Lucha de las Globas Hermosas, La

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or, "The Battle of the Beautiful Balloons"

The maddening Texas heat drove temperatures and tempers into dangerous levels, even as twilight settled in. The three pretty but dispirited cheerleaders, still in their short blue skirts and low-cut tops, sat on the sidewalk, reflecting quietly on their team's recent loss.

"Mierda," moaned Morrena, when she learned that their luck was about to get worse.

 Strutting proudly like peacocks on their recent victory, three other cheerleaders, dressed in matching red cheerleader outfits, approached the seated blue-dressed trio.

"Well, lookie here," said Despina, the tall cheerleader leading the red team. "Three of the loser putas sitting in Loserville."

"Just leave us alone," pleaded Alinea from the blue team.

"Oh, you don't tell US what to do, conchuda!" said Tanesha from the red team. "Maybe I'll just slap that pendeja mouth shut!"

"We're not looking for a fight," said the blue-skirted Chimera.

"Yeah, we could tell from the way your team played," laughed red-skirted Rafaella.

Morrena frowned. "Is there ANYONE here whose name doesn't end with an 'A'?"

"Mine doesn't!" shouted a male voice.

"FUCK OFF, MIKE!" all the cheerleaders shouted en masse.

Mike, whose casual stalking of the cheerleaders finally caught up with him, quickly bolted from his perch around the corner.

"Now," said Despina, leaning over Morrena, "if you just wanna kiss my sweaty little feet, we'll be on our way, and we won't have to humiliate you sopas any further."

"You don't need to be such a mocosa," Morrena countered. "You won, fine. We don't need your bragging."

"No me importa dos cojones," said Despina. "You're going to do it or else!"

"Or else what?"

Despina grinned an evil grin. "I challenge you to an inflate-off."

Alinea and Chimera looked wide-eyed at Morrena. Trying to out-inflate Despina was rumoured to be impossible. And all other cheerleaders who tried burst for their efforts.

But between the sweltering heat, their painful recent loss at the high school game, and Despina's taunting, Morrena was no longer thinking straight. "Bring it on, bruja!"

The red team looked at each other and began giggling, the thought of Morrena's bursting already on their wicked Latina minds.

Chimera whispered harshly into Morrena's ear. "Are you loca?! You could pop!"

Morrena swallowed, but she couldn't back down now. The pride of her whole team counted on her now. To back out would be even greater shame than popping like a balloon.

"Back up, chicas!" said Despina to her crew, and they spread out into the deserted, dusty street. "I'm going to need plenty of room!"

With that, Despina took a huge breath, and her figure plumped out all over, her revealing outfit spreading out thinner as her body grew larger in all directions, billowing out like the balloon that she had become. She smirked at Morrena as she puffed upward and outward into a huge ball shape. Finally, she relaxed, coming to rest as a giant ball in the street, about as big as a truck. Tanesha and Rafaella clapped and "whoo"-ed at their friend's first inflationary overture. "Your turn, chupaverga!" she taunted Morrena.

The blue team huddled around Morrena. "Don't do this!" Chimera tried to plead again. "You can't win! You'll burst!"

"I have to," said Morrena nervously. "I'm not going to let that toto push us around any more!"

"Just don't get baited into blowing harder than you need to," advised Alinea. "You know most of the girls that Despina popped? They didn't pop because they couldn't get bigger than her. The problem is that they started hyperventilating and they couldn't control their inflation. I've seen girls get three, maybe four times as big as Despina, but they popped because they couldn't stop themselves."

"I'll remember," said Morrena, but she still sounded nervous.

"Are we going to wait till next Navidad?" shouted the ball-shaped Despina. "Get on with it, asquerosa!"

"¡Dios! ¿Vas a callarte?" Morrena shouted back, hoping that, even if she did pop, she wouldn't have to hear Despina's non-stop gloating all the time.

The blue team stepped back and gave Morrena room. Morrena took a huge breath, and with a sudden surge, swelled her formerly svelte, young, tanned body into a giant orb. Her outfit stretched out across her round midsection, straining but holding tight, as cheerleader outfits had to be designed very durable since cheerleaders took to inflation contests. Morrena's puffy cheeks pushed out as she forced herself to inflate even larger than the modestly impressed Despina.

"Bueno," Despina murmured, with sinister satisfaction. She wanted that crica to get huge before she popped. It would be hilarious.

With a deep breath, and with uncomfortable ease, Despina puffed herself up again, growing, growing, growing until she surpassed Morrena's size, becoming the size of a small house.

Morrena gently followed suit. "Easy, easy, easy," she thought to herself, gently blowing herself up, and up, and up. Now her giant bloated frame was bigger than Despina's.

Despina showed no sign of concern. With another puff, she surged larger, now higher than any tree that could be found. Her round balloon body trembled from the sudden excess of girth, but she held steady.

Morrena panted. She was out of breath already. But she focused, laboured her breathing, and took another gulp of air. And she inflated bigger, stretching further into the street, further into the sky. Her rounded backside was now nearly touching the building behind her--a building that she was close to surpassing in size.

"Ooooh, ready to pop, peridida?" Despina asked, watching Morrena's body wobble from the strain. "You look soooo tight. Yes, I think you'll BURST before too long."

"Don't listen to her, Morrena!" Chimera shouted. "She's trying to psyche you out!"

It was working: Morrena was clearly nervous, her round, taut body shimmering in the fading sunlight, almost gossamer from being stretched so thin.

Despina just smiled. And then she blew. She surged bigger, eclipsing Morrena and covering her with her growing shadow. She expanded and expanded, finally coming to a stop when she was bigger than Morrena. Bigger than the largest parade balloon ever made in Texas.

Morrena literally gasped at Despina's size.

"What's the matter, libertina?" Despina asked her. "Afraid you'll burst?! You should be. Yes, just one more breath, and--BANG! One less puta jamona filling the streets."

"F-f-fat?" Morrena stuttered. "Did you just call me fat?"

"Well, look at you," said Despina. "You've always had las nalgas grandes. And NOW look how big your ass is! You're going to explode, verdad? Si. And those breasts. Such melones gigantes. You look fit to burst! I can't wait! Take another breath, caída! Do it! I WANT you to blow yourself bigger! I WANT you to try to be bigger than me! I WANT to watch you pop like the balloon bitch you are! Do it! Do it! DO IT!!"

The red team chanted mockingly at Morrena. "Puta jamona, going to burst! Burst, burst, BURST!"

Morrena was effectively spooked. Desperately, she took another breath.

"Easy, Morrena!" Alinea called out. "Don't blow too hard! Don't--!"

Morrena wheezed as she inhaled one more time. And then her eyes shot open as her body shot outward, faster and stronger than she had intended, more forcefully than she could contain. "Uh! Uh! Uhhhhhhh!!"

She was inflating out of control.

"Noooo!" Chimera and Alinea cried from below.

Despina started laughing, even as Morrena outgrew her, knowing that Morrena wouldn't be so big for very long. Pretty soon, she'd be nothing but shrapnel!

"St-stop laughing, b-b-bitch!" Morrena panted, wobbling as she struggled in vain to control her rapidly inflating body. "I'm going to POP! It's not funny!"

"Depends on your viewpoint, I guess!" said Despina, whose bloated neck kept her from looking up as Morrena blew bigger, ever approaching the overinflation point, getting closer to the inevitable conclusion... closer... closer...

On the ground, Alinea snatched the gaping Chimera by the arm. "C'mon! Duck and cover! She's going to blow!"

Hearing those words brought it all home to Morrena, whose inflation actually increased as she breathed harder, losing any semblence of control. "Uh! Ah! Ah! Uhhhhh!!" she kept crying.

Despina just smirked as she braced for the upcoming explosion, but the smiles fell off the faces of the red team. Rafaella turned to Tanesha. "Um... Do we really want to be here when she goes boom?"

"Not likely, amiga!" said Tanesha, and the two red-hot, red-team cheerleaders bolted away as fast as their long, slender, athletic legs could carry them.

"Ooooooooo...!!" Morrena kept crying up to the cielos.

"Adios, amiga!" Despina taunted her. "Vaya con Dios!"

If residents had looked out their windows at that moment, they would have seen a huge, tan balloon, dressed in a light blue tarp, surging heavenward, exceeding the tallest building in town, surpassing the largest water tower, becoming the biggest balloon the Lone Star state had to offer...

And then they would have seen a flash as the balloon burst, scattering blue threads to the dry Texas air.

Despina rocked with laughter. Her ears hurt like el diablo, but it was worth it. She never got tired of watching her bullied victims pop.

As the boom echoed into the treeless, desert surroundings, Alinea and Chimera stepped out of their hiding places. Wordlessly, they approached the giant ballooned form of Despina.

"Aw, poor conchitas!" Despina called down at them. "Looks like I popped your globa! Pardoneme, por favor!" And then she laughed again.

"Yes," said Chimera coldly. "So sad that both of you lost control and popped."

Despina's laugh petered out. "What are you saying, puta?"

The blue team looked at each other and smiled. "Well," said Alinea, "we saw it happen: You challenged Morrena to an inflate-off, and you both overextended yourself. ¡Que triste!"

"What?!" Despina said, and gulped. "You're bluffing! No one's going to believe that!"

"Who's going to argue?" asked Chimera. "Your friends have long gone. It's just our word against yours... and soon, it'll be just OUR word."

Despina was too big to see anything but the rooftops and the increasingly starry sky. "Rafaella?! Tanesha?!"

"How are your nails, Chimera?" asked Alinea.

"Muy agudos," Chimera said proudly. "Very sharp, indeed."

"Shall we?"

"We shall."

Despina felt two sharp objects stick into her bloated, fragile abdomen. "NOOOOOO!!!"


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