Evelyn Corsets

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Two women stepped onto the set. They were both gorgeous; long legs, firm asses, full breasts, and slender comely physiques. For all their beauty the pair looked very similar. Indeed, the shared pout of inviting lips and sparkling blue eyes seemed to suggest they might be related. The only obvious, immediate difference between the two was their hair; one girl wore hers short and scarlet red, the other had a cascade of mahogany curls down to her shoulders.

And they were naked, save for the corsets tightly strapped around their waists. The corsets were of similar builds, ornate affairs of silk and leather, lace bodices strapped tight across slim backs, and their rigid forms pushing up the girls’ breasts as they strutted to position before the cameras. The redheaded girl’s corset was scarlet red with black ribbing and the word Evelyn written in dark lace letters along the lower rim, whereas the brunette’s garment was pink and white.

The twin beauties smiled at the cameras, each one producing a small, blue pill from a hidden spot along their cleavage.

“I’m wearing an Evelyn Corset,” the redhead said.

“And I’m not,” the brunette replied a heartbeat later. “Let’s see which one pops first.”

At that, the two slipped their little blue pills past their lips in a swift, synchronized movement.

They shared similar soft gasps as the pills’ first effects became noticeable. They wobbled, ever so slightly, adjusting to internal pressures straining against too-tight clothing, until that mounting pressure found an outlet in their naked rumps. Twin tight asses grew spherical in a matter of seconds, and continued to press outward.

“Mmmhm…” the brunette said, “and I thought this was snug to begin with.”

“It’ll be getting a lot tighter,” the redhead said with a gleeful smile, running a hand over her swelling, basketball-sized ass cheeks.

“Oh!” the brunette cooed, bringing her own hands up to rest gingerly on her breasts. Her corset pushed them up, and as they began expanding against the tight leather device they found they had nowhere to go but up and out.

“Evelyn Corsets do more than just structure and support,” the redhead breathed through teeth gritted with effort. Her own breasts strained against the tight cups of her corset, unable to push the ribbed leather out any further. “They also… hmmh… guide and sculpt… your physique…” she lost her cool and let slip a lewd moan as her fair boobs began expanding upward. Nipples still firmly pressed against her corset, the top arcs of each breast began climbing up, rounding outward from her chest, their apexes creeping upward past her clavicle.

As if on cue, the brunette burst from her top, tearing the uppermost seams and ribs of the corset as her breasts ballooned outward. She let out an ecstatic cry before regaining her composure, grabbing her bobbing tits and hefting up the lightweight, watermelon-sized orbs. “Most corsets simply can’t stand this much pressure,” she said with a feigned pout. She began to wobble, struggling to balance her gigantic tits with her equal sized, still-inflating ass.

The redhead let her sparkling eyes dance over her companion, her restrained smile growing more lascivious. Like the brunette, her ass cheeks had swollen to taut, beach-ball sized spheres that were enveloping a healthy portion of her thighs, but her chest growth was still restricted. With the scarlet corset restricting outward growth, her boobs had continued expanding upward. With a deep breath, she gently placed her hands on the ends of her barely restrained breasts before speaking, mustering the breath for each word clearly a labor, “Evelyn corsets… are designed to withstand… phenomenal pressures.”

She could rest her chin on the curves of her yearning boobs when she finished speaking her line, but as she closed her eyes in apparent revelry she lost her balance, teetering backwards and bouncing off her rounded, pressurized ass with a soft “oomph!” Overcorrecting her balance on the bounce, she toppled over, tight and taut tummy to the ground, facing the camera with an embarrassed smile. The jarring about seemed to quicken the inflation and her restrained breasts redoubled their growth, swelling upward and forward, pushing her increasingly elastic body aside in their quest for room. Soon, her face was framed entirely by the swells of her boobs, still solidly anchored in the cups of her garment.

“Now…” the brunette managed to breathe through the pressure of her burgeoning titss and restricted stomach, “any worthwhile corset will strap you in, nice and tight.” She carefully pivoted, her top swaying off her center of gravity with the momentum of her new enhancements. Indeed, the crisscross pink straps tying the thing together were holding well, even if her taut back was pressing hard enough to leave an imprint.

“It… won’t be the… hmph… the lace… that gives…” the redhead murmured, her face now completely enveloped in her burgeoning cleavage. The elasticity of her expanding body had pushed her shoulders and arms back as her chest expanded, leaving her something of an hourglass; yearning flesh ballooning on two ends constricted by her shapely red corset in the middle.

“Mrph!” the brunette agreed, wiggling hands that were barely visible around her new curvature. While the straps nobly restrained her mounting pressure, the seams along the hard ribbing of her already torn corset began to creak. She shuddered, her diminutive hands waving uselessly, and with a resounding rip the seams around one of the corsets’ hard plastic ribs gave way.

That first seam gone, the rest of the corset tore itself apart faster than the eye could see. The ruined leather and lace went flying off her body, the recoil of its constrained energy sending her wheeling over as her finally free torso ballooned outwards.

The redhead made a noise halfway between a bemused chuckle and an indecent moan. Her face was just barely visible within her cleavage, her arms and hands completely eclipsed. She made the motions to say something with her suddenly fuller lips, but couldn’t quite manage an intelligible word. Her taut, straining form shuddered, and she closed her eyes, mouth opened in an orgasmic moan…

With a loud pop the redhead vanished, a shower of rubbery confetti began drifting down across the set… and the scarlet Evelyn corset collapsed, empty, on the floor.

The brunette giggled and the cameras focused in on her. She wobbled to a stop just as her inflation wound down, leaving her with easy-chair sized breasts and ass cheeks. Her unconstrained torso had finally been free to expand, but was still comparatively small to her other orbs, no larger than a bean-bag chair. She rested belly down, bobbing slightly, her weight entirely on the orbs of her tits and ass, curly brown hair framing the expression of girlish delight on her face. Her arms and legs had vanished from view, likely subsumed by her inflated curves, but her toes and fingers could be seen wriggling from the very periphery of new proportions.

“So there you have it! Buy Evelyn, for the only corset guaranteed to last longer under pressure than you will!”

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