Blondie Goes Boom

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Ashley eagerly ripped open the package and dumped its contents onto her kitchen table. She had placed her order over a month ago, and having been ripped off before, was beginning to doubt it would ever arrive. She grabbed one of the bottles and gave it a shake. The label read "Female Figure Enhancing Formula: Maximum Potency." Ashley smiled as she read the directions.

"Fulfilling females wishes for fuller figures. For first time users it is recommended to limit initial dosage to one teaspoon to determine individual tolerance. Dissolve fully in 8 ounces of cold water. Effects should be felt within 15 minutes and may take up to an hour to fully develop. If effects are delayed, DO NOT dose again. For those desiring further enhancement, wait at least 24 hours before dosing again. Enhancements are permanent and irreversible. Enhance-Co is not liable for any complications resulting from improper use of this product."

Ashley was a looker already. She was blessed with a pretty face and through commitment in the gym and the kitchen had built herself a banging body. A slim, toned waist, full hips, a big ass, and thick thighs. Her chest, however, proved a source of frustration. Despite the claims of friends and lovers, a C simply wasn't big enough. But, she couldn't afford a boob job and hadn't found a way to grow her tits in the gym. Thus, her latest dark web purchase.

It wasn't the first time Ashley bought a product with such claims. She had spent a good chunk of change on powders that never came or pills that never worked. But this time was different. The website included five star testimonials of hundreds of happy buyers. But what really intrigued her were the one star reviews, warning not to buy the product. That it was too much. That's how she knew the stuff was good. She was going to be leaving her own five star review after growing a bigger set of jugs. But she was also going to see what the reviewers meant by "too much."

Gwen had been Ashley's workout partner for about a year. The two of them hit the gym together about ever day. They always followed the same routine. They both used the same meal prep service, and they both had the same rocking figure. Well, almost. Ashley had a nice ass, but Gwen's was perfect. Huge and round, always shown off in skin tight shorts. With blonde hair and blue eyes, Gwen attracted all eyes in the gym. The only thing Ashley had going for her was a bigger set of tits, but next to Gwen, no one seemed to notice. She used this jealousy to fuel her workouts, but could never catch up to her partner. But that was all going to change today.

Ashley grabbed a fake label she had printed off and carefully taped it over the bottle of formula before grabbing her phone and sending Gwen a text saying she was on her way. The two of them normally hit the local gym, but decided to switch it up today and workout in Gwen's home gym at Ashley's suggestion. She was nearly shaking with excitement as she knocked on Gwen's door.

"Hey, Ash!"

"Gwenny!" Ashley exclaimed, giving the blonde a hug. "I'm so excited for today! I just got a new pre workout in the mail, the reviews said the pumps are insane!"


Ashley followed Gwen down the hall. She oogled her friends ass as they walked into the kitchen. She had packed her big rear into a teeny pair of spandex Nike shorts that were probably two sizes too small, each cheek peeking out with every step she took. Ashley couldn't help but think that Gwen was trying to make her feel insecure about her own assets. 'Let's see how much you like showing off your fat ass after this,' she thought to herself.

"Okay, so let's see it!" Gwen said as she dug into Ashley's gym bag. "Y.E.S. X-plode... Never heard of it "

"It's brand new! People online were saying it's the bomb. I took mine on the way here and feel bigger already!" Ashley flexed. "The label said take a tablespoon, but I only did a teaspoon. Don't want to overdo it, right?"

"No such thing." Gwen scoffed as she dug a spoon out of the drawer. She scooped several heaping tablespoons into her shaker bottle. "You might feel big, but I'm gonna be enormous!" She laughed and flexed.

'You have no idea..." Ashley thought as she laughed along and watched her friend chug the drink.

The two began stretching and foam rolling as usual to prepare themselves for their session. About ten minutes in Ashley noticed her partner beginning to sweat.

"Whew... I think it's starting to kick in. Do you feel all tingly?"

"Oh yeah! Feels good, right?"

"Hah, yeah... Little intense..." She was used to pre-workout jitters, but this was different. Namely, it seemed focused entirely in her chest. She felt like her sports bra was shrinking around her and the tingling feeling she was used to from pre-workouts was only noticeable in her tits. She reached down to adjust herself and noticed more cleavage than usual.

"Wow, Gwenny! New bra?"

"Umm, yes actually... Why?"

"Looks good!" Ash said as she rolled her back out with the foam roller. "Really makes your tits pop!" She laughed and held her hands out over her chest as though it had suddenly doubled in size.

"Haha... Thanks..." Gwen said nervously. She had chosen the bra to give the impression of a larger cup size but was beginning to think she bought a size too small. Finding it too constricting, she decided to change out of it.

"Hey, I gotta use the bathroom before we start..."

"Sure thing! I'm just gonna warm up on the bike!"

Ashley watched with a smirk as her friend walked out of the room. "Dumb slut likes to show off so much..." She muttered "she's about to have more to show off than she can handle!"

Gwen shut the door behind her and took off her shirt. She examined herself in the mirror. Her tits felt hot and her bra straps were digging into her shoulders.

"What the fuck was in that preworkout?" She mumbled as she took her bra off. She breathed a sigh of relief as the sensation of tightness in her chest faded.

She dropped the bra to the floor and looked down at her curvy frame. Her whole body was shiny with sweat and her boobs looked puffy. Her heart was racing. She watched her chest rise and fall with every breath she took, but something was wrong. It seemed after every exhale, it wouldn't fall as much as it should. It seemed to be growing. She turned sideways to the mirror and saw what were B cups moments ago beginning to swell up and jut off her tiny frame. She cupped her growing bosom in her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. She could feel her fingers slowly being pushed apart as her boobs swelled up in her grasp.


Ash smiled as she heard her friend scream from the bathroom. "Yes, Gwenny?"

"Get in here... Now!"

Ashley laughed to herself as she walked down the hall. She could hear the panic in Gwen's voice and couldn't wait to watch her jugs blow up like balloons. Ash regained her composure and opened the bathroom door. She didn't have to fake her surprise when she saw the trembling blonde leaned back on the sink, dripping in sweat with a set of DDs in her hands.

"Holy shit! What did you do?"

"What did I do?! What did you do! What the fuck was in that shit?"

"How am I supposed to know? They don't give out the ingredients! Besides, I took it and I'm fine!"

"I must be having an allergic reaction then..." Gwen panted as she let go of her tits. They barely sagged, her chest looked as though she had overfilled water balloons glued to her petite frame.

"Pfft, some allergic reaction!" Ashley said as she reached out and rubbed Gwen's swollen knockers. "Poor Gwenny gets giant titties! Poor thing!"

"Stop it!" Gwen said as she smacked her friends hand away. "They fucking hurt!"

"Well, duh." Ashley snorted. "They are about three times the size they were 15 minutes ago. But like we always say: no pain, no gain!"

Ashley looked up and down her friends trembling body. Engorged boobs with swollen nipples, wide hips and shapely thighs. Her skin had taken on a red hue and she was soaked in sweat. Ashley bit her lip as she reached out with both hands and began rubbing Gwen's slick tits. Gwen tried to stop her but Ashley shoved her up against the wall and continued to caress her swollen boobs.

"Awww, Gwenny, what's the matter? I thought you liked the attention?" She said playfully as she squeezed the growing mounds and rolled her nipples between her fingers.

"Ugh... Fucking stop! I need to get to the hospital!" Gwen twisted out of Ashley's grasp and took a step the door then froze. Her eyes widened as she felt the tingly sensation return... This time, in her ass. Her hands shot to her rear as she felt her already tight shorts begin to ride up her ass.

"Damn, talk about junk in the trunk!" Ashley mocked. "Wasn't your ass big enough already?" 

Gwen yelped as Ash gave her booty a firm slap. Gwen leaned on the sink, feeling as though she was about to be sick. She turned the cold water on and began splashing it onto her growing body, desperate for any relief. She looked in the mirror and screamed when she saw how enormous she had become. She looked like a blow up doll, tits surpassing the size of basketballs with AA batteries for nipples, an ass jutting out a foot behind her, and a wasp-like waist in between. Even worse, she could see herself growing. Stretch marks began to appear on her chest and the stitches in her shorts began to pop as her growth accelerated.

"Uh oh!" Ashley teased. "Someone's getting too big for her britches!" 

Ashley stepped behind Gwen, looking over her shoulder and watching her figure swell in the mirror. She placed her hands on her friends hips and ran her fingers over her sleek stomach, up to her gargantuan knockers. She lifted them up and marvelled at how heavy and full they felt.

Gwen fought back tears as she looked at the glee on her friends face. Well, her former friend. Why was she doing this? Why wouldn't she help? Did... Did she...

"Did you do this to me?" Gwen whimpered

"Well, duh! You seriously thought you were having an allergic reaction? All in your tits? I know you're blonde and all, but man, that's dumb!"

Ashley laughed and bounced Gwen's jugs up and down, watching them bounce like balloons filled with Jello. Gwen gritted her teeth as she felt her skin begin to itch. Her chest and ass continued to balloon before her eyes, and her eyes widened with the realization that the itching was turning into a dull ache. 

"Ugh... Ash... When does this stop?"

"Haha... With the amount you took... I don't think it does!"


"Oh yeah... There were some horror stories online. Let's just say, messy endings. And those girls didn't even take half of what you did! Ever fill a water balloon too much? Well, you're the water balloon! You're gonna keep filling, and filling, and growing, and swelling, until you finally run out of streeeeetch and then..."


Ashley made a loud noise with her lips. She looked at the fear on Gwen's face and began to laugh.

"God, that look is priceless! I wish I had my phone to take a picture! You always looked so smug flaunting your fat ass at every guy that would walk by. Well, look at you now! Guess you don't need those booty builder workouts anymore!" She said as she slapped her giant ass. 

Gwen's shorts had started to look more like a thong as the blondes butt continued to balloon outward. She moaned as her skin began to ache worse and worse. She put her hands on her tits and gasped when she felt they had begun to firm up. Through teary eyes she looked in the mirror and saw the stretch marks on her bright red body grow more prominent as she began to run out of room.

"Holy shit... I've got to get out of here!" 

Gwen turned, nearly losing her balance before catching herself on the wall. She couldn't believe how heavy her once slim frame felt. Ashley laughed as she watched the teetering hourglass try to waddle toward the door.

"I wouldn't do that... You might not fit!"


"Wow, rude!" Ashley laughed. "Don't say I didn't warn you!" She said as she slipped by Gwen and walked out of the bathroom.

Gwen reached the door to find Ashley was right. She had grown too wide to get out. She fell forward, forcing her left beach ball sized tit through the door and winced and she tried to push her right one through. Her skin had barely any give left and the pressure of squeezing through the doorway made her veins begin to bulge out. Gwen held her breathe and she pushed with all her might and managed to get her massive chest on the other side of the door. She breathed a sigh of relief, before realizing another problem...

Her ass had become wedged in the doorway.

Gwen let out a scream and Ashley laughed as she watched her former friend desperately struggle to push herself free. First she tried to pull herself forward, but her hips were firmly stuck. Then she tried backing up into the bathroom, but her tits had swollen even larger. She began to cry as she understood she was doomed.

"Told ya so!" Ashley sneered.

"Ash, please..." Gwen wheezed. "I feel like I'm about to fucking blow!"

"Yeah, you look it, too!"

Gwen was a sight to behold. Bright blonde hair and blue eyes contrasting skin turned beet red with overexertion from holding back the pressure. Her beach ball sized tits throbbed and the veins on them became more and more noticeable, stretch marks beginning to come together to form a web all over her skin. Her rear end turned shiny with pressure as it tried pointlessly to grow out against the door. The sound of creaking wood and the stretching of the poor girls over taxed skin filled the room.

"I'm begging you Ash, please... Make it stop! I'm running out of room! I'm gonna fucking POP!"

Ash just laughed at the begging blonde as she reaching out and ran her nails over her rock hard tits.

"Wow, not alot of room left, huh? Must feel awful... Your hot little body filling up bigger and bigger, just waiting for that one little bit over the limit that makes you blow apart into a giant mess..."

Tears streamed down Gwen's face as Ashley grabbed a hold of her nipples and gave them a tug. 

She became nauseous from the burning sensation that had overcome her body. She felt as though she was stuck in a trash compactor as her body swelled up more and more in the limited space. 

"Wow. From the look on your face you're just about out of room." Ashley said as she patted Gwen's giant knockers. "Guess that's my cue to leave! Don't want my best workout clothes covered in... Well, you. I'm gonna go home and take some of that powder myself...'

Ashley laughed and walked away. Gwen heard the door shut and she was left all alone. The pain became unbearable and a sound like stretching rubber filled the room. Gwen flailed around, helpless in the doorway, before grabbing fistfuls of her own hair and letting out a scream. She looked down at her quivering body to see the stretch marks widen. The doorway made a loud snap as her body filled to the absolute brim. She pulled on her hair, eyes wide as could be, and screamed before finally... 


The blonde bombshell's body blew apart into a giant wet mess, filling the bathroom and hallway with goo and scraps of spandex.


Back at home, Ashley picked up her phone and dialed.

"Hey Jilly, feel like working out tomorrow? ... Gwen? I don't think she'll be working out with me anymore... She kind of blew up on me..."

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