Expanding Horizons, Part IV: Making Mischief

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Part IV: Making Mischief

Julia grows more comfortable with her newfound abilities, and uses them to her advantage.

“This is a major setback,” Tiflo grumbled as he scanned Ointun’s report.

Garav, Overseer of the Deep Space Exploration Project, flickered in thought.

“Which tragedy weighs more on you, the loss of a seasoned Explorer or the loss of his ship?” Tiflo represented the Materials clan, which provided Garav with the ships he needed to carry out his duties. And now Garav had the unpleasant task of not only explaining the loss of an extraordinarily expensive vessel, but persuading Director Tiflo to help complete Namunk’s mission.

Messenger Ointun had just delivered the report containing the emergency transmissions received from Namunk’s ship. Garav scanned it again.

0309:9989::1023:105:303 >> Hull structural integrity compromised: Impact exception

0309:9990::1023:105:305 >> Damage alert issued

>> Level 3 systems evaluation commencing

0309:9892::1023:105:309 >> Damage evaluation complete

>> Auto-repair initiated

0309:9700::1023:106:501 >> Damage containment failed

>> Begin emergency transmission log

>> Begin engine plasma purge

>> Begin transfer of mission logs

0309:0002::1023:119:607 >> Hull integrity failing. Status: critical

>> PRQT:6119 - Emergency purge of pilot compartment

0309:0001::1023:120:103>> PACK:6119 - Authorization granted

>> Begin pilot compartment purge

0309:0001::1023:120:114>> PCMP:6119 - Complete

>>>Life support: offline

****:****::1023:120:119>> External sensors shut down

>> Power rerouted to comm

****:****::1023:120:121>> Main drive shut down

>> Power rerouted to comm

****:****::1023:120:130>> Main power offline

>> Rerouting to auxiliary power systems

****:****::****:***:***>> Auxiliary power failing

>> MTHN:1873

It appeared as though something had collided with Namunk’s ship. The emergency transmission indicated Namunk had changed course to intercept Antra 3 after the computer had failed to stop the hull collapse. He had then cleared the computer to eject him into the planet’s atmosphere. After that, the ship’s computer did everything possible to keep the comm alive long enough to transmit the mission logs. The mission summary glowed ominously:

Mission Status: 84% COMPLETE

Vessel Status: TOTAL LOSS.


“Can you explain this?” Tiflo rumbled. “Your explorer was piloting a Ytzrakkel class Deep Exploration Scout. The collision avoidance systems on that ship are so advanced, he couldn’t have hit a meteor if he was aiming for it. But it seems he managed to do just that.”

Garav only blinked impassively. “So far we only have the emergency transmissions. We’re still trying to reconstruct the full mission log. Perhaps that will shed more light on the incident. The only reasonably plausible scenario is that the Antra system contained entities that were small enough to avoid the detection system at long ranges, but fast enough and dense enough to cripple the ship on impact. If we can’t recover the mission log, the only one who can answer your questions is Namunk himself. I propose that we send a rescue mission.”

“Why? Your Explorer is most likely deceased. Deep Exploration Vessels are prohibitively expensive, and we’ve sunk enough resources into this failure..”

“Granted, the DEV was a costly loss, but the mission was hardly a failure. Namunk had scanned a vast majority of the system before the incident, and there is still an opportunity to recover our expenditures.” He passed Tiflo the scans Namunk had made earlier in the mission. Antra 4, 5, and 10 all had enough mineral content to make them well worth mining. And the preliminary long-range scans of Antra 2 had been quite promising as well. “Potential dangers aside, I know the Materials clan is far too short on metal to pass up this opportunity. You’ll be sending a Miner crew out to Antra as soon as possible, I assume. I’m not asking for an Explorer, I just want you to send a recovery pod along with the Miner. Use a drone for all I care. Your clan will be working in the area regardless. But if you find Namunk, I want you to be able to bring him home.”

Tiflo was beaming, gleefully flicking his gaze over the geological scans. “Recovery drone, of course, of course,” he muttered. Even if there were only a tenth of the wealth the scans hinted at, all of that glorious metal would drown the cost of a rescue mission. “Of course...”

After Tiflo left, Garav settled back in his office, trembling. His ploy had worked; Tiflo had nearly burst with excitement upon seeing the geological scans. Hopefully his lust would blind him to the absurdity of incident report. He activated a secure commlink.

“Dolaron station,” came the reply.

“This is Overseer Garav. Request connection to Effendal Nerrin.”

“Acknowledged.” The delay was only a few seconds.

“Nerrin here.”

“Have you reviewed the mission logs from Explorer Namunk?”

“Affirmative. Mission will proceed as soon as cruiser refit is complete and crew selection is finalized.”

“What do you require of me?”

“One Explorer, one Metanalyst, and three Psions.”

“Done.” Garav terminated the link. Nerrin’s request had lifted his optimism. The crew members he’d requested could only be for a high-level research team. It indicated that he was still of an open mind with regards to the fate of Antra 3.

“So much to learn, so much to learn...” Namunk realized that his presence was having an effect on these humans. Apparently, the presence of an Araphon caused slight changes in human physical form. They showed up only as minor fluctuations in his sensors, such that he had almost missed them when he was first viewing their readings.

“What’s this?” He was noticing brief periods of intense noise in the sensor readings. Power output was too high in some places, too low in others. Namunk ran the calculation again to be certain, although he’s never known the probes to undergo what appeared to be a massive malfunction: the sensor power feeds were echoing. “That’s not possible.” The sensor feeds were attuned to his energy signature, so the only way an echo could occur was if another Araphon were nearby and trying to interfere. The nature of the interference indicated that most of it was originating from a nearby source, probably from within the host. Namunk froze.

His host was interfering with his probes.

The humans were Aware.

This Julia creature probably didn’t even know what it was doing when it tapped into the sensor feeds. But that it could at all meant that it had to have the capability of perceiving them in the first place. And that level of Awareness had never been seen in a life form this primitive.

“Stars and flame, I need more probes,” he gasped. “I need to contact Command.” Terrifying thoughts assailed him as the magnitude of his situation dawned on him. Here he was, using a sentient life form as a host, trapped on a world far from home. And it would be some time before Command sent a rescue mission, assuming his distress call had gone through. And although such things were far beyond his training, it was clear to him what he had to do. If this Julia were truly sentient in the same way that the Araphon were, then he had to make contact.

Julia hummed merrily to herself as she prepared for the day. She still chuckled every time she thought back to the expression on Robert’s face when she inflated her chest. It had set her to thinking: If I could have that kind of effect on him, imagine what else I could do.

And as much as she hated to admit it to herself, her first thoughts were of revenge. Shallow as it might seem, she wanted to get payback for all the girls at school who were gorgeous and knew it and who used that fact to make her life miserable. There was a whole list of girls she wanted to torment, but that could all wait. Right now, she was working on a plan to dethrone their queen.

She and Charlotte had planned on spending the day by the lake. A day relaxing in the sun would be just the thing to melt away the craziness of the past few days.

Charlotte sat up. “Oooh, look at that one,” Charlotte murmured as a rather well-muscled man swaggered by.

Julia rolled over on her towel to look. “Not bad,” she nodded. “Why don’t you go after him?”

“Nah. Just window shopping today, not in the market to buy one just yet.” She lay back down, soaking in the sun. They’d spent most of the day swimming, sunning, and boy watching. “You, on the other hand, really need a good man.”

“Show me one,” she smirked.

“Look around, honey! Here, at this very beach, we have gathered some of the finest specimens of masculine excellence this world has to offer.”

“Yeah, and we both know they’re out looking for fine specimens of feminine excellence. Exhibit A...” Julia gestured of to their left, where the bodybuilder they’d been ogling had taken a seat next to a bronzed, bleached blonde beach bunny. “Birds of a feather flock together, Charlotte. It would be nice to find a guy who could be a little bit more than a trophy. And it would be nicer if he were looking for a girl who was more than a trophy.”

“I dunno. I think it might be good for you to find a good trophy to mount in your room.”

Julia threw a handful of sand on her friend’s stomach. “Shut up. I don’t want to be like those stuck-up bitches at school.”

Charlotte frowned. “You’re still pissed about the camping trip?”

“Hello? Try being stranded on the top of a mountain sometime. It’s not much fun.”

“Don’t waste your time thinking about Roxy, she’s not worth it.” Her head snapped up suddenly. “Ooh, but you certainly are!” She was looking past Julia towards a group of guys playing volleyball. “Mmm, I just love the way you spike, honey,” she purred, licking her lips. It was often said that redheads were supposed to be wild, and Charlotte certainly fit the role. Her lightly freckled face was stuck somewhere between cute and pretty, but her intense crimson hair and unabashed manner drew the most attention.

Julia sent another shower of sand to bring her back to earth. “I thought you weren’t in the market?”

Charlotte rolled her eyes. “Of course you’d have to rain on my parade. Anyway, just don’t bother with ‘em.”

“Easy for you to say,” Julia grumbled. “I don’t know what I can do, anyway.” Thinking a moment, she tried to suppress a soft smile. “What would you do about it?”


“What could you do to bring Roxy down a notch or two. I mean, even someone like her has got he have a weakness, right?”

Charlotte snorted. “‘What’ is easy. It’s the ‘how’ that’s trick.”

Julia sat up again. “Then what’s the what?”

Charlotte shook her head. “Come on, Julia, just look at ‘em. Roxy, Tanya, Gloria, that whole pack is all about image. It’s about who’s prettier, who’s got the nicest car, who’s dating the cutest guy. They’re all a bunch of spoiled brats who are used to getting whatever they want. It would probably just kill them to think that someone else out there could show them up.” She laughed. “Can you just imagine what would happen is Brent ever dumped Roxy for someone else? She’d throw a fit!”

Julia couldn’t suppress a giggle. “I’d pay good money to see the look on Miss Roxanne Gardner’s face if Brent decided she wasn’t good enough for him. Or big enough, as the case may be.”

They shared a hearty laugh, with Julia laughing a little harder than perhaps she should have. Now she had a plan. Charlotte noticed she was a bit quieter the rest of the day, but didn’t comment.

Sunday was just supposed to be a test run. Julia started by picking out her clothes. She wanted to draw a little attention, but she didn’t want to appear too obvious so she stuck with some plain stuff. She pulled out a pair of loose shorts and a green t-shirt she’d taken from her father’s closet.

But clothes weren’t anywhere near her biggest concern. She needed to be someone else, and that meant changing her face. She sat down in front of her mirror, staring intently at the image facing her. Julia had always been rather thin, and now she was quite grateful for her narrow face with its well-defined lines. If she filled it out bit, it would be unlikely that anyone would recognize her. At best, someone might notice a resemblance, but she was certain that once the transformation was complete nobody would know it was her. Ever so carefully, she focused her thoughts and started to inhale.

Once her lungs filled, the air started to seep into the rest of her. She guided the flow upwards, watching her cheeks fill out. It only took a few seconds for her to complete the change. Her well-defined cheekbones were gone, hidden under a nicely rounded face with much fuller lips. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Without her hair framing it, the new roundness of her faces was emphasized even more. Julia gasped, amazed at how different she looked. And anyone who knew her well would recognize that it was definitely her looking through those dark blue eyes. But if all went according to plan, nobody would be spending much time looking at her eyes.

She went to work on the rest of her body. She was getting quite comfortable with blowing herself up now. She inhaled, concentrating on her lower body. Her hips and butt filled out, taking up all the slack in her shorts, then stretching them. Still taking in air, she shifted focus to her breasts. She pumped them up until the shirt was pulled tight across her chest, lifting it up to expose her belly.

Turning, she admired her work in the mirror. She frowned. With her huge curves, her midsection looked ridiculously tiny. She took in another breath, putting a few inches on her waistline and adding a bit of plumpness to her stomach.

“I’m still too big,” Julia sighed. Her breasts were too large and too firm, sticking out from her chest like a pair of balloons, so much so that anyone who saw her might think they were just that if she didn’t already have the hips to match. People would believe the hips were hers, but her boobs looked like she had overstuffed implants.

“Hmmm, I wonder...” she mused. She let some of the air out of her bosom. The rush of air from her navel tickled a bit, making her giggle.

Julia went downstairs into the kitchen and filled a pitcher with water. “Bottoms up.” She brought the pitcher to her lips and started drinking. It’ll take a while getting used to this, she thought, noticing how different drinking felt with her lips plumped. But her plan was working. As she swallowed the water, it flowed into her bust. When she had finished, her breasts were larger, though not quite as large as before. Their weight had caused them to sink down and flatten a bit against her ribs. Not only did they look and move more like real breasts, they were small enough for her to tuck in her shirt. Barely.

“Now that’s better.” Much to her relief, there was no sloshing noise when she walked, but she figured it would take a little while for her to adjust to the extra juggle and bounce. These weren’t as easy to carry around, but Julia was surprised at how little the extra weight bothered her. “Alright, girls,” she said, giving herself a squeeze. “I think it’s time to go to the park.” She went back upstairs to grab her purse, and stopped cold as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She was used to seeing regular, plain Julia. But the girl looking back at her was somebody else. She was all luscious swells and provocative curves.

“Who is that?” she gasped, suddenly struck by the completeness of her transformation. “That's not Julia ,” she whispered to herself. “That's someone completely different. I can be someone completely different...”

“I’ve got to play poker with guy sometime,” Brent thought to himself. “For money.”

It was a bit unfair, to be sure. Brent and Jeff had been playing football together since they were both in elementary school. They’d competed so many times over so many things, Brent just knew him far too well. Jeff was the second string quarterback at Spoone High, so they spent most of their time on the same team these days. But today, playing touch football in the park, Brent found himself face to face with the second best player he’d ever known. And he saw the blitz coming a mile away.

Jeff was always too eager, always trying to make the big play. If he’d just gone a bit slower, Brent would have been caught regardless of whether he’d read the play; his regular offensive line wasn’t there to cover him. But Jeff just ran straight in like a freight train, only to find that Brent just wasn’t there when he pulled into the station. By the time he’d turned around, the ball was in the air.

The fact that half of the guys were on the team didn’t hurt either. Brent knew that they were capable of. Ivan was a big man, but he could turn on a dime and leave nine cents change. If Jeff had played the blitz better, Brent wouldn’t have had any choice but to go to Nick, hoping that the Saint could pull off another miracle and get past Ivan. But Jeff’s overshot had left just enough time for Oxendine to get past the picnic bench. Farley was there to tag him, but it didn’t matter. Another touchdown, courtesy of Brent “The Bomber” Turley.

“Damn!” Jeff cursed.

“Don’t sweat it, Jeff. I’ve smoked better men than you on that play.”

“I don’t think so, Brent. They don’t make better men than me.” The others were gathering as Ox wrapped up the spastic gyrations that passed for his victory dance. “I think that’s enough for today,” Brent called, noting the receding sun. “Time to hit the showers. Good game, boys.”

“Cool, man.”

“We’ll get ‘im next time.”

“See ya tomorrow.” They exchanged high fives and playful punches as the group slowly dispersed.

While the rest of the guys wandered off, Brent made his way to the pond. He knelt down by the water, taking a moment to admire his rippling reflection in its surface. It was almost a shame to ruin it by reaching his hand in, but splashing the cool water on his face always made him feel good after a victory. Then, as he slicked the wet hair out of his face, he saw her.

She was sitting in the shade, leaning back against a tree on the opposite side of the pond. He only took the briefest note of what she looked like, not that he could tell much from this distance. He could see that she had long brown hair, and that she seemed quite focused on the book she was resting on her knees. But what Brent could see quite clearly at this distance, what took his breath away, was her bosom. Her t-shirt was filled to near bursting with the largest breasts he had ever seen. “Holy shit, they’re huge,” he gasped.

He stood, trying to look nonchalant as he made his way around the pond. He made only the briefest of glances in her direction as he approached. Each time he looked he half expected to see that somehow he’d been mistaken. Maybe she was pregnant, maybe she was really fat and just didn’t look it from that angle and distance. As he drew closer and was convinced that she was indeed as spectacularly busty as he had first thought, his doubts changed. “She’s probably a real bowser up close,” he thought. When she looked up at him, he saw that he was wrong.

“Hi there,” Brent said, smiling.

“Hi,” she smiled back. Her smile was dazzling, framed by full, red lips. Her face was slightly soft and pleasant, her eyes sparkling blue. “Good game.”

“Oh?” He was taken aback for a moment. “Yeah, it was fun.” She was hiding something behind that smile.

“Fun to watch, too.” She looked him up and down, then back up again.

Brent let her warm gaze slide over him. He was quite proud of his physique, and never shied away from a woman who wanted a better look. He sat down next to her. “I’m Brent,” he said, offering his hand.

She accepted his greeting. “Jessica.”

“Nice to meet you, Jessica.”

“It gets nicer.”

“I should be so lucky. What’s that you’re reading?”

“Oh, this?” She showed him the cover of the book. “It’s called Balloon Physics. Covers everything from balloon animals to weather balloons. It’s a little hobby of mine, I’m just fascinated by balloons.”

“Wow. I’m just a dumb jock, so physics is a bit over my head.” Jessica burst into giggles. “Hey, it wasn’t that funny!”

“Don’t worry, I’m laughing at you, not with you.” Her generous curves jiggled along with her laughter.

“Now I’m confused.”

She kept laughing. “Of course, you’re just a dumb jock, right? And I’m just some bimbo with a huge rack.” She smacked his shoulder playfully.

“Now, I’d never say that—“

“That’s the problem,” she said, letting her laughter subside. “I’ll tell you what’s so funny. I’m sitting here talking to you about balloons, and you don’t even take a glance at my chest. You'd never say it, but I know what you were thinking and I know it took a lot for you keep looking into my eyes, right?”

“Not really. You have beautiful eyes, you know,” he said still smiling. But it only took a few moments of her knowing glare for him to cave. Brent nodded, a bit sheepishly. “Alright, you’ve got me there.”

“So why don’t we stop playing this game, hmm?”

“Ok,” Brent replied, regaining his bravado. “Is there another game you like playing more?”

“Yes. Truth.”

“No dare?”

“No, no dare. At least not yet. Just truth, I’ll start. I was watching you play football over there, and I was thinking about how well built you are,” she said, staring right at his well-muscled torso. “And I was wondering how nice that body of yours must be up close. Your turn. What were you thinking when you first noticed me?”

“I, uh, I mean --” Brent stammered. Was it possible he'd met his match in cockiness? “When I saw you, the first thing I thought was 'My God, those are huge tits. I've got to get a better look at 'em.'”

“Hmm, tsk tsk. And you said you'd never say that.”

“I didn't call you a bimbo, did I? Your turn to tell all. So are those implants, or did you grow those monsters yourself?”

She glanced down at her bosom. “Do you care if they're real or not?”

“Not really, but you didn't answer my question. Does that mean I win the game?”

Jessica quickly scanned the park. It was still light out, but there were few people around, and they were far away. “No implants here,” she purred as she arched her back and pulled her shirt up, revealing much of her right breast. “See any scars?”

Brent's jaw dropped. She was braless under her t-shirt, and he found himself at a loss for words as he stared at the full, firm orb of her breast. She'd pulled her shirt up high enough for him to see the dark pink circle of her areola, her perky nipple stiffening as the cool evening air reached it. The rest was all endless, smooth ivory skin. There were no blemishes, no stretch marks, and certainly no scars from surgery visible. Her breast was perfect, and it was massive. There was little droop or sag, yet the curve of its underside almost reached the level of her navel, and her posture thrust it forward so far that it appeared it might overwhelm him.

“You can breathe now,” Jessica quipped, giggling as she pulled her shirt down.

“Ok,” was all Brent could muster.

“Mmhmm. Well, I think we should go somewhere a little more discreet if you want to keep playing this game.” She nodded towards some nearby trees as she packed her book into her purse.

“I think I like this game,” Brent said. “Let's go.” They both stood, and Jessica took his hand and led him into the greenery, away from prying eyes.

She tossed her purse onto the grass and leaned back against one of the trees. “I noticed you really like my – endowments,” she said, grinning. “I think I almost sent you into shock back there.”

“So ask your question,” he said, moving in closer to her. “Or are we starting with the dares now?”

She put her hand against his chest, keeping him back. “Not yet. So tell me Brent, how much do you like big boobs?”

He paused for a moment. “I love tits. The bigger the better. I already told you, yours were the first thing I noticed when I saw you, and they're the always the first thing I notice in a woman.”

“Hmm. Interesting.”

Brent stared deeply into her eyes as he pondered his next move. “So tell me, Jessica, do you want to see how I look with my shirt off?”

As hard as she tried, she couldn’t keep the spark of lust out her eyes. If I look away he'll know for sure, but I bet it's plain as day anyway, she thought. “Yes,” she whispered.

Without a moment's hesitation, Brent pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it to the ground. Jessica looked him over. Oh my God, did I just lick my lips?

“Like what you see?” Brent asked, flexing.

“It's my turn to ask the question,” she quipped. I can raise the stakes so much higher than you can ever imagine. “So bigger is better. But I'm pretty big already. I bet I'm bigger than any girl you've ever been with before.” So much bigger than Roxy right now. She put on her best pout as ran her hands down the sides of enormous bust. “But there must be such a thing as too big, right? Do you think I'd look better if I were even bigger?”

Brent was taken aback by her query. He knew how to get girls, he was quite good at that. And he knew what he was supposed to say. No Jessica, you're perfect. You're the bustiest woman I've ever seen, and any more would be too much. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. You're beautiful just the way you are. But it would be a lie. That didn't bother him, he could lie to her like he'd liked to so many others and she'd never know. But even beyond her endowments, Jessica was unlike any girl he'd met before. It was time to take a gamble and see how far the truth could get him.

He stared unwavering right into her big blue eyes. “Yes. As big as you are, and as much as I love how you look, I think you'd look even better if you were bigger. A lot bigger.”

“Step back,” she said, gently pushing him away. For a moment Brent thought he might have ruined his chances, but Jessica was smiling. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and started taking slow, deep breaths. He stared, mesmerized by the rise and fall of her bosom. She kept up this breathing exercise for a minute that seemed to drag on for eternity. Then she opened her eyes, gazed intently into his, and took one long, huge breath.

At first Brent thought he was imagining things, but it quickly became clear that Jessica was inflating. Her already huge bosom was swelling, filling up as she inhaled. Her shirt pulled tighter and tighter across her chest as it grew, straining the fabric. But miraculously the cloth continued to stretch, and Jessica continued to swell. A flush rose in her cheeks as she strained to take in more and more air. Finally, she exhaled. By the time she was done, her breasts had nearly doubled in size. “How's this for a start?”

Brent gulped. “A start? Holy shit, how the hell did you do that?”

“Magic,” she grinned. “I guess now you know why I'm so fascinated with balloons. Go ahead, have a feel. It's all me under here.” She thrust her chest forward.

Brent brought his hands up to her bosom, gently caressing it. “You're huge,” he gasped as he fondled her masses of warm, soft flesh. “How –- how big can you get?” he marveled.

“Oh, I can get pretty big,” she murmured, lost in his touch.

Brent gasped. “You were a hell of a lot bigger than 'pretty big' when I first met you!”

She laughed. “I can get a lot bigger than this, if that's what you mean.” She pushed his hands away. “But I have to save something for later.”


“Yeah,” she grinned. “Later.” She turned and started walking away from him.

“But, but --” he stammered. “Can I at least get your number?”

“I'll find you,” she called over her shoulder. And with that, she left him.

Julia deflated slowly on the drive home. By the time she got back she was back to her normal self, at least on the outside. On the inside, she was still shaking. She couldn't get Brent out of her head. The eagerness in his hands as he touched her, the hunger in eyes, the warmth of his body, the rush she felt from inflaming that much lust in a man like him, it was all so overwhelming. The laws of physics didn't seem to apply to her any more, but that paled in comparison. And while some of the butterflies in her stomach were born from fear, she couldn't help but wonder how far she could take this.

She set her alarm so that she'd wake up early, and dug up her old Polaroid camera before she went to sleep. She wanted to make sure that Jessica was all Brent could think about during class tomorrow.

When Brent went out to his car Monday morning, he found an envelope tucked under one his windshield wipers. He knew it was from Her. All he could think about the previous night was Jessica, her incredible body, and all of the things he wanted to do with her and to her. And true to her word, she'd found him. He opened the envelope and pulled out a card printed on flowered stationery.

"Hi Brent. Got so hot thinking of you this morning, I just had to cool off. Maybe I overdid it a bit? You tell me. Teehee. I told you it gets nicer.


Brent smiled. She'd dotted the 'i' in her name with a little heart. Then he opened the card and saw the photograph. His heart skipped a beat. It looked like it had been taken in her backyard. She was drinking from a garden hose. And she'd been drinking from it for a while.

Her breasts were absolutely enormous. She was barely wearing a thin white tank top; the bulk of her breasts had forced it up, revealing the bottoms of her filling orbs. She was drenched, the cloth clinging to every curve, her swollen nipples plainly in view through the translucent cloth. And it was cold water indeed. Her cutoff denim shorts that looked like they were painted onto her amazingly broad hips, and if her breasts had been any bigger he wouldn’t have been able to see just how narrow they made her waist look. She was staring directly into the camera, winking at him.

It took several seconds for him to remember to breathe. He got into his car and stuffed the card into his glove compartment. He had to pick up Roxy, but it would be a few minutes before he was ready to see her.

Author's Note: 

Part IV: Making Mischief

Julia grows more comfortable with her newfound abilities, and uses them to her advantage.

The last part of Expanding Horizons that's been written so far. This is the point where some of the weaknesses of the original start showing through. The number of plot threads multiplies, and a lot of my difficulties in trying to get through a fifth chapter stem from my attempts at reining them in. Unfortunately, I never actually finished the next chapter. So the story came grinding to a halt just as Julia started stirring up trouble.

It's still a fun little story, and I like how it turned out.

Obscure side note: The codes in Namunk's mission logs actually have meanings, although I never wrote down their exact translation. I have to work from memory. Amusingly enough, in an attempt to be clever I managed to screw up part of the numeric code: 0309 is part of the mission log's position code, and it should actually read 0310.

Obscurer side note: I ripped off the line "It gets nicer" from a television show whose title I've long forgotten. I vaguely remember it was one of those "secret organization investigating supernatural phenomena" kind of shows. Here's what little I remember (complete with fabricated names for convenience).

On one of the assignments, a member of the the team notable for his tattoos passes an attractive woman in a hallway who notices his ink. He turns to look back at her, and she turns around, smiles, and lifts up her shirt to reveal a leaf tattoo on her stomach. She turns back and keeps on walking.

The run into each other again later, and formally introduce themselves. After exchanging names, he says "Nice to meet you." She says, "It gets nicer." She asks to see his tattoos, and he shows her the tats on his arms.

"Do you have any more?"

"I have a dragon on my leg."

"I bet you do."

Yeah, that was quite memorable to a young Kane.

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