Blimp 3

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On Shania's suggestion I decided to spend some time away from the beach.  She recommended a spot just a few miles out of town, a plot of wide open undeveloped land, away from power lines and airplane flight paths.  It wasn't visited that often, she said, but when I arrived there was already someone there.

She was a blonde wearing a black unitard with a blue stripe running down either side.  You know, before I got into this I didn't even know that was what you called leotards with legs.  If nothing else it's been a learning experience.

As I approached she gave me a confused look, clearly not expecting anyone else to show up.  It was then I noticed that she was... well, she was short.  About a foot shorter than I was, and not really... well, endowed.  I don't want to sound rude, but she had the bare minimum when it came to breasts and hips.

That probably sounded really rude, but it's hard not to pay attention to other people's bodies when we're all wearing skin-tight clothing.

I waved.  "Hi there.  It's a nice day for a flight, isn't it?"

She gave a half-hearted shrug. "I wouldn't know.  I don't fly."

"Oh.  Oka-"

"Why?  Do you think you're special?"


She scoffed but said nothing.

"So, um..." It was about then that I stopped thinking before I spoke. "How old are you?"

Her brow furrowed in annoyance. "Twenty-four."

I wasn't expecting that. "Oh, oka-"

"Why?" She glowered up at me. "You thought I was a kid because I was so short, is that it?"

"No!  I mean, I-"

"Do you even know what it's like having everyone look down on you?" By now she was positively fuming.


"Well maybe I should -show- you!"  Before I could respond she took a deep breath, raised her thumb to her mouth and blew.  Her cheeks bulged as she filled herself with air, gaining in height until she was eye level with me.  She inhaled and blew again, shooting up another two feet, and then a third time, growing until I only came up to her hips.  She wasn't just growing taller, she was growing more endowed: Her hips were wide even by normal standards, and her chest had to have been at least a yard across.

As she went to blow into her thumb again I said, "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to say that, I uh... I wasn't really thinking."

She paused, looking around but making a pointed effort to not look at me. "What was that?  I could've sworn I heard some -kid- talking..." She made an exaggerated shrug before raising her thumb to her mouth. "OH WELL."

She gave herself a powerful puff and grew again, and I found myself only reaching the middle of her thigh.  Another blow sent her even higher, leaving me at knee height.  I was forced to keep walking backwards, both for a better look and to avoid being stepped on.

As she grew skyward she began showing more and more signs of her inflation: Each growth was punctuated by rubbery creaks and the deep hiss of air inside of her.  Her breasts, huge even in scale, were round, full, and refused to sag, bobbing slowly as they swelled and with each move she made.  Her formerly trim stomach had since gained a prominent bulge that only grew larger as she did, swelling up to meet the underside of her breasts.  Her legs had become thick, massive trunks tapering down to her ankles, and everywhere else her body was gradually taking on a rounded, weightless bulk, from her face to her toes.

By the time she had stopped blowing herself up she was so tall that I didn't even reach halfway up to her puffy ankles.  She let out a sigh, and I craned my neck up to try and look at her head, only to find my view blocked by the giant curve of her stomach and two breasts the size of hot air balloons.

She leaned forward, impaired slightly by the size of her belly, and looked down at me.  Smirking, she put her hands on her hips. "Now who's the small one?"

Without replying I took a deep breath.  I felt my body stretch as I grew rounder, and as my feet left the ground I tipped forward onto my stomach.  My swelling continued as I inhaled, pushing me larger, and as my line of sight crept up her legs I kept track of how large I was compared to her.  Within moments I had reached her knees in height, and she had merely watched without saying a word.

Suddenly she turned around, and I stopped, wondering what she was doing.  I didn't have to wonder long; her shadow loomed overhead, just before she lowered herself down onto me.

Despite her size being nothing but pneumatic enhancement she was as heavy as she looked.  I felt myself flatten out from her bulk, the pressure in my body rising suddenly as I was pressed between her and the ground.  As she put her full weight on me I could feel her backside sink into me, my skin matching the contours of her butt.  I tried to draw breath again but stopped when she began bobbing up and down, bouncing on me and causing me to flatten and stretch uncomfortably.

"Oh my," she said innocently. "What a wonderful seat this little balloon makes."

You know, before I got into this I didn't even know what a Napoleon complex was.

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