Teri, my lab assistant

My lab assistant Teri stood behind me as I worked.

"That looks like gum." she said.

"Yes, but..." I started to say as she reached over and took a piece and popped it into her mouth.

"Mmmm, blueberry.  It's wonderful.  I've never had anything like it." she said as she chewed.  I could see juice quickly filling her mouth.

"It's not quite ready." I finished.

"Whafff doofff youff meafff?" she said with a mouthful of juice.  Some juice oozed out on to her lips as her face began to change color.

She pulled me to her and we kissed.  I tasted the juice on her lips and began to feel a sensation come over me.  Both of us filled out our lab suits and soon were giant blueberries.

Teri, my lab assistant
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