This Girl, This Gum —This Balloon!!

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(Or, “Always the Topper, You Have to Pop Her to Stop Her”)

Aysha soon grew weary of Gabrielle’s one-upmanship. Aysha would blow a week’s salary on a dress, only to have Gabrielle show up the next day with a pricier one. Aysha would pimp her ride, only to have Gabrielle show up the next day with her new Lexus. Aysha’s iPod held a billion tunes. Gabrielle’s? A billion and six.

It didn’t help that Gabrielle got her expensive bling from Aysha’s ex-boyfriend, yet another thunder that Gabrielle had stolen from her.

In all that time, Aysha merely took it all on the chin; but inside, things were building up, until she thought she might explode.

Explode…? An evil smile spread across her full lovely lips.

Cheerleader practice ended for another day, and hot atheletic young women scattered in various directions across the football field, leaving Aysha to face Gabrielle’s oversized mouth alone.

“Girl, did I tell you I beat your SAT score by 25 points?” Gabrielle asked for the seventh time.

“About six or seven times,” Aysha answered.

“Did I tell you I got into Cornell?”

“About fifteen times,” Aysha said, whose thoughts of her future at UW-Madison did little to ease that wound. “Sure gonna miss you when you’re gone, girlfriend.” She tried to smile, but it came out more like a smirk.

“Oh, you’ll still be seeing a lot of me,” Gabrielle intoned. “Not around this dump, of course. I’m going to be a model, and everyone’s gonna see me. I’m gonna be HUGE.”

“I don’t doubt it,” Aysha mumbled.

“What’s that?”

“I want to show you something,” said Aysha, pulling a purple pack of gum from her purse.

“Girl, are you frontin’ me?”

“Just watch,” said Aysha. “This is a-MAZ-ing.” She tore out a piece of gum and tossed it into her mouth, as a confused Gabrielle scrunched her lovely, dark, and prominent nose.

“What is that, bubblegum? So what?”

Aysha held up a finger. “More’n bubblegum, girl,” she said. “Balloon gum. Just wait.”

Gabrielle watched Aysha chew for a while, until her eyes grew wide. “Girl, your face is messed up!”

Indeed, Aysha’s face began to change colour. Her nose, then her cheeks, then her forehead, lost their delicate brown shade and morphed into a bright purple. Aysha just nodded and smiled, continuing to chew. She held out her arms, which were also turning purple. Soon her legs followed suit.

“Girl, that is WHACK!” said Gabrielle. “Who wants to look like a damn blueberry?”

“You haven’t seen the best part,” said Aysha. “Keep watching.”

And Gabrielle’s jaw dropped as Aysha’s thighs suddenly plumped up, and her trunk shot out from the back of her cheerleader skirt. Gabrielle was about to ask “WTF?!” but Aysha’s big grin let her know that this was exactly what she wanted to happen. Her waist grew outward, tearing seams in her outfit. Her breasts shot forward, expanding in circumference, ripping her top down the center. Her purple belly bulged like an instant pregnancy. Aysha continued smiling as every part of her body swelled up and bloated. Her stubby fingers could no longer hold the pack of gum, and it fell to the ground. All the while her body kept growing and growing, at first looking hugely fat, but quickly looking more and more like a giant balloon being inflated. Soon her middle was totally ball-shaped, her stubby legs disappearing from view under her billowing midsection. And in moments, she looked like nothing but a giant blueberry with hands, feet, and a smiling pretty face on top.

Gabrielle just watched in a mixture of horror and fascination as Aysha continued to grow like a balloon ball, shredding her cheerleader outfit as she rapidly outgrew it, inflating and inflating like a blimp. Only now did Gabrielle become aware of a “whoosh”-ing sound from Aysha, like a balloon being steadily pumped up and up. She stepped back from Aysha, then back again, as she had to make room for Aysha’s constant expansion.

Gabrielle watched for several more seconds in stunned silence, staggered at the enormous balloon that had been her rival, blowing out to what appeared to be 10 feet wide and 12 feet high, and still growing bigger and bigger...

“Girl, you gonna POP!”

“Don’t be silly,” Aysha called down from her overbearing position. “I had only one piece. You think I’d take this gum if I thought I’d explode?” And sure enough, with a foot more growth in every direction, the whooshing quieted, her expansion slowed, and soon she came to a stop, a large but turgid balloon of a cheerleader.

“You okay, girl?” Gabrielle asked.

“Never better,” said Aysha, and she meant it. “It feels wonderful! I feel so big and beautiful! And of course, I’m WAY bigger than you!”

Aysha knew exactly how Gabrielle would take that statement. Gabrielle looked at the dropped gum. “What’s to stop me from trying some of that stuff myself?”

“I wish you could,” Aysha said with a feigned sigh. “It really feels good, being so big! But I don’t think you could handle being this big. You’d probably pop before you got half this big.”

“You dissin’ me now, girlfriend!” said Gabrielle, picking up the pack of gum.

“If you really must try it,” Aysha warned, “remember to take just one piece! You couldn’t handle more than that!”

“Oh, it’s ON, now!” said Gabrielle, and she quickly unwrapped every single piece of gum in left in the pack.

Aysha stiffled a giggle. So, so predictable. Gabrielle voraciously stuffed the entire pack into her mouth, which she could now barely close in an attempt to chew the enormous amount of gum. Her cheeks plumped up as she made her best attempt. Aysha wished she had a closer view, but she could barely see over her engorged waistline. But she figured she’d get a good view soon enough.

And she did. Oh, did she ever.

In moments, Gabrielle turned a light purple. Then a dark purple. Then a very, very dark purple. Then her entire body--arms, legs, torso, everything--bloated up all at once. Her eyes shot open in excitement as she saw her purple body filling up. “Mere uh go!” she called out through a muffled mouth full of gum.

And off she went. She blew up so fast that her cheerleader outfit practically flew off her in shreds. The whooshing sound was loud and fierce as she inflated like a balloon, surging several feet round, rapdily approaching Aysha’s grand size.

“Look!” said Gabrielle, swallowing some of the gum whole so she could speak better. “I’m almost as big as you already! And I’m just getting started!”

Aysha said nothing but just smiled knowingly. Just keep right on growing, girl, she thought to herself.

Gabrielle got bigger and bigger, soon reaching Aysha’s size, then surpassing it. “See?” she called out to her now-smaller companion. “I toldja I wouldn’t burst! You’re just sad to see me get way bigger than your sorry ass! And I can feel myself getting bigger! I’m gonna be huge, I just know it!”

“You stupid ho!” Aysha called up to her. “Don’t you get it? No one can eat that much gum and not explode! You’re going to blow up until you pop!”

“Girl, you be lyin’,” Gabrielle said, still chewing vigorously. “This feels great! I can’t wait to be bigger! Everyone’s gonna see me, cuz I’m so great! Ain’t no one ever gonna see anyone as big as me!”

Indeed, she was now twice the size of Aysha, and still growing rapidly. Aysha watched her rival take up more and more of the field, rising into the sky, a giant, happy blueberry balloon. Soon Gabrielle’s belly was pushing against Aysha’s bloated form. Already unable to move, Aysha began to wonder how big Gabrille would get--and if she’d burst before Aysha got squashed.

“This is so great!” Gabrielle called out to the sky. “I’m so big! SO BIG! And I’m gonna get bigger, I can feel it! I’m gonna be huge! I’m gonna be gigantic! I’m gonna be the biggest thing ever!”

All the while, Gabrielle’s body took up more and more of the field, pressing harder and harder against Aysha, who moaned as the pressure built from Gabrielle’s body pushing against her. Aysha began to bulge on one side, as Gabrielle squeezed into her tighter... tighter... tigher...

“You thought you were big, girlfriend?” Gabrielle asked. “You thought you were big?! THIS is big!” Indeed, she was now bigger than a house, bigger than a building, still growing...

Aysha moaned louder as she heard squeaking coming from her compressed body. She bulged comically to one side, as her ballooning rival continued squishing her...

“Who’s big?” Gabrielle called down to Aysha. “WHO’S BIG?!”

Aysha’s squeaking grew louder as the pressure mounted. “Y-y-you are.”

“And who’s gonna pop?!” Gabrielle shouted. “Who’s gonna pop?!”

I am!, thought Aysha, who realized that Gabrielle had one-upped her for the last time before...


Aysha burst like a squashed blueberry.

“I am the biggest!” Gabrielle shouted to the world as she contined to grow larger, larger, larger. “I am the biggest!! And I’m still gettin’ bigger! I’m gonna be so huge, you won’t believe it! Just watch me--!!”

Had anyone been around to notice it, they would have seen a brief moment, so very brief, as Gabrielle’s boasting abruptly halted, her eyes shot open wide as if a sudden, horrifying realization just hit her. As her body grew to its absolute limit, she experienced a rare moment of clarity, just before she exceeded her capacity and knew it was…

The End.

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