I'm going to burst your belly

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"I'm going to burst your belly" Kellie whispered and giggled.

John awoke with a strange sensation in his butt, and felt downwards and discovered a tube was placed there. Following the tube in the dim light from the moonlit windowsill, he saw Kellie sitting up next to him in bed, tube in hand.

"Kellie what are you doing?" John asked groggily, rubbing his eyes.

"I couldn't sleep," she replied, "so I'm going to blow your belly up til you burst."

"What? That's absurd," said John, as he turn around to his side and tried to fall back to sleep.

Kellie then took a deep breath, and blew into the tube. John felt a gush of air rush up his rectum, and his belly expanded a little bit.

"What the heck," John said startledly suddenly feeling fuller. "What are you trying to do?"

Kellie giggled, and blew into the tube again. Another gust of air rushed up John's anus and expanded his belly, causing him to roll onto his back. He took off his sheet covers and saw the silhouette of his rounded belly, with Kellie's petit yet curvy figure right by his side.

"What's this all about?" John asked, in a more annoyed tone.

"I told you," Kellie replied, "I'm going to burst your belly". She then gently patted his belly, took another deep breath and blew into the tube, and John expanded outwards once more.

"Come on Kellie, quit messing around," said John. "I need to be up for work tomorrow, and I'm not gonna get much sleep with all this gas."

"Well you're not going to work tomorrow because I'm gonna burst you," Laughed Kellie, as she blew three short breaths into the tube, causing John's belly to expand outwards each time, now reaching the size of a six month pregnant woman.

"Don't be ridiculous," John said, now being short of breath. "Humans can't just explode. I'm going to go back to sleep now, and you should quit doing whatever you're doing."

"Well youre to burst because I'm going to keep blowing up your belly until you do," Kellie huffed, took a deep breath, and then blew a long breath into the tube, the air rushing up John's insides, and expanding him even bigger. Kellie then started stroking John's belly, interspersed with light pats, reverberating with hollow sounds.

"Geez Kellie what's the matter, did I do something wrong? Are you trying to punish me for something?" John asked exasperatedly.

"Nope, I can't sleep so I just want to burst your belly," replied Kellie, as she blew more and more air into the tube, forcing John's belly to swell bigger and bigger and bigger.

John felt extremely full and his belly was aching from all the pressure. Kellie rubbing his belly helped soothe the pain a little, but he was still uncomfortable.

"Kellie I can't hold all this air in, I'm going to end up farting all of this out," John said, gasping for breath.

"No, no, you're going to keep all this air in, and I'm going to keep blowing," Kellie said, now with more energy knowing that she's getting close. She then blew several breaths into the tube, and John's belly expanded bigger and bigger, to the point that he now looks like he was pregnant with quadruplets.

John's belly, and now his whole body was aching from all the pressure, and even though he knew humans don't just "pop", he felt like he might explode any second now.

"Kellie please..." John begged

"Nope, I'm going to keep going I already told you Im going to burst your belly," Kelly replied playfully as she kept blowing. John's belly was enormous now, and he was extremely ached from all the pressure.

"Kellie...," John started sobbing. "...my tummy hurts"

"I don't care that your tummy hurts, you need to keep all that air in because I'm going to burst your belly" Kellie replied with glee, and then blew one more breath into John, and his belly expanded a little but more.....

And suddenly, BANG!

The sound was deadening and rattled the windows. Kellie watched in awe. Not only John's belly, but his entire body exploded. Kellie was finally satisfied with her work, as she rolled up the tube, tucked it nicely underneath her bed, and she peacefully drifted off back into sleep.

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