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"Do you like it?" Miyamoto Hideo was one of the best fugu chefs in the country! He was so good he had started to make a franchise out of it & became extremely rich. He was the President & CEO of the Puffy Fish corporation. He figured he had the perfect life!

"Mmmmmm, father!" smiled his daughter Megumi with a mouthful. She was a knockout! After winning about a dozen beauty contests hands down, she was on her way to becoming one of Japan's hottest supermodels. She could literally have any man she wanted. She looked up at her father with her gorgeous brown eyes, her medium length, reddish brown dyed hair brushing her shoulders. "This is the best I've ever tasted!" Her father Hideo laughed with his big thunderous voice.

"Good!!! I prepared it special for you!" he laughed. She hadn't a clue. You see Hideo was a proud man & was of a high social status. His company had been growing like crazy lately & was starting to look into spreading internationally. With his company going public soon he was under a lot of stress. Then he heard that Megumi had taken a liking to a lowly busboy at his restaurant! He knew that if word got out, he'd be the laughing stock of the Japanese upper class. He had to stop her, anyway he could! Also, Puffy Fish's board of directors told him that his chain of restaurants could really use a corporate mascot. So he formulated a plan to kill two birds with one stone, or blowfish as the case may be. He waited until the night the two lovebirds were planning on running away together to get married! He told Megumi he wanted to cook her a special dish, acting as though he didn't know.

Megumi, having just came out of the bath, looked as though she was in a bit of a hurry. Yet she figured she'd better try to appease him so it didn’t seem like anything was wrong. She continued to scarf it, faster than anything she'd ever eaten before because A) she was in a hurry & B) it was literally the best she'd ever tasted. Her father just laughed evilly every once in a while when she let out an appeased full-mouthed moan. She looked up with a pleasant smile & swallowed.

"Aren't you hungry, father?" asked Megumi, pulling her hair back in a ponytail.

"Oh… no… this is special! Just for you!" he smirked. Megumi eventually finished & Hideo watched with a leery eye. "How… was it?"

"It was great!" smiled Megumi. "It really filled me up!" she said, rubbing middle. Hideo watched as Megumi started to look funny. "What did you do different this time?" The joy slowly leaving her voice after feeling how full she felt. She put on weight easily & she barely ever stuffed herself like this! She knew she'd regret this on the gym's treadmill!

"My little Megumi…" smiled the chef as he smirked. "I know about you & Koji, that disgusting little wretch of a busboy!" Megumi gasped in fear. "So I decided to try something a little different!"

"Father?" asked a petrified Megumi. One thought popped into her head & terrified her. She leaned back onto her palms, & started to crawl out from under the table she was kneeling under. Suddenly she felt the fullness in her stomach start to build up. "You… poisoned me?"

"Oh! Heavens no, my dear daughter! I'm a chef, not a murderer! But us Fugu chefs? We have our secrets!" he laughed. Megumi tried to sit up but stopped when she felt something extremely heavy building up inside her. "Do you know how a blowfish fends off its attackers?" asked Hideo with a smirk.

"By… puffing up…" she said, half paying attention half worried about what was happening to her.

"Exactly, my dear." Laughed Hideo with his arms folded & scratching his beard. "What you just ate, in such a frenzy I might add, was a meal prepared with the organ responsible for making the blowfish puff up. Which means…"

"I'm puffing up!!!" screamed Megumi, looking down at a bulge forming under her kimono. She rolled onto her side into almost a fetal position & started to moan as the pressure continued to mount inside her sharply.

"Exactly." Smiled Hideo. "Now, my dear daughter. I know you've always dreamed of being a model!" Megumi was in tears now as the bulge grew larger, making her start to look as if she was pregnant. "So I was thinking. My fugu chain could really use a spokes-model. Interested?" Megumi rolled onto her hands & knees & slowly pushed herself onto her feet. She didn't answer her father, too concerned with what the fugu was doing to her. She stood up, looking as though she was in her twentieth week of pregnancy.

"What am I filling with?" she cried looking down as her tummy bulged out more.

"Why, air of course, dear!" said Hideo with a big smile. To him this was a sweet revenge for her threatening to embarrass him. Megumi took deep pants & tried to push in her belly, anything to get some of the air out. It was all in vain though. The poor girl continued to swell larger. Now the growth was spreading to other parts of her body. Megumi's once extremely trim ass was now becoming just visibly plumper under the kimono, pulling the knot tighter & tighter. This spread into her hips & thighs as well, as the girth of each leg looked to have double above the kneecap. She panicked when suddenly her chest seemed a little tight. She turned to her father as her breasts started to swell.

"Father! Stop this! I beg you!" she pleaded. Hideo's incessant laughter came to a halt & his voice became very stern.

"You left me no choice. You were going to embarrass me horribly in front of the public!" he said, with his lips bent specially for an angry tone. "So for that, I'm going to embarrass you worse than you've ever imagined!" Megumi continued to cry, as she started to look like an extremely exaggerated hourglass, the sash of her kimono cutting deep into her middle. She tried to loosen it but it was just too damn tight!

"How much… will I…?"

"Puff up?" asked Hideo with a chuckle. "That all depends really! I didn't expect you to grow much larger than you are now. But you show no signs of stopping there, dear daughter!" Megumi bawled louder, when suddenly she realized…

"Call…" she whimpered, turning to look at the phone.

"What?" asked Hideo. Megumi took a step but due to the growth it looked more like an awkward shuffle. "No!" he jumped as she started making her way to the phone. Hideo jumped up, flipping the low table. He ran as Megumi waddled the best she could. By now her belly looked as though it was carrying a baby in its ninth month & her other parts continued to plump up, making her look as if she was kind of fat, only without the folds.

"Must… reach…" She moaned, starting to tire. Hideo threw his arms around her to grab her. The tighter he squeezed, the more air it displaced inside her, making her wince from excess pressure. Suddenly the sash to the kimono snapped! Hideo jumped & pulled the plug on the phone out the wall socket. Megumi had stopped & looked down at herself. Without the sash, her kimono opened up & it became truly visible how much she'd grown! Her breasts & hips were starting to round out into her ever-expanding belly. "Father… you… are…"

"What?" smiled Hideo, recovering from his anger with a large grin spread across his face.

"A… dog-bastard!" Megumi screamed. "Need a… pin! Poke… me! Let… air… out!!! Before I… POP!!!" Hideo just laughed.

"Sorry, dear. I can't help you there. I'm nothing more than a dog-bastard." Hideo smirked. "And besides, I like watching you puff up, helplessly, restlessly trying to make it stop!" Megumi slowly dropped, sitting on her swollen ankles. "Well it'll stop on its own, where that includes you bursting or not!" he smirked.

"I'm going… to burst?" cried Megumi.

"Probably not… figured I should scare you a little though!" laughed Hideo.

Megumi was continuing to puff up with short little swells. She continued to round out as Hideo took out a cell phone from in his kimono & walked away as it speed-dialed. "Imori? Hideo here." He spoke. "Yeah. The mascot's ready to be picked up! Ha-Ha. Yeah! You were right! Have the boys bring the truck around back in about ten minutes. Okay." The phone beeped off. "Don't worry, Megumi. We're going to take real good care of you!"

Megumi collapsed onto her swollen side as her limbs became nothing more than soft cone shaped mockeries of what they once were. Her entire torso now, from under her chin to her crotch was just one large ball with an open kimono covering only her arms. She rolled her massive girth onto her back, or at least what used to be her back before it rounded out from expanding. She took deep puffs & tried, the best she could, to push in her sides, trying anyway she could to get the air out of her. But it wasn't going anywhere! She continued to swell up larger & larger. Her round torso puffed forward & started to assimilate her cone shape limbs. In seconds her body had swollen up to her elbows & just a little above her kneecaps. Every once in a while, she'd kick a fit & frantically shake her hands & feet with the little power she had left. And during those spurts of bloated aggression, Hideo would only laugh.

"I'm… so big!" she moaned. "Father…? How… could you?" she said, even her cheeks starting to look a little puffy but with her eyes wide in disbelief. Her father only smirked.

"You must listen to me & do as I say or else!" he threatened. "There's a truck coming to pick you up & we're bringing you into the city for your makeup & fittings. You have a busy night ahead of you my dear!" laughed the large brutish man. Megumi didn't know what he meant. Was he going to still have her model or something? At this size? He was going to try & embarrass her!

"No! No… father… mustn't go out… in public… like this…I'm… HUGE!!!" she panted. Hideo smirked, not answering. The growth began to slow down a little. In all the commotion, Megumi hadn't realized.

In the space of about 20 seconds, her body had finally stopped its inflation & had swollen a little past her wrists, her hands poking out of a tiny divot in her massive, perfectly round side. The same went for her feet. Hideo rolled her up into what would look like a standing position but Megumi's feet no longer touched the ground! Even on tippy-toes. She cried helplessly as she looked out the backdoors, luckily for her it was a double-door. A large freight truck like the one her father's company used to transport supplies & food from store to store, backed up right against the door. To thuggish men hopped out & came inside. There, helplessly 'stood' Megumi, completely naked & swollen to her limits. The two men stared in disbelief as they prepared her to roll. "Easy!" warned Hideo. She might be a blimp but she's still my daughter! And besides! She's our new mascot!"

'Mascot?' Thought Megumi in a panic. 'oh no' She frantically flapped her hands & feet when suddenly she felt the men's hands gently push into her, trying to make her roll! They were rolling her around like a huge ball! First onto her side so she wasn't rolling over her own head & then just a few practice pushes to see if she was stable.

"Wow!" said the one. "A lot lighter than I thought!"

"What's she filled with?" the other asked Hideo.

"Ordinary, everyday air! She literally is nothing more than a big puffy Balloon Girl!" He laughed. "Didn't expect her to get this big though! Only really bulgy! Now she's a flippin' blimp!" And with that the men rolled her out the back doors with a laugh. With each turn she got dizzy. There was a slight drop from the back door step & the impact made her wince a little. "EASY!" reminded Hideo. They continued & she felt the cold walkway tickling her body in a ring motion as she rolled. As they reached the back of the truck, the two men looked at each other & smiled. They bent down, reaching under her. They started to lift! She weighed the exact same & they hadn't expected her to be so light! They placed her on the back of the truck & rolled her on, her taut skin still throbbing from pressure. Her body shook with each heartbeat, scared with what they were going to do with her! The one man shut the steel door as Megumi saw Hideo stepping out in a business suit he had on under his kimono & heading towards the front of the truck. With the door shut it was pitch black & Megumi went into a depressed swollen oblivion.


The next couple hours were a blur for Megumi. She remembered the truck stopping & the door opening at a large warehouse. The men rolled her outside & her father joined them in lowering her to the ground safely. One shut the door & then they again started to roll Megumi. She was starting to get super dizzy & everything was blurry from not being able to reach her eyes to wipe the tears out. Hideo walked alongside as they entered a large open garage door. Inside was a large group of people from her father's company that she could just recognize though it seemed they could hardly recognize her. There was another group to the side of them. Hideo pointed & the two men rolled Megumi to them. Hideo talked with the people at his company & then talked to the main guy, who looked like your typical fashion designer, makeup, all around fruity guy.

"We were thinking something traditional! Like a kimono & geisha makeup or something!"

"Right away, sir!" said the man with a flap of his hand downward. His face was in a bit of shock from the initial view of the girl but he saw his chance to literally, do something big. Megumi could hardly remember them whipping her off to wardrobe & trying numerous things on her & then being rolled up for makeup. Hideo watched it all with the group from his company as the makeup people did their work. Displaying his happiness with a huge grin, Hideo chuckled.

"You always wanted to be a model! Here's your chance!"


The very next day, Koji stepped off the crowded commuter train towards work a bit depressed. Megumi hadn't met with him the prior night & he thought she probably realized that he was nothing more than a lowly busboy & was probably looking for someone else, more her 'type.' He left the station & turned the corner towards the restaurant as he saw Hideo in front leading a massive crane. Koji was in a state of shock.

"Oh! Koji!" said Hideo with exuberance. "You've been promoted." He put his arm around the scrawny boy. "Since you love my daughter so much, it'll be your new job to care for all of her needs! Busy job! In her condition, she's rather helpless!" The two looked up over the entrance of the restaurant as the crane slowly lowered a massive ball onto a huge platform. Koji could make out little feet wiggling out under what looked like an XXXXXL kimono, large panties covering the bottom of the ball. The kimono, draped around, & as big as it was, still looking like it was going to bust at the seams, had two little dainty hands poking out at the sides. Then at the top was Megumi's face with puffy cheeks & Geisha make up & wig on.

"Is that…?" started Koji.

"Never mess with me, boy." Advised Hideo with an angry tone as he stepped away.


And ever since, Miyamoto Megumi has been the corporate mascot for her father's company. Fusen-Chan, the puffy balloon girl! She appears at every grand opening of a Puffy Fish. When the restaurant opened its first overseas restaurant in Los Angeles, Megumi was flown in on a special cargo plane to make an appearance. She even appeared in an ad campaign with TV commercials. There would always be a hungry person standing somewhere. A construction worker at a site. A female nurse on duty. A kid after a soccer game in a park. They'd complain about how they were starving & suddenly Megumi would be pushed in front of the camera, unwillingly of course & as she rolled by the person would have their arms full with yummy seafood goodness from Puffy Fish!

But most of the time, Megumi was positioned high atop the original Puffy Fish's entrance. There was a pull over canopy for when it rained & she'd get a new XXXXXL kimono everyday. In the winter, when it got cold, she had to be watched very closely, for fear of the air inside her expanding & stretching her already tight-as-a-drum skin. She was absolutely miserable. Helplessly rolling around over the restaurant's entrance. She was no more than a living, swollen store display. Models were never treated this poorly.

At least her man, Koji is always loyally by her side.

And Hideo? Hideo became the richest man in all of Japan. Eventually, they even added his favorite dish to the menu. "The Puffy Girl Special" Of course the patrons had to sign a waiver before hand though. Puffy Fish wouldn't be held responsible for adverse side effects!

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