Inflationary Tales, Part 3

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or, “1001 Inflationary Nights”

4. Kitty’s Tale (Redux)

My mom’s boyfriend, Dave, was a real creep. I mean, he was almost old enough to be my father, but he totally had the hots for me. Of course, he didn’t say anything or do anything to suggest that he wanted me. He didn’t even look at me that much. But I was a hot young redhead, and I knew he wasn’t gay, so he must have liked me, the sick old creep!

At first, I tried to expose his lust for me by wearing a lot of tight clothes around him and bending over in front of him, that sort of thing. But he didn’t go for it. He still pretended that he was interested only in my mom. So when my mom was away, and he was left to supervise me, I made my move. He was sitting on the couch, reading, when I jumped on his lap and started kissing him all over. He pushed me away, saying that he was flattered, but he was dating my mom and was too old for me. But I hasten to add that he took a few seconds to push me away, so I knew for sure that he wanted me. What a sicko!

So I decided to get rid of him. I pretended that I was cool with his rejection and left, but I came back a little later with a bag of balloons. “Don’t mind me,” I told him. “I’m just going to blow up some balloons.”

“No, I don’t mind,” said Dave. (He wouldn’t, either, the dirty old man!)

First I blew up this bright pink balloon. In my peripheral vision, I saw Dave watching me. Oh, he pretended not to be paying attention, but I caught him looking at me, or my balloon, from time to time. I lay on my back, my hair sprawled out on the carpet below me, as I raised the balloon toward the ceiling, taking deep, passionate breaths before putting them into the balloon. The balloon got quite big, and I began hugging it to my chest, sighing as I cuddled it to my body. I drew my hand over it, causing it to squeak. Then I licked it before blowing into it again.

Dave really was paying attention now. He wasn’t even pretending to ignore me. He tried to come across as just curious, but he must’ve been bursting with desire at that point. He squirmed a bit on the couch, and I figured he was getting a huge boner.

I kept on blowing up the balloon. It was huge now, and it was hard to hold onto it. But I kept at, making it bigger and bigger with every breath. It was so big and tight, and my heart was pounding, but I kept putting breath after breath into it and finally…POW! It popped from my hand, sending pink fragments all over.

I panted a bit, being a little out of breath. “You like that, Dave?”

Dave still sat there calmly, suppressing his unbearable lust. “Well, it is a little difficult to read if you’re going to be popping balloons all night.”

Ha! He wanted me to leave the room so he could masturbate! That proves he wanted me, and that he deserved everything that was coming to him.

I pretended not to notice his feigned “objection.” I reached into my bag of balloons and pulled out a big white one. “Ooh, look at this big one,” I said, holding it up for him to see. “You know what I’m going to call this one? I think I’ll call it Dave.” I reached toward a nearby coffee table and picked up a magic marker, which I used to write Dave’s name on the balloon. “See? This balloon is you now, Dave!”

“That’s nice,” he said.

“Oh, you don’t know yet how nice it is,” I said, smirking.

I kept my eyes on him as I entered my breath. I put my lips around the mouth of the balloon, blowing into it, causing it to make a gentle “shoowmp” sound as it rapidly plumped up, the way balloons do when you pump that first breath into it. But in this case, the sound came not only from my balloon, but from Dave.

Shoowmp! Just like that, both my balloon and my mom’s boyfriend inflated, firming up with that first breath.

Dave looked down at his torn shirt, ripped from the sudden expansion of his middle. “Oh my god! What happened? How did you do that?”

I shrugged. “Like this,” I said, and blew my second breath. The balloon easily doubled in size, and so did Dave. He rapidly turned into a balloon ball on the couch, already nicely rounding out along with my balloon. His expanding belly had already knocked over the coffee table.

“Bad Kitty!” he yelled at me. “Stop that right now!”

“No,” I said, and I blew up my balloon some more, causing him to swell and swell.

“Ohhhhh!” he said as he rapidly grew, now much bigger than the couch he had been sitting on. I paused for another breath, but Dave said, “Kitty! I mean it! Knock it off or I’ll tell your mother!”

“But Dave,” I said, “I’m just getting started! My balloon isn’t even half as big as I want it. In fact…” I flashed him my mischievous smile. “Remember what happened to that pink balloon? I want to do the same to this one!”

“No! You can’t be serious!”

“Just watch. Watch and inflate!” I puffed again and again and again! He grew and grew and grew! He was quickly filling up the living room.

“Kitty! I’m serious! I feel like I could pop!”

I scoffed. “Oh, please! If this balloon can get bigger, then you can too. And I’m going to blow this a lot bigger. Much, much bigger! Wanna see?”

“No!” But it was too late, because I had already inhaled. And then I exhaled into the balloon, and Dave whined again as his growth surged forward again, this time growing so large he was nearing the ceiling.

I took the big, full, white balloon of mine and held it up to Dave. “See how big it’s getting? I’m going to make it even bigger. It’ll be huge. And you are going to be enormous!” I blew and blew, watching with satisfaction as Dave’s panicked face bulged out from the increasing air pressure. He swelled so large that the walls were confining his growth. He made some rubbery stretching noises as he collided with the walls and the ceiling, his body wanting to expand more but meeting too much resistance.

“Oh, god! Kitty, it’s too much! You can’t keep blowing me up! I’ll burst! Please!”

Well, you know how I love it when they beg, so I decided I didn’t want to pop him until I had my fill of tormenting him first. I tied off the balloon and drew my hand across it, making a loud squeak. Dave let out a squeak at the same time.

“Cool!” I said, giggling at the expression on Dave’s face when he realized I could do other things with the balloon than just blow him up. I squeezed the balloon a bit with my hands, and Dave’s sides concaved a bit, as if two giant hands were squeezing him.

“Uhh!” Dave groaned, the pressure on his sides causing him to bulge out in other areas, including his head. It looked so funny! I just started laughing wildly! “Why are you doing this to me?” he pleaded again.

“Well, you said you didn’t like me,” I told him.

“Oh! Uh, o-of course I like you, Kitty!”

“Ha! I knew it! You’re attracted to me!”

“No! That’s not what I meant. I meant, I liked you as a person.”

I gave him a disbelieving grin. “Well, now, Dave, that’s just a lie. Tell me the truth: that you have the hots for me.”

“Is that what this is all about?”

I squeezed the balloon. “Tell me!”

Dave groaned again from the strain. Finally, his bloated head bobbed a bit, as much as it could do without a neck. “O-okay, Kitty. Here’s the tr-truth.” He looked away from me for a moment, trying to come up with the words. “The truth is, I was just interested in your mother.”

I held up the balloon and poised my nails over its fragile skin.

“Wait!” said Dave. “I was only interested in your mother, but then…”

“Then I kissed you and you fell in love with me?”

“No,” Dave pressed on. “But Kitty, when you started blowing up that balloon…I could feel it. I mean, feel it down there, like you were giving me the best blow job in the world.”

I laughed, but he sufficiently amused me that I allowed him to continue.

“And it felt good, Kitty. Really good. And when you started to blow me up, it was a surprise at first. But as I got bigger, I felt more and more of your warm, moist breath inside me. I can still feel it now, and it feels wonderful! But I don’t want to burst, Kitty, so please don’t pop me! I’ll let you make your balloon anytime, but I’m begging you: Don’t make me burst!”

I pretended to think about it. “So do you like having me blow you up?”

He swallowed. “Y-yes.”

I stepped closer. “And do you like it when I hug this balloon like this?” I pressed the balloons to my chest, and Dave’s front flattened a bit, as if two giant breasts were pushing into him.

“God, yes, Kitty! I feel your breasts all over me when you do that!”

“How about this?” I knelt down and gently sat on the balloon. Again Dave felt squeezed, and his voice came out in a loud squeak, his face totally red.

“Yes,” he peeped, wheezing. “God, yes, I love that!”

I giggled and bounced gently on the balloon with my rear. Dave groaned and let out some dangerous squeaking noises. But his head bobbed again.

“Kitty! Your ass is beautiful!”

“It is, at that,” I admitted. Then I stood back up and ran my hands over the balloon again, gently this time, before placing a long wet lick across it.

Dave’s eyes closed in ecstasy. “It’s too much, Kitty! I love it! I love being a balloon! Do you hear me? I LOVE BEING A BALLOON!”

I smiled devilishly at him. “And do you love me?”

His eyes still closed, he nodded as best he could. “Yes, yes, yes! I love you, Kitty! I love you and I want you bad!”

“You pervert!” I shouted at him, losing my smile. “You’re old enough to be my dad, you sicko! What kind of creep hits on his girlfriend’s daughter? Mom won’t be sorry in the least when you’re gone!”

“No,” he gasped. “Please! I’m sorry!”

“Not as sorry as you’re gonna be,” I said, and I picked up a nearby pin from my mom’s sewing kit. “And in just a second, you’re gonna be nothing at all!”

“Please! Kiiiiiit-tyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

That was the noise he was making when I tossed the balloon into the air and thrust the pin into it, popping them both.


Brianna and Baby just stared back at Kitty for a long while. At last Baby said, “That…was the cruelest inflation story I ever heard in my life.”

Kitty bit her lip and looked sheepishly down at her drink.

Then Baby held up her hand. “Gimme five!”

Kitty smiled and slapped her palm. Brianna patted Kitty’s back. “That was the best one yet, girl!”

“Twern’t nothing,” said Kitty, shrugging. “So, you gals still think you’re getting tired of popping guys?”

Baby laughed. “Instead of binge-drinking, I say we go binge-popping!”

“Ah,” cooed Brianna, in her sultry voice. “But where to begin?”

The three exchanged knowing glances before rotating in their seats to face the remaining male customers in the tavern. The men had been watching the ladies nervously, looking for their chance to escape. Now it was too late, and several of the men, despite their strength and size, audibly swallowed.

“Gents,” Baby announced. “We’re here to pop bubble gum and pop some guys. And we’re all out of bubble gum…!”

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