I decided to go with PostgreSQL rather than MySQL for this iteration of the site for various reasons that I'm sure you won't find interesting. Drupal is usually deployed on MySQL, but Postgres is supported. It's not a problem for the core modules, but other modules often have issues. Not as many people on Postgre means fewer testers, means problems are less likely to be caught.

I figured I'd be helpful by submitting a bug report for one of the modules which was related to Postgre. I check back on my issue report and find that it's no longer there. However, it looks like the latest module release included an attempt at a fix.

But it didn't work.

Turns out it's just a one character mistake in the table creation query in the install file. Took me about 20 seconds to find. Now, if my bug tracking issue still existed, then this attempted fix could have been posted there, I could have tested and replied there, and this could all be worked out. But apparently whoever it is who controls this module has a different way of doing things.

Bah. I'll refile the issue later.