, growing shinier and showing the appearance of stretch lines along the seams, but she still blows...

I am entranced by the display, as her waist seems to cinch in proportion to the upper and lower bodies growing rounder by the minute... It is incredible. She is now sporting possibly the world's sexiest hourglass figure and takes my wrist, placing it upon her thigh. I can feel the fabric pulsate and beneath my hands, her body now feels taut and I stroke her, excited by her expanding figure.

She continues to blow the bubble, and it now towers over her face as she inclines her head to give her more room... It bounces lightly against her lips and hovers inches above her inflating bosom... The effect is hypnotic.

Suddenly she throws her eyes open, suprise written upon her face... Her rhythm seems to be slightly out of sync, and she throws her hands up to her torso, rubbing them along it, pounding upon it, trying desperately to stop her intake of air...

She has expanded further, in danger of slipping from the couch by her round, slickly clad buttocks... As she strokes herself, I can hear moans of... pleasure? Coming from her. Her taut skin hums as I put my head next to it. She grows bigger still as the bubble grows...

She blows harder and harder, hoping to pop the bubble, but her inflation accelerates... I can do nothing but watch as the bubble grows and grows and grows... I can hear a testing of seams, rubbery sounds issuing from her now incredibly round thighs...

She blows and blows and blows and...


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