Comedy and Tragedy with Nico Robin and Nami

This is my first commission work. I want to really thank DogPounderKM for being super kind and thoughtful, as well as being the first person to want a commission from me. I feel super humble and honored by this. 

So here is the story behind this picture: He wanted Nico Robin and Nami from One Piece to be strapped to chairs, with Comedy stuffing Nami and Tragedy stuffing Nico Robin. Their bellies already go past their knees and they’re starting to turn blue on their noses and bellies. I took the liberty to add a dessert cart with a bunch of blueberry pies to help with the story. 

If you are ever interested in having a commission from me (keep in mind it is paid), please look over the Commission Information Main Page, along with additional information here:…

Nami and Nico Robin from One Piece are owned by Toei Animation

Comedy and Tragedy are owned and copyrighted. 

Comedy and Tragedy with Nico Robin and Nami
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