Tiffany at the pool

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Tiffany swims at the local pool everyday, not because she likes swimming, but because she has a huge crush on David, the hunk lifeguard. Tiffany tries to get Davids attention everyday, wearing skimpier and skimpier outfits, but David has been quite oblivious to her advances.

One day, she decides to try something drastic to really get his attention. Wearing her thong bikini, while in the middle of the pool, she started to flail around, pretending to be drowning. David noticed immediately, blew his whistle, jumped into the pool, and pulled her onto the poolside deck.

Tiffany, wanting more action, pretended to be unconscious, hoping that David would perform some "CPR" on her. David started doing chest compressions on her chest, stimulating her breasts and making her more excited. David then began to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation, and began blowing into Tiffany. The air went down her esophagus and into her stomach, causing Tiffany's belly to balloon out. She liked the way it felt, and kept up her act so that David can do more on her.

David continued to blow air into Tiffany, blowing harder and harder to try to get her to "wake up", oblivious to the fact that he was blowing her up like a balloon. Tiffany's belly got bigger and bigger, and the rest of her body began expanding too. Tiffany didn't care, and was in complete bliss that she was essentially making out with the hottest guy at the pool. Tiffany liked the way the air felt in her belly, as it was pressing against her lady parts and tickling her g spot.

Right before the paramedics arrived, Davie took a huge breath, and blew with all his might into Tiffany's mouth, hoping that this would be the one to revive her. This proved too much for Tiffanys body, her senses we're overwhelmed, and she opened her eyes and screamed in orgasmic pleasure.

And there was a tremendous bang. The paramedics on the scene, and David, were wide eyed in shock, as they saw Tiffany's entire body explode before their eyes.

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