Dress to Impress

Dr. Henrietta Planck needed a dress she could wear that would fit her when she was both her normal self as well as after she has transformed into her inflatable alter-ego of Edelle Montgolfier.  So, she asked an aquaintance who was familiar with her predicament to design something for her.

Featured down the front are snaps that delightfully pop apart as she blows up.  At her waist is a fabric belt knotted at the front that stays in place as she transforms.  Before her hips balloon up, she unties several bows along the lace-up side slits on both sides of the skirt. Hidden in the folds are slightly elastic bands that hold the front and the rear panels together.  And lastly, she is wearing loose suede boots with hidden elastic panels sewn into the rear seams to accomodate Edelle's shapely calves.


The Herietta Planck/Edelle Montgolfier character belongs to Throwaway261

Dress to Impress
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