Great Inflations, Part 3

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How Elisha's friends became more friendly, and how Elisha saves the day.

A naked Gabriel raced to his room, slamming the door and wiping the sweat off his brow. Lately he had done little else but think of balloons and question his sanity.

Elisha, his witch stepsister—a witch in both the literal and figurative sense—did not seem to tire of her newfound game, which was to inflate her stepbrother like a balloon, and supplement the inflation with painfully cruel mind games. Only last week, she had threatened to pop him with the kitchen ceiling fan. He spent an hour trying to prevent himself from avoiding the blades, only to inflate larger and touch the fan with his inflated body…

…And realizing that, yes, the fan was an illusion. A very realistic mirage, conjured up by his cruel stepsister's magic. It was but one of the cruel inflation games she loved to play with him. And he was trapped in the same house with her.

But this night had been even worse, if that was possible. Oh, sure, every time he inflated he felt as if he would burst. But that feeling seemed more pronounced with every inflation game Elisha played.

It had been yet another evening in a series of evenings in which Gabriel played slave to Elisha and her three hot friends, Talia, Emily, and Allison. Sure enough, it was only a matter of time before Elisha inflated him into a balloon, and their games resumed when Talia picked him up like a beach ball.

"Now, where did we leave off last time?" Talia asked, referring to the time when she had rubbed her breasts in Gabe's face, the resultant sexual energy causing him to automatically expand.

Elisha sat on the couch and popped her bubble gum. "Hey, Talia, he's thinking about you as a balloon right now."

Gabe winced, forgetting that Elisha could read his mind.

Elisha turned to Emily. "And Emily, Gabe thinks about your butt when he whacks off."

"Eewww! Gross!" Emily walked up to Gabe and smacked him out of Talia's hands, knocking him off the wall and into a corner of the room.

"And in the fourth grade," Elisha continued, "he laughed so hard that he pissed his pants."

Gabe cursed inwardly. It was difficult not to think about every embarrassing thing that ever happened to him when he was being systematically humiliated.

"Such language, Gabe!" chided Elisha. She blew a huge pink bubble with her gum, watching it slowly grow till it popped onto her pretty little nose.

At that point, Allison whispered something in Emily's ear. Emily giggled and turned her back to Gabe, sticking her butt out slightly. Allison put her hand on Emily's ass and began rubbing it gently. "Hey, Gabe, you like Emily's ass? You're right. It feels good!"

Gabe watched the red-haired hottie rubbing the fine, round butt of the hot blonde. And he felt himself growing larger.

"He's getting tuned on!" said Emily, looking over her shoulder as Gabe inflated bigger. "So I'd better not do this!" She reached over to Talia's chest, and began rubbing the dark-skinned beauty's bounteous breasts.

Gabe swelled larger and larger.

"Oh, don't do thaa-aat!" Allison said in a mock scolding tone. She leaned over and kissed Emily on the lips, causing Gabe to inflate faster. Emily kissed back, sticking her tongue deep into Allison's mouth. Gabe inflated more. Talia got into the action, and soon, all three beautiful teenage girls were tongue-kissing each other, rubbing their hands over each other's butts, fondling the three pairs of young breasts. Gabe felt his body turning warm as he watched, mesmerized, filling up more and more.

The three girls moaned with passion. Gabe got bigger. The room was filled with the sound of wet lips smacking together, hot breaths being exchanged, and the squeaking, hissing sound of an inflating balloon. Gabe kept inflating involuntarily, unable to turn away from the wonderful three-way.


Gabe winced, but it was just Elisha's gum. She stood up from the couch, stepped between the girls, and gently separated them. Gabe's inflation slowed and eventually stopped.

Elisha threw her arms around Allison's and Emily's shoulders. "You know, girls," Elisha began, "we haven't really been fair to Gabe. We're not being nice."

"We're not?" asked Talia. "But he's enjoying himself!"

"And that's why he should get in on the action," Elisha said, exchanging smiles with her friends.

And with that, the four girls piled on to the big balloon.

They giggled as they thrust their nubile figures onto Gabe's round body, their breasts pressing into him, their pelvises pushing against him, their bellies and hips feeling warm against his balloon skin. Worst (or best?) of all, Elisha leaned backward onto him, her tight, hot ass sinking into him as she arched her back, allowing the curve of her back to meld with Gabe's spherical shape.

Gabe didn't stand a chance. He inflated and inflated, the hissing drowned out only by the four assailants' giggling. He grew tighter and bigger than ever before, coming closer, so closer to bursting than he thought possible. He didn't want to burst! He didn't want to think of these sadistic bitches dancing over his shredded remains, giving him no further thought than a burst toy balloon! It wasn't fair! He couldn't bear the idea.

But he didn't want them to stop, either.

And so the four beauties gyrated and thrust, rubbed and stroked, pressing against his skin, causing him to inflate bigger than ever before, until he was sure he would burst...!  

Locked inside his room, Gabe sighed, his shoulders sagging. If the phone hadn't rang, distracting Elisha while she chatted with her boyfriend (does he really know what he's taken on?), he might not have made it from the living room in one piece.

He had to get out of this house. He had been cutting it way too close. He thought about running away, but how far would he get? He had no money and his job prospects were low. He wouldn't rule it out, but for now, he would consider once again speaking to his stepmother. But he decided not to think about how he would do it, in case Elisha, with her mind-reading technique, was somehow "listening in." He would first get some much-needed rest.

And as usual, his dreams were full of balloons.

The only way to guarantee that Elisha wouldn't be home was to go during school hours. Just before sixth period, without letting himself dwell mentally too long on his plan, Gabe walked out of school, racing home before, he hoped, Elisha caught on. Even if she caught on telepathically, he didn't think she could teleport and beat him home. As far as he knew.

His silent prayers were answered when he found his stepmother Rachel at home, sitting in the den watching television. She wore a snug plain white T-shirt and black tight stretch pants, but Gabe didn't have the luxury of looking over her fit physique. "Hey!" she said, as Gabriel raced into the house. "Aren't you supposed to be in school?"

Gabe leaned over and gently touched her arm, checking to see if she was real.

"What was that for?"

"I don't have a lot of time," Gabe gasped. "But I have to tell you something: Elisha's been, ah,…" Okay, he wanted to break this slowly, telling her something about how Elisha was torturing him, not mentioning the whole balloon thing, lest she think he was crazy. But time was short, and so was his patience. "Elisha's a witch, and while you're gone, she's been turning me into a balloon. If you leave me alone with her again, I think she's gonna pop me."

Rachel blinked.

"You gotta believe me," he urged her. "You're my only hope!"

She smiled gently and turned off the television. "Okay, you've got my attention."

"I know it sounds crazy, but I couldn't make something like this up," Gabe continued. "Have you ever noticed that Elisha could do strange things?"

"Oh, sure," said Rachel, sitting forward in her chair, her arms across her knees. "She learned them from me."

Now it was Gabe's turn to blink. "She did? So you're—"

"A witch? Sure. I suppose Elisha threatened you not to tell me, right?"


"Did she tell you why?"

"Well,...she'd get in trouble?"

Rachel laughed. "Oh, she wasn't trying to protect herself. She was trying to protect you." She stood up from her chair, running her hands down her slender hips as she stretched her legs. "She knew that if it turned out that you couldn't keep our powers a secret, something would have to be done about you."

Gabe went white, and his stomach went hollow.

Rachel continued, "And it seems that you can't be trusted with that secret anymore than your father could. So I'm afraid, dear boy, that you'll be leaving us."

Only then did Gabe realize that his body was puffed up again. And soon he felt that now-familiar experience of inflating. "Please...don't...!"

But Rachel just smiled, her eyes glowing, as Gabe slowly became a balloon once again. He knew that now there was no hope for him. No one would come to his aid, and Rachel was clearly hell-bent on seeing him burst.

Suddenly behind him, the door crashed open, and a breathless Elisha came running in the door. "Mom! Don't do it!"

Gabe slowly stopped inflating. He sat there, a large balloon-ball, as Elisha came into view. She stood between him and Rachel. Despite his condition, Gabe had to look down at Elisha's butt, covered so cozily in her compacted blue jeans.

"Honey, he's going to expose us one day," said Rachel. "See? He was just about to tell on you to me. He can't be trusted."

"Just hold it," Elisha pressed on. "I think we can afford to give him a choice."

A choice? The word seemed to confuse both Gabe and Rachel.

Elisha turned around, facing Gabe but speaking to her mom. "We can let Gabe live, as long as he promises to keep our secret safe. Or...he can blow himself up till he pops."

"That's my choice?" asked Gabe incredulously. "You'll just pop me one day anyway!"

"Nope," said Elisha, throwing out her arms. "I won't inflate you anymore if you keep our secret. The choice is up to you."

"Then let me go! I don't want to pop!"

Elisha smiled. "You don't?"

Gabe just looked at her.

She stepped closer. "I can read your mind, Gabe. I know what you want more than you do. But I'm not going to inflate you. It's all in your control now. What do you want?"

Gabe looked over the grinning faces of his attractive stepmother and stepsister. And then he got slowly bigger. "I'm blowing up! You said you wouldn't pop me!"

"We're not doing anything, Gabe," Elisha assured him. "From now on, you'll only inflate if you really want to."

Gabe swelled bigger and bigger, making it necessary for Elisha and Rachel to step backwards so they could still see his face, rising high in the air from the expansion of his balloon body. He looked down at his inflating body, getting bigger and bigger and bigger...

"I want..."

He swelled larger.

"I want..."

He grew bigger.

"I want to be a balloon!!"

Rachel and Elisha exchanged smiling glances before turning their attention back to Gabe, now the size of a weather balloon.

"I want you to both to watch me!" Gabe shouted, as he continued to expand and inflate. "I want you to see me inflate! Watch me become your balloon-boy! See how big I'm getting?! Watch me get bigger! I'm going to be so big for you! For both of you!"

Elisha and Rachel craned their necks as Gabe touched the ceiling, but continued to fill up the room. They stepped back into the foyer to watch him cover up the living room with his ballooning figure. Elisha crossed her arms, a smirk on her lips. Rachel watched with satisfaction as only Gabe's middle could now be seen, billowing out of the room that he had filled so completely.

"See how big I am?" Gabe called out to them, over the rubbery squeaking of his skin. "I love being a balloon! I'm going to be so big! So big! SO BIG! Watch me get huge! I'm getting even bigger! Bigger! BIGGER! So big I want to BURST! I want to EXPLODE! I want to POP! I WANT TO POP!!"

With a thunderous explosion, Gabe burst into nothingness, leaving the room suddenly empty. Rachel put her arm around her stepdaughter's shoulder, giving her a brief hug, knowing that all their wishes, theirs and Gabe's, had come to pass.

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