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There was a senior boy in high school. He wasn't into sports and athletics, nor was a brainiac. He was the one who was a wallflower because he was. He wasn't in a clique or any social group, even the wallflowers didn't hang with him. He was Henry. He was about 5' 10", with a medium physique and a scrawny build. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and paler skin. He spent most of his time by his lonesome and had few friends. He did however have a bully. His name was Ken. He was on the football team as the star receiver, scoring most of the points for the team. He was strong and fast, about 6 foot, with bleached blonde hair and green eyes. He was always with some girl and traded lovers everyother day. When ever he picked on Henry, he had two other guys with him who usually stoodby and made sure no one else saw. On Mondays Ken would steal Henry's lunch money, Tuesday was Thunder wedgie day, Wednesday was Wet Willie day, Thursday was Toilet day, and Friday was everything in the pockets. This whole thing had been going on since the third grade, and about April, the day before spring break started, was the day it ended.

The day before the afore mentioned date, Henry went to the Candy shop. He browsed around, and then Ken walked in with a girl under his arm.

"Hey babe, look at the dweeb! He's getting some candy for his girl! Oh wait he doesn't have one!" Ken found this some how beyond funny. The girl just rolled her eyes. Henry just ignored Ken.

"Hey! I'm talking about you!" Ken pointed at Henry, but Henry just kept to himself.

"Puh, who cares about you. What you want? Nothing here can be as tasty as you." The girl elbowed Ken, and he tickled her back.

Ken bought her some chocolates and they left. Henry waited till they were out of view, then he started to leave.

"Excuse me, son?" The man at the register spoke.

"Huh? Me?" Henry turned to the man.

"Since your the only one here who's a son, or even here, yes. Does that boy pick on you alot?"

"Yeah, but I've gotten use to it."

"Nonsense! Here I've got just the things to stop him. Here, a pack of gum. This'll teach him. Just get him to eat one piece. Once you think he's had enough get him to spit it out. Don't let him swallow, or this'll really pluck his goose." The man handed Henry a pack of blueberry gum.

"Um, okey? How much?"

"For you kid? This one's on the house."

Henry said thank you and left. The next day was going to be different.

Henry showed up for school. He went to his first three classes like usual, then he went to lunch, where Ken comes in usually. Today Ken was wearing his lettermen's jacket, some loose-fit blue jeans, and a black tee that was one size to small to show his muscles.

"Alright boy, it's Friday, so empty your pockets!" Ken pushed Henry into the wall in the hallway. It was empty, cause most people were at lunch.

Henry pulled out his keys, his wallet, and the gum.

"This is it? The only thing good here is the gum!" Ken took the pack and looked it over, "Blueberry? Really? Not my favorite," Ken opened the pack and took a piece out anyway. He put it in his mouth and chewed.

"Now look, I'm going to want some better stuff you hear?! Open your wallet, how much cash you got?"

Henry took out his wallet and pulled out a twenty and a fifty.

"Seventy, not bad."

Henry handed the money to Ken and saw something: a small bluedot on Ken's nose. He looked at it and stared. Ken put the money in his pocketand noticed Henry staring.

"What? Have I got something on my face?" the dot grew and soon encompassed his whole nose.

"Yes," Henry smiled, "Yes you do." The dot grew and covered all of Ken's face.

"What then?" Ken's eyes turned blue.

"Blue." The blue covered his whole head.

"Blue? Where?" It spread down his shirt.

"Everywhere." Ken looked at Henry, as the blue continued to spread. Ken moved away from Henry and was just confused.

"What in the world are you talking about?"

"Look at your hands." The blue had reached Ken's wrist.

"What?" Ken looked at his hand and watched it turn blue, "WHAT?!" Ken stepped backwards and tripped over his own feet, causing him to swallow the gum.

"Ach! I shallowed the gum! I hate when I do that!"

"You're going to hate it more today!" Henry said.

Ken finished turning blue, His stomach then gave out a large groan, causing him to clutch it. Again it moaned and then gurgled. Ken suddenly felt full and bloated. He felt his stomach was full. He then felt it bulge. He looked at his belly and saw it was no longer his prideful six-pack, but now it was flat, and filling out. He felt it swell in his hands. Henry stared in disbelief.

"What...what are you doing to me?" Ken rubbed his belly.

"Oh, not me."

Ken's belly slopped over his belt. His shirt started to ride up. He felt his thighs start to swell too, and his butt. His belt started to cut into his ever growing gut. His pants zipper unzipped, and his pants started to be tighter at the thighs. Ken just stood there in the hallway, with Henry watching. Then the bell rang for the end of lunch.

"What?! I can't let people see me like this!" People started to file down the hall but stopped when they saw Ken. He turned and looked their gapping mouths.

"Ken? What the...?" Just then Ken's belt popped off him and hit some kid, knocking them over. His belly sighed in relief. The kid got up just in time to be hit again by Ken's pant button. Ken's shirt revealed all of his belly, and started to tear in the middle. His thighs ripped through his pants, and his butt waviered. His arms were now swelling too, causing them to rise up in the air. His thighs were causing his legs to spread apart. His belly was now about the size of a large beachball, and his arms and legs were now at starfish level.

"What's going on here?" A teacher came through the crowd.

"Look!" A student exclaimed.

"Ohh..." the teacher gasped.

"Help me! Please!" Ken felt his lips plumpen. His cheeks filled with juice. His belly began overtaking his arms and legs at that point as well. His belly got lower and his legs and arms got shorter. His shirt tore right in half and his pants ripped right off him. His shoes and socks popped off him as well. His body continued swelling till his arms and legs were no more. He was a perfect sphere, with hands and feet, and a pair of boxer breifs and a letterman jacket on.

The teacher called the principal down and they decided what to do. They'd roll Ken down to the gym till they could figure out what to do. Ken however didn't stop swelling, oh no. He kept swelling. The ceiling was about ten feet tall, and Ken was about 7 feet tall when he was spherical. They had to roll him down to the other end of the school for the gym however. He continued to swell and they got about halfway when he got stuck. They did evac the school for good measure. Henry was in front the whole time and when Ken got stuck, Henry was right there at Ken's head. Ken's hands and fret were the engulfed.

"So, have you learned your lesson?"

"Yef, ow e niphe oo you!"

"Well, good. But I'm afraid you'll have to do it in the afterlife. So long blueberry, or better yet bluebully!" Henry laughed then left.

"Muph!?" Ken's head became engulfed.

His skin got tighter and tighter, till it was almost transparent. Ken then felt every part of his body surrender, and his skin gave out. Parts of him flew down the hallway, and juice poured out the school. The kids had the rest of the day off, and three extra days off for Springbreak. Henry was never bullied again, and never had any problems the rest of the year. He didn't even get in trouble for Ken, as there was no evidence of foul play. Henry was a free guy.

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The Candy Shop is a strange little shop, that appeared one day out of nowhere. No one knows the owner, or where the shop came from. It has the best candy by far, but one display gets a little...changing.

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