And now, 5.3

Yet another minor version update. This one was painless, not even any database updates.

I'm mildly disheartened that Drupal 6 is already in beta and I haven't launched on 5 yet. Although I know it's not that big a deal. When I started on this and 5 was in beta, it took a long time for the modules to catch up. If I switched to 6 now, it would be another year to get to where I am now, and that wouldn't be good.

On a side not, having trouble with the Chat Room module. Some of the bugs I've seen on this project seem to indicate that the AJAX just isn't quite there on this one. While a Drupal-only solution is preferable to using a third-party strap-on, I'll ultimately have to go with something I can actually get working.

Created a new story listing view that only shows stories that have Popping set to "None". It works, but not all of the stories have this set. Originally, I thought it was silly to have a "None" tag. If it ain't there, just don't set anything for Popping, right? This means that all of the stories that were loaded before I added the None option won't appear in this new view.

Frankly, I'm not too concerned. Any story that gets edited automatically gets tagged as not having popping if it doesn't have some other value set. Eventually they'll all get updated. For now, people who are squeamish about booms will have to deal with the limitations of the current labeling implementation.