Three's A Crowded

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"You've locked the door, right?" Caroline asked as the cap unscrewed.

Marissa watched the blonde warily as she shook the small plastic container and rattled out the pills. They accumulated like bite-size candy, or oval-shaped pearls in a blue bowl, one that Marissa frequently used to cook microwavable ramen in her dorm when she didn't feel like going out.

Judy swayed her broad hips as she returned to the upturned laundry basket in the center of the room, a makeshift table for the trio. "Locked up! It's just us..." she gave a bubbly laugh. She straddled the empty desk chair and slid onto it backwards, the wooden legs groaning their complaints as the overweight girl's bottom settled down.

Marissa glanced over at Judy and winced at the thought of the chair giving out from underneath her. What did she have to be— two twenty-five, two fifty pounds? Even an apron of her belly oozed under the backrest in the stretchy plum-colored blouse she wore. Marissa liked the other's full, round face, at least, framed by chocolate locks. Judy was certainly built like the hammer thrower she used to be in track and field, the tallest of the trio by a smidge.

Caroline was practically Judy's polar opposite and had an athlete's confidence in her physique: trim legs, toned arms, fair blonde hair and an open personality to let men and women alike give her muscles a feel. The pair of them had found familiarity in each other through playing sports in high school. Even so, Marissa fell in between their friendship because her smarts made a group project go off without a hitch, and the circle had been tight ever since.

"Marissa, I asked if you're sure your roomie will be out all night," Caroline spoke up, a tad impatient.

"Oh! Yeah, yeah, she—" Marissa nodded her head furiously and then pushed the bridge of her glasses back into place. "She's gone. I think her drinking friends will keep her busy, haha..."

Caroline's sun-tanned skin and admirably lean figure made it easy to tell which of them used to play softball. Her index finger stirred around the pills, and then she beamed with her perfect teeth as she cracked open a water bottle and started pouring a share into each of the red disposable cups on the basket. "Well, good! I wonder if she'd have wanted to join us too. A party's always better with more company."

Marissa gave a small shrug of the shoulders, staring at her crossed legs and the square pillow on the floor she balanced on. "I don't think Kara would've found this as... exciting as we do," she answered softly.

"Let her do her own thing, we won't miss her," Caroline replied coolly. "The RAs won't let us have alcohol in the dorms anyway. We're going to have some fun of our own, aren't we?"

Marissa bashfully bowed her head at the tomboy's proud expression. She peeked up through the edges of her frames as Judy gave another intoxicatingly carefree laugh and shifted in her seat. "I'm so excited...!" She began kneeling and slipped the waistband of her yoga pants down, allowing the other two to see her stacked hips and the hints of cellulite on her thighs. Navy panties clung tight to her loins as she listed precariously back and forth. "We're swallowing all of them, right?"

"As many as we can," came Caroline's confident answer. She picked up her cup and swirled it like a chalice. "This'll be a ride and a half. You ready, Marissa?"

At the encouraging look, Marissa's thin arm extended to the bowl and she took a small handful. The coated capsules were as pale as her palm, slightly translucent like a morning fog. In the quiet, the Friday night festivities could be heard starting up a few rooms down with a gently pumping bass. It matched the beat of her heart, the conscious desire to let her body lose control and restraint. She had never tasted a drop of liquor or puffed from a bong, but she was courageous at this moment to let these tablets in her hand take her wherever they wanted, if only because there were two of her best friends about to do the same.


"Here we go...!" Caroline slipped a pill onto her tongue and raised her water. "Cheersh...!"

Silence fell again as the girls began methodically downing the capsules.

"I'm gonna start with four," Judy announced before she took another sip.

Marissa had a preference to do everything in multiples of five. "Um..." she began.

"I'm doing six," Caroline leaned forward with intent, greedily picking up her pace. "I brought these, after all."

Marissa slowed as she wanted to catch the moment she started feeling the changes. She nearly choked on her water as her stomach lurched forward with a sudden bloat and made the fifth pill go down with a hiccup.

"Mnnnh, you feel that?" Caroline banged down her cup and flashed a smile.

Judy seized up and moaned, dropping her drink on the rug and hiking up her blouse. "My belly grew—" She leaned away in her chair. "It's still growing!" Her paunch briefly pressed into the backrest until she tried to gather it up from below in her hands. A huge meal seemed to wobble about in her grip.

Marissa didn't like how irregular it felt at first, whining as she teetered back and lay propped up on her elbows. Her choices of jean shorts and a checkered blouse were poor picks as her belly forced its way through the buttons in its path, the tiny ones in her top separating by the second as Thanksgiving feasts rapidly piled into her frame. The bulge swelled free, giving Marissa a glimpse at her deepening navel. Astonishment reigned as she wriggled and touched her middle for the first time, her skin blimping with a life of its own.

Caroline jumped to her feet and whooped, swiftly pulling off her tank over her head. "Hell yes...!" A sturdy dark sports bra remained, but her sculpted stomach had now ballooned out in front. She fingered her natural outie and grinned as she encircled her hands around her globe of even skin tone and perfect spherical shape. "I feel like I'm pregnant!"

"You look like it..." Judy groaned as she hefted herself off the chair. Marissa realized the whale of a female had them beat in both width and size already. Judy staggered a step and managed one of her jolly laughs as she rolled up her blouse to expose the lace cups for her fat tits underneath. Her belly's bloating was making the usual sag disappear and get replaced by jutting, uncontrollable proportions.

"And you look extra fluffy..." Caroline purred, eyeing the bigger girl with glee. Marissa watched from the floor behind her own quivering mound as the pair sauntered up to each other. Manicured nails sunk into Judy's huge abdomen; their stomachs bumped together with a soft bloomp. "Oh my God, it's so... velvety!" Caroline's gaze lit up as she raked through. "So chubby on top, but I can feel it getting so firm in there!"

Firm was definitely the word Marissa would use, too, as she merely stirred and made absent moans while appraising her beachball gut. It was otherworldly to feel, to let her fingertips play and venture to push harder and harder into her supple self. Resilient, confident, she folded her legs and let her narrow thighs compress it, unable to spot her knees beyond. The sides of her shirt began crackling with their stressed seams as her body was forced to broaden and make space.

She soon had the underside of two titanic tummies looming over her. "Marissa..." Caroline grinned down. "You need a hand?"

They labored to get their hands interlocked around their circumferences. Judy counted. "Two, three... hup!" Marissa sprang up like a buoy breaching from underwater, the air shifting within her as the trio of bodies cozied together.

"Can you guys," Marissa kept her mouth covered and the blush on her cheeks at bay. "Feel m-me next?" She let out a shuddering laugh as four hands, twenty individual points of pleasure, immediately descended on her round waist.

"Sure! Anything for our little geek!" Caroline replied. "Long as you don't complain it tickles...!"

Every touch she received was amplified a thousand-fold. Digits curled in and stroked thin lines of warmth around her core, turning Marissa into a yelping, mewling mess. She twisted to and fro and made her tingling gut shimmy, muscling a rift between the other girls' bodies. Equally they all were verging close to resembling exercise balls, and as Marissa arched her spine back and bayed the loudest so far that evening, they could all hear the rubbery squeak and chafe of their stomachs, the faintest of hisses too as the pills worked their limitless magic.

Caroline had to pitch herself forwards to pick at Marissa's belly button some more, her batting arms at full stretch. "We're going to be too big to reach each other soon...!" she lamented.

Judy flinched and pulled back with something else to worry about. "My panties are getting really tight...!”

Marissa gaped as she witnessed the chair-smothering hips grow even more pronounced. Judy toddled away and gave herself space to glide her hands over the front of her thighs and pat them, her skin rigid and scarcely jiggling. When her rear pivoted around, while the panties rose like a curtain higher up her cheeks, the others could see the impressions of cellulite fading away to burgeoning, swelling smoothness instead. Judy kept it presented as she pawed one of her ripening buttocks, crooning as she could hardly give her flesh a lift. "It's like a freaking shelf..."

Caroline teased as she leaned her side against Marissa's front. "I could stack my textbooks on those! Keep shaking it, fatty!"

Marissa had been staring transfixed the whole while until a new sensation arrested her attention; her chest and bottom slowly came alive with tingles, like her pressurized belly sprang a leak into new parts of her body. She peeled away from Caroline and wrapped her forearm around her upper half, but she gasped when she felt a cushiony set of curves pushing back, a line of cleavage beneath her chin for the first time. "My boobs?!"

"Hold still and let me feel!" Caroline pried away the arm and shamelessly grabbed a handful of the D-cups. The blonde's vast belly spread into the floor as she bent over and widened her stance just to reach across.

"They're sensitive!" Marissa squeaked, striking away the other's wrist. "T-Touch yourself instead." With her bra cutting in and her shorts chafing, the girl was being viced by the pair of bands around her goods.

"I would if my tits got in on the action," Caroline replied. "Maaaybe I'll just play with Judy's big, juicy butt instead!" And she eagerly closed the gap between the other's enormous frame. Judy cackled as she swung her pear shape around and knocked over the chair, which only clattered into the laundry basket and sent the pills scattering like skittles.

Marissa caught her reflection in the mirror on the door. She shrugged off her shirt as it had become an open vest and curiously waddled up to herself, looking wondrously fuller-figured. It was rare that she ever pretended to model, but she indulged in tugging her bra a little higher and twisting her body this way and that, hands teasing through her dark hair. Judy and Caroline explored each other over her shoulder, the latter of which was slightly off her feet, laying on her bed-like belly as she drummed her nails on the panties before her. Marissa blotted them out as she cradled her midsection, raised it and let it brush her breasts to either side, each stiffening with air.

Above her grumbling, bare gut's noises came the rip and shear of her denim shorts, fraying into threads off her buttocks. Matching violet underwear valiantly clung on, even as Marissa tested them by bending in and nestling her bust against the panel, her hot exhalation fogging up her visage. Even if her body was mainly in the belly department, her other dimensions were catching up quick. There was a spell where she planted her hands against the portal and let herself grind and squeak.

She was interrupted in admiring herself as two ballooned bodies careened into her backside. Curves creaked and groaned as a brief sumo match broke out over who got to take up most of the mirror, with Caroline boldly stepping to the front.

Marissa had backed out first, but she remained wedged between the wall and the nearby closet wiggling for more room. "Guys, we have to be careful!" she piped up.

"Yeah, 'cause we've got the walking stomach over here..." Judy's chubby, rosy cheeks creased in a smile.

"Look who's talking, fatass...!" Caroline shot back, a good-natured swing of her sides causing them all to bunch up together and make the door shudder on its hinges.

"No, guys...!" Marissa hissed, shoving against their girth. "If we don't keep it down, our neighbors'll complain..."

"Who’ll honestly give a shit, Mariss'?" Caroline huffed, her arms looking comically thin as she flexed and thrust her magnificent belly forth. It was abundantly clear it was hoarding every inch of growth; though Caroline stood several feet away from the glass, her navel squished flat against it. "We're so big, we might end up swelling into the hall!"

Marissa paled initially at the thought of parading around her bountiful curves in public, if she could even squeeze through the door with her wide waist and chest. Doing this all in such cramped quarters could turn out to be a horrible idea, where they might get hemmed in and stuck if the concrete walls didn't give...

"What's that sound?" Caroline asked. There was a brief rumble in the air, like distant thunder, right in the girls' ears. "Judy, quit moaning and hold still for a moment..."

But the obese balloon only trembled some more. "It's meee..." Judy squealed, her arms raising out from her extraordinary width. There was a snap as the clasp of her bra broke, but the blouse kept her chest under cover, with the sleeves beginning to bulge as well. The ominous noises rose in volume and climbed in pitch, her giant thighs making her teeter with uncertainty. "Ahhh... Mhhhh! I think I'm getting too tiiight...~" She began to flare outwards faster and faster, intermittent, intensifying puffs causing her skin to complain like taxing rubber.

"Huh? Already?" Caroline's playful tone was laced with disbelief. "I thought you'd get to be the biggest."

"I knowww..." came the whimpering reply. "But I just can't stretch anymore!" Judy's butt spanned from the floor to a sliver up her back, a pair of arms' lengths across, and her stomach tried desperately to keep pace as it smooshed into the corner of the room. Panting, a drop of sweat visible down her side, she gave a drawn-out grunt as she rotated her rear around, sweeping a collection of Marissa's superhero figures off her desk. The dark-blue panties sank deeper and deeper, a tight-fitting tablecloth-sized garment wringing the blimp of a girl who was too huge in the front and the back.

"Hnnnnh, I’m gonna blow…!” Judy exclaimed and tossed back her head. “Someone just give me a good spank! I can't take it anymooore...!"

With the other two's bodies huddled together, trapped against Judy's pulsating form, Marissa could barely swing her arms with her breasts pushed back into her face and glasses; she needed relief before she suffocated underneath each of their enormity.

Caroline shifted and wound up, pausing before putting all her might into the impact. "Grhh...! Heh, alright you massive cow, here it—!"

Thwap! KA-BOOM!

The slap across the butt proved to be far too enthusiastic as it set the swollen girl off with the force of a bomb, silencing the constant creaking. Caroline and Marissa were shoved back into the closet and opposite wall and rebounded harmlessly off, settling out sprawled on the floor as they got their breath back, and down flumphed Judy's blouse onto an empty patch a short distance away.

The blonde twisted her head around to face Marissa as she reclined on her side, hitching up her gym shorts a little higher. "That... was so amazing! I hope we get larger than her... Way larger."

Marissa was inclined to shyly nod her head, squirming on her back while trying to right herself. The rush of all that excitement and pent-up air made her wonder if the very same would happen to her soon, and yet with her breasts and belly bobbling about, a cloud of comfort sitting in her interior, it felt like there was plenty more room to fill.

Both girls turned toward the patter of firm knocking against the door. "Hey," another female spoke. "Could you fucking not?"

Caroline just regarded the question with a wide, dismissive smile as she inched herself along the floor, brushing the side of her hulking belly as it unfurled towards the bed in the back.

Marissa spoke with a hushed voice. "Where are you going?" she asked. She desperately wanted to keep cuddling, feeling each other's frames, soaking up each other's warmth.

"I need space..." Caroline replied. "Lots more space!" She scooted herself back into the mini-fridge beneath the window, spreading her legs wide for her stomach. Marissa could barely see the blonde behind it as it towered nearly halfway to the ceiling, its underside squished flat as the better part of the room was being eaten up.

"You're—" Marissa gasped as she got her wish for more contact, receiving a nudge on her voluptuous side by the other's gigantic gut. "Such a show-off..." She let herself be shoved along, sliding on her rounded backside as her belly and tits worked to blot out the ceiling light. Her bra hung on, spread to the size of an awning, giving her a sensual squeeze as it cut into her and stole her breath away.

Caroline's middle stalled, then she let out a groan as it lurched forward, smothering more furniture in its search for room. A song of tiny squeaks could be heard as her hands rubbed about her waist, some percussion added in as she thumped herself. "Awww, Mariss'..." her voice sounded ever more strained. "Eh-heh... Your roomie's going to be so upset with this mess..."

There was a crunch and crumple as the wooden chair met the desk on the side of the room. Marissa herself completely encroached into Kara's space, her tiny head wedged against the drawer of the wardrobe. "T-Too late to care about that... Ahh!" Caroline swept her belly a fraction towards her and made her yip, the behemoth grumbling as it scrunched them both up.

"Ahhhhrh...!" A moan came through. "So fu— full! Feels like I'll... pop." Caroline couldn't keep still as Marissa could feel the pressure mounting against her own expanse of skin. The little legs kicked about and the diminutive derriere twitched aimlessly, jostling the creaking stomach. The swells became further spaced apart, but increasingly intense.

It took all of Marissa's effort to roll herself over a tad and peek at all the stretched, tan skin, a few stress marks coiling around her waist. The tomboy kept unfurling like a wall closing in. All the internal rumbling approached a fevered pitch again, and Caroline's navel jabbed into the other's body like a large, stiff cork, quivering as it tried to keep closed a shaken bottle of champagne for just a few moments longer.

"Can you... massage it at all?" Caroline cried weakly.

Marissa sucked in her breath and wiggled her fingers, sandwiched far between her breasts and abdomen. "Nope!"

"God damn it..." Caroline giggled feebly. "I can’t… believe it looks like you're the most flexible one! I wanted to see you burst, c-‘cause I wasn’t ready for Judy’s…" She leaned back as her belly arced ever forwards, packed beyond belief. "But I'm gonna go out with the biggest bang imaginable..." Her hands, tiny as they were, egged on her growth with little hollow pats against her thinning exterior, its give all but gone. "I'm gonna shock the whole hall, the whole campus, w-with just how massive I am...!" Plastering a fearless grin on her face, Caroline slowly wrapped a set of fingers around the fridge handle at her side and braced herself as her grandiose gut now whined and keened for help. Drum-tight and unable to advance any further, a few final quivers coursed through Caroline as her chest rose and fell with her panting.

"Ah— Fuh—" Krrr-krk-krk-krk-krrrrrr— "Haaaaa—!" BANG!

Caroline disappeared in the span of a camera flash, and Marissa's proportions went flying forth as a result. There were acres of space now, fresh air to breathe; such sudden changes made the remaining girl a little woozy. Her glasses now sat crooked on her nose, hazily letting her acknowledge how huge she was all over. She wanted to have her turn next, to go out in such a lucid way. But now that she had her own private realm to herself, Marissa felt like trying to take up the entirety of it.

There was frantic pulling at the door handle to her west. "What's going on in there!?" someone demanded. "It sounded like an earthquake!"

"Get the RA," another, fainter voice chimed in, barely perceptible above the hissing that surrounded her.

Marissa hardly had the space to maneuver anymore, or the freedom of her limbs to push herself about. Her thighs were the diameter of tires at their fattest point, her buttocks each big enough to spread across the hood of a car and then some. Try as she might to flounder about and get a better glimpse of her gut and her girls, each continued to angle towards the heavens as she lay tilted.

Her arms remained spread and she strained to reach those back behind her, to graze her flaring hips that far surpassed her wingspan. Marissa leaned out her torso just a little more, cooing as she silently begged to keep going, keep growing. She reveled in the rolling grumbles her colossal body let out, heedless to the many smaller things she squashed and crushed. Nothing could stop her, not even the sturdy bedframes; they even gave her already-generous waist a boost to reach the furthest corners of the room.

Now that she could perceive all six sides of her cell giving her resistance, it was time to stage a dramatic jailbreak. “M-More…” her voice quivered, just before she buried her face in her cushy chest that was pushed up by her incredible bra straps. “Mmmmm…!!” Ass pressed to the groaning door, stomach continuing to pulsate against the single window, Marissa willed herself to stay strong just a bit longer until she got relief. The panel over the light splintered, much of her skin began to crackle, and perhaps all around her the crumbling sounds were the lines of mortar splitting into fissures.

“Ooooh!” At last there was a jangle of glass as her belly punched through a gap, and smooth, taut skin snapped the divider like a twig and bulged out the back of the building. Marissa cried out as she received another hammer blow of pressure, the last, desperate surges of the volumes of air throughout her innards. Up to her eyes in her own tight flesh, she squeezed shut her lids as she quaked and panted and pled that the next incoming bloat would do the demolition she craved…


It was Marissa who wound up surrendering first, vanishing in an extravagant explosion, and all the furnishings could finally decompress from wedging against each other. A lamp toppled over and crashed, then came the wardrobe slamming against the floor and joining some featherweight school papers that went wheeling in the air.

One of the Resident Assistant’s master keys turned inside the lock and the fourteenth push against the door happened to be the charm. “Ah…!” a ponytailed senior stood in shock. “They’re… gone. But I swore…”

The crowd of other females behind her craned their heads to inspect the aftermath of some discarded clothes, broken property and a gaping window frame, where all the night’s boisterous energy had escaped.

Author's Note: 

A request won from a small contest I put up after reaching the century mark for DeviantArt watchers.

I actually really enjoyed the liberties I got out of the scenario I was asked to create, because in a majority of my works, the inflatees don't particularly enjoy what's happening to themselves. Here I got to enjoy building a trio of characters and let them enjoy each other.

Thank you so much for reading, and especially to the people who have avidly followed the creations I've made over the years.

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