Comedy, Tragedy, and the Bunnyman (Belated Easter Drawing)

Here is a really belated Easter drawing that I was working on. This is part of my new Holiday Horror Movies collection, which will still be under the Comedy and Tragedy take over Horror Movies collection. Who knows there might be a calendar made in the near future. 

So, here is the 2011 movie called Bunnyman. I found this movie out by doing research on Easter Horror Movies list.


The legendary and urban legend killer, the Bunnyman (played by Joshua Lang and Carl Lindbergh), is out murdering victims that pass his bridge in Fairfax County, Virginia. The main star and one of the survivors, Rachel (played by Cheryl Texiera) sees a car coming, and runs to it, screaming for help. 

All of sudden, our favorite chaotic clowns, Comedy and Tragedy (wearing bunny ears), appears behind her. 

Comedy: "Not so fast there, girlie...The holiday's not over yet." 

Comedy uses her magic and inflates Rachel up like a balloon. Rachel can feel her body getting swollen and tighten. Her cheeks puff up and all that can heard is muffled screams. 

Comedy and Tragedy turn their heads to the Bunnyman, signaling him to come. 

Comedy: "Hey Peter Cottentail! We are got her all ready for you." 

The sound of the chainsaw can be heard and the Bunnyman walks towards the inflated Rachel and the car. Rachel whimpers in fear, looks at the passengers in the car to help her. 

Comedy and Tragedy pop their heads out behind her swollen form, staring at the passengers. 

Comedy: "Happy Easter! You're Next!"


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Bunnyman and Rachel are from Bunnyman (2011) directed by Carl Lindbergh, and distributed by Osiris Entertainment. Also, there is a  Grindhouse Edition too. 

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Comedy, Tragedy, and the Bunnyman (Belated Easter Drawing)
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