Number 21

I really has been a while since I last drew Number 21, hasn't it?

However, I have noticed problems with her old design, namely in that she didn't look nearly as "android" enough for my tastes and that her hair color is too similar to another of my OCs, Kiki's. Thus, I made her hair indigo (just between Marcy's and Sumia's hues) and, to signify that she is an android-slime hybrid, her mouth and lips a more bluish color. I also decided that her old attire with the number printed large wasn't to my tastes anymore, so I gave her a couple of new clothes (among many others not shown--one of 21's personality quirks is her love of fashion and clothing). On the left is her blue yukata, which has a unique angular-floral pattern (I'll upload a piece of that pattern in the scraps soon). Meanwhile, on the right is her two-piece bikini, which allows her to expand her belly and other assets. Finally, I've decided that her alternate name (Nijuuichiko Marui) is a bit too contrived since it doesn't sound like a name any Japanese woman would go with. From now on, then, her other name is Yoshiko Fukui, though I'll still call her Number 21.

Overall, I think this concept works better than the one I had before. I'm hoping to use her more often now.

Number 21 and Art (c) Joseph Staleknight

Number 21
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