Prose that Blows 11 - A late addition to the stories - voting reopened.

Hi all. I felt this should get a new thread to ensure that I get everyone's attention.

As you may be aware, voting for Prose that Blows 11 was temporarily suspended yesterday due to a story which had been submitted, but through no fault of the author wasn't included in the list of stories when voting began (probably a spam filter got it you can read the details on the old thread. The suspension in voting was to allow me to add the new story and implement a solution which should find a compromise of sorts between minimising disruption to the voting and making the competition fair for all. Unfortunately there may still be accusations that the way the competition has gone could lead to bias, either for or against the new story, sadly this is all I'm able to do to mitigate that.

35 people had already cast their votes before voting was suspended. To these people, you now have the opportunity to change your vote if you wish having read the new story, The One Mile Circle. I really urge everyone who has already voted to read that story and consider whether they would have voted any differently having read it.

If you wish to amend your vote then I have set up the following survey for you.

The way it works is simple. I may not know the identities of those who have voted, but I can view the exact votes each person made (as well as the county they are located in and their IP address but I won't place quite as much weight on those as they may be unreliable). if you click on the link above you will be asked to confirm what you had voted for originally in the first question, and then in the second question you can place a new vote (which includes the new story). I can then cross reference each vote in this survey with one of the original 35 and count that as an amended vote. If you aren't one of the 35 who had already voted and try to vote in this survey I WILL KNOW YOU ARE TRYING TO CHEAT BECAUSE YOUR ANSWER TO THE FIRST QUESTION WONT MATCH ANY OF THE 35. If you genuinely can't remember everything you voted for originially then try your best, leaving categories blank if needs be, I can still try and cross-reference you by IP address and location.

If you do not wish to change your vote then you don't need to do anything. your original vote will still be counted if you don't vote in this new survey.

If you haven't voted yet, then ignore all of that above, and just vote as normal using the survey below. Again, by cross-referencing this vote along with IP addresses and locations with the original vote I WILL KNOW IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE WHO ALREADY VOTED AND ARE USING THIS TO VOTE AGAIN.


So, here again is the list of stories which you can vote for. Now including the eleventh story.

A Note About Inflation

At the Flick of a Switch

Check, Please



Rage Read


Stress Inflating

The New Rules

The One Mile Circle


Due to the pause in voting, I have extended the deadline for getting your votes in (for both surveys) until midnight GMT on the 23rd of April (from the 20th of April) so effectively this means, get your votes in by the 21st because for most people the polls will close at some point on the 22nd.

Happy reading