Blueberry at the Beach

"Lupita Nyong'o is on vacation and enjoying some delicious blueberries. But suddenly, she starts to feel a bit strange. She starts to swell up, until she's absolutely gigantic! Her skin turns a deep purple, and she's absolutely round. She's like a human beach ball!

"What's happening to me?" she wonders aloud. But she doesn't have to wonder for long, because it's pretty obvious what's happening: she's being inflated like a balloon! And it's not just her body that's expanding. Her swimsuit starting to get tighter and tighter, until it's stretched to it's limit.

"This is so weird!" she says, as she tries to keep herself from blowing up any further. But it's no use. She continues to swell until she's twice her normal size. Her eyes widen in surprise and alarm as she realises that she's in serious trouble."

Story by BlueBoiMorphs

Blueberry at the Beach
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