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Kaitlyn writhed in pain.


Jessica moaned in pleasure.


Jade yelled in desperation.

With each time I pressed my foot down, the three girls got larger. Each one of them covered a different bodily dimension. The hoses hooked up to Kaitlyn, one on each nipple, made her breasts swell up with every pump. The large, threateningly black hose embedded in Jessica's belly button made her sizable stomach swell out even further. And lastly, the thick tube going up Jade's ass blew her rump up to comical proportions in accordance with everyone else.

Everyone's clothes were straining as far as they could go. I pumped again, and Kaitlyn's flannel was showing more and more of her cleavage in the gap between each button. I pumped them up again and Jessica's t-shirt rode up another inch, exposing more and more of her succulent stomach as time goes on. I pumped them up again and Jade's ass got a little bit closer to breaking out of her yoga pants – a little bit closer to being exposed bare naked to the world. 

I had no control over who was pumped up and when – they all were inflated at the same time with every press of the foot pedal. No matter who I wanted to see pop first, I had no choice but to inflate them all together – but Jade looked the closest to going out with a bang first. Her butt, already large before my inflation of her, was clearly visible through her black tights and was a deep shade of red. The cheeks had lost all jiggle to them whatsoever and her face was twisted into a constant state of fear. The more I thought about her ripping open, the harder my dick got – and finally I started pumping again. 

Every time my foot came down on the pedal I heard another litany of noises come from my three captives. That only made it more satisfying as I continually pumped them all up, watched them swell up and grow outwards and watch their skin stretch as far as it could go. All the blood drained from Jade's face as her rear finally reached critical mass. Her tights were still in one piece, but ominous creaking sounds filled the room as she groaned, nearly pinned underneath the weight of her rump.

“Oh...” she barely got out a moan as Kaitlyn slapped her ass as hard as she could, trying to get her to pop already. Kaitlyn reasoned that if she popped first, maybe I would see the error of my ways and stop killing all three of them. 

Only the immediate goal was accomplished.

There was a bang. And three screams, all in unison.

Jessica was next.

Her tummy was pushing out further than even she thought it could. Tears streamed down her chubby cheeks, having just watched her friend burst like a balloon at my hands. Her eyes went from what was left of Jade, the face frozen mid-scream, and the lustful look I was giving her belly, and she began pleading for her life through her sobbing. “Please, I'll do anything!! Please, don't pop me!!”

In response, my foot came down on the pedal. Instead of rising back up after the initial pump, it stayed there.

Jessica started to balloon up. Her tummy stretched further and further out as it grew, her shirt rising so far up it served little purpose by the time her entire belly was exposed. Looking like she had ate a person whole wasn't enough and her belly kept going. Her face got redder and she crossed her legs, trying to hide her wet pussy. Feeling both immense pleasure and immense pain was one of the most incredible experiences she ever had – and it was only amplified by the girl almost ripping out of her shirt next to her. The pressure built and a deep, ominous creak began to emit from her stomach--


Kaitlyn was gone.

While I was focused on Jessica's demise, I wasn't paying attention to how close Kaitlyn was to bursting. 

The buttons on her shirt remained valiant in their efforts to keep herself decent but finally they ripped off in a fantastic display of growth, her breasts billowing out seemingly endlessly, Her bra hadn't given way, though – and the plain beige cups were pushing against Kaitlyn so hard it was like a vice was on her torso and getting continuously tighter. Quickly her face was eclipsed out of sight and a rubbery noise started emanating from her as her gargantuan tits rubbed together and swelled up. Her bra still refused to snap and it cut so deep in her skin it looked like she might be sliced in half at the torso. While Jessica crossed her legs, Kaitlyn couldn't handle the increased weight and fell face first – and her tits were there to cushion the fall momentarily before her body weight meant they burst.

Jessica gave me a nervous look. Her face bright red and her tummy even more of a dangerous tone, her once-jiggly exterior now stood no chances of ever bouncing with every step again. “Please...” she barely got out, begging yet again for mercy.

Of course, begging got her no-where. Her belly continued to swell outwards; my foot never left the pedal. Her succulent tummy still had a thick layer of fat covering all of her newfound girth, but even beneath that layer she could tell things were about to get messy real fast. Her pale features contorted as she swelled, rounded cheeks almost as red as her torso. No longer able to plead for mercy she merely moaned, belly growing further and further out. My foot pressed the pedal as hard as it could, easing up right as a deep creaking noise came from her insides and her stomach made an audible stretching noise.

Seconds from bursting Jessica stopped growing. I stepped forward, erect and ready for fireworks. She watched me as I got closer and closer to her orb of a stomach.

I stuck a finger out and slowly began to press into Jessica with it. Her screams got louder and louder the deeper my finger went into her belly, culminating with a mighty shriek from her as sh--


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dig my dA

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