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Shane is a 24-year-old slightly muscular guy. During the day he's a mechanic in a car dealership. He loves his work, but he likes his partner a lot more, of course. His name is Mark, a 25-year-old muscle Adonis. He also works at the same dealership. This was the place where they met. They lived together for 4 years now. Both share the passion for balloons and keep the bedroom filled up with them. They kept them unpopped, but if occasionaly one failed, it did something to them too. Sometimes they popped for fun too. Mostly they use 40" and up, ‘cos they can lie on them and have their way with each other.

Early one morning shane was alone in the garage. His boss was on vacation and Mark would be coming a little later, just like he did every Tuesday. Shane was a litle bit bored because work was low lately. He started drifting off in his mind. He fantasized about big balloons and inflating them. He already got a big bulge just thinking about the balloons he would be playing with tonight. He was so lucky that his partner was into it too. It meant they could work them for hours. And both would keep on having fun.

He drifted on an on and on about the subject, and his thoughts got more extreme by the minute. He thought he would try to inflate a real big weather balloon in the small bedroom until it completly engulfed him and pinned him to the wall. Sadly Mark could not participate with this, but he could watch and have a good time. Still his thoughts went further. He started thinking how it would be to inflate himself. That would be the ultimate thing.

An idea was born. That's what he was going to try. He knew it was madness, but why not try it? Worst case would be that nothing happened. Best case scenario was that he inflated, and he would be the biggest surprise for Mark imaginable. It was lunchtime anyway, so he closed up shop for an hour. He ran to the tire corner and started to think of where to put the hose. In his mouth was not the idea he would imagine. His ass was the next thing he thought about. And that's what he would do. While he was stripping his briefs off, he got an other idea. Why not try the navel first? He took the hose from the tire pump en shoved it in his navel. To his great surprise it worked, it slid right in and was the right size.

Full of anticipation he slowly opened the valve. He heard a hissing sound and felt the air move in his body. It works! He felt his entire body tighten up, just like a balloon fills up before the moment it really starts to expand. Watching his belly he saw a little movement in the lower part just above his waist. Opening the valve further revealed a lot more growth. His belly started to look like he ate a basketball. He nearly cried from joy.

Then he thought about the deflation, how the f*** would he do that? He soon realized the pump had a deflate function too. It worked like a dream. He deflated all the way and got dressed again. He did not tell Mark later that day, ‘cos he would try to inflate more next time fist. A few days later he got an other try. He stripped off his clothes and put the hose in again. He inflated fast, ‘cos he held the valve open all the way now. He shot out in all directions and soon was round like a ball.

His midsection was surely 3 feet wide now. He moaned in joy. Touching his skin felt great; it just felt like a real rubbery nearly like his latex friends. He pulled out the hose and put a rubber stop in his navel to stay inflated. Tight as a balloon, he lay down on his former stomach, caressing his skin, he kept squeaking like a real balloon with every move and touch. His shaft pounding against his giant waist. He could not help cumming all over his ballooned belly as he came shortly after.

As he lay there for a while he heard a voice. It was Mark who came in. Shane called him in, with a slightly high-pitched voice. “Mark, I have a surprise for you.”

As Mark came in, his jaw dropped in amazement. In front of him was Shane. Blown up to 3 feet, squeaking with every movement he made. Mark got aroused and did not even ask a word. He knew what he saw and he wanted it. Mark slid out of his clothes and started kissing Shane. Slowly he worked his way on to Shane and put his firm shaft in his ass. His muscles caressing the ballooned skin of Shane. Squeaking intensified when Mark rode him faster and faster. They made passionate love for more than half an hour. They where in ecstasy. Shane was a real balloon! The ultimate fantasy had come true.

What they did not notice was that Gary, the third mechanic, had walked in, and had seen all that had happened with Mark and the inflated Shane. He too was an looner, but was a real popper. He was a little early, so the duo did not know he was there. He was arroused and wished he could participated, but walked out again to avoid being detected by the couple.

Over the next weeks he had seen this happen more and more, and he developed an idea. He took the hose Shane was using one day, and put contact glue on the valve and on the hose. After he did that, he hid in a dark corner with a view of the tire shop. It only took 3 minutes for Shane and Mark to come in and start there lunch-break ritual. Mark took his clothes off, as did Shane. They took the hose and put it in the navel of Shane, and opened the valve fully. They did not know it was glued, and the heat of their bodies hardened the glue very fast. As Shane started inflating, Mark rode him like a wild man. Shane got bigger then ever, he surpassed the 4-foot point now.

So Mark slid off to undo the pump. To his horror he found the hose and valve were stuck. Mark was in the meantime inflating to an unbelievable size. 5 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet. He inflated so rapidly because Gary had opened the pressure gauge to full. His skin was tight as a drum by now and fully transparent.

As Shane realized his fate, he told Mark to make a last ride. Mark climbed on Shane an fulfilled his last wish. Mark came and shot cum all over the inside of the ballooned Shane. Shane was inflating to a ridiculous size, while Mark rode his partner. Shane was nearly 12 feet across by now, and he was sure he would explode right there and then. He said goodbye to Mark and told him to ride him to the end. Shane waited for the final bang.

But somehow that did not happen. To his surprise he found out that he stopped inflating. Mark was now inflating! Because he shot his cum, the pressure down his dick was lower, and so the air could get in. Mark felt like a million dollars, ‘cos he would join his partner with a final bang. He also inflated, but because he was so incredible muscular, he had more room to inflate. He moaned as he grew and grew. He got to 15 feet before his dick shot out of Shane's crotch. He flew away like a balloon let lose, deflating by his dick.

He did not get very far, Gary seized the opportunity and grabbed Mark. He tied a knot in Mark’s dick and put the 15-foot ballonguy next to the still-inflating Shane. Mark asked what Gary would do to them.

Gary calmly answered, “I'm going to pop you, just like you where going to.”

As he turned around, he revealed a roll of duct tape. And he shut up Mark by applying some on Mark’s mouth; he did that with Shane too. Shane rose 14 feet by now, while Gary was watching from a distance. Then it finally happened. A big bang was the end of Shane.

Gary nearly shot his cum, but he could just keep it in. He walked over to Mark and started to have his way with him, his shaft throbbing in and out of Mark’s ass. He shot his cum all over the inside of Mark, and lay on his firm ballooned body for a while. Mark was 15 feet, but still a long way from exploding.

Gary looked Mark right in his inflated face an said with a grin, “And now we're going to see how big muscle boy can get.”

As Shane was gone now, Mark did not care. He felt Gary sliding inside his inflated form and putting the hose in him. As he inflated bigger and bigger , he started enjoying the last ride he was going to make. He grew and grew. The tape had ripped in the meantime. So he started moaning. He was 18 feet round now and still inflating. 19 feet, 20 feet. He was incredibly tight now. Gary was smoking a cigarette in the meantime, and he enjoyed the spectacle.

He realized it was almost the end of the break; people could come in. He slowly walked to the front to look at the parking lot to see if there were people. Therefore, he had to climb past Mark, who in the meantime took almost all of the space there was to pass. His 23- foot body shivered as Gary crawled between the wall and his ballooned form.

Gary still had his cigarette in his hand when he tripped and fell. In his fall, he touched Mark with the cigarette, burning a hole in his ballooned body. Mark exploded with a thunderous boom.

Gary sat there for a while, totally aroused. Then he made a decision. He lit another cigarette, stuck the hose in his navel, and turned the handle to full blast....

Author's Note: 

Rescuing another person's story from yahoo groups before everything is deleted forever!

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