Suicide Hill

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The petrol station rested atop Huntington Hill, known by the locals as “Suicide Hill” for its ridiculously precipitous slope, one that tempted many a youth in wintertime to slide down its icy surface. While achieving near-freefall speeds, the ride had an unfortunate penchant of ending with the sled skidding straight into the busy Lavinia Lane, where traffic was unimpeded by stop signs or any attention given to pesky speed limits.

On the day of the incident, however, it was late summer, and the heat of the late-afternoon sun seemed only to escalate the tempers that flared on that petrol station’s scalding-hot car park.

There five cheerleaders had gathered there to practise, but the squabble between two of them slowed the proceedings. The two glared at each other with piercing gazes designed to intimidate and, if possible, kill from sheer jagged iciness.

Keelin was a petite but vituperative young woman, seemingly docile with her librarian-style look, including glasses and a blonde ponytail. She was tall and slender, with small but well-rounded breasts and ass.

By contrast, the brunette Damaris was a larger girl, perhaps more full-figured than was considered by modern standards of beauty, but with an undeniably attractive face and an attention-getting backside.

“We really can’t just have a vote on this?” asked Raluca, whose porcelain black skin shone in the sun, as if the rays of Heaven wished to spotlight her perfect athletic form to the world.

Keelin pointed at Damaris. “The only way this bitch is going to respect my authority is when she’s seconds away from popping!”

“What’s the problem, anyway?” asked Cersi, a freckled redhead whose larger-than-normal nose kept her from being truly beautiful, but whose full lips and large eyes were enough to excite the boys at pep rallies. “We always settle disputes by inflating each other.”

Mala, a thin, dark-haired beauty, felt her face turn flush. She said nothing as her eyes darted about the others, hoping that her discomfort was unnoticeable.

Raluca rubbed her smooth, glistening brow. “Cersi, what happened when Keelin challenged Ilona to an inflation contest?”

“Ilona exploded.”

“Right. And then what happened to Caelyn?”

“She exploded.”

“Right. You see a pattern here?”

“I don’t follow.”

Raluca let out an exasperated sigh. “Someone’s gonna pop!”

Mala silently bit her lower lip, trembling slightly.

“You’re damn right someone’s gonna pop!” said Keelin, addressing the others but looking straight at Damaris. “And that’s why we need to do this! Cuz I’ve got a perfect track record, and I’m not about to lose this one, either!”

Raluca approached Damaris as gently as she would approach a growling dog. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Oh, there’s a first time for everything,” said Damaris. “This whore’s going down. And by ‘down,’ I mean she’s going to blow UP!”

Mala rubbed her sweaty palms on her cheerleader skirt.

“OK, that was horrible trash talk,” Raluca observed.

“Never mind!” snapped Damaris. “Just get the hose!”

Cersi was already in mid-stride when the order came, unraveling the water hose and racing it over to Keelin, who wrapped her mouth around the nozzle without hesitation.

Damaris made a remark comparing the nozzle to a man’s penis, and Keelin responded non-verbally. Then she gave a “thumbs-up” to Cersi, who turned on the hose.

Keelin stood with her arms slightly away from her hips, apparently in anticipation of the effect of gallons of water being shot down her throat. A little water splattered from her lips, but Keelin regained control of the nozzle; and after a tension-filled moment, her belly began lifting up from under her cheerleader costume.

Mala swallowed nervously, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She recalled as a young girl the day her teacher read aloud in class the Aesop story, “The Frog and the Ox.” When the teacher reached the story’s explosive climax, her schoolmates burst out laughing. Everyone laughed except Mala, who, like now, felt her face turn red. Something about the frog’s ignominious end horrified her and fascinated her at the same time. That her schoolmates all laughed at the frog’s ignominious fate, while she sat silently absorbing it, made it feel like they were laughing at HER.

What if SHE inflated until she burst? Would her schoolmates just laugh, as if she were nothing more than a popped balloon? The thought intrigued her more and more as she got older, and it subsequently became more and more arousing.

Mala wondered if she’d subconsciously joined the cheerleading squad hoping that she’d witness one of these legendary inflation contests. Or that maybe she’d be participating in one.

Now she was witnessing Keelin filling up in front of her. Keelin’s sides began bulging out along with her belly, her limbs bulking up as she took on a plump starfish shape. More of her rounding midsection became exposed as she quickly outgrew her costume. Droplets of water traced an ever-expanding arc across her body as they traversed its circumference.

Mala took a quick glance around and, satisfied that everyone’s attention was on Keelin, slid her hand down the front of her skirt.

The hose gushed on, the only sound for several tense moments save for the occasional passing traffic in the distance. Keelin continued to swell and swell until she looked more ball than human. And still that ball continued to expand several sizes larger, until she’d reached the size of a weather balloon…and beyond…

She soon blocked out the setting sun, and the others had to crane their necks to see Keelin’s face, which at last was showing signs of strain. She had to be reaching her limits, as she was as big as she’d ever been. But the water kept flowing, and she kept expanding.

Damaris hadn’t realised until now that her jaw had dropped open. She would have to get that huge without bursting! How was that even possible? She felt her insides go hollow. Her only hope was that Keelin would try too hard to beat her past records and burst herself.

But seconds later, Keelin flapped her fat, stubby hand—she no longer had wrists—signaling to Cersi to shut off the hose.

Cersi reached for the faucet, and Damaris tackled her to the ground.

The hose kept pumping, and Keelin kept rising into the sky.

Damaris and Cersi scrambled over each other, Cersi reaching desperately for the valve while Damaris used her superior weight to hold her to the ground.

Keelin began emitting muffled sounds, which were easily drowned out by the gushing water, and the screams of the other cheerleaders.

Raluca had run over to help, grabbing on to Damaris, who fought her and Cersi as if her life depended on it. It probably did.

“Mala!” shouted Raluca. “Turn off the water!”

Mala froze, looking between the inflating Keelin and her struggling companions.

“Mala!” Raluca repeated.

Keelin’s muffled cries became one long groaning sound. Her body began creaking like a latex balloon pushed to its limits.

Raluca finally pinned Damaris’s arms and Cersi lunged for the faucet, closing the spigot.  The sound of gushing water reached a higher and higher pitch as it tapered off, the remaining last stream finding its way down Keelin’s mouth, pushing her just that much bigger.

Time seemed to slow as Keelin expanded just one more centimeter.

And then, at last, she stopped, and there sat the largest water balloon the girls had ever seen.

“No…way,” murmured Demaris in awe.

“She almost popped,” Mala whispered to herself.

Raluca’s tall, leggy form needed to take only a couple steps to reach her. “Yeah, no thanks to YOU! Why didn’t you help us?!”

“I—I’m sorry,” said Mala, visibly shaking.

“Look at her trembling,” said Cersi. “I think she’s in shock.”

“No, no, I’m fine,” Mala protested, hoping no one would see the wetness in her skirt.

Raluca stared daggers at Mala for a moment, then at Damaris, and then finally gave the hose a yank, pulling it free from Keelin’s mouth with a wet “poink” sound.

Keelin coughed a few times, coughing that lapsed into laughter. “You dumb, cheating bitch!” she called down at Damaris. “All you did was make me even BIGGER! This is the biggest I’ve ever been, and I’ve watched every girl who challenged me pop like balloons! And now you have to get at least this big! Think you can do it?! Cuz I think I’m about to see you explode!”

All eyes turned on Damaris as Keelin continued to laugh.

“I’m out,” said Damaris, turning to leave, but Cersi spun her around.

“Ohhhhh, no,” said Raluca. Between her athletic form and Cersi’s assistance, they held the slightly heavyset girl steady and fed her the hose nozzle. “Mala, turn on the noise.”

Damaris shook her head, looking pleadingly at Mala.

“Mala,” Raluca repeated.

Mala hesitated only a second before stepping up to the faucet and cranking it full throttle.

Damaris’s eyes went wide and her cheeks immediately puffed out. Again, the sudden pressure seemed to overwhelm all the girls at first, rocking them all and sending water droplets shooting everywhere until Raluca regained control. Damaris began to grow, feeling in Cersi’s grip like a squishy poll toy.

Damaris’s belly billowed out, her limbs plumped up, and soon her body grew too puffy for Cersi and Raluca to hold. Damaris reached the point where her puffy lips sealed tight around the nozzle, and her limbs were too full to move, so her captors felt safe to release her and let the water do its job. In fact, they felt much safer standing away from her.

Damaris lost her ability to stand upright and fell onto her plump backside, growing all the while. Mala stood transfixed as she watched another girl slowly turn into a ball-shaped version of herself.

Keelin cackled at her rival’s discomfort. “Feeling tight already, bitch?!” she taunted her. “Cuz you have a long way to go!”

The hose pumped more and more water into Damaris, and soon she was almost perfectly round, her formerly curvy self now just one long, unending curve.

“Ooooh, you’re getting bigger!” Keelin teased her. “You think you can make it? Or do you think you’re gonna BURST?!”

The water continued pumping, filling up Damaris to twice her size, but she was still considerably smaller than Keelin.

“Can you feel it, bitch?!” Keelin continued with her taunts. “With every drop, you get closer to POP!” She giggled at her little rhyme.

Mala couldn’t bear it. Between Damaris’s inflation and Keelin’s boasting, she needed an orgasm urgently. Again her hand slid down her skirt.

Keelin burst out laughing again. “Look! Mala’s getting herself off!”

It didn’t seem possible, but Mala felt herself turn redder and hotter as the other girls turned to see her with her hand down her knickers.

But she didn’t stop. She needed this too badly.

“Are you sick, girl?” Raluca asked.

“I’ve heard of girls like her,” Cersi admitted. “They get off on this like perverted freaks!”

Damaris couldn’t speak, much less turn her head to watch, but the expression on her face said, “Really?!”

“Oh, no, this is fantastic!” Keelin shouted. “Looks like TWO of our girls are gonna pop!”

This brought laughter from Raluca and Cersi, which made Mala’s humiliation even greater. At this point, her orgasm was imminent.

“Look at her, Mala!” Keelin teased. “Isn’t she big?! Isn’t she sooooo BIG? Oooo, look! She’s still gettin’ bigger! She’s gettin’ BIGGER!”

Mala’s body shook. Damaris’s body creaked.

“I think this is it!” said Keelin. “She’s gonna blow!”

Raluca and Cersi giggled and stepped back farther from Damaris, who began flapping her stubby hands in a desperate effort to get them to shut off the water. Her neck had long sunk into her balloon body, and she could only look up at Keelin’s mocking face as she stretched toward oblivion. The creaks from her body grew louder.

Raluca and Cersi began chanting, “Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!”

Damaris moaned, her growth slowing as the water could no longer make her any larger.

“Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!”

“C’mon, Demaris! Get bigger and burst for me!” shouted Keelin happily.

“Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!”

“Here it comes! Here it comes!”

Mala came, her head tossed back in a loud orgasmic scream.

“Pop! Pop! Pop! P--”


Damaris burst like a water bomb. Mala felt a waves of pleasure and waves of water hit her almost simultaneously, the water drenching and cooling her flushed skin. Now her entire cheerleader costume was wet, not just her knickers, and she sagged to the asphalt like a deflated balloon.

Keelin laughed as Raluca and Cersi clapped and cheered at the spectacular conclusion of the contest.

After moments of palm-slapping and self-congratulations, Keelin said, “Someone get a picture of me! I think this is the biggest anyone’s ever been! I think I’ve set a new record as the world’s biggest human balloon! I’m the biggest one EVER!”

Mala’s hair dripped water down her face, which she wiped away before looking up at Keelin. Yep, she was big. She was HUGE. And round. And helpless.

“And don’t think I’m not going to tell everyone about YOU, Mala!” said Keelin. “Wait’ll the whole school knows that you and Damaris popped at the same time!” She laughed again.

“You won’t tell,” said Mala faintly.

“The hell I won’t! That’s why you didn’t help turn off the hose! You damn well could’ve popped me!”

“Yeah, I know.” Mala stood up, water dribbling off her soaked form.

Then she charged Keelin, giving the big, round girl a huge shove.

Raluca and Cersi could only stand there stunned as the round, water-filled Keelin rolled over once, then again.

“Hey!” Keelin called out. “Quit it! Knock if off!”

But one more shove from Mala, and Keelin was rolling out of the car park and onto Huntington Avenue.

And that led straight to Suicide Hill.

Raluca and Cersi exchanged glances, as if deciding the right course of action. Then they chased after the rolling Keelin, who sputtered out epithets at Mala whenever her head was in an upright position.

Momentum and gravity were now in full force, and Keelin quickly picked up speed as she headed closer and closer to the steep incline of Suicide Hill. Mala casually followed Raluca and Cersi as they chased Keelin down the street, but they knew that stopping her was no longer an option.

Keelin’s globular body disappeared over the horizon like a setting sun.

The other cheerleaders panted their way to the precipice, Mala quietly and casually arriving shortly behind them, and they peered down at the rolling, screaming water balloon that now shot down Suicide Hill like an out-of-control pinball, heading inexorably toward Lavinia Lane.

At the bottom, heading for the intersection was a speeding Mack truck. Although exceeding the speed limit by only a few kilometers, the driver had no way of avoiding a giant, rolling rubber ball that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Both the driver and Keelin had time only to let out a quick yelp before…


The windshield was now briefly obscured by water and shreds of cheerleader costume, and the Mack truck spun wildly until shrieking brakes gradually brought the vehicle and its uninjured driver to a safe but uncomfortably impromptu stop.

Raluca and Cersi slowly turned their gaze to Mala, who smiled faintly.

“I guess I run this squad now,” Mala said triumphantly.

Maybe Raluca and Cersi would challenge her to an inflate-off. Maybe they wouldn’t. Mala really didn’t care either way.

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