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The following story contains breast inflation via saline injection, ending with a somewhat wet bursting. If this isn't something that you're into, please leave this story and read something else. Thank you.



Stream setup? Check.

Saline tubes secured inside of the breast? Check.

Back-up saline tanks for extra donations? Check.

Entertaining game for everyone to watch? Check, mostly.

Denise made this mental checklist to herself, checking off each item in her thoughts as she adjusted her outfit, fixing the straps of her pink tank top and pulling down the front to reveal just a tab bit more of her ample cleavage, breast pressed together inside of her somewhat loose bra. Tonight was a big night, probably the biggest night of her streaming career. It was her first saline donation stream, an idea that she got from a friend of hers who did one just a few months prior. Pushing the stray strawberry blonde hair from her face, Denise checked her make-up in the silver vanity mirror, pursing her lips before allowing them to pop back out, smiling to herself as her eyes glanced over at the clock. 7:29 p.m. it read back, a full sixty seconds before showtime. With a bit of pep in her step, Denise made her way back over to her gaming PC, nearly leaping into the chair, shifting herself around to sit comfortably, making sure the tubes that lead into her chest weren't tangled before putting her headphones on her head, snuggly over the ears. Her heart was racing, her breath a tad short as she reached her right hand up to take the mouse. She dragged the cursor across the screen to her second monitor, taking a deep breath before clicking the live now button. She brought the cursor back to the main screen, making sure the game was focused before cracking a wide smile and looking up at the camera.

"Hey there gals, bros, and non-binary joes!" Denise started her greeting, the same one she did at the start of every stream. "My name is DeniseOfDesire and welcome back to another amazing stream with your's truly!" She could see the chat rushing past on the second monitor, her audience sending messages by the dozens with each word she spoke. She continued with her introduction, her nerves calming as the ball started to roll. "Today's stream is unlike any you've ever seen before folks! Before I start playing my placement matches for competitive Topview, allow me to draw your attention to, well, my chest." She let out a small laugh as she prodded the sides of her chest with her fingers. "As many of you know, I have 150 cc's of saline implants, the kind of implants being injection specialty implants, meaning that I can inject saline into them at later dates to make my implants, in turn my boobs, bigger than they already are. These tubes on the side are hooked up to saline tanks that are currently offscreen. I'm aware that a lot of you come just to look at my chest while I game, so I'm putting some exciting control into your hands today. For every two dollars donated to me today, 1 cc of saline is gonna be pumped into each side of my chest. How big I get in entirely up to you guys." She said this with a smirk on her face, knowing that the donations were going to be rushing in like water through a cracked Hoover Dam as soon as she gave the word. "I'll be sure to get drained before my next stream, so don't worry about me being stuck at whatever size you guys bring me up to." She winked at the camera. "Unless I like the size~" She tapped a couple of keys on the extra number pad that was detached from her keyboard. "And donations are! Let's get some placements started!"

Before Denise could even cue up for the first game, she could feel the cold saline travel through the ducts, the solution pushing itself into her chest. She took soft breaths, trying her best to stifle them so that her mic wouldn't pick them up. She didn't expect such a refreshing and oddly pleasurable sensation to be coming from such an idea. With a quick glance, her amber eyes grew wide, shocked by how much she'd already grown, looking over at the meter in between the screens. Her starting size was 150 cc, current size being at 370 cc, already twice the size of when she started, and she hasn't even started the first game yet! The donation updates on her stream were in a craze, updating each time someone donated to her. The lowest so far was five dollars from someone with the username AraBreeze, the highest, with a gold crown next to their name, being from ChapterNeo64 for a donation of fifty dollars. In between reloads, Denise had to adjust herself, pulling the straining strap of the tank top back up, fixing her breast so that they didn't fall out as her bustline expanded slowly, pushing forward inch by inch. This was great! She was getting money and an amazing rack at the same time!

"How big do I plan on letting myself get though?" Denise thought to herself as the meter read 700 cc's and she adjusted her chest again, only on her third placement match for her Tank games, a secondary option being to secretly adjust the machine so that only every other donation would contribute to her swelling. "No." She quickly answered inside her head. "I can't scam my viewers like this. I'll just stop when I get to, like, 1500 or something." With a smile on her face and the ember to entertain her, Denise continued to game. As the rounds continued, so did Denise's inflation, being pushed back slightly further and further from her desk by her chest alone. By the end of her first five placements, Denise was sitting at a flustering 2500 cc's, almost double of what her original end goal was. Denise took a breath as she pushed herself back, her tank top straps stretched spaghetti thin at this moment, the collar of her shirt starting to tear down the middle at the deep valley of cleavage her adoring fans had created out of her. The strain on her back was mounting, but not unbearable as she leaned back to crack her back, giving her viewers a full observance of her curvature. She looked up at the camera, smiling wide. "We might have to end this soon guys! Tank placements are done! Gonna need a small break before we move onto Damage, alright guys?" The blush on her cheeks was very apparent at this point, despite how much she may turn her head to hide it. The audience knows their happiness and wants to donate more, only growing with each passing second. The donations did slow down however, people seemed to accept her break as the updates stopped coming, Denise able to finally take a breath of relief as she moved back towards the desk, gasping a bit as the edge of the table bumped her chest that now extended a full foot in front of her. This was insane, intense even. Even though she was only forty-five minutes in, she would have to end the stream soon before this got out of control. Still, she couldn't help but smile. This was-

Her train of thought was interrupted as a donation came through, the automated voice reading the first donation message this entire session. The donation was only a single dollar, but the message was what caught the entirety of her attention, sent from someone named Dotio_XP. "Start your Damage placements. If you win your first match, I'll double your size."

Denise sharply exhaled in disbelief. "You're...serious? I'm already at 2500 cc's right now. Are you sure you can afford that much?"

The message replied with another dollar donation. "I'll make you 6000 cc's. Guaranteed."

6000? Denise blinked in surprise, slight fear even. She didn't even think she'd get as big as she is currently, muchless six thousand cc's of saline! Still, if this guy was serious, that's a lot of money, and she can always get the excess drained out after the stream was done. She sat up, moving forward her chair to reach her keyboard and mouse around her breasts. "Alright, I'll take you up on that challenge. I'll even let you pick my character." Her voice was bleeding with confidence, eyes beaming with determination as she queued up for her first Damage placement. Within the minute, she entered a game, the digital message coming through and requesting that she played the hero Dump Rat. Strange, that was her main goal. It's almost as if this mysterious donor wanted her to win. She shrugged as the countdown ended and her spawn gates opened. The match commenced, hundreds of thousands of people across the world watching Denise as she absolutely dominated the match, ending the final round with a quad-kill that won a highlight at the end of the game. She leaned back, relieved, watching somewhat impatiently at the donation updates. Thirty seconds passed, nothing coming through. Denise sighed, the challenger looking to have pulled out after all. "Welp, there goes that guy." Denise addressed the audience. "But hey, that was one hell of a first match! Honestly, hardest I've played in-"

"Sorry for the delay." The automated voice stated, cutting Denise off. "I had to call my bank before I could donate. Here is your money." The words loomed over a dollar amount of thirty-five hundred dollars.

Denise blinked, refreshed the page, stared in absolute slack-jawed awe at the cash she just recieved. "T-Thanks Dotio_XP! That's..." She swallowed as she heard the tanks turning on each side of her. "That's a lot for just one match! I appreciate it!" Denise kept a smile as she started to break out into a cold sweat, having to mentally hold her mouth closed as the saline started to flow into her chest. Her breasts swelled outward, pushing the boundaries of her tank top, her left strap snapping under the strain. She grew, expanding outward, Denise taking soft deep breaths as she felt the saline solution push itself against the inner walls of her boobs. Denise threw a hand over her mouth to cover her moans of pleasure as the inflation slowed down to a crawl, the tanks turning off with a satisfying click. Each boob had to be at least three feet across at this point, pushing her back the same distance from her desk, the soft flesh being pushed in by the edge of the table as she shifted backwards. Removing her mouth, Denise looked down at her breast, pushing the arms of her chair out and down so that she could place her hands on the side of her gargantuan tits. She was amazed, astonished, and bewildered. This shouldn't be humanly possible. She was aware that she could get drained, but how much could the doctor take out at one time?

Another message came from Dotio_XP. "Win your next game and I'll bring you to 15000 cc."

"You have to be kidding me!" Denise said out loud, nearly peaking her microphone. The messages in the chat were going wild, a million miles a second as everyone talked about this donator that appeared to be filthy rich. She took a breath, then looked straight at the camera. "That's nine thousand dollars! I can't honestly accept that."

Dotio_XP sent a replay with a dollar. "I insist. You deserve it."

"Alright." Denise held her hands up, giving into the challenge once more. She fixed her headphones, then pulled forward the best she could, grabbing the lever on the side of her chair and pushing herself up so that she could comfortably rest her breast on the edge of the desk. "15000 cc." Denise thought to herself as she queued up again. "Could she even...make it to that size?" Denise looked down at her chest, seeing the massive volumes of breasts resting below her. Taking a finger, she pressed into her left boob, pushing in a good inch or two before the boob started to push back. She was never good at math, but she seemed to have room, enough to at least play one more game. Her attention was grabbed as the game chimed, signaling that she had made it into a game. Once again, she picked Dump Rat and played.

Three rounds passed, the same outcome as the last, Denise's team coming out victorious once again. Denise sat back, her breast wobbling softly as she leaned back, the game automatically going back to the main menu. Her right strap was hanging on by a thread at this point, breast meat pushing up and out more than what stayed in the actual shirt, the top of her star-shaped pasties starting to peek out. She curled her toes as the thought returned to her mind, sitting back up just as the donation jingle played in her ears.

"Congrats." Dotio_XP rewarded, along with a nine thousand dollar donation.

"Oh fuck..." Denise swore under her breath, her fingers curling to grip her extended armrest as the saline tanks started up, the cool solution flowing through the ducts and into each of her already massive breasts. She watched in both strange excitement and building fear as he tits inflated with the liquid, pushing upward and outward before her, creaks and groans starting to come from somewhere as tears formed along the front and sides of what was left of the tank top that covered her already concealed nipples. This growth was intense, more sensational than the expansion before. By the end of the growth, Denise's breast had expanded past the width of her shoulders, cream colored orbs full of saline. Denise pondered to herself as she poked and prodded her chest, her fingers sinking in an inch at most. "How much more of this can I take?"

Denise jumped as an automated message spoke in her headphones, another dollar donation from Dotio_XP. "Last challenge. Do your third placement without dying once, and I'll bring you up to 36k cc."

"Absolutely the fuck not!" Denise waved her hands in the air in denial. "There is absolutely no way that you can donate that much money all at once! You've already donated over three grand. You can't just have the cash lying around to donate over twenty-one thousand dollars at once! And not dying in a Topview watch is nearly impossible! I'm at Platinum and I still can't do that!"

Dotio_XP responded. "I have the money and I believe in you." His message was punctuated with a smiley face emoji.

Denise looked down at her mountain of a chest that was already starting to push up towards her neck. She remembered how her fingers pushed in. She wasn't going to be able to take more of this, but one more giant donation shouldn't be too much. Each breast was already the size of a medium exercise ball, the surface starting to get taut with stress from the saline inside of them. This was going to be her final game of tonight's stream. Denise nodded, accepting the challenge. "Fine, but this is the last game. After this, I'm done for tonight so that I can go get drained." The next match began, Denise taking a deep breath before she began playing, choosing her main and getting to work. The amount of focus she had was incredible, dodging shots left and right, eliminating opponents in the blink of an eye. Despite the disadvantage of her character using a small grenade launcher and mines and most of the other characters having actual guns, rifles, and cannons, Denise still came out on top in every altercation. She played smart, only going against Tanks with someone else and picking off the Healers when they were low on health. Even with her inflated chest before her, such an obstacle wasn't even an obstacle at all, figuring out early on that it's better to reach over her breast to play instead of around them. After what felt like an eternity, with sweat pouring down her brow and slight pain in her fingers, Victory flew across Denise's screen in a colorful and spectacular fashion, the gamer finally able to take a breath and relax the muscles in her aching hands. The awards screen followed, Denise getting not only the highlight for the game, but also the golden card at the match results for both having the most eliminations and the most damage done. A smile blossomed across her face as she leaned back, her chair leaning back with her as she took several breaths to ease her stress, arms hanging over the sides of the chair as she looked up at the ceiling. She did it. A whole competitive game without a single death. At the rank she was at, that was a feat she found to be impossible in the past, a task that she never dreamed she'd be taking on, on stream nonetheless, in front of hundreds of thousands of people. This was a massive accomplishment in her streaming career, small to others but a milestone for her.

"Good job on that last match." Dotio_XP said in a donation message, the automated voice lacked the appropriate emotion needed. "Bad news though: when I donate, I won't be getting you to only 36k."

"I'm sorry, what?" Denise sat up in confusion, reading the message as she listened to it. "B-But, we had a deal!"

"I'm curious." Dotio_XP responded, cutting her off. "Can you explode?"

Denise felt as if she went pale as the words echoed in the back of her head. Can she...explode? People don't just explode, right? Denise didn't want to know the answer as she took her hand and pressed it into the bottom of her left boob, feeling the lack of give it delivered as she pushed in. She swallowed hard, trying to keep her composure for the people at home that were watching her. She tried her best to laugh, scoff even as she answered. "Can I explode? P-Please! I'm DeniseOfDesire! I'm one of the b-best streamers around! Of course I won't explode!"

After a handful of seconds, Dotio_XP replied with robotic curiosity. "So you can take it then?" Denise took a second, thinking to herself that she knew where this was going. She had an audience of nearly a full quarter million people, the largest crowd she's had in the history of her streaming career. With the money she gained alone, she would pay her rent exclusively for the next six months or so. Denise looked at the camera, faking a smile as she nodded her head with volumes of false confidence. 

Her fabricated happiness sank down to her knees as Dotio_XP's next donation came in, the following message delivering a very eerie sentence of "Let's see what happens then." It wasn't the words that stuck fear through like an arrow, it was the payment amount. Dotio_XP donated an absolutely dumbfounding one hundred thousand dollars. Denise let out a small yet terrified nervous laugh as she heard the tanks on either side of her setup begin pumping. One hundred thousand dollars. Denise thought to herself as her hands trembled. T-That' hundred thousand cc's of saline. That's probably bigger than any human on the face of the planet! For a moment, Denise regretted getting the implants just over a year ago as the pumping started. She was certain that those protesting creaks were coming from her own skin as her breasts began to puff up like microwaved marshmallows, increasing in mass as the implants inside sloshed around with even the smallest adjustments she made in her seats. The weight alone was keeping her in her chair, Denise being detained to her seat being the only thing that kept her from frantically pacing about as the volume of saline stacked and rolled upon itself inside of her. All that could be done on her end was for Denise to place her hands on the side of each breast and check their tautness, the tension each side handled being both incredible and terrifying. How much could she hold? How much more of this could she take? She could easily turn the machine off, shut off the stream, but what about her reputation afterwards? She didn't want to be seen as a quitter, a scam artist, a sham. She came up with this idea, now she had to live through it till the very end.

Denise watched the meter on the desk climb as the saline was pumped, the color of the numbers shifting from green to a concerning yellow as she approached the previously mentioned 35k cc's. If she were to stand up right now, her breast would be big enough so that the top would curve around the same height as her shoulders, the bottom finishing the circle just above her knees. As the number climbed, so did her worries as she periodically checked the pressure, worrying herself more and more as she pressed her hands in. They barely sank, her skin pushing back while releasing cries for help of strain. She knew she was going to hit her limit soon, a narrow ledge between life or death that she was quickly approaching. The cream hue of her skin was starting to change as she grew, from a polished healthy hue to a daunting pink as the pressure mounted, pusing her back further and causing her to clean back in her chair. She tried to reach forward, unable to touch the keyboard or the mouse, her chat going berserk as everyone at home watched her expansion. She saw several of the questions, comments, and concerns that everyone expressed. "Is she gonna burst?" ProphecyPapa sent in all caps with an army of bomb emojis. "Look at those knockers!" EpicEnjoy added in, probably at home recording this whole thing for use later.

She looked at the meter, the now-orange number reading 64k cc's. Her chest was almost entirely pink all over, now starting to turn an angry red around her pasties from what she saw in her reflection. If she could reach the pasties, she'd peel them off. The saline was still contained inside the implants, but if it was actually sloshing around inside of her she could peel off the pasties to have it drain out of her nipples. An idea that she liked? Not really, actually disgusted her. But an idea that helped her to relax, although the calming thought was very short-lived as her breasts were reaching nearly five feet across each. It was at this moment that Denise realized that her chest was no longer growing outwards or upwards, but all around all at once. She had filled out two litteral spheres of saline on her chest that were swelling up in all directions as the red coloring crept over them. She looked over her bustline the best she could to see the meter, quickly distracted by the cracks, groans, cries and pain that started to be emitted from them. She didn't dare to press them in, fearful that it would cause them to rupture. She could feel it, her limit being reached as her breast squealed like overinflated car tires. She closed her eyes, bracing herself for the worst as the swelling slowed but the pressure began to climb at an alarming rate. She started panicking, hyperventilating as her breast released one final cry for help before...

Nothing. Seconds passed, Denise keeping her eyes closed as her breathing started to calm. She slowly opened them, looking around. She was still in her office, still hooked up to the tanks, her tank top long in shreds and strands scattered around her. She pulled her head back from its resting point on top of her cleavage, looking ahead at the camera, then the meter. It read back 115k cc's in bright orange LED lighting. She...she did it. She took the full 100k cc's like a champion. She looked over at her stream overlay, the chat going wild, many cheering her on for completing such an accomplishment, few disappointed like the psychos they were since she didn't end up popping like a water balloon. This was insane! She was around five feet back from the desk, the front of her chest pushing up against the edge of the table. She was rounded out like two overinflated large exercise balls, closer to the size of the beach balls you see at those seaside concerts. She was enormous, an absolute spectacle to behold. The fact that her skin could take all of this was a momentous realization within itself. Perhaps she could do this again sometime after getting drained and a few months of training.

She calmed herself as she spoke. "Welp, looks like I was able to take on your challenge Dotio_XP! As for everyone else, this is where the stream is gonna be ending for today! I'm heading over to the doctor tomorrow to get all of this drained, so I'll see you guys on Friday for another-"

"Can you explode?" An automated message came through, cutting Denise off. Her heart sank into the saline as Dotio_XP donated another five grand. She turned her head fast enough to snap her neck as she looked at the tanks on both sides, the containers humming back to life as they sent saline down the ducts. She looked back at the camera as her breasts swelled slightly, an ominous creak coming from the skin. The swelling was barely noticeable, yet the pressure that was added on was very apparent.

"Dotio!" Denise frantically looked from her bust to the camera. "Y-You've donated enough! Honestly, I'm happy you're so grateful but that's eno-"

"Can you explode?" The automated message came through again, the tanks pumping more saline into her. Denise tried to push her breasts down, looking over at the meter, hands shaking as he read the alarming red LED lights to see 125k cc's being inside of her chest, directly under the surface of her skin. Was Dotio trying to make her burst? Her skin groaned, overtaxed from the events of today's stream as the saline was forced inside of her, the swelling minimal while the pressure was at its maximum.

"Stop!" Denise held her hands up as red marks started to emerge across her bustline. "That's enough! I'm shutting down the stream and turning off the tanks." She reached forward the best she could, unable to reach the button that deactivated the tanks and shut down the whole broadcast. She strained her arms, tears starting to form in her eyes, sweat starting to pour down her brow as she reached. The thoughts in her mind traveled a million miles a second. Was he actually trying to make her pop like a bloated blister? This...this was a horrible idea!  Why did she have to listen to her friend and actually get talked into doing this. Her breasts screated like overfilled air mattresses as she started to plead horribly. "Please stop! I can't take much more! Please!"

"You. Can. Explode." Dotio_XP donated a solid eighty grand. Denise's eyes grew wide, her jaw hanging open as the tanks sprung to life. She placed her hands on both sides of her chest, closing her eyes through the tears and concentrating. If she focused hard enough, maybe she could hold herself together. Maybe she could brute force her way through this. Liquid's weren't compressible, but maybe just this once she could be the first to make them compressible. The swelling was slow at first, in small bursts as her tits tried to hold in all the saline, creaking and groaning in between each growth spurt. She listened to their cries for help, whispering to herself that everything was going to be alright. After a minute, the creaking and groaning stopped, her breasts rock solid. She pulled her head back, looking around her bustline, each side expanding three feet past her shoulders. The pressure was unimaginable, yet she held herself together. Mental concentration had worked!


"N-Nevermind!" Denise assured the crowd, unable to see the computer screen anymore. "I guess I could-" Her breast suddenly started to swell up, an orchestra of high pitched creaks and groans coming from her skin as she inflated at an alarming rate, stretch marks multiplying by the second as she pushed her hands into them, trying to keep her skin from tearing. When she saw it wasn't working, she could do nothing more than scream her last as she finally exploded with a loud, saline-fueled BANG! Saline splattered against everything in the room, covering her computer, walls, ceiling and floor, flakes of rubbery skin following suit. Hundreds of Thousands at home watched the explosion happen. When the saline fell off the camera lens, Denise was nowhere to be seen, all that was left was a knocked over computer chair and two tubes that were pumping saline out onto the floor.

Author's Note: 

Another idea I had while in the shower. I hope you can enjoy

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