Adventures of an Inflatable Baywatch

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Staring at the sea through her binoculars’ glasses, the lifeguard seemed a living monument to maintenance of bathers’ security on that piece of shore.

Deliciously tanned skin, red sensual lips, light blue penetrating eyes, thin legs furnished with tapering hands and fingers, a cascade of thick blond air dropping down her half-naked back, generous hips, prosperous womb, breathtaking legs with beautiful feet and a vast breast which could be easily guessed under her monochrome red one-piece swimming costume: if you had meet Donna, you would have describe her as a perfect look-alike of Pamela Anderson.

She wasn’t only gorgeous and shapely, of course; she was also greatly gifted with strength, courage and intelligence, which she always used for her duty.

Since she became lifeguard on that beach, no one had never drowned; that’s because she had a special method of rescuing people in danger.

All of a sudden a desperate call for help sliced through hair.

“Uh?” Donna subheading grumbled directing her binoculars towards the area the cry was coming from.

It was a young surfer boy the one who was shouting, floundering about and desperately sawing the air.

There was no time to waste; with a feline leap she descended her towering location and ran barefoot on the boiling sand, to reach a big tank of oxygen standing on the ground.

The sexy woman put the hose in her mouth and unleashed the gas by rotating the valve.

Her hips gradually became larger, her legs plumpier.

As the tank got empty, her junoesque figure had turned into a nearly spherical balloon, with blown up boobs leaning forward like balconies and stubby limbs.

Sprinting as fast as she could, Donna crossed the beach like a bolt among batchers’ indifference; they were used to her balloony ways of doing her job.

She didn’t need to use a boat or a lifebuoy, neither she feared she could drown; bloated as she was, she would serve as a human rubber dinghy.

Causing the water to be projected in air as she went pass, the lifeguard finally left the shore and entered sea; few meters from shore she dived and started swimming at light’s speed towards the unfortunate one.

When she reached him, the surfer first looked at her as if confused of seeing her; then she replied, keeping her mouth as close as possible not to set free extra oxygen: “Get on, I don’t bite!”.

Without further delays, he climbed her rounded back and clung to the straps of her swimsuit, being very careful not to let himself fall.

“Thank you for saving me big girl” he thanked her while she was heading for the shoreline.

“Just duty” Donna answered back tight-lipped among powerful strokes.

At last, she was finally able to regain solid ground, exhaling all the oxygen trough nose and mouth, till her cheeks were void.

What a tiring job it was!


And sea accidents wasn’t the only problem Donna had to deal with.

There was a she-troublemaker on the beach that year.

Her name was Anna; other people might have judged her as nice and pretty, but the lifeguard would disagree.

She wasn’t particularly bad towards the others either; anyway, she couldn’t stand Donna, and this feeling was reciprocated.

Each time they met, they used to mordantly dig at each other; plus Anna found exceedingly funny to play tricks on the more mature woman, such as making her things disappear et cetera.

In short, there was very little love lost between them.

The lifeguard wasn’t therefore really happy to see her new rival coming to her with a mischievous smile.

“Look at her, she’s going to trick me again somehow….Dammit!” Donna thought trying to ignore her.

Anna was currently flanked by two contemporaries of her, a long brown-haired girl, her eyes surrounded by enormous circular glasses, and a red-haired one, two sideward locks sprouting from her scalp.

She knew them by sight: her names were Maud and Allison; they were often accompanied by her enemy, even if not taking part in her bad jokes, and sometimes by a couple of boys.

“Hello Donna. Don’t you think a beautiful day?” she introduced herself caressing her long red pigtails.

“Even beautiful days may have unpleasant aspects” she apparently absent-mindedly pronounced.

“Anyway, what about a drink? I’m offering!” the red-haired proposed, among her companions’ nods.

The blond woman, a little suspicious, finally accepted, even if she shouldn’t have.

It was, of course, only a mere pretext to trick her into a huge coke-drinking and belching contest, put on with the exclusive purpose of inflating and temporarily immobilize her.


Time went by, and the contest was vaguely beginning to show signs of ending.

The four of them, much to other bathers’ astonishment, were securely anchored to the ground, as they had become unable to stand up from the coke they had greedily swallowed.

Nauseated and now furnished with enormous round bellies and plump arms and legs, they couldn’t help keeping their hand on guts and belching, roaring so loudly they could have provoked an earthquake.

“UUUUUUUUURP!!!! If we go on like this I’m gonna throw up!” the carbonated Donna exclaimed while strongly clasping her aching and overfilled stomach.

Even Anna, who felt about to pop, had probably repented of her proposal; but she was way too proud to admit she had been defeated by her own idea.

“I’d say *URP* it’s a *BURP* draw! BUUURP!!!” Maud laboriously judged.

“I *UUURP* agree too! UUUUUUUUURP!!!!” Allison said.

Waddling and making her considerable interior liquids wave, the lifeguard got up, but her challenger made it to glare defiance at her one last time, as to say: it doesn’t end here.


Some days later, when the lifeguard had almost forgotten about the event and had lost all the gained weight, and was reading on her location during one of the rare moments of spare time in her job, Anna turned up in front of her, her hands on her hips, a grim look in her eyes.

“Yesssss???? Anything you need, deaaaaar????” Donna asked her trying to repress her own murderous instincts and putting down the book.

“Don’t’ pretend not to know! I’m here for a reason you can well understand!” she proclaimed pointing a finger at her with an air of accusation.

“Look, if are disappointed for what had happened just know…”.

“I want to demonstrate you only one thing: I’m better than you at everything, even at inflating!”.

Now Donna was really mad and couldn’t stand back from the challenge: “Are you sure? Let’s see!”.

As furious as a furious bull, she brought there a pair of helium tanks; they had been there for a long time, if she had ever needed them to perform flying rescues or act as a parade balloon during parties on the beach.

They were getting serious; tension between them was extreme.

As gas flowed in their mouths, their whole bodies began to expand in sense of width forward as well backward.

Anna’s breasts had now become the size of a basketball each, her belly was as large as an oven and as protruding as an obese biker’s beer belly; Donna’s hips grew larger and larger, like an elephant’s ones, and her legs were turning into robust pillars of an outstanding mass.

Of course, the amount of gas within her increasing and expanding every tissue till the point of rupture, the two had begun to float; first standing on tiptoe, then, as they got lighter and lighter, until they were able to fly like huge blimps.

A lot of people that morning directed their view to the sky that morning to notice a couple of odd female human-like bloated flying objects; they wondered if it was some kind of hot hair balloons festival.

Probably, if they had grown a little bit more, they would have completely blacked out the sun.

Everything in Anna’s body was now spherical like a ball: cheeks, arms, breasts, hips, belly, legs, everything filled to the brim with pure helium.

Even if large, she was nothing special compared with Donna: her mouth still securely stuck into the hose, gallons of gas were being pumped each instant into her ballooning boobs and gut, barely covered by her red swimsuit; her naked back appeared so tense it could explode anytime, her limbs had turned into nothing but four miniature round blimp.

Her hand and feet seemed to be sinking into such a vastness of flesh and gas.

“So who’s the best at inflating little girl?” the lifeguard attempted to mumble as they didn’t stop gaining height.

Finally they both agreed to cease the contest before somebody burst; removing the hose from their mouths, they started blowing out all the helium they had inhaled, gradually descending and eventually touching the ground again.

Donna’s boobs and stomach came back to their normal size and she gave rest to her overstretched cheeks; so did Anna.

On her rival’s face the blondie could discern a clear sense of defeat and, at last, disheartenment.

She therefore felt justified to maliciously triumph.


That very afternoon, Donna had returned to her usual assignment on her elevated seat.

Along the shore she could see Maud and Allison walking and joking with the boys she had often observed them with.

No trace of that unappealing Anna for the moment; no, wait, she was swimming some hundreds of meters from the coastline, apparently happily splashing about.

All of a sudden she disappeared under the surface.

And immediately each possible intention of vengeance and envy within her were suffocated by a stronger sense of duty.

As fast as a lamp, she grasped an air tank and took it with her; she needed that item not to inflate herself, but in order to breathe underwater: since the girl had been dragged underwater so quickly, there was no use for powerlessly floating on the waves.

And it didn’t look like a stupid joke among teens, like the ones the which had often procured false alarms for her.

Just few moments later she was slicing through water flapping her feet with desperate vigour, the air hose arranged into her mouth, with few gas flowing throughout it: the rest was for Anna.

At first Donna feared she had been caught by a shark; fortunately, she could soon realized things weren’t so, but what she saw didn’t make her feel reassured at all.

Anna was fluctuating in midwater; her belly bloated and limbs bloated with water as they had never been.

“Look at how much she has drunk! I must hurry!” the alarmed lifeguard thought, and therefore she kept on heading for the bottom following her sinking.

“Help me Donna…” it seemed to her to hear her whispering.

Finally she was able to reach the red-haired, but suddenly, as if she had already prepared that, the latter opened her eyes and squeezed the tank from her, grabbing her harm.

“Take my water, I must save myself!” she mentally uttered blowing all the ingested liquid into the other woman with a long kiss, then she swallowed the hose and turned on the gas.

While Anna was inflating more and more on her way to the surface, the blondie, unexpectedly overloaded by this additional amount of water, went on subsiding.

Her cheeks inflated both with air and liquid, she brought her hands to cover her mouths, gulping: she immediately needed to breathe!


Among the thundering foam, Anna resurfaced, even more blown up than before.

Similar in her form to a huge hot air balloon thrown into the sea, she began to swimming by strokes towards mainland.

Other time went past, and bubbles started forming on the top of the waves.

At last an overinflated red, yellow and pink mass made its appearance some meters from the shore, and laboriously got back on the beach.

The most faithful bathers had seen Donna huge in a variety of occasion, but this time she was bigger than any other one.

Her pudgy cheeks and three chins boiled with extra liquid; gallons of saltwater filled to the brim of explosion her nearly spherical legs and boobs, making her arms look like stubby sausages.

Many drops of water were seeping through her nose, mouth and ears.

She had got such an enormous gut that her legendary apparently indestructible swimsuit had got torn on her belly and on each hip, visualizing bulging pieces of watery stretched flesh.

“How stupid!” the waterlogged woman furiously exclaimed. “She gave me her water, she took my air, I almost drowned and I drank half of the sea! URPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I must go the bathroom, if I can still fit into it!”.

She couldn’t at first, and that afternoon the queue in front of the bathroom took lots of hours.

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