Distended Rivalry

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"Just look at her!" Patty seethed to her friends. "She thinks she’s soooo cute flaunting her body like that! Well I’m ten times the girl she is!" Patty’s friends all agreed, on the first point at least. The subject of their ridicule was Judy, a member of their rival sorority on campus at Noolab University.

Patty turned to Jeneen, the resident science genius, and said, "But we’ll show her day after tomorrow wont we? Is that stuff ready?" Jeneen shook her head in affirmation," Yes but...are you sure about this Patty, I mean..." Patty cut her off, "It’s safe isn’t it? Yes? Good, then we go on as planned!"

Two Days Later

"Well Patty you’ve got us here, what is this all about?" Judy asked a bit annoyed. She had brought two of her friends along after receiving a note from Patty to be at the campus’ 80-acre would-be farming field.

"Oh, well I’m here to prove I’m literally ten times the girl you are!" With that Patty inhaled........and inhaled, and inhaled, and inhaled! As she did her body from neck to ankles, and out to her shoulders, began to swell like a balloon. Her denim overalls, once fashionably loose, became many sizes too small within seconds.

Judy and her friends watched as Patty’s figure went from petite to extreme voluptuousness in less than a minute. Patty’s overalls could barely contain her basketball sized breasts and buttocks. Her waist hadn’t gotten but a few inches thicker, her hips and thighs on the other hand now matched her enormous buns in proportion. Patty stopped inhaling at this point with a sigh.

"There!" she stated with a smile, "lets see you beat that!" Patty and her friends stood waiting for Judy’s response. But instead of words, Judy started taking in huge lungfuls of air! Pattys’ jaw dropped open as Judy rapidly inflated to the same size as Patty, and her eyes got even wider as Judy went beyond. Judys’ spandex biker shorts held up well, stretching to accommodate her bulging butt. Her tied off blouse top, however, was stretched to its limits by the time she stopped her inflation.

"You were saying....", Judy said as the others stared wide-eyed at her now blimped form. "Uh-oh, I don’t like were this is going.", Jeneen thought to herself, "I did tell Patty this was safe, but at the time only one of them had my formula...I don’t know at all what could happen if they go to far. And knowing these two this wont end ’till one or both of them pops!".

As Jeneen was thinking about a way to settle this quickly (without the easily foreseeable happening!), Patty has responded to Judy with, "Grrrrrr...you wont beat me that easily!". And with that she began inflating herself again. After just 6 seconds of swelling her overall straps gave out with a near simultaneous snap. The seam in the seat began to split one stitch at a time. Within seconds she was beyond Judy in size.

Of course Judy couldn’t let this go unanswered. "Yeah, well two can play that game you pneumatic bimbo!". Again Judy started gulping air, her body swelling in response. It only took 2 breaths before her top burst open, buttons flying off in multiple directions. Her enormous globe shaped breasts bounced a bit as they sprang forward. Down below her giant butt and thighs were still easily contained by her shorts.

For the next ten minutes the two girls blew themselves up, neither willing to let the other win. But in the back of both Judys’ and Pattys’ mind was the same fearful thought,"I hope I don’t pop!". But both kept growing, now each the size of a small house.

Meanwhile, Jeneen had gotten all of the other girls together. "Listen, we need to get this stopped now! I don’t know how much bigger they can get before...", she and the other three glanced over at Judy and Patty and in all their minds was an image of the two exploding. They shook their heads to get rid of the thought. "So how do we get them to stop?!", Judys’ friend Tina asked anxiously.

"Well, I thought maybe one of you could help me with that."

As the others began discussing a way to stop them, Judy and Patty had both taken another break to hurl insults at each other.

"You just don’t know when to quit, do you?!", Patty shouted, her overalls long since a memory, she stood now in only a pair of overstretched panties.

"Look who’s talkin’!", Judy retorted, who still had on her biker shorts, but those didn’t look like they would hold on much longer. The two eyed each other, but didn’t continue their insane expansion. The others were still conferring on what to do.

Not far away, four others watched from their hide spot in the tool shed. Seeing that no one was watching, two of them slipped out the door, each carrying a hose, and crept up towards the two bulging females unseen. Upon reaching this destination, they took and put the hoses deep up inside the girls. Neither Patty nor Judy could feel the intruding hoses in their inflated state. Undetected the two shadows slipped back to the shed and signaled the other two. At which point both the hoses wiggled a bit as pressure filled them. And with that, all four snuck away into the nearby trees, their task complete.

It was Patty who first noticed something wasn’t quite right. Her body began to steadily expand much more rapidly then before. Unfortunately she wasn’t causing it to happen this time. "Uh….Jeneen, what’s, um, going on?" She asked with a bit of concern in her voice.

"Hey! I’m…. I’m blowing up again! B, but I’m not doing it!" Judy suddenly shouted. She to had begun to expand again, her shorts finally giving out and splitting wide open.

"I don’t understand. This isn’t….can’t happen!" Jeneen was getting a bit hysterical at this point, seeing that somehow, something had gone wrong with her serum. And her friend was inflating out of control because of it….with no way to stop!

"Jeneen, do something! I’m not sure how much more I can take!" Patty pleaded. Indeed both women were nearly 15 feet across at the waist, their breasts each 30 feet in diameter, their hips were 40 feet wide with proportionate globular buttocks to match. Judy began exhaling furiously, in an attempt to deflate herself. Suddenly though, she stopped and her eyes went wide.

"What’s that noise?", she asked quietly.

"It sounds like…." Her friend Sherry began.

"….stretching rubber." Patty’s friend Lisa finished.

At this point everyone got very quiet and listened as Patty’s and Judy’s bodies began emitting sounds like strained rubber, which got louder with each passing second.

"I think we better figure out a way to deflate them real soon, or we better start running!" Tina said to Jeneen. But Jeneen wasn’t listening, her mind was still in shock from what was happening. She just couldn’t except that this rampant inflation had anything to do with a problem in her formulas.

Meanwhile, Judy and Patty had begun to really panic. Their inflation had begun to slow down some, although it was still quite fast, and the sounds to stretching were getting louder and deeper.

"Tina, help me! I’m getting too big!" Judy cried as she watched her body bloating up beyond any size she had even imagined.

"Oooooh! Jeneen….you gotta’ do something! I can’t possibly get much bigger before…..ooohh!" Patty was much bigger then Judy, and as the pressure increased tiny veins began spreading across her massive bust, along with tan colored stretch marks all across her blimping body. The stretching sounds from her body had turned into a deep groan, as her body tried to expand more, but couldn’t. Patty began rubbing the sides of her swollen breasts, as if to relieve some the pain from the growing pressure.

"Uh….guys, I think we better get far away from her," Sherry suggested "very far!" The others nodded in agreement and either turned to run or back away as the stretch marks on Patty’s engorged form were growing longer and faster, plus her skin was flushing pink.

"Hey!, wait! Were are you…" Judy yelled when she noticed the other four running off. But then she caught sight of Patty, and watched as the other girls body began to quiver from the building air pressure.

"Uuuuh!, Judy….please….oooOOHHH….help me!" Patty moaned. She had stopped rubbing her breasts and was now clenching her fists as she slowly ballooned bigger. But Judy could only watch in horrified silence as Patty’s skin turned red as if sun burned and the stretch marks across her breasts, belly, and butt crept toward each other. BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER Patty became. Closer and closer and closer the lines got. Until they finally touched each other. Patty’s eyes shot open in surprise as she opened her mouth to say something and………


Patty’s body burst into a cloud of flesh colored rubber shreds and bits of white panty. Judy was almost knocked over by the explosion, but her enormous buns kept her from falling. Now her attention was back on her own blimping form. And she didn’t like what she saw or heard. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes as she knew that the same thing would happen to her. She cried harder as she watched veins and stretch marks spread across her own body, her tan skin turn to pink. And finally to the angry red color as her skin began to vibrate. Judy bit her lip and shut her eyes tight, waiting to explode. Then she heard a rustle of branches and footsteps. She opened her eyes thinking one of the others had returned to help her. But when the person came into view she was astonished. At the same time, Judy’s body had reached its limits, the stretch arks were mere millimeters apart when Judy went to say something. "You…." Then Judy exploded, her body blowing apart like an over inflated balloon.

The girl standing there amidst the swirling storm of tan rubber signaled to the other four waiting in the woods nearby.

"Get the air compressors and hoses out of here." She said calmly. The others rushed to the tool shed to comply. Just as she was about to enter the woods with the others, the stranger turned around to look at the remains of Judy and Patty, and started laughing. Still laughing she turned and left.

Unseen by the others, Jeneen had headed back after hearing the first explosion. She gotten there just in time to see Judy burst…and to see the other girl.

"Wendy!…." she growled, and her mind whirl with a form of revenge. Wendy would pay…and pay dearly.

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