Sorority Troubles

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Carry awoke with a strong groggy feeling overwhelming her. She couldn't remember exactly what had happened before she passed out. She was at a frat party with the rest of her sorority, and she recalls her leader being the first to follow one of the frat boys into the basement. They closed the doors and then...Then... From then its all just a haze. Carry got herself up on her feet and looked around. The room was medium large, with a small bed behind her, and an entertainment center in front of her. To her left was a doorway and a closed door. There were heaps of torn clothes scattered about the floor. She noticed a camera on the entertainment center with the red record light gleaming. As she quizzically examined the camera she noticed a note and an empty bottle of pills laying next to the camera. The note read "Just a little present from us boys in balloon house! Most of your sorority including your leader have already shown us their acting talents in our little film here. Now it's your turn! Good luck, babe!" Carry picked up the bottle, it read "inflation pills *WARNING - Pills are meant to be used for gastric cleansing, if used for other purposes pills may have fatal effects!*" This was all just way too weird for Carry. She looked into the camera, and screamed into the lens with all of her might and anger.

"Let me out of here jerks!" She snapped. "I don't know what you are pulling but I don't like it and my father is a lawyer and he will sue!.." she paused midsentence as a pain and bloated feeling swept across her stomach. She looked down and sure enough her stomach was starting to bloat out. The pressure inside building and building. She tried pushing down on the tight skin until she looked normal again, but every time she stopped pushing down her belly sprang back again. With every breath she took she began to bloat out more and more. Shocked and worried she frantically looked about the room for a way of getting out of this scrape. The door! She started to run to the door but then tripped as her thighs suddenly began to inflate out and rub against each other. Her jeans were beginning to strain against her internal pressure that built with every breath of air that she took in.

"Oooh *puff* *puff* gotta get to the door!.. UGH!" she exclaimed as her jeans reached their critical volume and were suffocating her slowly. She tried crawling but her breasts had grown considerably as well, and were dragging on the floor slowing her progress to freedom. Slowly and surely she made her way to the door, but with every passing second she could feel her body grow tighter and tauter. Before she made it to the door, she took a moment to examine herself. She felt her body with the hands. "Belly really getting tight." She calmly noted. "Chest is beginning to rise from my top and obstruct my view. Butt..." her voiced strained from a flood of more internal pressure. "Ass is feeling filled to the brim!" She tried to raise herself up, but her ass was touching both sides of the wall and she was slowly getting stuck in the entryway. She put both hands on the sides of the walls and attempted to push herself forward that way. As she strained and looked down, just over her belly she noticed something. Clothing. Leather clothing, torn in a pile on the floor here in the entry way. "The leader was wearing leader" she reflected. Her leader must have been here, in this similar predicament, but she got fully stuck in the entry way and... exploded! Carry's reaction to this was to get out of the entry way. She put one hand on her bloated butt and one on the wall and pushed with both. With a groan of stress from Carry and a squeak as her super tight jean covered ass scraped along the wall, Carry freed herself and was back in the middle of the room. Back at square one. Carry examined herself once more. Her chest was ripping apart her shirt now and was almost completely in her face. Belly is *UGH* extremely tight but somehow still growing. The jeans are EXTREMELY TIGHT but still holding ou-. WIth a loud pop the button on the front of the jeans gave way and the rest of her pants began to give way, each seem popping, then tearing, then flying off onto the ground. Carry now felt the bare flesh of her legs, they felt like over filled balloons! In complete desperation she pushed in on herself in all directions trying to expel the air somehow. It was no use though, she just kept filling up. A new creaking noise came, but this time from her own skin. It was her fat butt bloating out from behind her. She focused all her pushing attention on her backside now which creaked and strained with every push, and every push became harder for her as the skin got tighter and tighter. Then her stomach let out a loud groan. She focused her hands back on her stomach, and just like her backside the pushing could do nothing against the growth and the skin just became tighter and would give less and less with each push. Her breasts now completely in her face she was forced to lean back because of the strain on her back. Almost completely spherical, she was at her wits end when she decided to give one last try at pushing out the air with her hands. She held both her arms our at full length then with as much force as possible punched her gut. She let out a large belch and she felt the pressure subside a little.

"That's the ticket!" She exclaimed in joy. She even felt so reassured that instead of repeating the exercise she gloated out loud to the camera. "Haha, I beat your game boys!" After this little taunt she outstretched her arms again for another whack at her belly. She was in position and tried to let loose. But it failed! She couldn't move her arms, what happened?! A look of concern and worry flashed across her face. She looked at her arms to see what was wrong, and to her horror, she found that her arms had begun to fill out now and turn into plump cylinders against her will. She must not have noticed that her body filled up completely while she was gloating before and the inflation moved into her arms. "Damn!" she cursed her situation. She began to feel her arms fill to the brim as well. She watched as the inflation moved into her wrists, then her hand, then her fingers until all of them were so plump and taught that she couldn't even wiggle them anymore. She opened her mouth to scream as it was her last resort... Foiled again! Her lips bloated out into fat red bulbs until they were forced shut. She closed her eyes as her face started to slowly fill out. Her cheeks bloated out first, and after they reached the limit the rest of her head bloated a bit, almost loosing its shape into a sphere like the rest of her body.

The inflation seemed to stop. There she sat like a big giant balloon laying helplessly on her back. At least she was safe, she thought to herself as she felt swet form on her bloated body. Then she felt her internal pressure that was already incredible grow suddenly, and her whole body shook. She opened her eyes to see her entire sphere body grow suddenly. Just a few inches, but the strain was so great the it caused loud stretching noises and made Carry wince in pain. Then her body reverted back to the old sphere. Then, as if in rhythm, her body bloated out once more only this time it got a few inches bigger than the last time. She lay there pulsating, hoping against hope that what she knew was going to happen next wasn't going to happen. Again she grew, even bigger this time, Carry felt it bad. "Gnna pp gnna pohp GNNA PP!" is all she could manage to mumble through her swollen shut lips. Another pulse went through her. She swelled out again, but this time didn't stop. A few more inches and her body begain to shake uncontrollably. "UGHHHHH!" TUUU MCHH PRSSSSRRRR!!" *KABOOM*.

Two boys entered the room carrying another sorority girl.

"She'll be awake and ready to go soon." Said one as he placed her.

"That last one almost figured it out." Said the other.

"Yeah, much better than the leather girl, who almost broke the door when she exploded so close to it!" They laughed heartily. Just then the girl began to stir.

"Lets move it, its almost showtime!"

"I can't wait!"

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