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Ayame's heart pounded loudly in her chest. She was in the last round of the 12th annual Inflation Competition with her partner, Iris. And Ayame's face was beginning to show it.

"So how did Team Black do?" A nervous Ayame asked her partner.

"Well.....," said Iris with a pause in her voice, "They got to three feet and quit."

Ayame started to cheer up abit, three feet wasn't that bad she could maybe beat that. Beside Ayame, Iris started to laugh.

"Your too tense," laughed Iris, "You need to loosen up or you really wont stand a chance."

Ayame got angry at this comment. "Easy for you to say," said Ayame puffing up abit to look threatening, "Your not the one getting inflated."

To this Iris just shruged and continued to get ready. As the two contiuned to get ready, Green Team walked up at them. Green Leader, Kit, was the first to speak.

"So you losers ready to lose," asked Kit her teammate just laughing. Ayame and Iris remained silent, they knew better than to get involved with Kit. "You busty freaks don't stand a chance against me." Said Kit laughing.

Then the announcer came on over the intercome. "Attention all Inflation Fans," He said cheering slightly, "Coming up next is Green Team!"

Hearing this Kit and her teammate started to the arena. "See ya later losers." Said Kit walking out the door.

"Wanna watch them?" Asked Iris.

"Ok why not," said Ayame thinking that it might cheer her up, "I could use some fun." Ayame and Iris walked over to A nearby t.v screen, do to competition rules They couldn't watch in person.

Kit was sitting in the center of the stadium, her partner readying the pump. Within the minute the pump they were using was all set to begin. Kit grabbed the hose and out it in her mouth, then her teammate turned on the pump. Soon Kit's belly began to swell from the air flowing into her body. As her belly grew more and more, Kit began to rub her belly to feel the pressure build inside of her. People looked in awe as Kit soon passed three feet, and started to get even bigger.

Kit smiled the combination of her pending victory and the rising pressure was beginning to get to her. Her partner rubbed her belly, now aproaching five feet, and cheered. Then an ominous sound echoed through the stadium, and snapped the girls out of thier daydreams. Knowing what was happening Kit pulled the hose out of he mouth and began to deflate.

Ayame felt cold. She thought there was no way that she could pass Green team's score. Then the one thing Ayame had been dreading began.

"Now it's time to make room for Red Team!" shouted the announcer obvious still excited from Green.

"Well....," said Iris hesitating abit, "lets do this."

Ayame and Iris made their way to center and looked around. Then before she could regiester it, Iris shoved the hose in Ayame's mouth. Being desprite to out shine Green, Iris turned the pump up to max. Ayame could feel it, the pressure forcing her belly to balloon out and grow. Although she was nervous, Ayame began to enjoy herself abit. She started rubbing and squeezing her belly abit the feel the pressure rise and fall within her. Within five minutes Ayame's belly had reached the four foot mark, and the crowd was loving every bit of it.

Then the sound came again, and the crowd fell silent. But Ayame and Iris keep going. Iris was too caught up in winning and belived that Ayame could make six feet and then they would win. And Ayame was too caught up in the inflation and enjoying the pressure to want to stop. Then a final groan sounded and then....


Ayame exploded like a balloon.

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