Fun and Games

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"Wha... What's happening?" asked Kirsten.

"Hey!" laughed a funny sounding voice with a speech impediment. "She's coming around!"

"Why so she is!" chuckled another, more sultry sounding voice. "How's it going Kirsten?"

"My head..." she started, trying to rub it but her hands were tied behind her back. "Wha...?" she screamed. She opened her eyes but everything was all blurry. "Where am I?"

"My basement!" giggled the funnier voice as Kirsten regained the ability to focus. She was tied to a swivel chair, held down by leather straps. In front of her stood two gothic looking girls, one fat, the other fairly seductive looking. She immediately pegged whose voice belonged to who. But she couldn't make out their faces, her sight still hassling her. "Who are you?" she asked timidly.

"See?" asked the trim one, prancing in front and getting right into Kirsten's face. "We've been in most of her classes for a good four years and she still has no clue who we are! See what popularity does to you?" She turned back to Kirsten. "I'm Raven!" growled the girl. "Raven McCoy! And that's Gwenda!" She said pointing to the chubbier one. Gwenda gave a sheepish little wave. Kirsten's face still showed confusion. "behind you in english" Raven sneered. She went right back to the growling again. "...And you have something I want!"

"What?" asked Kirsten. "What do you want from me?" her sight was getting back to normal and she could now recognize the two. She'd never known them by name but she did recognize them. Kirsten wasn't your usual cheerleader though. She had tried to be nice to everyone, no matter what they looked like. She tried to think if she'd ever wronged them in anyway. Had she?

"Craig!" Raven stomped, as she straightened out and stared down at Kirsten with fire in her eyes. Craig? But Craig was Kirsten's boyfriend. Had he done something to piss these two off?

"Listen... whatever he did to you, I'm sure..."

"He hasn't done anything to us!" said Gwenda with a giggle.

"And he never will as long as you're in the picture!" growled Raven. "That's why we're all gathered here today!" she said mockingly as she strolled around the swivel chair Kirsten was tied to. "You see, I've wanted Craig. Wanted him bad! Bad enough to do anything! And you see, my friend Gwenda here? She's a powerful little Wiccan! I've seen it myself."

"I'm not that powerful!" Gwenda shrugged modestly. Raven hushed her.

"And since bumping you off is illegal and may raise questions... we're going to humiliate you in front of Craig, so he can dump you. And while he's depressed and all embarrassed for having wanted anything to do with you in the first place, I'll swoop in and he'll be all mine!" Raven cackled. Tears started to roll down Kirsten's cheeks. She was scared.

"Wha...What are you going to do to humiliate me?!" she asked. Gwenda piped in with her lisp.

"You see, I found this spell a week ago I've been dyin' to try out!" she snickered.

"But just for shits and giggles..." laughed Raven. "And cuz I'm evil... we're going to do it slowly over the course of tonight. Then, so when school comes tomorrow, you'll be all set!"

"Tell me!" demanded Kirsten. Raven winked at Gwenda as she leaned up against the back wall.

"have her bust out of those straps the hard way" she laughed, just over her breath, enough for Kirsten to hear and get even more frightened. She was still in her Cheerleading uniform, practice having just let out a little while ago. Her memory started to defog and she remembered walking to her car when suddenly this minivan with tinted windows pulled up next to her. She stopped to see what the matter was and when she did, she was pulled in! Now blonde with her athletic, firm body tried to struggle as Gwenda approached her with an ancient looking book. Kirsten had never been a big believer in Wicca and all that crazy stuff but what if something did happen? She didn't want to stay and find out.

Gwenda started to wave her hand not holding the book. Just then Kirsten kicked the swivel chair away.

"Running won't help!" snickered Raven, hopping up on a dusty old table filled with stacks of old board games. "It'll just make it more fun!"

"etalfni liw uoy won, Blondie!" laughed Gwenda with her waving hand. Lightning strobed thru the cellar windows and the lights flickered in the house. Everything fell silent as the lights popped back on.

"Is that it?" asked Raven.

"I feel fine." said Kirsten with a giggle. Gwenda Stuttered to try and explain but Raven was already growling in anger. Kirsten laughed at them. "What were you trying to do? I feel great... better than before... almost as if I'm..." Her laughter stopped. The two goths looked up at her. "What the...?" Kirsten stopped dead in her tracks. The swivel chair came to a stop in the center of the floor where she started from.

"What's the matter Kirsten?" asked Raven coyly. "You seem to look a little under the weather."

"I feel... gassy! A little bloated all of a sudden!" winced Kirsten from the chair. She struggled but the straps were way too tight for her to free herself. "What are you doing to me?" she asked, the pressure inside of her building up slowly. The two girls looked at one another with a successful giggle, wondering if they should tell the poor cheerleader.

"You'll find out soon enough!" laughed Gwenda. Kirsten continued to coo and writhe as much as the restraints would allow, trying to get as comfortable as she possible could. But the pressure kept increasing. She tried to summon up a burp. But the pigtailed cheerleader wasn't able too. The spectacle made the two goth giggle.

"Having problems?" asked Raven. Kirsten mustered up the evilest eye she possibly could. "Just wait. I don't think you'll like what comes next!" Just then the pressure became too much for poor Kirsten to handle and she started to plea in moaning whimpers.

"Please!" she begged. "Stop this! It... It... I feel so bloated!" The two goths looked at another and giggled. Just then, Kirsten felt her middle get so full of gas (or whatever), it started to bulge a little. "I'm... I'm..."

"She's... She's..." lisped Gwenda.

"...Blowing up like a balloon!" cackled Raven. Kirsten struggled and fidgeted while her flat abs puffed out into a soft curve. She changed her breathing but nothing seemed to slow it down, let alone stop it. Instead, she realized that she was swelling up even faster. "Isn't it great? I mean I know cheerleaders are airheads, but this brings new meaning!" Raven enjoyed rubbing the salt on open wounds. Kirsten wasn't completely narcissistic but Raven knew she took great pride in her appearance. Kirsten wasn't listening though. Her attention was focused on her new bulging belly being cut by the already super tight leather belt around her waist. Her eyes welling up with tears, she continued to moan.

"You're making me into... a blimp?!" she cried. The belt constricted as her waistline continued to disappear. She could feel the growth spread from her middle now that the belt was getting in the way.

"That's right." said Raven. "I asked what was the most humiliating spell she could find. I thought that was pretty good. You a silly little cheerleader, so pumped full of air! It's gotta do something to a girl's ego!" Kirsten kept growing as the tears started to roll down her cheeks. Her breasts bobbed a little as they seemed to raise off of her chest. She felt her hips widening between the arms of the swivel chair, squeezing her. She was getting too large for the belt to handle now. It was starting to restrict her breathing now.

"Deflate me now!" insisted Kirsten. "This instant!" The belt started to creak. It wasn't going to stretch anymore.

"Here comes the fun part!" Raven nudged Gwenda, not listening to Kirsten's pleas. Her moans and groans got louder as the belt cut tighter and tighter. 'POP!'

At first Kirsten thought it was her gut, so instinct told her to look down. She was shocked by what she saw! Under breasts that were each the size of regulation-sized volleyballs was a belly looking as though it had gone 5 months of pregnancy. Her hips and thighs appeared to be in proportion to her boobs and she wasn't sure if she'd be able to free her now inflated ass cheeks from the chair. Even her upper arms felt puffy, pulling the bind around her wrists even tighter. Fortunately, it felt as though the growing was slowing down. Gwenda unbinded her hands as Raven propped a fill length mirror in front of Kirsten. She slowly unwedged her ass from the swivel chair and stood up.

"Omigod!" cried Kirsten. She got up and smoothed out her uniform. She wanted to attack the two but was too enthralled by the way they had pumped her up! Besides they might make her grow again. Her breasts were just smaller than her head, as were her ass cheeks which formed a nice cone into her thick thighs, pushing up her skirt and bloomers in back. Under the sweater of her cheerleading uniform, her belly seemed to dominate, stopping at what looked to be an even six months, if she was pregnant of course. It pulled the knitted sweater so tight, one could hear threads snapping and popping with each minute movement. She began to cry again. Gwenda admired her handiwork. Raven enjoyed her pain.

"And this is how the whole night's going to go!" snickered Raven. "You do as we say or you get bigger! You do as we don't say, you get bigger! Try running away? Ha! We'll fill you up so much, you'll beg us to let you burst!" Kirsten's whimpering metamorphisized into a full on blubbering as the puffed up cheerleader continued to look at herself in the mirror. She poked herself in certain spots seeing how firm the growth was. All the newly stretched skin felt sore and tender!

"Now the fun and games?" asked Gwenda.

"You got it!" snickered Raven. Kirsten pulled her attention away from her new inflated appearance.

"Fun and... games?" asked a frightened Kirsten.

"That's right." smirked Raven. "Just making you swell up isn't enough. We want to embarrass you more, so we devised some fun games for us to play!"

"And if I don't?" asked Kirsten defiantly.

"I thought we already covered that?" smiled Raven, puffing out her own cheeks as a sign of what would become of poor Kirsten, sending a shiver down the swollen girl's spine. "You'll have to do as we say! Hell, you could be doing as we say and we might just puff you up for the hell of it!" snickered the bitchy goth. "What do you suggest first, Gwenda?"

"Let's just see how well she can walk now that she's so big." suggested Gwenda.

"Sounds good!" snickered Raven, giving Kirsten a shove. Kirsten stumbled, her thighs rubbing for the first time in her life as she tried to gain her balance. She was lucky she didn't bounce onto her newly inflated ass, as she was just able to stay standing. "Now walk!" commanded Raven. Kirsten felt as though she had no choice. She took an awkward step, her breasts, belly, and ass cheeks jiggling with her. Gwenda laughed at how the once lithe Kirsten jiggled more than her now. "Keep going!" commanded Raven. "And faster!" Kirsten took another step, then another. She realized that due to her new wider frame, she was waddling! "Now we want you to run laps around the basement here!" Kirsten huffed but wasn't going to protest. She started to pick up her pace a little bit more. The two goths giggled as Kirsten struggled with her new, rounder shape. Moving around, she realized just how tight her cheerleader outfit had gotten on her. The sweater kept creaking as it started to come apart at the threads. She felt her bra cutting into her massive breasts, causing a little bit of spill over that rubbed against the sweater fibers, sort of tickling her. Even her ass cheeks bobbled in her extremely tight bloomers as she waddled her way around the cellar. She didn't want to get bigger! She had to do what they said!

"Run Forrest, Run!" laughed Gwenda. Tears were coming to her eyes due to laughing so hard.

"i'm... glad... you... find... this... funny!" huffed Kirsten, slowing down.

"I didn't tell you to stop, Blimpy!" growled Raven. "Gwenda, nail her!" She turned back to Kirsten. "You think we're playing here? You'll stop when I tell you to stop dammit!"

"No, please... I... just..." Kirsten struggled but it was too late. She stopped, only too feel the pressure tightening inside her. Gwenda giggled as she swirled her finger. Suddenly, Kirsten could feel her belly start to inflate again. "Please! Stop! HELP! HELP!" hollered Kirsten as her breast stretched out her sweater, the stitching pulling tighter and getting ready to explode off of her.

"Who do you think will help you?" laughed Raven. It's just us here. "Gwenda's parents are on a cruise! And besides! These walls are soundproof. Looks like no one's going to be able to keep us from making you a big giant zeppelin!" Kirsten could only shriek in return. Raven signaled Gwenda who only made Kirsten grow faster. Kirsten looked down at her belly, her sweater riding up over it. If she was pregnant, she looked as though she was ready to deliver. But the inflating continued and she only got bigger. Kirsten's shrieks turned back into mild whimpers as the girl waddled around, more awkward the fuller she got. "Save a little for later!" giggled Raven, signaling Gwenda to stop. Kirsten took a deep breath and looked down to see how much she had grown. Her belly looked a month overdue and her breasts were the size of regulation-sized basketballs. Her skirt had rode up over her massive butt cheeks and wide flaring hips. She wondered how big she would get before the evening was through. She sneered at Raven. "You're mad at me, aren't you?" Snickered the goth.

"What do you think?" Growled Kirsten.

"Why don't you attack me?" laughed Raven.

"But you'll..."

"No I won't! Promise! Only if you don't! Then I might!" giggled Raven. "Now c'mon! Hit me, you big blimp! Give me the best your bloated body can dish out!" Awkwardly, Kirsten shuffled a step forward as Raven kept mocking her. It had become even harder for Kirsten to stay standing, let alone get in a fist fight! She readied a fist anyway, hauling it back as much as her swollen upper arm would allow. Raven tilted her face and cleared a shot for Kirsten. "C'mon, blimpie" hollered Raven intimidatingly. "What are you waiting for? Having trouble bending those plump fingers of yours?" With that, Gwenda squeamishly turned away as Kirsten swung. Raven snickered as the fist approached her head. She ducked out the way easily, but all the force that Kirsten put into it swung her around and landed her on the ground with a balloon-like squeak. "What's the matter? Miss?" smirked Raven, extending a finger and poking it into Kirsten's belly. "Coo like Poppin' Fresh, chubby!"

"It's not really fat!" reminded Gwenda, unshielding her eyes.

"Whatever!" laughed Raven, grabbing Kirsten's hair. "She has to coo! Now Coo!" demanded Raven.

"whoo...hoo" winced Kirsten painfully as Raven jabbed her finger again.

"Sorry! I didn't feel it! Try again!" snickered Raven. "This time with emotion!"

"Yeah!" agreed Gwenda, jabbing her too.

"Quit it!" winced Kirsten. "I don't know how much more I can take before I...!"

"Oh we've tried this before! You've got plenty of room! There's no reason to worry! We haven't even gotten started yet!" Laughed Raven. She got serious. "Now Coo, damn you!"

"Whoo-hoo!" attempted Kirsten. The two goths giggled and stopped poking her. Kirsten gave a sigh of relief!

"I'm going to run upstairs and get some snacks! Don't inflate her any while I'm up there!" warned Raven.

"I won't!" sighed a disappointed Gwenda. Kirsten struggled, trying to get onto her feet but it was way too cumbersome with her new bulk. "You know, this is nothing personal. I'm only helping out my friend! But after years of Cheerleaders making fun of me, I can't help but get a little excited." Gwenda smiled.

"But I never... said anything like that to you!" panted Kirsten, still fumbling.

"That's just it." said Gwenda as she got a little upset. "You never said anything at all to me! You ignored me! So now your boyfriend's going to ignore you!" She said helping her to her feet. Kirsten actually felt kind of bad for a second until she remembered the situation at hand.

"But aren't you satisfied yet?" asked Kirsten, waddling around a little as she regained her balance. "Look what you've done to me! I'm all bloated up like a balloon! The pressure is too much and it gets more intense each time you inflate me! Please stop! Please!"

"Hit her again!" growled Raven from the halfway up the basement stairs. She had her arms filled with nachos and popcorn and junkfood to snack on while she and Gwenda watched Kirsten make a fool of herself. "Just a little rounder! If she wants to complain and beg for mercy, that's what she gets!" Gwenda reluctantly turned back toward Kirsten with a swirling finger.

"No..." cried Kirsten. But it was already too late. Her sweater started to creak more as her breasts seemed to balloon out. There was suddenly a loud snap and Kirsten realized that it was her bra! It was relieving for a second until she noticed her sweater riding up over a belly that was the size of an overblown beachball. "Please stop!" she pleaded again as her hips started to round out into the sides of her belly, almost as though they were getting inflated into them. She continued to round out ever so slightly until Raven waved and Gwenda stopped the growth.

"You gonna complain again?" smirked Raven. Kirsten shook her head no. "Good. Hey! I know! Why don't you show us some cheers?"

"What?!" laughed Gwenda as they sat down in front of the overinflated cheerleader. She opened up a bag of Nachos and started munching. "Cheers?"

"I don't think I can..." started Kirsten. Raven started to signal for another growth spurt but Kirsten saved herself. "What would you like... to see?"

"I don't know, you silly Rah-rah girl!" laughed Raven. She shoveled in a mouthful of popcorn. "Show us all you know! It'll be a blast... Or one if you don't!" she threatened. Kirsten got into a pose and started with a basic cheer she learned back in her freshmen days. The two girls kept insisting on seeing more. Kirsten tried everyone she could think of, trying to appease them. It was difficult considering her new form. One false move and she'd be stranded on her ass like a turtle. And that would cut the show short which would in turn piss off Raven! One after another after another! She realized that if one of them didn't like a certain cheer, her waistline would gain another inch or two before the next. Each hop made her breasts bounce uncomfortably but at least the bra wasn't constraining her anymore. She tried to pull off a split but realized it was nigh impossible with thighs the width of tree trunks. It sent the girls into an uproar. She jumped, her ass cheeks bobbling under her bloomers until one jump when her shouts were accompanied by a loud rip and her bloomers ended up in two shreds on the floor. She turned bright red with humility, making Raven so very happy. But it wasn't over yet!

"Yea... team!" huffed an exhausted Kirsten, tears streaming down her puffy cheeks. The two goths sat on the opposite couch finishing up their munchies, laughing and clapping as Kirsten dropped the fringed pillows she was using for pom-poms.

"Hey! What are you stopping for? Keep going!" insisted Raven.

"But I don't know any... others!" wheezed Kirsten.

"Then make one up!" growled Raven. Kirsten paused but Raven's mockingly puffed up cheeks made her strike a pose as she tried to think of something quick.

"Gimme... a... " started Kirsten.

"B" shouted Raven. She nudged Gwenda "Get ready!"

"Gimme... a... " started Kirsten unwillingly.

"L" shouted Raven.

"Gimme... a... " started Kirsten, thinking she knew where this was heading.

"I" shouted Raven.

"Gimme... a... " started Kirsten, fearing what would happen if she stopped.

"M" shouted Raven.

"Gimme... a... " started Kirsten.

"P" shouted Raven.

"What's... that... spell?" Growled Kirsten between wheezes.

"blimp" smirked Gwenda swirling her finger.

"Get her good this time!" laughed Raven. "I never wanna see her cheerlead again! That like defied the Geneva Convention!"

"No... more! Enough!" pleaded Kirsten. But her cries weren't paid much mind. This time, she noticed her ass growing bigger first. Each cheek felt to have the diameter of a spare tire as they started to grow into her massive belly. She was rounding out all over, making poor Kirsten fear that any more and she'd bust wide open! She felt herself growing to the point were she couldn't bend at the elbow or at the knee; the pressure was just too much. She started to moan in long, drawn out whimpers. Her sweater was starting to come apart at the seams thanks to her monstrous breasts. Gaps formed where the sweater was ripping and little bulges of flesh came thru. But miraculously, that wasn't the only piece of clothing that was still on her.

"Wow!" smiled Raven. She cautiously approached and played with Kirsten's skirt. "That looks uncomfortable." She noted as waistline cut into Kirsten's middle. She tugged on it while looking right at Kirsten with a big smile. "Have her burst right out of it!"

"Please!" pleaded Kirsten. "No more!" But there was a gleam in Gwenda's eye and for a second the growth picked up in Kirsten's belly. The pressure was about to make Kirsten blackout! She was ballooning out rapidly! "Ple...ease!"

Suddenly there was a loud pop! For a second, Kirsten thought it was her. But when she opened her eyes she realized that her sweater had finally given way and she was naked all except for her skirt, digging further and further into her with each surge of growth. "Stop this Now!" she screamed. But Gwenda kept going. The tears poured down Kirsten's face. What had they done to her, She thought, looking in the mirror. It didn't look as bad when clothes covered her but for her to see this was really how she'd grown? She started to get hysterical. Her breasts the size of beachballs, slowly getting absorbed into a massive sphere that was her belly. It went from under her breasts to her crotch and was almost completely spherical except for a spot in the small of her back that was on its way to being rounded too. Just then her skirt started to creak at the waistline until it snapped.

"Okay good!" hollered Raven and the growing stopped as the skirt fell to the floor. She cautiously approached again. "I'm impressed." she giggled. Kirsten was still too busy crying over what happened to her in the mirror. She could see with the aide of the mirror that she was completely naked now except for her shoes and socks, stretched around massive, cone-shaped ankles. "You plumped out right nice!" Raven joked with a Southern accent. Kirsten's hair, though messy, was still in two pigtails. "It looks like you went and ate the whole cheerleading squad now!" Laughed Raven again.

"Again!" corrected Gwenda. "It's not fat. It's air!" Kirsten began to moan again. Fat. She knew how to get rid of fat. But air? What would they do? Stick her with a pin? No, that might not be a good idea considering how big she was now. Her massive belly had almost made her completely spherical. The only things that managed not to be absorbed were her head (though her cheeks were quite puffy), her limbs from the joints of her elbow and knee down, forming weird cone-shaped mockeries of their former shapes, and massive breast obscuring parts of her vision.

"Will I burst?" asked Kirsten choking on her tears.

"No." laughed Raven. "We're not going to make you burst. We're not murderers!"

"Remember this is magic!" explained Gwenda. "Theoritically none of this could really happen but magically it does, so magically, you're not going to pop. But you will get bigger and you will feel as though you would pop. There really is now telling how big you can get!" She turned to Raven. "Now? What should we play?" Raven smirked and walked towards Kirsten's duffelbag.

"I don't know but this looks like something special!" she laughed snagging out a picture of skinny Kirsten and Craig together at the mall. It was Kirsten's favorite of them together.

"Put that... down!" wheezed the balloon like cheerleader.

"You'll have to make me!" laughed Raven, starting to back away like she was preparing for a chase. Kirsten stood motionless. "I said: You'll have to make me!" repeated Raven, as though she was cueing her up. "Come and get it, blimpie!" she hollered. Kirsten knew she was in no shape to walk even waddle at this point. But Kirsten decided to give it a try anyhow. She leaned to one side, raising her opposite foot and bringing it forward the slightest bit. Then again. Then again. She was waddling around! Raven looked angry. Like she wanted to have Kirsten fail just so she could make her bloat up some more. Kirsten was shuffling her swollen feet some more as she approached Raven.

"Give me... that... picture!" huffed Kirsten waddling as quick as her rotund frame would allow. Raven tosses it like a frisbee over to Gwenda. Kirsten awkwardly changed her direction to pursue. Raven snuck behind Kirsten, ducking down. Thanks to the swelling, it was just out of Kirsten's line of sight. "Please! I beg... of you!" Kirsten waddled. Suddenly Raven extended her foot and hooked Kirsten's massive ankle. The next thing Kirsten knew she was approaching the floor, fast!

With a loud 'oomph', Kirsten landed on the swollen ball that had become of her belly. Gwenda held the picture an inch away from her face as Raven came around and helped laugh at the poor balloon girl. Kirsten tried to reach but her arms were too full to bend. She could only swing her arms in short circles, flopping her hands back and forth. This only made the other two laugh even more.

"Too full to get it blimpie?" Laughed Gwenda

"Just... Just leave me alone!" screamed Kirsten. Tears pouring over her puffy cheeks yet again.

"Okay." snickered Raven. And the two left Kirsten's vision. It got quiet.

"Hello?" asked Kirsten. She heard them run upstairs. Suddenly the light clicked off and she was all alone. Kirsten thought about escaping. THey were giving her the perfect opportunity. She tried rolling onto her sides but couldn't get enough momentuum. She was helpless. A big helpless blimp of a cheerleader. All she could do was lay there, in the pitch black, and breathe. "Don't just leave me like... this!"

"This is turning out far better than I expected!" laughed Raven pouring whipped cream onto a sundae she was making. "She's massive. There's no way Craig would ever even think about looking at her ever again!"

"Don't you feel a little... I dunno... sorry for her though?" asked Gwenda. Raven gave an evil eye but the wiccan couldn't take the hint. "I mean it's not her fault she's going out with the guy if she likes him! Know what I mean?"

"Gwenda!" yelled Raven. "Just shut the hell up and do as I say! I'm the boss of this operation! Okay?"

"Okay." sighed Gwenda as they approached the basement stairs with their sundaes.

Kirsten saw the light flicker back on and heard the sound of the girls marching down the steps. For a second she was almost glad that they'd come back. They stepped up in front of the swollen mass she'd become and waved around their sundaes. Seeing them eat, Kirsten realized that she hadn't eaten anything all day and was now starting to get a little hungry.

"What's a matter?" asked Gwenda, waving it centimeters away from Kirsten's face. "Hungry?"

"It's right there!" laughed Raven. "Aren't you going to have some?" Kirsten struggled but couldn't move one bit, no matter how hard she tried. "C'mon! She's being nice enough to offer you!" Kirsten stuck out her neck like some kind of turtle, trying to reach it with an outstretched tongue.

"Oh well!" sighed Gwenda with a chuckle. "Just imagine what it might do to her figure anyway... oh yeah... nevermind!" she laughed. Raven feigned a laugh but turned her attention back towards the helpless Kirsten.

"Now seriously. Get up! It's time for more games!" She said, poking Kirsten with the toe of her black combat boots. Kirsten protested.

"I can't move! You know that you stupid bitch!" screamed Kirsten.

"Uh-oh!" Laughed Gwenda. "She's getting testy! Want me to zap her?" Raven stood speechless, half impressed with the girl's gaul, half ready to bitch slap her for her defiance.

"Why the hell not?!" growled Raven. "Make her too big to even speak! I don't want her to say another word!" Kirsten growled back.

"Raven, you silly little witch bitch!" Both girls got angry. "This is all you can do! Inflate me up like a big helpless balloon! Why? Because you feel threatened by me! Because you're too much of a snot-nosed bitch to even try to appeal to Craig so you have to make me less appealing to him!" Gwenda started swirling her fingers. Kirsten went on. "You... you're path...pathetic!" She wheezed. "I don't know why... poor Gwenda... has to... put up with a... whiner like... you!" Gwenda peered over at Raven. Raven was infuriated.

"Pump her full!" she commanded. With that, Gwenda made the spurt more intense. With all the air entering her body, Kirsten could only manage little barely audible squeaks. She got rounder still as she became a big flesh colored orb that seemed to take up a quarter of Gwenda's basement. She was starting to get as wide as she was tall. Her arms had disappeared up to her wrists and hands bobbed trying to grab hold of something. Raven started to approach. Kirsten got frightened she might try to pop her after all. Instead the goth rolled the bloated blonde onto her feet, bringing them almost to eye level if Kirsten's dome shaped breasts weren't in the way.

"!" wheezed Kirsten, the last thing she was able to get out before the pressure got too intense for her to talk. Her heartbeat throbbed like a bass drum, obscuring most of the sounds around her. Her cheeks were also starting to swell up to the point where she looked as though she was squinting. Suddenly she felt her crotch, all swollen and tender, pressing against the floor past her feet. She felt herself start to lift a little.

"That's good for now!" said Gwenda bringing the swelling to a halt. Raven looked displeased. "This is a gradual process! Too much too soon could be dangerous!" Raven huffed angrily but swayed to Kirsten's side where they could barely make eye contact.

"Well now it looks like you're too swollen to move!" snickered Raven. "Your feet can't even touch the ground anymore! Tell me? How does it feel?" All Kirsten could summon was a loud whimpering moan. "Great!" responded Raven. "Glad you like it!" She snickered over to Gwenda. "I bet you think that's all the fun we can have with you until school tomorrow?" Kirsten nodded as much as the swelling allowed. "Wrongo!" laughed Raven stepping behind her, setting her sundae on the table. Kirsten was worried, and tried to see what was going on behind her. Gwenda was in the dark too. Suddenly with a shove, Kirsten rolled forward like a massive children's ball! "Play ball!" screamed Raven playfully. Gwenda laughed, catching Kirsten. Kirsten looked upwards to catch view of Gwenda prepare to push her back.

Back and forth Kirsten went for hours. She was dizzy but helpless to do a thing! back and forth she went as each girl took a scoop of her ice cream. Raven smeared a little on Kirsten's face to piss her off. Kirsten was so humilated and helpless but knew she was able to tick Raven off one last time, big time! And she enjoyed that.

"This is getting boring now!" sighed Gwenda with a push. She looked at the clock and realized that it was half past midnight.

"Why don't you hit her with another blast?" Yawned Raven, pushing back.

"Okay!" agreed Gwenda. "But then I'm going to bed! I'm too damn tired." The rotund cheerleader-orb came to a stop in the middle of the basement as each girl stood up and looked down at the source of the two blonde ponytails, the only things on Kirsten that hadn't inflated. Gwenda swirled a finger. Kirsten started to cry as the flesh inflated outward still. Despite what they had said, her skin felt incredibly tight and she felt like she'd burst at any second! It started to swell up, absorbing her neck and smothering the sides of her face. There were small divots where her hands were supposed to be and little swollen feet, shoes with snapped laces hanging off of them kicking around below. Kirsten could only cry and try to let out an occasional moan.

She didn't get much sleep. She was afraid that one false move and she'd explode! She thought about life as a giant, swollen balloon. Maybe there was a way they could inflate her. At least maybe halfway! She'd be ecstatic to be a quarter of the size she was. By the time she was able to get some shut eye, the other two had already woken up and prepared for the fun they would have that day at school! Kirsten felt a push and woked up with a startle.

"Hey sleepyhead!" laughed Raven. "Thanks to Gwenda, we got something for you to wear for your BIG day out!" she snickered. Kirsten looked to see Gwenda holding up her cheerleading uniform. "She used some of her crazy wiccan stuff and fixed it for you. It's bigger now too, It just might fit your lard ass!" Gwenda peered. "Yeah yeah, inflated... whatever! Let's get it on her, okay?"

They approached and rolled Kirsten onto what was her belly. Her feet tried to kick in protest but there was too much air inside of her. They stretched on her bloomers first, stretching them on the best they could. Next was the skirt, Kirsten still tried to kick but they pulled on her skirt over her swollen mass. It was snug around her waistline but nowhere as bad as before. Then Gwenda rolled her into a 'standing' position and Raven pulled her sweater on over her. Kirsten was dressed and ready for school! Shortly after, Kirsten was being rolled towards the garage. The only problem was the doorway into it.

"Alright now get ready!" said Raven. Her and Gwenda Pushed. Kirsten let out a huffing noise as suddenly, she was wedged in the doorway! "Now ram her!" screamed Raven. They kept shoulder ramming into Kirsten's swollen right side, trying to push her thru the door frame. But the door only creaked. "C'mon!" shouted Raven, backing up some. She charged at full speed. With a pop, Kirsten rolled out into the garage, taking deep breaths.

Gwenda's dad had a pickup truck, the perfect solution to how they'd transport her. They loaded her onto the back gently, rolling her up towards the cab. Kirsten resisted again, as much as she could, waving around fingers and toes, trying to do something, anything!

"Easy there, girl!" laughed Raven, slamming the gate shut on the back. "You'll tire yourself out!" And with that the two hopped in and started the engine. Kirsten could only see the tops of trees above her but she could feel everyone they passed by staring a hole thru her. With each stop sign or turn, she'd roll around the back of the pick up helplessly. The tears started to well up again. This wasn't going to be her day!

The next thing she new, the truck had come to a stop. They'd pulled up right in front of the main doors, the spot that Craig met her everyday!

"Okay now easy!" Gwenda calmed as she hopped into Kirsten's line of vision. Her ice cold hands began to rock Kirsten's inflated body towards the edge of the truck and with a delicate heave, the two girls hoisted her onto the sidewalk. "Ready?" Gwenda laughed to Raven. Kirsten tried to muster a moan, something to show her disapproval. Then the goths began to roll her towards the main doors. People entering the school made way. She could just hear their comments over her own whimpering.

"What the hell is that?" asked a guy.

"Is that a cheerleading uniform? Holy shit! Is that a cheerleader?!" laughed another girl.

"Looks like she's been binging for a month straight!" said yet another girl, Kirsten waiting for Gwenda to interject.

"She looks like a giant balloon!" said a teacher walking in. With each spin, she could see herself getting closer. She could see Craig!

Raven went around first, opening the double doors. It was snug but better than the door to Gwenda's garage. Raven went in first.

"Heya Craig!" said Raven. Craig, too busy searching for Kirsten, wondered why this goth was talking to him.

"Can I help you?" he asked. Raven peered up with puppy dog eyes.

"It's about Kirsten!" she said feigning concern. "We don't know what happened to her!" she giggled and gave a signal as Gwenda rolled Kirsten front and center.

"What the hell... Kirsten?!" he asked in amazement. The tears were already deluging down her swollen cheeks.

"We.... found her like this!" Raven said with a concerned smile. "We weren't sure what we should do but then we thought hey! Craig's her boyfriend! He's got a right to know!" Craig wasn't paying attention. He walked around Kirsten to see what had become of her. Kirsten tried to rock back and forth, to tip-toe around to see his reaction.

"My god... Kirsten! What happened?" he asked. Kirsten gave out a whimper. "You look... incredible." It was one of those moments were everyone shook their heads, expecting one kind of remark but getting the complete opposite. So they all jumped in shock. "I mean I don't know what it is, but you're... kinda sexy like that!" He said. Kirsten kept crying. But this time they were tears of joy. She rocked back and forth as he approached for a very delicate hug. The two goths backed away. Raven was homicidal.

"Gwenda?" growled Raven.

"I'm sorry it didn't turn out the way you... "

"Hit me!"

"What?" jumped Gwenda.

"Pump me up! Inflate me! Swell me up! I wanna blow up! Distend my shape! Puff me up! Make me expand! Make me bigger than that stupid bitch! Understand?"

"Okay but..." Gwenda wiggled both her fingers and took a few steps back.

"He wants his girls big?" growled Raven as pressure started to mount deep within her. "I'll show him big! I'm going to be huge! Bigger than that dumbass cheerleader." She started to feel the pressure build up even more. "If he wants big, I'll show him massive! He won't be able to resist me! I'll be his dreamgirl/blimp!" Raven started to get a little bulgy under her tight black dress and jacket. "He won't be able to take his eyes off of me! I'll be so big no one can!" Her breasts started to slowly rise off of her chest. "That's right, Gwenda! Blow me up bigtime!" Gwenda swirled her fingers together another time and ran the other way! "I'm going to be so fucking big!" she laughed evilly. Suddenly, the swelling took off with a bang! Her belly, boobs, hips, ass, thighs, upper arms, even her cheeks all started to inflate! People gathered around as her already tight clothes seemed to trap her! This feels incredible! I'm a fucking BALLOON!!! She looked like an overstuffed sausage in the dress she was wearing. "Yes!" she moaned. "Craig won't be able to resist me!" Bigger, Bigger, BIGGER!!!

"Wait up!" huffed Gwenda. Back outside, Craig had promised Kirsten he'd take her home and pamper her for the day. Gwenda caught up and the two loaded Kirsten into Craig's truck. She told him everything about her and Raven's plans.

"Fucking blow me up until I explode!!!" said Raven, her flesh bulging out of gaps in the seams. She was rounding out much as her cheerleading victim had! Her arms and legs were forming soft cones, rocking in circles with each surge of growth. Then the dress ripped and within seconds she'd almost become completely globular. "YES! Stretch me more, fill me more, Yeeeeeeeess!!!"

"I'm really sorry, again for what we did." said Gwenda.

"Don't be! Everything's going to be just fine!" said Craig. He waved and drove off. Gwenda stood there in the parking lot as the truck carrying her bloated cheerleader drove away. She sighed. Suddenly the glass shattered to the main lobby doors as a flesh colored bulge pushed out of it like rising bread dough. "Yes, going.a.. to.... burst!!!!!!!!"

"Have a ball, Raven!" she smiled, walking a way with a whistle. "Have a ball!" she laughed as half of the building collapsed around a big flesh colored orb with a tiny head on top.

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