According to Plan

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“Things don’t always go according to plan.” a sultry female voice cooed from behind Investigator Lynn. This voice was accompanied by the click of a pistol loading.

The blonde woman’s hands shot into the air as she turned to face her assailant. She had to fight to keep herself from laughing. Sitting there on the desk, holding the pistol, was perhaps the broadest, most pregnant looking woman she had ever encountered. She looked as though she were ready to pop with triplets any time soon.

Though, knowing who she was facing she might have just been ready to pop.

The raven haired young woman, no older than 22, her cheeks rounded as she cradled her overstuffed belly in her left arm, a pale taut globe protruding from her abdomen. This was the scourge of the city? this overstuffed ex-superheroine has been who looked about to bust out of her too small leotard? the investigator was still pondering the shine over her captor’s belly and how she managed to fit into it in her condition, when she was rudely snapped out of it.

“Please forgive my appearance, I haven’t been able to discharge my powers in a while. as you know, I can hold a near limitless amount of air in my body without…what you see here.” she gave a sly, yet seductive grin as she hopped off desk and sauntered her wide inviting hips toward her would be adversary while still pointing the gun at her face.

“What do you want?” Lynn asked, as the other woman pressed her tight, near spherical tummy and her breasts against her.

Without a word, Lynn’s ass was grabbed by the woman, who still held the gun. she played with the supple, spandex-clad booty in her hand before leaning in for a kiss.

“You’ll enjoy this before you explode, i promise.” the raven haired beauty smiled.

Acting quickly, Lynn knocked the gun out of her captor’s hands, it hit the floor uselessly with a clatter before the climax.

Their lips met.

The investigator’s eyes widened.

And so did she.

First her cheeks stretched to contain the airflow filling them, then her breasts engorged themselves like small planets, forcing open her coat as they pushed relentlessly outward. Next was her belly. It forced her turtleneck to expose the bottom curve of her creamy smooth (and at this point excessively tight) skin. Her belly first started to look a little fat, like she put on a little weight. then it rapidly overfilled through the stages of pregnancy.

She didn’t let go, even as the ass she held on to started to fill and widen into a bottom-heavy pear shape.

“MMMMMPH!” Lynn tried to scream around her assailant’s mouth, but as the flow of the other woman’s breath was mercilessly stuffed into her own body, her voice was lost. her limbs started to pull themselves outward as her breasts and belly continued their trek outwards.

Lynn knew she couldn’t last much longer. she was utterly, and completely stuffed to the brim with air. She felt as though she could explode at any second…

Then, without warning, the other woman’s lips left hers with a wet pop.

“I bet you feel so tight right now…so ready to…” she said lustfully with a grin on her plump red lips…

“POP!” Lynn’s green eyes widen at the word from behind her plump cheeks and overfilled bosom as the other woman laughed wickedly.

“I promised you fun, didn’t I? I won’t burst you just yet…” She said, pushing the overstuffed investigator onto her back and climbing atop her belly.

Their bellybuttons met for the briefest of moments, Lynn’s turgid form bulging below the weight of her rider.

“Try to have fun, I know I will.” the raven haired woman grinned as she started bouncing, softly at first, then wildly bucking and writhing atop her makeshift mount.

Then, without warning, the sound of straining spandex echoed through the air.

“What?” The raven haired woman said as she peered down at her belly. Round as it was, it appeared to be puffing out further and faster than she had before.

“How?” She gasped as she started to feel herself fill out in her butt.

Lynn laughed through plump, pink lips.

“Not everything goes according to plan.” She told the woman atop her size 300 waist.

The pop that reverberated through the building was deafening.

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