Abbie's Incident

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Abbie knew she should not be here. Students of the New York Academy of Magic were never allowed in the lower floors of the building unsupervised, much less in the restricted Transcripts Room in the middle of the night. In the petite, auburn-haired girl’s hand was a transcript forged to more ‘accurately’ reflect her academic ability; her grades were just below that of her despised rival Natalie, which was, of course, unthinkable. “If they won’t recognize my excellence,” Abbie thought, “then I’ll do it for them.” She pocketed the forgery and went off in search of her records.

In her previous ventures into the unfathomably enormous room, Abbie encountered a nasty nausea curse that affected any trespassers, regardless of what anti-sickness charms they wore. As the girl discovered, this was no common curse; instead, it was actually duplicating the air in the victim’s body, eliciting the sickness feeling. This method had the interesting side effect of slowly inflating the victim. Armed with this knowledge, Abbie had donned under her school uniform an undervest she had enchanted herself that would significantly slow this inflation, thereby entirely suppressing the resulting nausea.

She walked quickly through the archives, organized in rows of cabinets and drawers that seemed to disappear in the horizon. Even in the brief time she had spent in the room so far, Abbie was already feeling the effects of her inflation. Her breasts were visibly perking up, pressing on her uniform. She tried to ignore this as she continued her hunt. After a few minutes, she finally found the row containing records of students in her year. By that time, the inflation had taken an obvious toll on Abbie’s body. Her chest was noticeably larger, going from a B cup to an E cup. The change in her ass was not insignificant either. Gaining some appreciation for her inflation, Abbie took a moment to observe her new form. “Maybe I should look into creating one of these curses myself,” the girl mused. “Certainly Natalie could use the competition.”

Pressing on, Abbie continued the search, inflating by the minute. It was tedious, time-consuming work, since each student’s name was in small, blurry print on the individual drawers. Additionally, the whole row was ordered seemingly at random, meaning she had to check every name in the entire row. No way around it, she supposed. About halfway through the row, she happened upon Natalie’s drawer, filling her mind with tempting thoughts. “Maybe later,” she whispered. As she backed up to continue searching, she accidentally bumped right into the row behind her.

Abbie was so focused in her search that she had inflated quite a bit without noticing. Her boobs and ass now rivaled basketballs, and her belly had puffed out by about 9 inches. Her thighs were noticeably plumper as well. Her clothes were now protesting her growth, creaking and groaning as they stretched further. Her all-important undervest in particular felt very tight on her. This all gave her pause as she worried about what would happen. Would all her clothes burst off of her? Or worse, would she inflate too much and pop? Immediately blocking out the thought, Abbie resolved to press forward. She was too close to succeeding to go back now! Filled, among other things, with newfound determination, she returned to her search.

After what felt like an eternity, Abbie finally found her name in the records. She quickly opened the drawer that contained her transcript, and grabbed the noticeably creased replacement from her pocket. She clumsily exchanged the two and closed the drawer, shredding the original with her hands and throwing it away. At that moment, she felt a snap around her body as her undervest violently tore in half, breaking the enchantment. Abbie looked on in horror as it fell to the ground.

“No!” she screamed as her inflation seemed to increase tenfold. A wave of nausea suddenly hit the girl, quickly washed away by fear and adrenaline. Panicking, the girl ran as fast as she could out from between the rows of records. Her breasts quickly grew to the size of watermelons, her ass not far behind. Her belly was now a full foot in front of her, constantly brushing either side of the space. She almost got stuck between the rows, but she had gone fast enough that she just barely made it through.

“I’m so close!” she shouted. Her expansion continued still, as she grew to be nearly three feet across. She could now see the door about 50 feet away, and she sprinted with all her might. As she ran, Abbie’s uniform hugged her absurdly bloated body, and she whimpered as her inflation became yet more unbearable. As Abbie reached the door, she felt ecstatic. “Yes!” she thought. However, try as she might, she could not get her inflated form through the door; she was stuck in the room!

Realizing this, Abbie whimpered as she inflated further. “Help!” she cried, to no avail. She knew nobody would hear her, not in the middle of the night in the lower floors. As more air filled her body, her rate of inflation increased. Her ass and thighs were inflated almost beyond recognition, her boobs now resembled rosy weather balloons, and her belly reached 5 feet across. The sound of fabric stretching and threads snapping filled her ears. Suddenly, the girl’s breasts, belly, and ass surged outward. “Oh, this is it!” thought Abbie, as her inflation reached a crescendo, “I’m gonna explode!” With a final whimper and a scream, Abbie detonated like a bomb, leaving only scraps of her uniform.

The academy staff were initially puzzled at the disappearance of Abigail Ingram; there was no sign of her anywhere on campus, yet no evidence that she had left. It was only after shreds of clothing were found in the Transcripts Room, along with a ruined undervest showing traces of a counter-enchantment, that the girl’s fate was surmised.

“I told you, Julia,” said the academy director, an irked expression on her face, “That hacked together curse of yours was a real safety hazard, and it took a girl inflating to bursting to make you realize it.” Julia, the campus supervisor, shrugged.

“She had it coming.”

Author's Note: 

My first venture in fic. I enjoyed writing in this setting, I might return to it later.

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