Rollin' in my 5.0


The final Drupal 5 release was a little over a week ago. It was one of the things I was waiting for to really start construction on the actual site rather than just testing things.

I've got Drupal 5 loaded up and running. Time to start building. Right now I still have the default theme, and the following have been set up:

Some Taxonomy terms

A couple of problems in the way:

CCK - The content creation kit has has a release for Drupal 5, but it has issues with PostgreSQL DB. The issue's been identified and logged and is being dealt with. I doubt this will be an issue for more than a few days.

AcidFree - Problems with PostgreSQL as well. I haven't seen anyone else report this. For all I know, nobody else is trying to run AcidFree with Postgre. Once I ger around to replicating it, I'll file a bug report myself.

A few minor issues with some modules still in development. But at this point I have enough to keep myself busy for a while.