Girl Power

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- This is the prize; - A woman with double chin opened a suitcase and showed the packs of currency inside. Then she put it on the bar stand, and carefully closed both locks. – The winners will divide those between them. I love inflation movies! The public loves inflation movies. I know your kind, so if the feed is cut off - no prize for anyone. See you in 100 minutes. – She lifted the suitcase, turned and walked out, there was a sound of a car driving away. The two guards stayed though. One of them slowly walked to the bar stand and put a block of cards and a dirty bottle of greenish pills on it. He nodded, to nobody in particular, but you all took it as a “shall we start?”

- Name’s Girl Power. – An average height, average weight blond looked at the small group. –That’s all about me you ever need to know. It’s enough that you know my face.

- Swellie Bubbles, - a stocky short brunette with heavy eyelids slowly rolled the words on her tongue.

- Jane Felicia Burgers. I've got nothing to hide. Besides, I’m already on cops list in a few countries. – She looked strong enough to break someone’s neck, and big enough to inflate for quite some time.

- Popez. – Smiled a well dressed man with a blank stare of bluish eyes. Something about him was deeply disturbing.

- Gambit. – Another girl, of miss Power’s sizes, but with Asian features, smiles sheepishly.

- Biggie. – An elderly black man with a walking stick.

Swellie shuffled and dealt the cards.

Girl – 9.

Swellie – 4.

Jane – 6.

Popez – 7.

Gambit – 2.

Biggie – 3.

- Which card should do it, the biggest or smallest? – Biggie asked with a strong accent.

- As if I care, – Shrugged the guard and waved the gun in a vague gesture, – Do both to save the time. Time is money, - he showed an absent tooth in a wide grin.

Girl and Gambit, each took the first greenish pill. As soon as they did the guard started the clock. Large screen on the wall showed: 400, then started counting seconds: 399, 398, 397.

Gambit’s stomach whooshed into a fully pregnant size instantly and started quickly gaining size. As for the girl who called herself Girl, she didn’t feel anything. Gradually it became warm, then hot, as if it was some intoxication or poison working. She lifted her hands to brush her forehead feeling a bit dizzy, but  her arm encountered her breasts. This made Girl gasp. Someone in the group gave a chuckle. Girl shook her head, feeling the ill shiver all over her body. She stumbled and her tummy gave an angry gurgle.

- Not good for your system? – Asked Biggie pointing his stick at Girl’s middle. She looked down but saw only large, watermelon-sized and growing breasts. Yet her hands started searching her abdomen just in time to feel it’s starting growth. Still she was twice smaller than Gambit who already looked pregnant with quadruplets and rapidly expanding even fuller without losing her ridiculous sheepish smile.

Girl made a few awkward steps back to her place, her cheeks and hips starting to rub each other. Yet the guard pointed the gun on her: not a step further. All right, she can stay at the bar stand just as well. She returned to the stand, losing mobility at alarming rate and rested her growing breasts on the stand.

Girl felt hot, tingly and slightly trembling, yet she regained her composure. She was getting big. She can do that. Been there, done that. The gaze of her gray eyes became less heavy and with a few breaths she returned her calm.

- Scared? – Asked shaved Jane. Girl shook her head. – Good. You’re holding well for the one who has a few minutes left to live. – Girl didn’t pay attention, who cares about childish insults!

Still, she needed to do something to reassure herself, so she started gliding. Slowly, gracefully, as if doing airobics at home with her white bear helium tank which looks like a large fluffy toy. Her full and expanding butt went to the left slowly, then to the right like a pendulum, gaining space with each passing moment.

Then she added motions of hands, slight turns of her ballooning torso – as graceful as a balloon can.

Left. Girl’s hourglass is three feet wide.

Right. And a few more inches.

Left. She’s four feet.

Right. She breathed almost normally, making effort to turn away from ill hotness and bothering shaking – and they were soon gone, or at least she didn’t feel them anymore. Girl let her body move freely and a group, first throwing sarcastic insults, turned quiet, entranced by a growing beauty, so graceful and pure.

Still, inflation was taking it’s tall, especially when Power’s belly joined inflation. The magnitude of the motions of her silent dance became smaller, and when she became as wide as she was tall and started to expand getting even bigger, she could only wiggle just a bit with hands spread to the sides.

Girl breathed in and out for the last time, and looked around. The clock just showed 200 and descending – Girl saw that right through overfilled and pulsing Gambit. So she closed her eyes and waited for inflation to come to a halt listening to the creaks and gasps of the Asian girl. She was bigger than Gambit, and growing at a steady pace.

Feeling wider and fuller, she waited enjoying the situation. The group continued their jokes, but their attempts at humiliation didn’t touch Girl. She even started enjoying the fullness and stretch a bit. Let’s stretchout and burn some calories. She really felt in the zone.

Larger and fuller she got, and then she felt it. She was nearing capacity.

- So full, so big! – Burped Gambit with her unsuitable polite smile. Little Asian was already less translucent. Girl just hit her maximum, completely full, and perfect like a collection of beautiful soap bubbles. Girl didn’t see a clock through Gambit anymore, but guessed there’s at least a minute there, may be two. Inflation has stopped so Girl just drifted in pleasant void feeling the fullness and stretch.

Guards walked to Girl and Gambit and rolled them gently onto their bellies, then each of the two took another pill from the bottle and walked to the girls. Girl looked at the clock. 60. Gambit already started moving her fingers a bit.

- Big, but not big enough to pop yet, - Chuckled Jane. – Roll to me, snowflake. Or they’ll feed you another one.

Another one? Nobody said about another one before! Girl felt herself deflating slowly. Too slowly. Gambit, at 7 feet and deflating was already moving arms.

- Aww, such a cutie, it’s not fair, is it? – Teased Jane. – So young, so beautiful. – Girl’s mobile started playing in her ladybag in the corner. - Walk here dove, let me cuddle you.

Girl angrily shrugged off the tease and clenched harder trying to deflate faster. Too bad she didn’t care about inflatics – but she’ll surely visit that gym. How do they call it? Doesn’t matter, they’ll teach her to deflate faster. But now it was really a race against the clock.

Girl squeezed herself together as hard as she could.

Gambit suddenly rose into the air, glided a few feet and landed – as if in a kangaroo jump on the Moon. That would be comical in another company. Another kangaroo jump – and she slowly landed at her place.

10 seconds. Girl moved her fingertips, the rest of her didn’t bend. She tensed as hard as she could. How do they speed up deflation? What does she need to do? May be it’s not in tensing, may be she needs something else? She’ll surely get that training.

The counter reached zero with a pleasant ding. Gambit’s guard restarted the clock and it went from 400 again. Girl’s guard tried to put a pill in her mouth.

She squirmed and used some mobility to turn away.

- Nno… - Nnno…

The guard was pushing the pill into the middle of her lower lip. Males!

- Excuse me, - said Jane, gave a few lazy steps revealing slow grace of a panther, and her right hand continued moving delivering a healthy hook.

The air rushed through Girl. Her boobs and ass surged, air swirled inside, and although she didn’t feel pain she gasped. After rolling back, she rolled forward with breasts halting her motion. Ass pointing to the ceiling, eyes looking at the floor and boobs. She saw the guard and Jane stepping back. But the most terrifying of it all – she was expanding again!

Eyes racing to the sides, thoughts racing about everything and nothing, she was getting full again, and fast! Girl quickly surpassed capacity and felt the pressure starting to rise. Inside her right boob, near the nipple, there was a fizzling dot. She felt a rush of air near that place that would feel orgasmic in another situation. Gosh, she really needs to get this pill out!

- Mmmph! Nngh! – No escape. But escape came – in a form of Gambit.

Polite Asian was still a waddling belly on puffy legs, but she knelt on her knees as good as she could. Her soft belly and breasts smothered pressurized meridian of Power’s breast. Asian took Power’s huge balloon-nipple and started rubbing it, trying to open it. Power wasn’t sure it would work, but it felt so good she shook in a powerful pleasure immediately.

- Next time, try to get away in time, - chuckled Jane, - or I’ll feed you another one.

Girl wasn’t sure she'll live to that. She whimpered and squealed feeling the stretch. The pressure was immense and she was already starting to clench. Gambit gave her another orgasm, but she wasn’t sure if she was shaking because of that. The right nipple didn’t open still.

So full, so tight. Girl Power creaked and groaned holding it. For now. Clenching as tight as she could. Gambit deflated completely, the clock showed 300, Girl was overbearing the pressure which kept increasing by the moment.

Girl’s mobile rang again, and this time Jane walked there and received a call. She listened quietly for some time and then chuckled:

- Nice talking to you, Neville. She’s very busy now… It's Jane, a friend of her... Oh no, it won’t occupy her for long, I assure you. And I’ll bring along your girlie to that dinner you mentioned. Five o’clock then? – She listened. – Sure, Mister Pollard! I will leave you to each other, don’t worry. Till evening then. – She grinned widely and opened her hand dropping mobile on the floor.

Girl tried to keep together as much as she could, Gambit’s efforts were less and less helpful since orgasming non-stop really didn’t let her concentrate. Gambit finally realized that and left Girl alone. Power gave a loud groan. She barely caught herself and clenched even tighter. Power really was at the limits of her power. Still it was barely enough. She managed to catch it the second time.

She saw Neville’s face, how he brings tea to her bed, how they make love. Their marriage party. Parents. Her daughter, Alice. How she barely finished that Christmas dinner one time. That turkey was really too big for the five of them. She felt stuffed the other day. Holding it all as powerfully as she could…

For a brief moment Girl felt herself expanding slightly in all directions, unable to control her creaking, failing surface anymore.

- Poor thing, - Chuckled Jane. – Don’t worry, this pill will soon come out naturally.

Girl stared at a fizzling pill, feeling how she just can’t keep so much inside, her entire body giving a very vivid moan…

She shook trying to catch once, twice and slipping...

     ka           -                  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Confetti of her clothes and skin, along with blond hair swirled in the room.

The guards stopped the clock and Gambit shuffled and dealt the cards among drifting bits.

Swellie – 6.

Jane – 4.

Popez – 2.

Gambit – 7.

Biggie – 3.

They still had more than an hour to find out who will get the prize. A creature of air that once called herself “Girl Power” saw the room, as if in a dream, then became one with the air in it.


When a car brought the cash agent and a bunch of new armed guys, two men and two women were playing cards in the room full of tatters. The guns of the guards were accurately placed near the empty dirty bottle, "Swellie" already lost her share to "Biggie", evening smelled with firefight.

Author's Note: 

Has some domination, some teasing and some popping. Sorry for a dark story! ^_^

Originally written for CreakGaspBang, also surprisingly co-stars a Kekuju character.

Kekujas (c) VioletGambit


Critique is welcome! ^_^


Combining teasing and domination with popping of a good girl wasn't easy ^_^

In a willing popping there's no domination (I pop and don't care about you) or even reverse domination (step back or I'll pop)

In unintentional murders (kids popping a parent or teacher? some drunks? miscalculated prank of teens? underground fighting rings?) there's no teasing

In playful domination and teasing of two lovers - there's no popping

Bursting prostitution was an option, but I wanted main character to be a good, noble girl

So I turned to crime world, and crime is evil and dark

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