There were reasons why I chose PostgreSQL as the database on which to build this site. I seem to remember they were good reasons, but they're escaping me now.

Officially, Drupal supports PostgreSQL, and all of the core modules do flawlessly. It's the contrib modules that are presenting a problem. And there are a lot of them. Most of them fall into the category of "nice to have", but there are a few that would qualify as "needed" or what I want to do.

AcidFree is the big holdup currently. Once I have a proper image gallery, I can load it up and bring on the beta testers. I can't even fault the devs too much on this one, the errors are fairly minor. There aren't many PGSQL users out there for testing, so I understand if support doesn't work flawlessly. What I find annoying is when a module with skips PGSQL support entirely and doesn't give any notification. Egad.

Anyway, submitted another error report tonight. I'm still hanging in there.