Of Helium... - Part 3

"POP POP !!!"

Sylvia's eyes puffed out of her sockets and begun inflating on their own since every part of her body was expanding by now, and helium tired to find every last refuge to fill and expand. Her eyeglasses shot away into the open space, as her eyeballs, almost the size of a hot air balloon each, kept expanding and inflating with gas, giving her the goofier look any girl could have at that point, and her whole body started becoming transparent, as she was soon reaching her rubbery limits...



Sylvia tried to scream one last time, before her planetary sized balloon body, exploded into a billion rubbery pieces, almost sending the planet a little off course, as the powerful explosion sent her shreds to cover almost half the globe, and the hose started falling back into the ground, the gas still forcing itself out of it into the open air, before it landed a few feet away from you, near the helium tank...

"Best balloon popping... EVER!!!"

You yelled in bliss, as a heavy rubber rain of Sylvia's torn pieces, kept falling and covering almost everything on the beach, as well as a vast amount of land on the horizon...

Of Helium... - Part 3
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