Big Enough?

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The place: Rigemore High School

The time: About noon

The mood: Boring

Dan Olan looked up from his comic book as the class president (Paul Unkin)

came over to him during study hall.

"What's up Paul?" Dan asked.

"Remember you wanted to help with the Prom?" Paul said. "We just picked the committees."

"Yeah? What committee am I on?"

"Let me see " Paul brought out a list of names and ran his name down to Dan.

"Dan Olan Decoration committee chairman." Paul said.

"Sounds good. Who else is chairing the committee?"

Paul looked at the list again.

"Debbie Ragner."

"Wow!" Dan exclaimed.

Debbie Ragner was a beautiful senior with jet black hair and an extremly well proportioned body.

"Yup. You're one lucky dog." Paul said. "The decorating starts after-school today.

Make sure to be there so you get your prom ticket discount."

"You can count on me." Dan said and returned to his comic.

That afternoon

Rigemore High Gymnasium

Debbie and Dan organized the people on who would do what, and they got right to work.

"This is great!" He told Debbie. "For once, we seniors are finally getting respect from the other grades."

Dan stared at her chest every moment that Debbie wasn't looking at him.

"Uh-huh." Debbie yawned. "I want to do something."

Dan looked puzzled.

"Why? All's we have to do is make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently."

"We should help out." Debbie said.

"Aww come on " Dan said, but Debbie walked over to the few guys blowing up balloons.

The guys over there started whispering to each other.

"Psst! Check out those balloons!" One said.

"Ha! We should hang her up!"

As they chuckled to themselves. Debbie grabbed a red balloon from the bag. Dan came over to stare at her breasts some more. He watched slack-jawed as her huge chest rose and fell with each breath. A puddle of drool even started to appear on the floor.

Then, something made him close his mouth. He saw that her chest seemed to be growing.

He rubbed his eyes and watched again. Yep. He was right. Her chest was rising with the

inflation of the balloon. The balloon was about 6", but her bust looked about 20". It was stretching her button shirt out.

Suddenly she stopped, and Dan looked up just as Debbie turned her head toward him.

"Is this big enough?" She asked.

Dan smiled. "No. Keep blowing."

She resumed blowing into the balloon. Her chest now expanding to the shirt's limits. The balloon was now 12" and her bust at about 30".

"Big enough?" She asked.

"Nope." Dan replied.

She blew more into the balloon. Her buttons on her shirt ripped off exposing her stretched out bra holding her ballooning chest. Dan looked around and saw that no one else even cared that there was a girl's breasts inflating.

Then there was a rip and Debbie's bra had ripped open. The balloon was almost full and her chest seem the same way.

"Big enough?" She asked again.

"Not yet."

Again, she blew into the balloon. The balloon was full and the nozzle/mouth end was starting to inflate. Meanwhile, her nipples popped out and started bulging out like the balloon's nozzle. Dan could see right through the balloon and he could also see right through her bust.

"Keep going." He said. He was anxious to see what would happen.

Debbie stopped.

"Wasn't I supposed to put helium in this?" She asked and let the air out of the balloon. Her chest remained the same size though. She attached the balloon to the helium tank and turned it on. Her bust expanded even further and started rising into the air. Then, they were so big she just lifted off the ground. She was being pulled up by her gigantic tits. They kept getting bigger, and soon she hit the ceiling. Meanwhile, the balloon on the tank reached its capacity, and it popped with a loud BANG!

Then Dan looked up and saw Debbie's breasts POP and she fell onto him. She stood up and brushed herself off. Dan saw that her clothes and chest were back to normal.

"A little too much I guess." Debbie said.

Dan wondered what that was all about. She acted like nothing even happened. About an hour later the gym was done and everyone else had left. Dan and Debbie stayed behind to finish locking up.

Debbie walked over to Dan.

"Dan I have some more balloons for you to blow up." She said.

"Huh?" He asked.

She unbuttoned her shirt and snapped open her bra. Where her breasts were, there were two small bulges.

"Two little pink balloons." She said.

"Wha?" Dan gulped.

She wrapped her arms around him and put her mouth real close to his.

"You know what I want " She said.

Dan unzipped his pants. Debbie gave him a light slap.

"No. Not that."

He pulled his pants up and then he understood. He placed his mouth over hers, and he blew hard. Her bulges on her chest slowly expanded like balloons. He felt her balloon-breasts against his body and they felt like rubber. They were about the size they started out as before they were just little bulges.

She pulled her mouth away for a sec and yelled, "Blow me up more!"

He blew more and her bust started pushing his body away from hers. Then they were about 50" and he couldn't reach her mouth.

"I might as well tell you." She said. "I'm really a 'Blow-up Doll'. No one >understands me or can see my inflation but you."

"Really? Woah." Dan said amazed.

"Now, make me a balloon!" She said, and laid down.

Dan went to her mouth and continued blowing. Her bust rounded out and her belly started to bulge through her shirt. Her ass ripped through her pants. Her balloon-parts (Breasts, belly, and buttocks) grew to huge proportions and met, making her a round, ink ball with arms, legs, and a head.

Dan backed away from her.

"Now for me to return to normal size." She said.

Dan saw her expand even more, taking up her limbs and head. Then there was a huge POP! And she was standing next to him.

"Thanks for the blow-up job boy." She said and walked off, inflating her butt slowly under her pants.

Dan, still confused, remained in the gym for 10 minutes after she left still thinking about what just happened.

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