Cloaked Dreams

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"Don't worry, you'll like it," a voice from the dark room mumbled. Ruby snapped awake as the light turned on and she found her hands and feet taped to her bed, tape in her mouth so she couldn't speak. Something was taped inside of the middle of her mouth, though. She couldn't tell exactly what it was.

Through her constant squealing, she looked down. Every time the cloaked man pushed down on the pump handle, her middle would bulge out. It swelled quickly, starting at its flat state to puff up to a basketball size. She thrashed a little, but found that he only gave her harder pumps every time she did.

She lied back and squeezed her eyes shut as her middle swelled out more, ending up at about three feet high. Her shoulders and hips began to swell as her chest and stomach now were and she felt lighter than air. The more she was pumped, the more dizzier and light headed she became, until it got to a point where he could untie her feet and hands. She simply rubbed her hands over her middle and curled her toes up softly, feeling him continue with his actions. Every time he pumped, her head would rise off the pillow softly, only plopping right back down.

She continued to swell. Her pants creaked. Her shirt was tightly clutching her until it met its fate with a harsh boom. Her pants shripped softly at the seams until they burst off of her with a deafening bang. She tried to spread out, which only caused her to grow more. Her limbs began to puff softly as her belly got to at least eight feet tall. She moaned gently as she watched her arms blow out so full that she couldn't touch her stomach anymore and she felt her legs becoming so huge that they couldn't close.

Her stomach slowly joined with her back and her head and legs were slowly picked up off of the bed as her back expanded as well. Her stomach and back slowly turned into a complete ball. Her arms and legs sunk into her belly, making her a ball with hands, feet and a head. Her hands and feet became lost in her mass and her head was quickly buried. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head when she knew it was the end.

Twelve feet tall. She was wedged in between the ceiling and floor so tightly that her circular body had been pinched into an oval. He kept pumping and with a horrible crack, the ceiling crumbled around her. He began to pump quicker. The ball turned into fifteen feet, twenty, twenty five, thirty... She felt so full and tightl until she looked around through her only slightly transparent stomach. She was as big as the whole neighborhood and then some. Seventy feet, eighty, ninety...

"My plan has almost worked," the man laughed. She had already crushed her own house as well as the rest of the entire city she worked in. She began to inflate slower as she began to rumble. With each pump her whole body groaned and creaked, until the meter on the end of the hose read 100. "I've done it," he chuckled and gave her one more pump.

With that one pump, an ear rattling explosion spread across the city followed by a shockwave of air and Ruby woke up quickly.

"It was only a dream," a man in a cloak whispered, "go back to bed."

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